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Ballbusting Canucks: Bad Santa (written by Pat)

This is the first of two wonderful Christmas stories written by our reader Pat. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Featured in this story: ChadDannyDavidParkerSimonthe twinsXander and Alex (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

It was the last weekend before Christmas at the Ballbusting Boys studio, and big things were in the works to make this year’s Christmas themed sessions nothing but memorable and sexy.

François Desmoulins, the incredibly sexy, now 21-year-old model from Ballbusting Canucks, was a guest at the studio for a couple days to visit the American models, and to film a couple scenes he had committed to during his previous visit.

He arrived last night and would be sleeping at Leo’s for the weekend. This morning, they had sex on his bed, taking turns fucking each other and exchanging rough knees to the balls. They exchanged Christmas presents: Leo gave François a new beanie, candy canes shaped like a penis, and a free coupon for “Sammy the Ball Doctor”, and François surprised his host with a new skateboard and a backpack designed like a scrotum.

Gareth, Simon’s sexy red-headed boyfriend, was also going to be featured in a holiday special; playing jolly ol’ Saint Nick himself.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” Gareth whispered into Simon’s ear and kissed him on the lips.  “How do you like me in a Santa Claus suit, Si?”

“It makes me want to get naughty with you,” Simon said, grabbing a handful of Gareth’s crotch that was under a pair of tight, red silk pants.

The rest of Gareth’s outfit consisted of suspenders over his bare torso, black boots, and a Christmas hat. His good looks had his co-stars drooling, well, most of them anyway.

Gareth was going to be accompanied by his staff of sexy elves. Most of the boys dressed in revealing, short green boxer briefs, and wore a green elf hat and elf shoes. David, Danny, Parker, Michael, Will and Xander were all selected to be included in the story, along with Simon and François, who agreed to film a scene together a few months back.

Alex cleared his throat. “May I have your attention, please?!” he paused for a moment. “First of all, I’d like to wish all of you guys here today, Chad included, a Merry Christmas. I’d also like to welcome François back to our studio! I’m looking forward to seeing what you and the rest of the models have come up with. Finally, I’d like to wish everyone good luck in this scene. I can’t wait to see how everyone works with the new guys. All I ask is that everyone try and use the props we picked up, so that it looks like Santa’s work shop. Thank you!”

Chad made some last-minute preparations to his camera while Alex watched the models converse with each other as they waited. He couldn’t help but smile at their costumes, they all looked impressive. Compared to them, Chad and Alex were overdressed in their blue jeans and shirts.

“Ready guys?” Chad asked and waited for a moment. “Action!”

The elves stood shoulder to shoulder in front of Santa Claus.

“Well, we sure got ourselves an interesting staff this year,” Gareth said while walking in front of the line of elves. “I hope you all are ready to work your little green asses off, because we got a lot to do, and I need you all sharp.”

Gareth started at the top of the line, observing each elf.

He walked past a frustrated looking David and a nervous Danny. “Okay, you guys need to smile more. It’s Christmas!”

David scoffed, and Danny forced a smile.

“I said smile!” Gareth yelled before smacking both brothers in the nuts, making them yelp in surprise and double over in pain.

He continued down the line, walking in front of Michael, Will and Parker, big smiles on their faces. “Twins, very good. I see you catch on to smiling really quick,” Gareth said before turning his attention to Parker. “And you! You got nice hair; riveting color, just like your boss!” he winked.

Alex and Chad smiled uneasily at each other. They knew there were quite a few egos in the room: David was a loose cannon, Xander is almost always contentious, Simon and Gareth made up a sometimes-controversial couple, and François has been known to be a diva at times during a shoot.

Gareth continued to observe the elves.

“My, you’re a pretty one! I don’t think I’ve ever seen your face before,” Gareth said to François, making the Canadian bite his lip.

“Wow!” Gareth cheered. “You’re even more stunning than the other one!” he said as he nodded towards Simon.

“Thank you, Santa,” Simon winked, adjusting his growing crotch.

Gareth started to grow an erection in his pants, a huge smile on his face as he stared at Simon.

However, his face quickly turned serious when he focused his attention on Xander, the last elf in line.

“You! What on earth are you wearing!? Didn’t you get the memo? You’re suppose to be wearing green!” Gareth angrily barked.

Xander was dressed just like the rest of them; in boxer briefs, an elf hat and shoes, only his were white.

“White is a Christmas color too!” Xander arrogantly pointed out.

“I don’t care! Santa wears red, elves wear green! Didn’t you read your Christmas instruction manual?” Gareth sternly asked.

