Monday, August 27, 2018

Voltron ballbusting fiction: More than Lion Brothers (written by ballboxing)

Here's the epic final part the Voltron series written by our reader ballboxing, based on characters from the popular Netflix series. I hope you like this story as much as I do!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Keith moved slowly as he walked to his bedroom. The recent masturbation lesson with Lance had definitely given his testicles and the rest of his body some very much needed relief, but it had been somewhat short lived. By the time he had put his clothes back on, the dull ache on his man bits had returned and it felt like it would stay there forever. 

He continued his way, wanting to get into bed as soon as possible so that maybe he would feel better after a good night of sleep. When he finally reached the door of his room, Keith did not even wait for it to open before he had started to take his shirt off. He did not bother to turn on the lights and by the time he had reached his bed Keith had stripped down to his underwear and his clothes were scattered across the bedroom floor.

The red paladin laid down on his bed with a loud sigh of enjoyment. For a few seconds he simply enjoyed not having to move at all and the soft fabric of his bed sheets. Keith shifted around in his bed as gently as he could to not rattle his nuts around too much, but the discomfort in his boy balls was not the main problem he was facing at the moment. Something felt off, oddly different and it was not letting him get comfortable not matter what positioned he adopted. He grunted in frustration as he tried grabbing one of the pillows and putting his arms around it, but the weird sensation still made him remain wide awake even though he felt completely exhausted.

“Aghhhh, what the fuck is going on?” Keith grunted as he threw the pillow at the wall and went back to just lying on his back as he stared at the ceiling.

He tried to clear his mind by closing his eyes and focusing on nothing but the sound of his breathing. Maybe all he needed was to calm down and relax, then before he knew it he would be asleep. However, his mind had other plans for him. As soon as Keith allowed his eyelids to close all he could do was picture his shower with Lance and the boxing training with Shiro. He could feel Lance’s warm nut sack in his left hand, and the rubbery soft meat of his gonads. It had been exhilarating to feel so much power over someone with such little effort.

“Stop… thinking…” Keith muttered to himself as he tapped his own forehead with the fingers of his right hand.

Keith pushed away the imagery of Lance’s naked body, and once again tried to empty his mind. The effort proved futile. After a few seconds, all that he could think about were Shiro’s tenting boxing shorts and what was inside them. It was difficult to gauge the size of what was inside them, but surely Shiro had to have a bigger cock than himself. After all, Voltron’s leader was all man. He was so muscular and virile looking. Keith had already caught a glance at the black paladin’s orbs, but the awkwardness of the situation had made him not get a good look, something he was now thoroughly regretting. Furthermore, Shiro had kept the other part of his manhood hidden from them, but Keith could bet one of his nuts that Shiro had a powerful dick to match his big and buff body.

A sudden twitching motion coming from his lower body pulled Keith out of his imaginings. Picturing Shiro’s body and trying to determine how well-endowed he was had made blood rush down to his penis and now he had a massive hard on. His hardened schlong was threatening to poke out of his boxers and a sense of shame started to creep under his skin. He was getting an erection for thinking lewdly about his team captain, there was definitely something that did not felt right about that. Nevertheless, his hard on felt so good and the idea of rubbing a load out as he tried to imagine Shiro’s massive dong was very tempting. Maybe he just had to get it out of his system and then he would be back to normal, thinking of Shiro just as a comrade and captain.

“It will be just this one time,” Keith promised to himself as he grabbed the elastic band of his boxers and pulled them down, “oh… so that’s what is different.”

Keith bit his lower lip and winced as he looked at his fully swollen balls. They were already bigger than normal when he was jerking off with Lance in the shower, but now they were twice their normal size and the bruises from Shiro’s special training looked bigger too.

“Well, let’s make you boys feel a little better,” he proclaimed as he grabbed the top of his penis and started to stroke it up and down with his right hand.

Immediately, Keith began to imagine what it would feel like to trap his captain’s testicles in his left hand. Massage those prime meatballs and slowly build up the power of his grip until he was squashing Shiro’s manhood and had him moaning under his control. The thought of that scene alone would have been enough to make Keith’s cock slit start to drizzle pre-cum even if he had not been rock hard already.

The young man increased the speed of his strokes and took one of Lance’s tips to heart. He brought his left hand up to his chest and started to rub his left nipple, imagining that it was Shiro’s metallic hand. It would probably feel cold to the touch, different from regular skin, but maybe that would be a good thing. Something to keep him on his toes as Keith and his leader were enraptured in manly affection. The pleasure intensified with every passing second and forced Keith to moan quietly. It would not be long now, before he started to shoot his load and then maybe he could fall asleep in the afterglow of his orgasm.

Keith used both of his hands and put a tight grip around his cock. He pictured himself spraying his load all over Shiro’s pectoral muscles, some of the drops even reaching all the way into his neck, maybe even a couple landing on his face. Keith could feel his breathing quickening; every inch of his body felt warm and delighted.


Three loud and quick taps on his bedroom door shattered the illusion and pleasure of the moment. Keith reacted quickly, he grabbed the pillow under his head and brought it down to his lower body to cover as much as he could of his naked body.

