Friday, December 8, 2017

Spanked, fucked and busted (James meets Zach)

Special thanks to James for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one enjoys spanking just as much as ballbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

Zach looked into the mirror, smiling at the sight of himself.

The handsome blond stud had stepped in on short notice to help out a friend of mine who specialized in producing fetish porn. He had contacted me because one of his actors had sprained a wrist during a shoot and needed some time off. Now, my friend needed a hot, big-dicked substitute for a pre-scheduled shoot.

Of course, I immediately thought of Zach.

Zach was perfect for the job. He was 20 years old, tall and muscular, built like a Greek god, and blessed with a magnificent cock of truly astonishing length and girth that made girls swoon and guys turn green with envy, and a pair of truly mindboggling low hangers that were brimming with his delicious stud sauce.

The only problem: Zach was straight, and the porn shoot in question was decidedly not.

But a couple of dead presidents had convinced Zach to reconsider his sexual orientation, at least for the duration of the shoot…

Now, he was standing in front of the mirror in full fetish gear, wearing a black leather harness with matching boots and gloves. Part of the harness was a cock ring that kept his dick hard as a rock. He was holding a leather whip in one hand, and a riding crop in the other.

The set was a fully equipped dungeon with chains and shackles hanging from the walls and all kinds of kinky torture devices lying around.

The camera crew was ready to start shooting the scene.

I stepped up to Zach and grinned. “You look awesome”, I said, glancing at his huge erection.

“Fuck yeah”, Zach chuckled. “This is gonna be so much fun.”

I raised my eyebrows. “I thought you just agreed to do this because of the money.”

Zach struck a pose and smiled at himself in the mirror. “Sure.” He looked at me through the mirror and winked. “But there’s no reason making money can’t be fun, right?” He turned his attention to his own reflection again and energetically cracked the whip on the floor. “Obey, slut!” he barked theatrically.

“Yes, sir”, came the response from behind us.

Zach turned around and looked at the young man who introduced himself as Zach’s scene partner James.

James was 22 years old, considerably shorter than Zach, of slim build. His brown hair had blonde highlights and he was bare naked. His genitalia was about average size, but it looked pretty pathetic in comparison to Zach’s ridiculously huge monster cock and his fat, low hanging balls.

James’ eyes were fixed on Zach’s huge tool, and he was practically drooling.

“Fuck, that’s big”, he said softly, biting his lower lip as he casually jerked his dick.

“Yeah, it is”, Zach grinned cockily. “And it’s going in your ass." He eyed James up and sneered. "Don't tell me you want me to be gentle.”

James snickered. “God, no. Give it to me as hard as you can!”

Zach chuckled. “That’s the spirit.” He winked at James and cracked the whip on the floor.

“You’re fucking hot”, James whispered, reaching out to touch Zach’s biceps.

“Don’t!” Zach barked, bringing his knee up and ramming it between James’ thighs, catching both of his balls dead-on.

James let out a grunt and grabbed his balls.

“You don’t touch me with your hands”, Zach said with a sneer. “You touch me with your tongue.”

James bit his lower lip and looked up at Zach, a mischievous smile on his lips. “Whatever you say, sir”, he whispered and ran his tongue up Zach’s muscular arms.

Zach chuckled, flexing his muscles as James licked his armpits, worshipping Zach’s god-like body.

I cleared my throat and stepped behind the camera crew. “I guess I’ll leave you to it”, I mumbled.

“Lick those pits, slut”, Zach grinned, grabbing James head and pressing it against his body, making James moan in pleasure as he tasted Zach’s manly sweat on his tongue.

James’ dick was rock hard and twitching as he kissed and licked Zach’s body.

“Now get down on your knees and worship my fucking cock”, Zach barked.

James smiled at him. “God, you’re hot! I love it when---“

“I said get down on your fucking knees and worship my fucking cock!” Zach interrupted him, cracking the whip at James’ crotch. It connected with his ball bag, hitting his left nut dead-on, making James scream in pain and fall to his knees, clutching his crotch, his mouth wide open.

“That’s it”, Zach grinned, stuffing his dick deep into James’ mouth, turning his scream into a muffled, gagging gurgle. "Fuck yeah, choke on my fucking cock, slut!" He used the riding crop to hold James' head in place as he fucked his throat deep and hard, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from poor James.