“No!” Xander yelled, causing the other elves to gasp in surprise. “It doesn’t matter what color we wear! Who wants to believe in the magic of Christmas when elves are dressed up like medieval jesters on acid!? We look like fools!”

Gareth shook his head, cursing under his breath.

“Fancy pants is right!” David jabbed. “This is a joke!”

“See!” Xander protested. “Even he thinks we look like freaks, and he does ballet,” Xander mocked.

The other elves looked at Santa with a perplexed look on their faces.

Gareth looked Xander in the eye. “That’s it! You get nothing for Christmas! You are no elf! Get you of my workshop! You’re fi-”

Gareth was interrupted by a vicious kick from Xander. He dropped to his knees and gave a loud groan as he grabbed his throbbing nuts.

The elves watched in horror as their boss was writhing in pain. Simon looked at Gareth in horror.

“Fuck you, Kris Crumble-Nuts! I already have everything a guy could want. I’m out of here!” Xander sneered as he walked towards the exit.

Simon’s face turned an angry red and he ran towards Xander. “Get back here! Come try that on me!” the blond 23-year-old yelled before being held back by François and the twins.

“He’s not worth it, Simon. We have to continue preparing for Christmas,” Michael said as the door slammed behind Xander.

Simon went to assist Parker, who was helping Gareth to his feet.

“You alright, Santa?” Parker asked.

“Yeah,” Gareth said in a strained voice, clutching his crotch. “He’s gone now, we don’t have time for people like that.”

Simon rubbed Gareth’s crotch, making the young man give a slight moan of pleasure. “I hope you’re not too hurt, sexy. I-I mean Santa,” Simon quickly corrected himself.

“Thanks,” Gareth said, smirking seductively at Simon before removing his hand from his crotch. “Now let’s get back to work. Give all the toys one last test run before putting them in the Christmas bag for delivery.”

David smiled and raised his hand.

“Yes?” Gareth asked.

“Didn’t your bag just break?” David asked as he let out spurts of laughter. “Shouldn’t we clean up that crumble first?”

Gareth put his hands on his hips. “Do you think you’re funny? You’re not. I swear, I’ll fire you too!”

There was a moment of silence.

“It’s hard to be jolly after you’ve been kicked in the fun bag, I guess,” David mumbled.

Gareth’s eyed narrowed as he stared at David. “Get him out of here! Now!” he instructed his elves as he walked towards David.

The 19-year-old dancer watched as the six elves stood in front of Santa. He extended his hands and let out a cocky smile. “Come and get me, losers!”

David dodged the reach of his brother and kicked him hard in the gonads. The quick attack made Danny drop to the ground and wail in agony, rolling to the side to nurse his injured manhood.

David grabbed an ornament that was laying around on one of the workshop counters and threw it at Simon’s bulge. He hit his target dead on, making the blond stop in his tracks and double over in pain.

Despite David’s efforts, there were too many elves against him. As he went to grab another ornament from the counter, François tripped him with lightning speed. A moment later, the twins had each got a hold of his arms, rendering him unable to defend himself.

Gareth grabbed him by the nuts and twisted them hard, making David scream in pain.

“Fun bag, huh? Is your bag having fun right now?” Gareth gave a derisive laugh, twisting and kneading David’s sack.

Gareth finally released his grip on David’s nuts and the twins set him free, allowing him to roll on the ground temporarily.

David moaned and groaned. He looked up at Parker, but the red head was purposely avoiding his gaze, not wanting to get involved.

“Arghhh!” David groaned as Simon threw the same ornament back at his groin.

“Serves you right! Pick him up, throw him out of here,” Gareth instructed the twins.

Michael and Will each took one of David’s arms and legs and walked him towards the exit. Not just any exit, but the actual emergency exit of the studio.

François held open the door as the twins tossed David outside into the snow, flat on his face.

“Get out of my workshop you evil, South Pole elf! I don’t ever want to see you again! You’re fired!” Gareth screamed as he watched David lay in the snow. “And stay out!” he yelled as he slammed the door shut.

“Simon, come see me. I want to make sure you’re okay. The rest of you, go check on those toys like I asked,” Gareth instructed.

A few minutes went by. The elves were busy testing out the toys, while Gareth was busy in the corner sucking on Simon’s cock.

“That’s one tasty candy cane, Si” Gareth moaned as Simon rocked his head back.

Suddenly, riotous laugher could be heard from one of the work stations.

“Get back to work, Si. I’ll go see what all the laughing is about,” Gareth said to Simon, smacking his butt as he walked away.

Gareth walked up to Danny’s station to find him sitting on the floor, laughing his ass off.