“Keith, are you there?” Shiro asked from behind the door.

“Yeah… just trying to fall sleep,” Keith lied quickly.

“Oh sorry, just wanted to let you know that Hunk and the others will still be away tomorrow,” Shiro explained, “my testicles are still somewhat swollen from the training today, so I think it’s probably better if we all take the day off tomorrow to give them some real recovery time.”

“Great idea, good night then!” Keith replied in a rush trying to get Shiro to leave as soon as possible.

“Ok… uhmmm…” Shiro was not entirely sure what to say next. Keith had never been dismissive with him, “Are you ok Keith?”

“Yes, just need some sleep so that the swelling starts to go down,” Keith answered.

“Yeah, mine too,” Shiro mentioned trying to get Keith to talk more to him and find out if he was really doing ok, “they definitely look bigger than yesterday when I showed them to you and Lance, I can barely hold them with one hand.”

Hearing Shiro say that almost made Keith start cumming on the spot, but he managed to control himself.

“Better get some sleep then, good night Shiro,” Keith said.

“Good night then…” Shiro said with a bit of disappointment before walking away from the closed door. He had not been expecting this conversation to be like this, but then again maybe he was just reading too much into it. Keith was probably just tired, and it would be best to let him be.

The red paladin made his best effort to listen attentively to make sure that Shiro had actually left. He was able to hear some footsteps moving away from the door and the second he could not hear them anymore Keith went back to his handy work. The image of a naked Shiro handling his swollen balls was so extremely erotic, even more so because those beautiful testicles were swollen because of him. His mind suddenly went back to that devastating punch he had managed to connect to the tenting bulge in Shiro’s boxing shorts. He had caught that swinging pair of low hanging plums completely by surprised and blasted them. Keith stroke as fast and hard as his hands would go and pictured his captain’s scrotum flying backwards and swinging back and forth because of the punch.

That imagery sent him over the edge. Pleasure overruled every other emotion and feeling in his body as his semen began to pump out of his dick with almost literal explosive power. He could feel his erect cock twitching madly with every single cum shot that landed all across his abdomen. The warm and sticky body fluid pooled at the base of his stomach and some of the drops trickled down his sides.

This had been barely his second time jerking off, but Keith was once more utterly delighted with the result. There was something about actually firing shots of cum out of his erection that made him feel proud and excited. However, more than anything he was starting to feel sleepy. His whole body relaxed right after he finished ejaculating, and now despite the discomfort of his swollen balls, Keith’s body managed to feel comfortable enough to let his mind drift away into sleep. He wondered how Shiro’s arms would feel around him and then he was asleep.

Despite a good night of sleep, Keith woke up to find little to none improvement on his currently oversized nards. The swelling seemed to have gone down a little bit, but that was it. The young paladin also woke up with a massive case of morning wood. However, after the little incident with Shiro last night, he did not want to take any risks. Shiro or Lance might come looking for him to have breakfast with them any moment. Besides, he had masturbated just a few hours ago and the pain on his testicles was no longer strong enough to warrant doing it again. All he had to do now was get busy, so that his erection would go down and not come back.

First order of business was to take a shower. The cum that had splashed over the front of his body had now dried up on his skin making him feel dirty and the smell was not particularly pleasant either. Right after that, it would be time to get some breakfast and then head to the bridge to check if Coran needed help with anything around the ship. That should keep him busy, distracted, and maybe also keep him away from Shiro for the rest of the day just as a precautionary measure.

Keith walked straight into the shower and went through the motions of it pretty quickly. He made sure to give himself a good scrub to eliminate that semen scent that was clinging to his skin and then washed his hair without much thought. As he turned around to finish rinsing his hair, he felt the warm water run across his flaccid penis and his scrotum. The droplets quickly flowing down from the base to the tip of his cock gave him a ticklish sensation which made him remember what Lance had told him yesterday in the shower. Regrettably, that line of thought quickly led him to wonder if Shiro liked that same feeling as well. Before he knew it, Keith was picturing Shiro’s wet body. Him coming out of the shower completely naked, his wet, long, man stick swinging slightly from side to side over his damp ball sack as he walked towards him to embrace him and…

“STOP IT!” Keith yelled at himself as he snapped out of the sexual scene he was dreaming up, “it was a one-time thing for last night, no more of that.”

He walked out of the shower determined to not break his promise anymore, but the damage had been done. Keith was now sporting a full erection, that waved around as a flag pole with every step he took. He decided to pay no further attention to his throbbing manhood. There were plenty other things to do other than jerk off and think about the thing he was resolute not to think about. Soon enough, Keith was dressed up and ready to get out of his room and be the productive defender of the universe he had to be.

The automated doors of his bedroom opened for him, and Keith started walking towards the dining hall. He had just been walking for a few moments when Lance crossed paths with him. As luck would have it, the pool room was near Keith’s room and the blue paladin was just coming out of it. Today, of all days, Lance had decided to forego his usual bathing suit, and instead wear something that barely managed to keep his junk in place. Keith’s mouth slightly fell open in surprise when he noticed the exceedingly tight and shiny blue speedo that Lance was wearing.

