Saturday, August 4, 2018

Toby Springs - natural born ballbuster

Do you know Toby Springs? I'm sure you have seen him in a hot porn clip or two. He is only in his twenties but he has already done quite a lot of hot stuff, gay and straight, fetish and vanilla, with various studios. And despite the wide variety of his work there’s one thing that’s always there: his enthusiasm for his work. It’s amazing: He always looks like he is genuinely enjoying himself, whether he is in a gay group bareback fuck scene or getting dominated by a hot young woman. His enthusiasm and his enjoyment are evident in every scene that I watched, and that’s a pretty awesome thing for a porn actor if you ask me.

In addition to that, Toby is smoking hot, which is always a plus. :-))

And now, for the first time ever (at least I'm pretty sure he has never done an m/m ballbusting clip), we get to see Toby bust some balls – and he loves it! He kicks and punches and smacks and kicks those balls with glee and just the right amount of viciousness. It's absolutely awesome.

The clip in question is called Toby Ballbusting His Bro, and it stars Toby Springs (follow Toby on Twitter) and his unfortunate loser friend Fluffy (follow Fluffy on Twitter). It’s 21 minutes, and it’s available for just $19.99 at Toby’s store

If that’s all you need to know, then head over to right now and get it. Trust me: You won’t be disappointed. (While you are there: Check out the blowjob and foot fetish clips, and the body worship and the cum eating clips, and the male domination and the glory hole clips! Holy fuck, Toby is HOT!)

If you need some more convincing please follow me into the second half of this post where I show you some more pictures and tell you about my favorite parts of the clip. :-))

The clip’s plot is simple: Fluffy loses to Toby in a video game challenge, and as a result Toby gets to do whatever he wants to Fluffy for the next 30 minutes (actually, it’s a little less than 20 minutes of nutshots – but it probably feels like an hour to poor Fluffy…). After a couple of light kicks to the nuts, Toby makes Fluffy strip naked and continues his assault on Fluffy’s bare manhood.

Poor Fluffy sure is a trooper! He doesn’t fight Toby, but he lets him know that his kicks are pretty weak, prompting Toby to kick harder and harder, throwing in some slaps and smacks and punches as well.

What makes this clip so amazing (apart from some really great kicks to Fluffy’s nuts and the general awesomeness of the clip) is the chemistry between Toby and Fluffy. Apparently, they are friends in real life, and maybe that’s what makes the difference. Their banter is genuine, and when Fluffy calls Toby an asshole after a particularly good kick in the balls you don’t know whether he is in character or not.:-))

There are too many things I love about this clip to list them all, but here’s a small selection:

The “blindfold game” (8:00 to 11:00 and 13:30 to 15:00)
A few minutes into the clip, Toby blindfolds Fluffy with his own underwear. Fluffy is getting really nervous because he can’t see when Toby is going to strike his spuds, and Toby really has some fun with him. In fact, Toby enjoys it so much that he does it again later in the clip - to hilarious and painful effect.

The kick from behind (18:50)
It’s so hot! Fluffy is all jittery and nervous when Toby asks him to turn around – and with good reason because Toby lands a nice, hard kick to his battered balls from behind. The only thing that would have made the kick even hotter: Fluffy facing the camera. But even without that it’ pretty fantastic!

The gratuitous nut check in the end (20:35)
After Toby has announced his big finishing move (an uppercut and body lift), Fluffy thinks that it’s over, but Toby casually smacks him in the nuts, a huge smile on his face. “For good measure”, he says with a laugh, in true Ballbusting Boys fashion. Fuck yeah!

Toby is quite verbal in this clip, teasing Fluffy and making fun of him, laughing at his pain and joking at his expense. It’s very hot to see him humiliate Fluffy, and poor Fluffy takes it all, playing his role perfectly, with the embarrassment, the weak smile and the utter pain of a guy who lost a bet against his cocky best friend.

If you’re a little bit like me (= handsome, hot and horny a fan of playful and painful m/m ballbusting) you will love the clip as much as I did.

Head over to Toby’s store and get Toby Ballbusting His Bro now! It’s 21 minutes for just $19.99, and it’s worth it!

Toby is a natural, a brilliant ballbuster if there ever was one. I'm sure you agree with me when I say: Toby, you should do this more often! :-))

Full disclosure: I don’t profit in any way from the sales of Toby’s clips. I paid for the clip, and I didn’t get any discount. I sincerely hope that this clip sells like hot cakes so that Toby will make more of them. God, he is an excellent ballbuster. :-))


Igor Bagos said...

The bad part about following your blog now is that I love all the content, but right now the biggest dream i have in my life is to whach toby's video and spending $19,99 in a video is not something that i will be able to do in this life time given my money availability. Sad day for a guy with lemon sized testicles.

But i'll get over.

I hope.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I‘m sorry to hear about your financial situation, and I hope it will get better soon.

Igor Bagos said...

feels like i'm a hungry dog in front of the butchery but still five stars for the post ;)

Alex said...

Thank you, Igor! :-))

Anonymous said...

Are the kicks and hits real and brutal enough? Casual M/M studio ballbusting stuff like Man Up ballbusting looked pretty fake, aiming for the taint and all, the only guy being able to take hits was Lance Hart himself.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I am very happy to say that every kick and every hit is very real. Some might be harder than others but there‘s no faking here. This is the real deal! :-))

Toby Springs said...

I can say I trully enjoyed ballbusting him!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toby! And thank you for this amazing clip! I truly think it may be the best commercially produced m/m ballbusting clip ever! Your enjoyment is truly palpable - and it's so hot! Amazing work! What an honor to have you post a comment on my blog! :-))

Anonymous said...

seems a bit over priced...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Actually, the price is lower than usual: Most clip sites charge $1-1,50 per minute, sometimes even more. Here the price is a little less than $1 per minute. $20 sounds like a lot - but you get more than 20 minutes of excellent ballbusting in return. :-))

Anonymous said...

Loved this video... Really want to get kicked by Toby with those super hot socks he's wearing in this video. Anyone want to give him my number so we can arrange a session like this in UK? ;)

- Dan from the Ballkicking-Bag story :)

Alex said...

Ha! Thanks for your comment! I‘m sure Toby would love to kick the life out of your ballbag with his sexy socked feet if he ever comes to the UK! :-))