“What have we here?” asked Gareth.

Gareth could see Danny’s arm moving, music playing as he did.

“It’s a jack in the box!” Danny cheered as he held it in front of his holiday boss.

The box shot open. The elf head sprang out of it’s containment and crashed into Gareth crotch with heavy velocity.

“OWW!” Gareth screamed, his voice cracking during the high pitched wail.

“Santa, I’m so sorry,” Danny said as he tried his best to cover his mouth, shielding his laughter.

Gareth was on his knees, whimpering as he had one hand on his balls, the other supporting himself from the floor.

He noticed the spring had shot right out of the box, it lay on the floor next to him. When he saw Danny trying to contain his laughter, he picked up the spring at threw it at the elf’s crotch.

“Look at this!” Gareth yelled as Danny screamed in pain. “You broke the toy. Not only that, you hurt me in the process. And what do you do when you see me in pain? You laugh at me!”

“I didn’t mean too, it was a mishap. It all happened so fast” Danny said between moans.

“That doesn’t sound like an apology!” Gareth snapped. He kicked Danny in the balls, making him fall to floor and roll around in pain.

“I want you out! Out I say!” Gareth demanded. “I’m tired of elves getting in my way, hurting my toys and breaking my balls. Or is it the other way around? I can’t tell anymore.”

“I apologize Santa, please don’t fire me,” Danny begged.

“Beat it! I don’t work with people on the naughty list. You’ll get a big lump of coal for this,” Gareth said, continuing to berate Danny.

Danny limped his way to the door and left. When Gareth turned around he saw Parker coming towards him, a big smile on his face.

“Check it out, Santa. I drew a Christmas tree on my arm” Parker said as he bulged his bicep in front of Gareth. He started to chuckle as he held up the marker he used to draw on himself. “You’ve heard of Elf on the Shelf, now get ready for Parker with a marker!”

Gareth was not amused. He let out a miserable sigh and slapped the marker out of Parker’s hand.

“Woah, man” Parker said in shock.

“You’re suppose to be testing toys, not drawing on yourself. Don’t you have enough indiscretions tattooed on you?” Gareth asked sternly.

Parker’s eyes widened in shock.

“I can’t let people see my elves like that” Gareth said.

“What!? The tattoos are a heart, a star, and a lightning bolt. Nothing obscene,” Parker defended.

“Yeah, that’s real Christmassy,” Gareth said sarcastically before feeling the pain in his nutsuck again, reminding him of the horrible day he’s been having. “You’re fired!”

“WHAT?! Because of my tattoos?! You can’t mean it! Come on, Santa. Danny didn’t mean to hurt you, it was an accident. You’re upset. You just need time to cool off.”

“I’ll cool off when liabilities to my workshop are gone,” Gareth coldly said and pointed to the door.

Parker threw up his arms in protest.

Gareth grabbed his shoulders and brought his knee up hard into Parker’s crotch, slamming his nuts up hard against his body and squishing them.

“Did I stutter?” Gareth asked as he watched Parker make his way out the door.

“Hey now!” Michael said as he approached Gareth. “Santa, you can’t fire Parker, he’s a good worker. He’s not David or Danny or Xander.”

“Yes, I can! I have a deadline to meet and no one is doing their job,” Gareth protested.

“Firing Parker for his tattoos is illegal!” Michael shouted.

“Oh yeah? Well why don’t you and Parker go and tell it to the Ghost of Past Employment!” Gareth arrogantly quipped.

“You’re crazy! You can’t just go around firing people and hitting them in testicles. This is not the Nut Cracker,” Michael said as he crossed his arms.

Gareth ran to the red sleigh at the corner of the studio hall and grabbed a long whip.

He ran towards Michael, swinging the whip at him.

“Holy Shit!” Michael screamed and began to run away.

“Ho! Ho! Ho! You’re fired!” Gareth yelled as he chased Michael until he left the studio, whipping him in the ass just before closing the door.

Gareth let out a grunt of frustration before throwing his whip across the studio. He shot an aggressive look towards Simon and François.

Both elves quickly shot their heads down towards the counter and nervously began to arrange toys.

Not too far, Gareth heard a glass hitting the counter followed by a burp. He turned around and noticed that Will had consumed milk and cookies.

Will looked at him. “What? I just had a little snack before I went to fix the toys. Confrontation makes me hungry,” he said with a mouth full of cookies.

“Those cookies and milk were only meant to be had after the work was done! Have you not been paying attention?!” Gareth angrily asked before kicking Will in the balls.

The surprise attack made Will yelp in pain and fall to the floor.