“Hey mullet head,” Lance said as he walked outside the pool room.

“Hi…” Keith managed to reply as he did his best to not let his eyesight wander down and focus on his friend’s tightly encased package.

“You heading over for breakfast?” Lance asked as he quickly put his arm around Keith’s neck and forced him down.

Unfortunately, Keith was too dazed by the obscenely sexy bulge between Lance’s legs and was unable to put much of a fight as Lance put him into a headlock that forced him to look down upon the blue paladin’s manhood with his face even closer to it.

“What the hell are you wearing Lance?” Keith asked as he noticed how intensely every piece of meat was outlined inside the blue speedo.

Lance’s flaccid cock was lying snugly on top of his also swollen family jewels and several pubic hairs could be seen escaping the piece of swimwear. The proximity to his comrade’s gonads irremediably made Keith think about how just a few hours ago he had been in complete control of those cum filled suckers. He had forced Lance to ejaculate for him as he crunched those nuts between his fingers and against each other and the view woke up more than just those memories. Keith’s cock rapidly grew to full size inside his pants.

“Oh, this old thing?” Lance asked back with a chuckle, “just a little something to fully showcase my assets, since my nuts are oversized thanks to you I thought I’d make the most of it and display them proudly.”

“Display them for who?” Keith added.

“For anyone who is lucky enough to see me,” Lance answered with a laugh, “Shiro is at the pool too and let me tell you, he could not get enough looks in at my junk.”

Hearing Shiro’s name brought Keith right back into action. He could not risk seeing Shiro right now, especially now that he was so freaking hard again. He needed to get out of here, before a possibly speedo wearing Shiro appeared before them. An idea suddenly sparked in Keith’s head. A way to deal with both problems at once, getting away from Shiro and taking care of his fresh boner.

“You probably need a shower, don’t you?” Keith asked as he began to move forward trying to get Lance to start walking away from the pool room, “why don’t we head over to your room and we can have ourselves lesson number two on what you were teaching me last night?”

“What do you mean lesson number two?” Lance replied with a confused look on his face.

“Well you know… about masturbating…” Keith answered nervously sensing the weird tone in Lance’s voice, “let’s have another go, maybe you can teach me some more stuff and I promise to not be so rough on your balls this time.”

“There’s nothing else to be learned Keith,” Lance said as he released Keith and took a few steps away from him to face the red paladin.

“Didn’t you say that you and your brothers…” Keith started to explain.

“I taught them how to do it when they were old enough just like I taught you, but after that it was each to their own,” Lance interrupted him, “I mean think about it, why would I want to jerk off more than once with my brothers or with you? That sounds like something a homo would do.”

Keith stood still and in silence, hit heart racing.

“You are supposed to be picturing yourself with some hot chica when you are doing it anyway, you don’t want another dude there with you to distract you from that,” Lance continued to explain, “I already taught you the basics so just keep at it on your own. Ok?”

“Yes, you are completely right,” Keith answered with a fake smile, “I just thought there might be other tricks you had for me, that’s all.”

“I am sure you will come up with your own tricks mullet head,” Lance replied as he turned around and started to walk down the hallway.

“I actually already thought of a new right now,” Keith said as he approached Lance from behind.

“Good for you, go on and…” Lance was cut off mid-sentence as an unbearable pain shot through his lower stomach and made his eyes water in fear for the survival of his offspring.

Keith had waited for a proper opening to appear between the blue paladin’s legs and as soon as it showed up when Lance took a step forward, without any warning, he swung his leg forward with all the force he could find in his young body. His kick connected with a loud and wet snapping sound. The inseam on his foot catching both of Lance’s testicles and pushing them up with so enough force to almost crush them beyond repair in their presently weakened state.

Lance’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as he felt his testicles being warped out of shape for a split of a second. The pain was beyond anything he had ever experienced, even worse than the nut strangling grip of the battle robot. He was forced to his knees, as he moaned in absolute agony and tried to breath throughout the explosive pain he was now being crushed under.

Keith did not stay long enough to enjoy the sight. He started running through the hallway, his eyes threatening to fully burst into tears if he stopped even for a second. The walls around him became a blur as he continued to take long strides with no direction. After a few seconds without even realizing it, he was at the ship’s main hangar in front of his red lion.

“Open up Red, and don’t let anyone in,” Keith yelled angrily at his Lion as he wiped his eyes with the back of his fingerless gloves.

The mechanical lion proved to be fully obedient to his pilot and lowered its open mouth to let Keith inside. The red paladin climbed on board and started pacing around angrily around the cockpit. Keith wanted to punch at everything around him, the walls, the screens, the pilot seat, but he knew that his lion was as temperamental as he was, so it would probably be best to not anger his current hiding place. After all, it would be almost certain that Lance would at some point be looking for him to demand retribution, but maybe that was a good thing. Keith still felt infuriated at him and if Lance wanted another fight, he was going to make sure to give it to him and make him pay even more for what he had said to him. Keith would not mind at all to plant the sole of his feet on the weak babymakers of that petulant bastard.

