Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Video links: Self defense

Defeating an attacker with a shot to the nuts is not only effective, it's also very humiliating. That's probably why groin shots are one of the mos popular self defense techniques. There are countless videos on the internet, most of them featuring girls training to fight of a male attacker.

Here are some of my favorite self defense training videos featuring guys only.

The technique we learn in the first video is "Slap, grab, twist, pull". It's simple and effective, and I love the fact that the instructor's explanation: "I want my man Prakram [spelling?] here to be able to be a father some day, so we're not gonna practice on him. We're gonna practice on this: two lemons in a sock." While I understand Prakram's wish to father children I think it would have made the instruction a whole lot better if the instructor had practised on his two lemons in a sock... (The visual of the lemon squeezing is pretty awesome, though.)

Here is a fantastic video. The instructor's tongue-in-cheek introductions are hilarious ("Let's bust some balls!" - "Nut cracker knockout!" - "The nut grab - very painfal and makes an awesome sound! Good for torturing and getting out information." - "Now that was nuts!"), there are several close-ups of balls getting busted, and somehow it looks as if the poor young man is not wearing a cup... As if that wasn't enough there's an awesome visual of two hen's eggs getting crushed by a fist after the demonstration of the nut grab. Perfect!

This young man Shane tries his luck at busting myths: Do Baggy Pants Protect Against Groin Shots? I don't know whether his assistant is interested in busting myths but he certainly knows how to bust some balls. (Yeah, and I stole that joke from the video itself. There are several jokes, about not having kids, about singing soprano, about how utterly stupid the challenge is, and the guys are having a lot of fun with it.) The scientific takeaway: Nope, baggy pants do not protect against groin shots. Who would have thunk?

Here's some serious self defense advise again: Andrew "the Squid" Montanez (yeah, that's the hot guy in the screenshot at the top of this post) shows us various ways to defend ourselves, and he is very clear about one thing: A kick or a punch to the groin is a great way to defend yourself.

And finally, to end on a funny note, here's the hilarious 100 Ways to Attack the Groin. I know you've probably seen it before (it's got 4 million views!) but I think it's worth seeing again and again and again.

What's your favorite self defense groin attack video? Le me know by sending me an email ( or by leaving leaving a comment!


Anonymous said...
This one is super hot too

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! The video is great! Thanks for sharing it with us! :-))

Anonymous said...

This one is really good!