Friday, August 24, 2018

The Incredible Spider-Men: Nasty fight

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Warning: Can contain graphic homosexuality.

Previously on "The Incredible Spider-Men":

Tom discovers he is a Superhero and meets a flap pole mid-flight. Andrew defeats three thugs and gets a nut-cracking suprise from a fire hydrant. Tobey feels old and has a painful encounter with a soda vending machine. Doctor Octopus and the ASVA (American Super Villain Association, formerly League of Evil) have an evil plan to destroy our superheroes for good: They set up a fight in an abandoned warehouse.

Will the Spider-Men make it out alive? Will their nuts get cracked again? Will there be any butt fucking?

Find out on today's episode of "The Incredible Spider-Men"!


Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire looked at each other.

Neither of them remembered much – other than incredible pain in their testicles. Then everything was black.

And now they were in the middle of what looked like an abandoned warehouse, half naked, their suits ripped and shredded, their genitalia on full display.

Every single one of the three Spider-Men sported a very impressive set of goods. Their limp dicks looked fat and heavy, with a potential to grow into mighty weapons.

Tom’s pubic area was completely hairless. His big, juicy balls were clean shaven and they hung low in his sack.

They were a little bigger than Andrew’s gonads that swung gently from side to side as he looked around. His pubic hair was a neatly trimmed coiffure that emphasized the thickness of his meaty monster.

If Tobey’s pubes were a haircut they most closely resembled a big, wild, afro. It didn’t look like he had trimmed or shaved in quite a while, and it gave his massive, flaccid dick and his fat, low-hanging balls a very raw and almost brutal quality in comparison to Tom’s squeaky-clean fuck instruments and Andrew’s high-maintenance premium tools.

But as different as they looked, they had one thing in common: They had no idea what was going on.

“What the fuck?!” Tom grunted. His eyes narrowed as he turned to Andrew. “Are you behind this?”

“What?!” Andrew raised his eyebrows. “Why would I--- What are you talking about?”

“You were always jealous of me because I took your job”, Tom said, taking a step closer to Andrew. “You did two movies, and you always thought you would do a third one – until the franchise was rebooted, and I got the role.”

“I did three of them”, Tobey said with a smile. “It was nice.”

Tom and Andrew ignored him.

“That’s fucking ridiculous!” Andrew let out a bitter laugh. “I’m glad they cast you in the role. I mean, what would you be without it, huh? One of the guys who played Billy Elliott in London when they were 12…”

Tom gasped. “You fucking---”

Suddenly, the room was filled with a nasty acoustic feedback that made them all cover their ears.

Once the feedback was gone, the three superheroes heard the familiar voice of their nemesis.

“Welcome, Spider-Men! How good to see you all in one place”, Doctor Octopus said with a sneer. “You are probably wondering what’s going on. Well, it’s easy. You are here to fight each other. Three Spider-Men are two too many. So we thought we’d let you decide who the real Spider-Man is. The rules are very simple: You fight each other and the winner gets to fuck the losers’ asses – literally and figuratively. Have fun.”

The loudspeaker went silent.

The three studs stared at each other.

“Oh, almost forgot to tell you”, Dr. Octopus said. “Go for the nuts.”

There was a pause.

“Oh, great”, Tobey said with a sight. “Just what I fucking needed.”

Tom and Andrew were staring at each other.

“You know what?” Tobey said with a weak smile. “I’m gonna sit this one out. I’m 43 years old. I don’t need this anymore. I wanted to retire anyway, so do whatever you think you need to do. Crush each other’s nuts, fuck each other’s ass. Whatever. I’ll just sit here and mind my own business.” He smiled and sat down on a pile of bricks, casually scratching his bushy pubes as he watched Tom and Andrew.

“Why don’t you follow his lead?” Tom asked with a mean smile. “You’re almost as old as him.”

“I’m 34, asshole”, Andrew said sternly. “We’re almost the same age.”

Tom laughed. “Same age? I’m 22!”

Andrew shrugged his shoulders. “You look at least 30.”

Tom gasped. “You--- I--- Take that back!”

Andrew chuckled, flexing his muscles. “Make me.”

“You bet I will”, Tom grunted.

Tobey leaned back, matter-of-factly tugging at his cock, as Tom lunged at Andrew.

After having worked as superheroes for the past couple of years, Andrew knew how to parry Tom’s attack, and he lifted his knee, bringing it up between Tom’s thighs and crunching his nuts flat.

“Ouch”, Tobey commented with a chuckle as Tom’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened and he stepped backwards.

Andrew’s dick hardened at the sight of Tom’s pain-contorted face. “I’m going to teach you respect”, he said with a grin. “And then I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

Tom looked up, his face filled with rage and pain.