After circling his pilot seat, a couple more times and being able to control his anger, Keith finally decided to sit down and figure out what to do about the situation. Did thinking about Shiro and Lance in that way made him gay? He had barely started to beat off and now this dropped on his head out of nowhere. What would the rest of the team say if they ever found out about any of this. Lance had such a big mouth, it would be nothing short of a miracle for him to keep this to himself after Keith had so viciously attacked his precious package.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. Everything is so messed up Red,” Keith said out loud to his lion as he closed his eyes and let his head down into his hands.

The immense mechanical beast offered no comforting reply to his pilot. However, another voice was heard throughout the lions’ hangar as Keith pondered what to do next.

“Keith, come on out,” Shiro said out loud after entering the room and approaching the red lion.

The red paladin kept quiet hoping that Shiro would go away, but there was no such luck.

“I know you are in there Keith,” Shiro said trying to not let any anger seep into his voice. The last thing he wanted was to scare Keith by making him think he was in trouble for what had happened, “I just want to talk.”

“There is nothing to talk about,” Keith yelled back from inside of his lion, “just leave me alone.”

“You know I am not going to do that,” Shiro replied, “either come out or let me in so that we discuss what is going on.”

Keith weighed his options. He was terrified of what Shiro might have to say to him and he still needed time to calm down and get all those perverted thoughts out of his system.

“If you do not come out here,” Shiro said as he grabbed a hold of one of the lions’ legs, “I am going to climb up and get in.”

“Stop, just stop,” Keith yelled from inside his cockpit, “I just can’t deal with this right now.”

“I know you are afraid of what is going to happen,” Shiro started to say as he continued his ascent to the lion’s mouth, “I am just here to hear you out.”

Keith did not say anything back. He remained silent as he wondered what he should do next. Shiro seemed relentless, and he could not just stay locked up in his lion forever. Facing the consequences of his actions was inescapable.

The cold steel from the lion’s body was hard to keep a hold on, but the black paladin continued his ascent slowly and surely. Shiro was about to take a jump to grab a hold of the machine’s upper body, but right before he was able to do so the lion’s leg moved rapidly towards the front in a kicking motion sending Shiro flying upwards.

“Keith, wait!” Shiro screamed as he was flung into the air and started falling.

Shiro watched in fear as his body twirled around in the air and the ground continued to get closer to him. However, his fall was promptly interrupted when the red lion swiftly opened its mouth and gobbled Shiro up sending him inside the cargo room where Keith was waiting for him.

“What do you want?” Keith asked with his arms crossed as he looked down at Shiro.

“Just tell me what happened back there,” Shiro said as he picked himself up from the ground.

“Fine, you wanna know why I kicked Lance’s balls into orbit?” Keith replied angrily, “here is what happened between that jerk and me.”

The red paladin did not wait for Shiro to say anything else, he went all in and started telling Shiro everything that had happened after they had finished their ballboxing training. Keith did his best to avoid any embarrassment by going through the story as quickly as he possibly could and leaving any of his Shiro fantasy details out of his narration. The last thing he needed right now, was for Shiro to find out about the fact that he had imagined him naked several times and was deeply intrigued about just how long and thick his erect penis could be.

“And there you go, Keith finished his story, “Lance deserved what he got,”

Shiro looked at Keith for a couple of seconds, as he recapped the story again in his mind. It had been somewhat shocking to hear that two members of his team had engaged in sexual activity, but at the end of it Shiro could do nothing but smile and even laugh a little as he was reminded of his own past.

“Well, I never kicked anyone in the nuts for calling me a homo,” Shiro said with a soft laugh, “but I did punch a couple of guys in the face.”

“Yeah, well I…” Shiro started to reply angrily, “wait… what?”

“Knocked them out cold, after the second one no one at the Garrison ever called me that again.” Shiro explained, “However, I am sure you know Lance well enough as to know that he did not mean what he said, that low kick was mostly uncalled for Keith.”

“Does that mean…” Keith started to say, “what I think it means? How did you… find out?”

“Well, it just kind of happened. I met a guy and then…” Shiro explained, “I was not looking for it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him or him about me.”

A moment of awkward silence fell between them. Keith was doing his best to make sure that he was absolutely understanding correctly what Shiro had just confessed to him.

“So, what you are saying… is that you are gay… AND you have a boyfriend back on Earth?” Keith said slowly.

“Yes, Shiro responded calmly, “and not so much anymore.”

“I need to sit down,” Keith replied as he headed back into the pilot’s room and dropped himself into the seat.

All of a sudden, his mind was being overloaded with information, but the worst part was that this possibly meant that Shiro was already taken. Keith’s fantasies were one second within his reach, and then as far away as possible.

“I am sorry if this is too big of a revelation,” Shiro said as he followed Keith, “but I think my experience can help you get through this.”

“I don’t even know what I am going through Shiro,” Keith said as he covered his face with his hands in frustration, “it is so confusing. How do I even know for sure if I am…”

“Gay?” Shiro finished off for him, “You have to trust your heart and body Keith. Only you know how you feel and what you want.”

“And what do I do when I know what I want?” Keith asked as he looked Shiro straight in the eye.

