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Interview with Ballbusting Bro Toby Springs


Two weeks ago I told you about the amazing video clip "Toby Ballbusting His Bro" starring the awesome Toby Springs (follow Toby on Twitter) and his unfortunate friend Fluffy (follow Fluffy on Twitter). The clip is amazing and I strongly recommend checking it out. It's available at Toby's store

Since then, the clip has skyrocketed into the #1 position in the Clips4Sale ballbusting category, and it spent a full week at the top - which I think is quite a feat for an m/m ballbusting clip.

I managed to talk Toby into doing a little interview with me, and I am so glad he agreed to answer my questions! Here is our little conversation. :-))


Q: I’m a huge fan of your work. You did some pretty hot stuff on Raunchy Bastards, which is a (completely non-ballbusting-related) guilty pleasure of mine... If someone wasn’t familiar with your work how would you describe yourself and what you do?
Toby: Well, I would have to say when I first started shooting I didn’t know who I was yet in the porn world or the fetish scene. Couple of years ago I started to really figure out what I loved to shoot and that is my fetish content. In my fetish scenes I play both roles, but nowadays I’m a top when it comes to males and I can be (but not always) submissive to females.

Q: In addition to you work as a performer you work behind the camera as well, right? How did that come to be, and which came first?
Toby: Well I started working behind the camera when I started working for a very talented camera man named Leche who shoots Once I got a little taste behind the camera I just fell in love doing it and directing scenes and running even my own store/site. But I feel I’m well at what I do because I did start off as a model first.

 Q: Speaking of your store - it offers a wide variety of fetish clips. Tell us a little about it. What can people expect when they visit
Toby: Well it has been a while since I had posted on it since it's hard to find male talent that is willing to do what I need. But things are changing and for the best, so expect a lot more stuff like foot worship and forced cum eating and tickling and the list just will go on and on. Custom orders are always welcomed as well. 

Q: That sounds great! Is there a scene featuring you as an actor that you are particularly proud of or that was particularly fun to shoot?
Toby: This to be honest is a tough question because I love to shoot most of what I do. I shoot stuff in my scenes that I actually most of the time enjoy in my personal life as well.

Q: Wow. You are living the dream! That's so awesome! You have done pretty much everything imaginable – gay, straight, vanilla, fetish. Where does your heart (or your hard-on) lie?
Toby: Well I would have to say for sure it is fetish.

Q: Any particular fetish?
Toby: Well that question is hard for me because with as much as i do know about stuff in the fetish life, I'm still  learning and finding more out about myself with Miss Roper. I do have to say I love my puppy play and that is something that kinda just came to be. Now when my Dom side is out to play he can be very sadistic because if I can get tears from you then i know i have true control even over your feelings.

 Q: I am familiar with one ballbusting clip that you have done. It’s an f/m scene with you getting your balls busted by Miss Roper titled “Busted to Tears – Brutal Ballbusting”. It is available at Is that the only one or are there more ballbusting clips with you out there?
Toby: That is the only clip that has me ballbusted and that is the only person that I would let ballbust me. The reason behind that is do to the fact that she is actually my owner in my personal life. So now if you want to see me get ballbusted, you know how. lol

Q: That's great! Congratulations on finding your owner. Say hi to Miss Roper for me - I'm sure she's happy to have you! So you have never filmed an m/m ballbusting clip before "Toby Ballbusting His Bro", right?
Toby: Right. It is hard to find a guy that is willing to get kicked in the balls. 

Source: Toby Ballbusting His Bro,
Q: Yeah. That brings us to Fluffy. Thank God you found him!
Toby: Yes, he is a very good friend of mine.

Q: What’s your history with him?
Toby: Fluffy and I met a couple of years ago at clubdom. Soon after ended up going to a fetish event and became good friends. Now we are roommates so it's pretty cool some of the people that you met in the industry.

Q: Was he your first choice for the role in "Toby Ballbusting His Bro"?
Toby: Oh yeah. I know he is able to take it which makes it a lot more fun, because then it becomes how much can he truly take. Lol

Q: What made you want to film that clip?
Toby: Well, kicking Fluffy in the balls truly brings enjoyment to myself. When it comes to my dom side I’m a little bit of a sadist. Lol

Source: Toby Ballbusting His Bro,
Q: Yeah, I'm sure everybody who saw the clip can attest to that... What did Fluffy say when you approached him?
Toby: I had to kinda persuade him a little bit because he knows how sadistic I can be. Lol

Q: Thank god you persuaded him! The clip truly is amazing, and it looks like you enjoyed yourself very much. Is that just acting or did you enjoy shooting it?
Toby: I enjoyed it very much. Lol

Q: Your enthusiasm definitely shows. It's why I love the clip so much. What’s your favorite part of “Toby Ball Busting His Bro”?
Toby: When I would blindfold him. I hate when my victims can see what’s going to happen. 

Source: Toby Ballbusting His Bro,
Q: Does ballbusting turn you on?
Toby: Causing the ballbusting is a little bit of a turn on to me because it's someone submitting to me and willing to take a lot of pain to please me.

Q: You and Fluffy have great chemistry in “Toby Ball Busting His Bro”. Have you ever hit him in the nuts off-camera?
Toby: Yes, but just like goofing around.

Q: Boys will be boys, I guess... Some people have questioned whether the action in "Toby Ballbusting His Bro" is real or fake. What do you say to them?
Toby: Trust me when i say it is real and lets just say a bag of ice is on hand. lol

Q: I'm sure Fluffy needed that ice pack after shooting "Toby Ballbusting His Bro"... Can we expect you to do more ballbusting clips in the future?
Toby: Yes, that’s a promise but only if people truly want to see more and hopefully find someone to finance them.

Q: Oh, we do want to see more, and we hope you'll find a producer! Anything you want to say to your new ballbusting fans?
Toby: I hope you enjoy my future clips and I hope to not disappoint any of you.

 Q: Thank you so much for your time, Toby! And thanks for your great work. I can't wait to see more of you!
Toby: Thank you.

"Toby Ballbusting His Bro" featuring Toby Springs and Fluffy and lots of other hot fetish clips are available at

If you need some more persuasion read my review of the clip - or look at this wonderful picture. :-))



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