I couldn't help but chuckle when I saw James' raging boner that slapped against his abs as Zach manhandled his body, shoving his dick deep into James' throat.

It was obvious that James was enjoying the treatment.

After a couple of minutes of rough facefucking, Zach pulled his fat, hard dick out of James' mouth, allowing him to catch his breath.

James was panting, his face red, drool running out of his mouth. "Holy shit", he whispered hoarsely.

"Turn around and spread your legs!" Zach demanded, shoving James to the floor.

He was on all fours, his legs spread, his ass in the air.

"That's right, you fucking slut", Zach grunted and whipped James' butt with the riding crop.

James screamed in pain as a red mark appeared on his pale ass cheek.

"Shut the fuck up!" Zach barked and hit James' ass once again with the crop, eliciting an anguished wail.

The third hit aimed a bit further south, and it landed right on target.

James screamed from the top of his lungs as the riding crop hit his ballsack dead-on, making him close his legs and curl up in a ball, groaning in pain.

"Ass up", Zach said, cracking the whip at the writhing young man. "I said, ass up!"

James let out a whimper and complied, getting back on all fours and wiggling his ass, his dick and balls wedged between his thighs.

Zach grinned and cuffed James' hands to two steel rings in the floor before doing the same to James' feet, making sure that he was going nowhere. Then his eyes fell onto a humbler.

"Perfect", Zach chuckled and grabbed the piece of wood.

"Oh god", James moaned, his dick leaking precum as Zach attached the humbler to his nuts, making sure that there was no way for James to change his position.

James' balls were exposed right below his ass cheeks, exactly where Zach wanted them.

Zach chuckled and grabbed a wooden paddle, weighing it in his hands as he circled James who looked up at him, his eyes filled with fear and humility and lust.

Zach stopped in front of him, his dick swinging gently right in front of James' eyes. "Beg me to spank your fucking ass."

James gulped. "Please spank my ass, sir!" he whispered.

Zach's dick twitched. "You sure?"

James bit is lower lip. "Yes, sir! Please spank my ass! I need! I need it bad!"

"Alright", Zach chuckled, walking behind James and lining up the wooden paddle with his bubble butt. "Alright."

The first hit was a rather soft one that barely got a reaction from James.

"Yes, sir!" James moaned, arching his back. "I want more, sir!"

Zach grinned and smacked James' butt again, harder this time.

There was a resounding slap that echoed through the studio, followed by an anguished yelp from James.

"More!" James whimpered. "Give it to me hard, sir!"

Zach chuckled and spanked James ass again and again, harder and harder, making him scream louder and louder as his ass cheeks turned bright red.

“You’re a pain slut, huh?” Zach sneered as he brought the paddle down on James’ butt with all the force he could muster.

James screamed from the top his lungs. “Yes, sir! Yes!”

Zach’s dick twitched with excitement at the sight of the bright red cheeks of James’ bubble butt. “I bet you’ll love this then”, Zach chuckled and, without any warning, slammed the paddle against James’ trapped balls, smashing them flat and making James yodel in agony.

“Fuuuuuuck!” James shrieked in a comically high-pitched voice that made Zach laugh out loud.

Again and again Zach brought the paddle down, alternately hitting James red ass and his exposed balls, his huge cock twitching at the sound of James’ wails of agony.

Within a manner of minutes, James’ ball bag were just as red as his butt cheeks and his nuts were swollen and bloated considerably.

“God, you’re a slut!” Zach grunted, putting the paddle away for a moment to spread James’ butt cheeks and spit on his hole.

“Oh, fuck me!” James whimpered. “Please, fuck me hard!”

Zach chuckled and smacked his dick on James’ puckered hole. “You want that fucking cock!”

“Oh yes!” James whispered breathlessly. “Please give it to me!”

Zach sneered and smacked James’ bright red ass with the palm of his hand, making James’ scream in pain. “You got it, slut.”

With that, Zach drove his huge cock into James’ ass, burying it to the hilt.

“Oh god!” James let out a guttural groan, his eyes clenched shut, as Zach started fucking him hard and deep.

With every thrust, Zach’s thighs squashed James’ trapped, swollen balls flat, making James scream in pain and pleasure as Zach’s enormous tool stimulated his prostate while his nuts were getting crushed at the same time.