“If you are absolutely sure, be brave and go for it,” Shiro answered decisively, “it is your life, don’t waste a second of it.”

“Well if that is an order from my captain then…” Keith said as he stood up from his seat.

“Keith I would not call it an order, it is just adv…” Shiro started saying but was interrupted when two things that took his breath away happened at the same time. 

In a couple of ticks, Keith had closed the distance between them and after raising himself slightly from the floor by standing on the tips of his toes he pressed his lips on Shiro’s mouth and kneed his captain right between the legs. Keith could feel his knee cap colliding with Shiro’s low hangers and left it there to continue grinding them into his pelvis.

The sensation was even better than Keith could have ever imagined. The captain’s lips were so soft and pillowy, with a bit of warmth to them. Keith decided to fully commit to the moment and brought his arms around Shiro’s lower back, embracing him firmly and pressing the rest of his body against him.

The kiss continued for a few seconds, but then Shiro turned his head to the right to break the contact between their mouths. Fear immediately took a hold of Keith’s heart, as he wondered what would Shiro’s reaction be?

“Are you sure this is what you want?” Shiro asked softly as he brought his arms to Keith’s shoulders.

“Yes, I…” Keith answered without wasting time.

Now it was time for Keith to be interrupted as the black paladin hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply forcing his tongue deeply inside the red paladin’s mouth. Keith was unsure of what to do next, Shiro’s acceptance and the feeling of his tongue provided a riveting sensation that was making his entire mind go blank. He knew that he had to do his part for things to keep moving forward, but what should be his next move?

Keith continued the kiss, pushing his tongue forward as well while he wondered if he should lower his hands to Shiro’s butt or bring them to the front to start getting a real feel of those big and manly testicles. He had already punched and kneed them, and it had felt really good, but he wanted to hold them in his hands and squeeze them tightly. Find out how much pressure they could take until Shiro’s cock started throbbing and shooting cum uncontrollably all over him.

The younger paladin was quickly pulled out of his naughty thoughts as Shiro grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him off the ground while squeezing each buttock. The sudden movement made Keith instinctively wrap his legs around Shiro’s abdomen for safety, his growing package now somewhat smashed against the black paladin’s chiseled abs.

The horny captain moved effortlessly despite carrying and then sat down on the pilot’s seat with Keith’s bottom now resting on his lap. The red paladin replied quickly and brought his hands to the front and began feeling Shiro’s chest. The pectoral muscles were toned and big but had some softness to them that allowed Keith to dig his fingers into them softly. He had already tasted Shiro’s lips, and now he wanted to taste even more.

Before Shiro tried to lock their lips into another kiss, Keith moved towards the left side of his neck and began to kiss it. He moved the kisses from right to left, starting near Shiro’s Adam’s apple until reaching his shoulder.

“Ahhh, do it harder Keith, bite me.” Shiro commanded between soft moans.

Keith did not dare to pose any resistance to his captain’s order and began using his teeth. Fear made him start out slow and playful, but as he put more force into his bite he noticed Shiro’s moans got louder so he threw caution to the wind and continued biting without any worry.

It was now clearer than ever, Shiro was a real glutton for punishment. A masochist through and through, and Keith already knew what kind of pain he enjoyed the most. He let go of Shiro’s pecs and slowly brought his hands down towards the black paladin’s masculine bulge. Keith slowly started to undo the belt that was between him and fulfilling his most wanted fantasy, but as he worked on that he felt something unexpected that sent shivers down his entire body and forced him to stop.

“Sorry, is it too cold?” Shiro asked sheepishly.

“No,” Keith answered as he realized that the cold and foreign sensation that had caught him by surprise was Shiro’s metallic arm, “I just wasn’t ready for it.”

“I am sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” Shiro replied.

“Don’t be,” Keith said as he grabbed Shiro’s metallic wrist and guided his hand back to his waist and under his shirt, “I kind of like it.”

With that Keith returned to Shiro’s neck with a powerful bite. He wanted to hear Shiro moan even louder, in fact now his moans were not even enough. Keith wanted to make Voltron’s leader scream as he flooded his entire body with pain and pleasure. After a couple more pulling motions, he finished unhooking Shiro’s belt and threw it to the ground. Keith found it very exciting to feel Shiro’s two strong hands exploring his upper body as he unbuttoned the pants to finally have access to what would surely be the biggest cock he had ever witnessed.

A twinge of fear struck Keith as his fingers began to pull at the elastic band of Shiro’s underwear. Keith wondered if maybe he had brought his expectations way to high and now he was about to be disappointed? There was only one way to find out, he thought as one of his hands dove inside Shiro’s boxers. The first thing he felt was a nice patch of pubic hair, the rest of Shiro’s body was pretty smooth and hairless, but down here that was not the case. The red paladin’s hand continued to move and quickly located the base of Shiro’s penis. It was hard to gauge its girth without actually looking at it, but it felt thick, even thicker than his own.

“Can you pull it out please?” Shiro pleaded as he caressed Keith’s sides with the tips of his fingers, “It is getting too tight down there.”