Andrew brought his foot back and sent it up between Tom’s thighs.

Tom managed to jump back at the last second, so that Andrew’s foot only grazed the top of his neatly shaven dick, missing his precious plums completely, giving Tom the chance for a counter-attack.

Tom’s hands shot forward and he grabbed Andrew’s fat, low-hanging nutsack, closing his fists around one nut each.

Now it was Andrew’s turn to gasp in surprise and grunt in pain, his body paralyzed by the nut pain that was radiating through his body.

“This is how I make my orange juice every morning”, Tom whispered into Andrew’s ear. “Do you think I can juice your oranges, old man?”

“Bam!” Tobey laughed “Nice one-liner, kid!”

“I’m not an old man”, Andrew grunted through his gritted teeth.

Tom replied by twisting his fists, causing Andrew to let out a shrill shriek. “You’re right. You sound more like an old woman…”

Toby clapped his hands, chuckling. “Another good one, kiddo. Why aren’t you doing comedy?”

Tom’s reflexes as an actor kicked in, and he put on a thoughtful face as if trying to answer a hard question in an interview. “That’s interesting. I have never thought of myself as a---”

Andrew managed to use Tom’s moment of distraction to his advantage, hitting the younger actor in the throat, causing him to let go of his nuts, before grabbing the hairless pair of danglers in his own strong hands.

“Fuck!” Tom squealed as Andrew squeezed the life out of his nuts.

“You think you are funny, huh?” Andrew mumbled, squishing and squashing Tom’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Tobey watched him with mild amusement. “I think he is funny”, he chuckled. “Just my personal opinion, though.”

Andrew ignored him, and Tom was in too much pain to appreciate the compliment.

Gritting his teeth and grunting with effort, Andrew crushed Tom’s nuts with his bare hands, pressing his thumbs deep into the meaty core of Tom’s youthful testicles as if he was trying to pit a pair of juicy peaches.

Tom was screaming and squealing, throwing his head back, his face a mask of pain, as Andrew wreaked havoc on his movie star marbles.

Andrew’s dick was hard as a rock, fueled by the power rush and the sight of pretty Tom’s pain-contorted face.

Andrew’s big, fat boner turned out to be a liability, though, when Tom managed to grab it with one hand. Seizing his chance, he squeezed his fingers shut and abruptly twisted Andrew’s cock.

“Ow ow ow ow ow! That’s not funny!” Tobey cringed in sympathy as he saw Tom very nearly fracture Andrew’s dick.

Miraculously, Tobey’s dick twitched with excitement, chubbing up and growing hard immediately.

“Hello there, old friend”, Tobey grinned. “Long time no see…”

Andrew was screaming from the top of his lungs, stumbling backwards and letting go of Tom’s balls.

He fell onto his back, and Tom landed right on top of him, dropping knee-first onto his nuts, knocking the wind out of him.

Andrew let out a miserable croak as Tom brought his knee back, driving it into Andrew’s nuts again and again and again, crushing them and grinding them and making Andrew let out all kinds of funny noises.

After getting kneed in the nuts more than a dozen times, Andrew managed to throw Tom off of him and pin him to the ground, paying him back in kind and crunching his nuts with his knee, grunting with effort, his face contorted in pain.

By now, Tom’s nuts were just as swollen and bruised as Andrew’s. The two Spider-Men went after each other’s gonads as if they were employed by the National Birth Control Agency.

Tobey wasn’t paying attention. He was jerking his dick, gently and lovingly. He had been going through a midlife crisis, and he hadn’t had an erection in a few months. That’s why he enjoyed the feeling and stroked his cock with a very happy smile on his face.

While Tobey was savoring the almost forgotten thrill of having an erection, Tom and Andrew were doing everything in their power to make sure that their opponent would never have one again.

They were rolling around on the ground, punching and squeezing each other’s nuts, kicking them and hitting them as hard as they could.

Their nuts were red and swollen, and their dicks didn’t look any better – and there was no end in sight.

Tom was youthful and energetic, but Andrew made up for it with experience and ruthlessness.

Finally, after almost half an hour of relentless nut-crunching and ball-busting, Tom and Andrew were lying on their backs, panting and moaning, their dicks and balls bruised and battered, their bodies and their shredded Spider-Man suits wet with sweat.

Tobey looked up, raging erection firmly in hand, and bit his lower lip. “You know what?” he said slowly, getting up and approaching the two lying Spider-Men. “I think I’m back in.”

Tom and Andrew looked up, their sweaty faces filled with pain.

“What?” Andrew groaned.

“What do you mean, old man?” Tom grunted.

“I’m in the mood for a fuck”, Tobey declared before stomping down on Tom’s testicles with all the force he could muster.