James’ dick was rock hard, twitching and throbbing and leaking precum with every thrust of Zach’s powerful hips.

Zach grabbed James’ hair, pulling his head back as he pounded his hole with his huge cock, slamming it into his ass like a battering ram while crushing his nuts with his muscular thighs.

“Fucking slut!” Zach grunted as he fucked James hard, deep and fast, making him scream with pain and pleasure.

James’ cock was leaking like a broken faucet, a puddle of cum building between his knees, as Zach fucked his ass like there was no tomorrow.

Just as James was about to cum, Zach pulled his dick out of James’ hole and got up, grabbing the paddle again.

“Fucking slut!” he repeated as he slammed it down on James’ balls, hitting the two tender, swollen nuggets dead-on and making James wail in pain.

James’ dick was twitching violently as he brought his head back, his handsome face contorted in pain, a hig-pitched squeal coming out of his mouth.

“Dirty fucking slut!” Zach sneered and brought the paddle down on James’ red ass cheeks as hard as he could again and again.

Suddenly, there was a loud crack.

Zach stared at the handle of the paddle that he was holding in his hand.

It had broken in half.

Zach burst out laughing.

James’ eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a breathless gasp as his dick erupted with a huge load of cum that splattered onto the floor.

Zach threw the broken paddle away and brought back his foot before smashing it into James’ trapped, busy balls that were pumping their content onto the floor. His boot crushed James’ nuts with a wet splat.

James shrieked in pain as his tender, swollen babymakers were flattened like pancakes in the middle of his orgasm.

A huge grin on his face, Zach kicked James’ balls again as hard as he could, making James shriek like a banshee.

Zach looked down at him, his dick throbbing and twitching, rock hard and glistening with precum.

He reached between James’ thighs and scooped up some of his cum before smearing it on his gaping hole, lubing James’ butt with his own juices for the grand finale.

With his spent dick softening and his balls still trapped in the humbler, swollen and exposed and very sensitive after their recent draining, James didn’t seem to enjoy this round as much as Zach did.

Zach had a blast, though.

He fucked James like a rabbit, power-drilling his hole and crushing his balls between their bodies with every thrust.

James was panting and moaning, his eyes clenched shut as his slender body got manhandled by the muscular blond hunk and his hole got stretched by his gigantic cock.

Finally, with a deep, guttural grunt, Zach flooded James’ insides with a giant load of cum, pressing his body against James’, squishing James’ spent nuts flat while his own oversized balls were contracting and filling James up with their precious juice.

“Fuck yeah”, Zach chuckled, pulling his dick out of James’ hole.

A flood of cum started oozing out of James’ gaping hole, coating his swollen, spent balls with a glistening layer of the muscular stud’s precious semen.

“How did you like that?” Zach grinned, whipping his cum-covered cock onto James’ beet red ass cheeks.

They were very sensitive after the forceful spanking they had received, and James let out a deep groan.

“It was awesome”, James moaned hoarsely. “Absolutely awesome.”

Zach chuckled. “God, you’re pathetic.” He smacked James’ ass hard with the palm of his hand, making him scream in pain.

Then he got up and untied James’ hands and feet.

“Thank you, sir”, James whispered, still on all fours, looking up at him like a puppy, his bloated balls still locked in the humbler.

“Now get out of my sight!” Zach barked and grabbed the whip.

James blinked. “But---“

Zach cracked the whip at James’ ass, making him shriek in pain as his beet red butt cheek received a brand new bruise.

He crawled away as fast as he could but Zach managed to land another hard lash at James’ swollen nuts that made him squeal from the top of his lungs.

“Cut!” the director yelled.

Zach laughed. “God, that was fun, right?” He looked at James who came crawling back, smiling weakly.

“Yeah”, James smiled. “You were amazing.”

Zach grinned proudly. “Yeah.”

James bit his lower lip and motioned towards the humbler that was holding his balls. “Could you… you know…”

“Oh”, Zach laughed. Then he smiled at James. “No.”

James blinked. “What?”

Zach looked down at James with a mean grin, grabbing his dick that was rock hard again and smacking it into his open palm. “I’m not done with you yet, slut. Are you ready for round two?”

James’ eyes lit up. “Yes, sir!”


Gayballbustinwolf said...

Oh is Zach bi now?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I don‘t think Zach is bi. I was pretty surprised by what he did in this story... ;-)