Keith did not answer, he merely followed the instruction. His hands moved around and pulled Shiro’s erection out of his underwear releasing the penis from its tight prison. The black paladin’s boner was legendary and more than fulfilled Keith’s expectations as it pointed all the way upwards proudly in un unrivaled display of masculinity. Keith stopped his kissing and quickly realized that it was even bigger than his own boner and thicker as well. His eyes could not stop ogling it. Nothing had ever looked mightier or more appetizing than that delightful rod of hardened man meat. The captain’s cock was uncut but had a big mushroom head inside the foreskin that very slightly peeked out and red paladin was eager to look at it. Keith grabbed a hold of the tip and started pulling the foreskin down.

“Ahhh,” Shiro moaned loudly as the sensitive tip of his penis became exposed.

Keith continued slowly, until he had fully revealed the splendor of his leader’s erection. He of course was no penis expert, but the young man fully doubted that there could be a more perfect erection in the whole universe.

“Now you have to show me yours,” Shiro said with a smile as he took his shirt off so that Keith could have a look at more of his delectable body.

Shiro’s erection looked even more impressive when his tight six pack and scarred up body served as its background. There were no words to fully describe how incredibly hot Shiro looked at that moment.

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you get it out yourself?” Keith replied with a grin of his own as his hands went back down to Shiro’s underwear and took hold of his oversized gonads.

The red paladin had Shiro’s testicles in his hands and began applying pressure to them immediately. The two balls had a rubbery feel to them as Keith kneaded them between his fingers, but more than anything they felt warm and it was pure ecstasy to finally hold them.

Shiro winced in pain as Keith commenced to torture his nuts, but he knew that he could take much more than that and could not wait for Keith to discover that and bring him to his limit.

“As you wish,” Shiro answered.

Before Keith had the opportunity to say anything back, Shiro’s hands found the neckline of his shirt and with a loud moan, elicited from the pain and pleasure of squeezed testicles, Shiro tore apart Keith’s shirt exposing completely the upper body from the younger paladin.

The unexpected show of strength and lust made Keith’s hardened cock start to leak precum inside his briefs. However, Shiro was not done yet. The black paladin grabbed a hold of the waistline of Keith’s pants and underwear and with the same motion, tore them away from his body, leaving the red paladin mostly naked. Shiro smiled and ran his tongue between his lips as he gazed at Keith’s erection for the first time. He had previously seen Keith’s flaccid manhood, so the size difference was a delicious surprise.

“You bastard, I liked those clothes,” Keith protested as he smashed Shiro’s testicles against each other with every word.

Shiro could not stop himself, he moaned loudly as his nuggets took the hard hits.

“Well, I bet you will like what I am about to do to you even more,” Shiro replied as he put his hands around Keith’s butt and pulled him tightly against him trapping their hard ons between their torsos.

Shiro wasted no time and grabbed hold of both of their dicks with his metallic hand and began stroking them while his other hand remained tenderly rubbing the space between Keith’s buttocks and his index finger slightly entered in Keith’s hole. Now it was the red paladin who moaned loudly as an explosion of ecstasy burned through his entire being. The cold sensation of Shiro’s hand masturbating them both and the pleasure coming from his behind were so much more than any pleasure that his virgin body had ever experienced. Shiro knew that stimulating Keith’s butthole and cock would probably be more than a rookie could handle, but if Keith was going to put his meaty orbs through the wringer, then he would counter in the same fashion.

The younger paladin could feel his heart racing as another of Shiro’s fingers got closer to his anus and his cock began to leak more precum, readying itself for the coming orgasm. Nevertheless, he was unwilling to let it end just yet. His pride had taken a beating over the last few days, and that was going to stop now. Keith fought back by bringing one of his hands up so that he could pull and stroke Shiro’s hair as he kissed him deeper than ever before. He forced his tongue inside Shiro’s mouth to further pleasure him as his other hand wrapped around the top of Shiro’s scrotum and forced both of hit nads down to the bottom of the sack, stretching them and their chords as far as he could.

Shiro toes curled up, as he felt Keith pull at his hair and balls. His fiery spirit was something worthy of recognition in the battlefield and in sex too from the looks of it. Beads of precum started to leak from the mushroom head of his penis too, further lubricating their glans. He wanted to cum so bad, and bathe Keith in his manly seed.

“I am… getting close,” Shiro managed to grunt.

“Just hold on a little longer,” Keith responded as he sweetly placed his hand on Shiro’s cheek and looked deeply into his eyes, “I want us to cum together.”

Shiro steeled himself, tensing his lower abdominal muscles to force his semen to stay inside his balls for a little longer. The tender request of the red paladin had to be fulfilled.

Both young men held the orgasm at bay for as long as they could, Keith squeezed Shiro’s testicles in pulses, squeezing and letting go rapidly to try and buy himself more time before he started shooting his cum but a few moments later it was just too much for either of them.

There were no words of warning. Only two loud moaning voices that echoed through the hangar in pure bliss. Keith’s back arched as he began to shoot his thick spunk all over Shiro’s body. And the sight of the first shot that reached all the way up to Shiro’s neck combined with a powerful squeeze to his gonads was more than enough to send him over the edge as well. Shiro’s cock exploded and several ropes of creamy jizz coated Keith’s face, chest and torso.