Tom screamed in pain, and Andrew watched in horror as Tobey turned to him. “Wait, man, I’m straight!” Andrew stammered.

“Don’t worry, I am straight, too”, Tobey smiled and squashed Andrew’s nuts with his foot.

Andrew joined Tom in a high-pitched, disharmonic lament for their manhood, as Tobey went back and forth, stomping their nuts while he was jerking his cock.

Andrew and Tom were far too exhausted to fight back, and it didn’t take long for Tobey until he had them where he wanted them: broken and ready to get fucked.

He threw Andrew onto the pile of bricks and placed Tom on top of him, creating a double-decker butt fuck buffet.

With a smile, Tobey spat on Andrew’s hole and lined his dick up with it, grabbing Tom’s ballsack to use it as a handle.

Then he started fucking Andrew’s ass hard and without mercy, burying his raw, brutal dong deep inside that virgin hole, making his hairy balls smack against Andrew’s thighs while squeezing Tom’s battered balls with his hand.

After a little while, he pulled his dick out and rammed it into Tom’s hole, showing the actor who was only half his age how to properly fuck an ass.

“Don’t disrespect the old guard”, Tobey said cheerfully. “You might learn a thing or two…”

Tom let out a grunt that didn’t sound like he appreciated Tobey’s advice.

“That goes for you, too”, Tobey said with a chuckle as he withdrew his dick and rammed it into Andrew’s hole, deep-dicking him with his fat cock.

Tobey went back and forth between Andrew and Tom, cheerfully fucking his two rivals’ butts with his big, hairy dick, smacking and squeezing their balls now and then to keep them on edge.

“Get down on your knees, I’m going to cum on your faces”, he grunted, pulling his cock out of Tom’s ass and jerking it feverishly.

The two superhero holes were gaping open, stretched by Tobey’s superior dick.

“Got on your fucking knees!” Tobey repeated, impatiently smacking Tom’s and Andrew’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Tom and Andrew groaned in pain and did as they were told.

They got down on their knees, looking up at Tobey as he jerked his cock, pointing the missile straight at their pain-contorted faces.

“Now listen closely”, Tobey said under his breath, “once I’ve painted your faces with my load they’ll be here, thinking they have won. But we will be ready. Together we’re strong.”

Tom and Andrew looked up at him, their eyes lighting up.

“You are brilliant”, Tom whispered.

“Tell us what to do”, Andrew mumbled.

“Well, open your mouths, you have three months’ worth of cum coming your way”, Tobey grinned.


In the surveillance room, the super-villains had closely followed the action on the screens.

There was some frantic jerking off.

Venom had offered to give everybody a blowjob, but he hadn’t found any takers.

Instead, Dr. Octopus was giving a helping hand to everybody who needed it, proving that he was the undisputed master of villains when it came to tentacle prostate stimulation.

The room was filled with grunts and groans as the villains emptied their balls at the same time as their arch-enemy.

“Now we’ll destroy him”, Dr. Octopus said, wiping his eight tentacles clean of supervillain cum.


An hour later, the police took him into custody, along with every single one of his co-conspirators.

Tobey watched them leave, a huge smile on his face, a huge erection waving them goodbye.

Andrew and Tom stood on either side, proud smiles on their cum-covered faces, their eyes burning with the remnants of Tobey’s potent spunk, their big balls red and bruised and swollen, their holes sore.

“It feels good to be a superhero”, Tobey sighed.

Andrew and Tom looked at him and chuckled.

“Together we are strong”, Tobey declared in a ceremonial voice.

“Together we are strong”, Andrew and Tom repeated in unison.

Tobey chuckled. Then he smacked them in the nuts simultaneously, making them double over and groan in pain. “Now bend over. I’m going to celebrate our alliance by breeding your fucking holes.”


Anonymous said...

Is there going to be more of this or was this just it?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! Apparently people don‘t like this story too much so I don‘t think I‘ll write another part. So: Yeah, this is it. :-))

Anonymous said...

For curiosity sake, would you be willing to write a story with Tom Holland (either alone or with the others) with a different plot/premise?
You did it with Justin Bieber's stories and it was a success. I'll admit, I would be sad after such a long wait for Tom Holland only to see him leave so soon.
I'll respect what ever decision you make, Alex. I just wanted to say my two cents.

- Andrew

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Andrew! Frankly, I don‘t know. Why don‘t you send me an email so we can talk about what you have in mind ( :-))

Anonymous said...

I agree with Andrew. I would love to see this revisited with just Tom. There's so much potential that I would hate to be wasted just because some people didn't like this story.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I haven't made a decision yet, and I appreciate your feedback! :-))