As both of their erections began to soften, Shiro was the only one with any strength left. He embraced Keith in a warm hug and allowed him to rest his head on his shoulder. Neither of them said anything for several minutes, Keith had pretty much passed out after cumming and Shiro did not wish to wake him up.

“I love you Shiro,” Keith said after regaining consciousnes and hugging the black paladin as well.

“I think, I have loved you too for a while Keith,” Shiro replied.

“Do you mean that?” Keith asked.

“With every part of my being,” Shiro answered.

Keith kissed Shiro’s lips once more and then went back to his shoulder. His body still felt tired and heavy in the afterglow of the intense orgasm.

“Let me go get you some clothes ok?” Shiro said as he stood up and placed Keith’s naked body on the pilot’s seat, “it will not take long. I promise.”

“Thanks,” Keith answered with a smile.

The black paladin turned around and started looking for his shirt and belt. He located them quickly enough, but right as he was taking a step towards them a flash of pain brought him tumbling down to the ground. His hands rapidly went down to his nuts to nurse them and try to massage the gut wrenching pain away, leaving him on the ground in fetal position.

“I really liked my clothes Shiro,” Keith said as he lowered himself down to his seat once more.


Epilogue: Keith’s Property

The red paladin paced back and forth in circles around the main hangar of the Castle of Lions with anticipation. The Galra empire had organized a simultaneous attack on two planets, forcing the paladins to split up into groups in order to defend them. Lance and Shiro set off as team one while Pidge and Hunk were team two. Keith had tried to argue that he and Shiro would make a better pairing in the battlefield, but ultimately he had been forced to stay behind in case the castle came into any danger. The Red Lion was the fastest one in the team, so it only made sense for him to stay back and rush to one of the teams with news of anything that happened at the castle.

Shiro had been gone for three days already. However, the time lapse was not the only thing that had Keith eagerly awaiting the return of his new boyfriend. Right before he left, in an attempt to qualm Keith’s anger over being left behind, Shiro had promised Keith that once he returned he would allow him to do that thing that he so desperately wanted to do in bed. This meant that Keith had been preparing a hefty load of cum by not jerking of at all while Shiro was gone. This had the young man horny as hell, especially since the communication log that they had received earlier in the day said that Shiro and Lance should have been back about one hour ago.

“Where are you?” Keith grunted loudly and pounded his fists into the ground.

As if responding to his question, the main hangar door began opening loudly and allowed Keith to see the Black and Blue Lion’s triumphant return to the castle. The red paladin’s eyes sparkled with excitement and relief and his cock twitched with excitement inside the tight red jockstrap he was wearing. He immediately broke into a sprint and headed towards Shiro’s bedroom, he needed to ready the bedroom for the epic sex they were about to have.

It did not take him long to get to Shiro’s bedroom. Keith immediately started getting the bed ready and was about to light up some candles when the door of the room opened. Shiro looked around the room and after spotting Keith he decisively strode towards him and picked him up in a big bear hug to start kissing him.

The younger paladin loved to feel Shiro’s strong arms squeezing him tightly, but even more than that he loved to get a handful of his captain’s big balls and start squeezing them until he was forced to ask him to stop. Keith rapidly maneuvered his right hand inside Shiro’s pants and underwear, after that it was easy to find the goodies he was looking for. He kneaded the fat orbs with his fingers, using his thumb to apply pressure specifically to the left testicle.

“Arghhh” Shiro grunted as his knees buckled and his arms let go of his boyfriend, “please stop babe.”

“Really?” Keith asked in surprise as he eased his grip, “I know you can take much more than that.”

“Yeah… about that, we need to have a talk,” Shiro answered, “I am very sorry, but I don’t think I can keep my promise.”

“What?!” Keith exclaimed loudly.

“We will do it, I promise,” Shiro replied immediately, “I just need a little bit to recover.”

“What do you mean recover?” Keith asked with his eyebrows raised.

“As you know, I was away with Lance and…” Shiro began to explain.

“And what?” Keith asked.

“The mission started out pretty well, we managed to deal with the Galra cruiser fairly easily, but then we had to help get the planet’s defenses up to prevent another attack,” Shiro explained, “and that’s when Lance got bored and started sack tapping me pretty much all day long to pass the time. That’s why my balls are not in top shape right now.”

“I am going to kill that bastard,” Keith said angrily as he gritted his teeth.

“Keith, don’t,” Shiro responded as he grabbed Keith’s hands to stop him from leaving the room.

“Let me go, I need to go and beat him up to a pulp right now,” Keith said as he tried to release himself from Shiro’s hold.

“No, you won’t,” Shiro said, “but we will.”

“What do you have in mind?” Keith asked with brimming curiosity.


Lance was sound asleep in his bed. The long mission, although it had been mostly fun and exciting in the end, had left him utterly spent. He had just jumped into his bed after getting naked and fell asleep immediately face down on his pillow. The blue paladin was slightly snoring and dreaming of his first date with Princess Allura when he felt his whole body being bent over to a very uncomfortable position.

“Wake up Lance,” Keith said angrily as he drove his fist into Lance’s naked testicles.

“Arghhhhhh,” Lance began to scream as the testicular pain woke him up fully.

However, halfway through his scream Lance felt something being shoved inside his mouth that muffled his voice. Shiro who was now on top of him, holding his ankles up in the air and forcing his entire groin to be exposed and upside down, had stuffed something in his mouth that tasted awful.

“Sorry Lance, but Keith and I think it’s time we make something perfectly clear to you,” Shiro proclaimed.

“Yes, you need to understand that Shiro’s balls are my property,” Keith explained and then delivered another straight punch into the meaty orbs.

Lance’s eyes rolled backwards as the pain doubled on him and he felt his exposed nuts being attacked once more. He tried pleading for them, but the thing inside his mouth made it impossible to say anything and Shiro’s thick legs had his arms completely trapped.

“I am not sure he gets it yet,” Shiro said with a grin, “we don’t want to have to go through this again do we?”

“Sorry Lance, captains orders,” Keith said as a third and fourth punch sailed rapidly through the air in quick succession and struck the bullseye.

Keith watched with glee as his friend’s gonads bounced around after each hit and Lance’s grunting made each hit even sweeter. Shiro had to bite his lower lip a little to contain his excitement, watching Keith torture the blue paladin’s danglers was making him very horny.

“I think we are making progress, but we cannot take any chances,” Shiro added.

Keith smiled. It was incredibly sexy to have Shiro coaxing him into further torturing Lance’s man bits. He stood up on the bed and looked straight into Shiro’s eyes.

“Ready for some teamwork?” Keith asked.

“Thought you would never ask,” Shiro answered.

Lance waited petrified in fear for the next blow to fall upon his boy balls. Whacking Shiro’s big bulge all day long had been pretty fun, but he was filled with regret as his team members gave him a taste of his own medicine.

“Give me one of his ankles and grab his balls,” Keith requested, “push them up to the bottom on his sack Shiro.”

Shiro followed the instructions promptly not entirely sure of what Keith was about to do. However, Keith’s intentions became clear pretty soon. The red paladin brought one of his feet up slowly and then drove his heel into the fat pair of plums that Shiro was holding securely in place with his hand.

Lance squirmed and moaned with all the strength he had left, but to no avail. Shiro was way too heavy for him to overpower and now that his nuts were being crushed flat between Keith’s foot and Shiro’s hand he could do nothing but whimper in pain and pray that they would allow him to remain a male paladin of Voltron.

Keith continued to apply pressure as best he could while retaining his balance on the bed and Shiro did his part by keeping Lance’s balls in place and stretching them up. Soon enough Lance’s final defense mechanism came into play. His previously limp cock became erect and, in an effort, to mitigate to vast pain that his young owner was being forced to endure it started to shoot thick ropes of cum into the bed.

“I believe that was a very thorough and persuasive explanation Keith,” Shiro said as he noticed the pool of cum in Lance’s bed.

“Yeah, I am sure we will not have to go through this again,” Keith added as he jumped out of the bed.

Lance’s forced orgasm had stolen what little energy he had left and was left all but passed out on his bed as Shiro let go of his ankle and testicles. His lower body fell back into the bed, making a soft smack sound when his skin came in touch with the pooled-up nut juice that had just been forced out of him.

Keith and Shiro left the room quietly and hurried down the corridor into Shiro’s bedroom once more to spend the rest of the night together. Both of them had raging erections inside their pants and were eager to put them to good use with each other.

“So, if I promise to go very easy on your meatballs tonight can we still have sex before going to bed?” Keith asked timidly as they entered Shiro’s bedroom, “we don’t have to do that other thing if you are still weak.”

“Keith, I just watched you punch and stomp a full load of cum out of Lance,” Shiro answered.

“Gotcha, I was just checking. Didn’t want to…” Keith began to reply.

“You can do anything you want to me tonight my Ballbusting Lion,” Shiro interrupted him and threw him to the bed before jumping in himself.


Anonymous said...

This story is / SO / FUCKING / HOT. I'm sure I'll think about it a lot of times. But, now, all of us readers remain with a doubt: what's on Keith's mind? We can imagine what he wants to do to Shiro's balls, but we want the details!! I think we need another storyXD

Ballboxing said...

Thanks so much for the comment. I am not entirely sure if there will be another Voltron chapter, but I can tell you that Keith's plan involves more than just Shiro's balls ;3

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you cannot tell us this and then leave us without telling the details in detail :'(
C'mon, I think you have a lot of beautiful ideas that can still amaze and excite us about this two lovers (that are so cute *^*).
I believe in you ;-)

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Thanks for the kind words, lets see if anyone else shares your enthusiasm.

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I'm sure that everyone who like this kind of stories will literaly LOVE this one. I bet!

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Gotta wait and see, but again thanks for your excitement and praise. Comments like these sure help us writers keep motivated.

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Two stories on the podium, with a lot of "excellent", is a great recognition and appreciation, don t you think. I bet most of us are waiting for the sequel!