“This is getting old!” Gareth barked before looking over at the milk and cookies on the counter.  He picked up the milk carton and box of cookies.

“Here! You might as well finish it!” Gareth barked as he poured Santa’s favorite snack all over Will’s body and throwing the empty packages at his crotch.

Will moaned in disgust. He removed his hat and began to clean himself off.

Gareth ripped the hat from Will’s hand and threw it across the room, along with his boxer briefs and elf shoes. “Will Payne, you have made a mockery of the uniform; therefore, you lost the right to wear one! You’re fired, go home!”

“But, but… I’m naked!” Will shockingly pointed out. “It’s cold out there. My balls will turn into ice cubes.”

Gareth pointed to the door, a devious look on his face as he sang, “Jingle balls, frozen balls, go the fuck away. If you don’t, you will choke, your balls kicked up your throat, hey!”

As Will left the room mortified, Gareth turned his head to see François comforting a tearful Simon.

“This was supposed to be a happy Christmas. Everything is ruined!” Simon cried.

“Don’t cry, Simon. Santa will make everything right,” François said as he kissed Simon on the lips as the two elves hugged.

Gareth pulled the two twinks apart from each other by their butts and squeezed in between them.

“There, there, boys,” Gareth said as he felt the two models’ cocks pressed up against his muscular thighs, making them moan as he rubbed his fingers around their holes through their boxer briefs.

“Christmas is coming, and soon we will too,” Gareth continued to speak before planting a big kiss on Simon and François’s lips.

“I think that would help raise my Christmas spirit, if you know what I mean, Santa baby,” Simon winked.

“How about you, François? Want to help raise Simon’s spirit?” Gareth asked with a mischievous smirk, sliding a second finger inside François’s ass.

“Yes!” The Quebecois moaned, rubbing his hand along Gareth’s chest and abs, working his way down to play with his cock and balls, then moving his hand to play with Simon’s dick, then back to Gareth’s.

All three guys were moaning out loud as Gareth now had two fingers in each elf’s hole.

François bit his lip as he began to hump Gareth’s thigh, thanks in part to the redhead’s vigorous fingering.

Suddenly, Simon kicked his leg forward into François’s nuts, making a loud smack echo through the room.

François gave a sharp groan and gritted his teeth. He continued to hump Gareth’s leg as he kept getting fingered, almost as if it were a remedy to the pain in his balls.

Gareth and Simon quickly shot a look at each other, impressed that François handled the nut shot so well.

Simon sent his foot flying into François’s balls again, this time only harder. Gareth immediately forced François to the ground a second later, taking advantage of the immobilized Canadian and stripping him naked.

“Is this raising your spirit, Simon?” Gareth asked as he pulled François by his light brown hair, making him arch his back and stick out his ass.

“Yeah!” Simon sweetly moaned as he began to stroke himself.

“Good,” Gareth winked as he spat into his hand to lube up his cock.

Gareth stuck his penis inside François’s ass, both boys moaned in pleasure. Simon moaned too as he watched his sexy boyfriend fuck another hot guy.

Gareth pulled François by the hair, making him lift his hands from off the ground, his head leveled with Simon’s dick.

“Get him, Simon. One last naughty elf to send off before Christmas!” Gareth instructed.

François tried to cover up the cocky smile he was giving Simon. While his character was supposed to be in misery, François was over the moon about his scene with the kinky couple.

Simon slapped François in the face with his rock-hard cock, before he too dropped to his knees to be level with the Canadian.

“Sorry François, Santa only has room for one elf in this workshop. We just need one more thing from you,” Simon smirked as he began to jerk François’s cock.

 François let out a series of moans and grunts and yelps as Gareth was fucking him, and Simon vigorously stroked his big dick while punching his balls.

Simon was having fun punching the Quebecois’ testicles: lightly at first, then slowly increasing his force, before surprising him with full on strikes.

François tried his best not to seem like he was enjoying it, but his emotions and horniness were getting the best of him.

Gareth’s moaning and breathing could be heard quickly intensifying. He let out a long peaceful moan as he shot his load deep inside François’s ass.

The pleasure was contagious, as soon as François felt Gareth’s juices flow inside him, it immediately kicked his senses into overdrive.

“Ohh yeah!!!” François screamed as a huge dose of cream came shooting out of his cock like a pressure hose.

Simon didn’t hesitate to wrap his lips around François’s cock. This was the moment he was waiting for; to taste the Canadian’s maple cream.

Simon sucked him to the last drop as he punched and squeezed François’s balls dry, making the euphoric Canadian moan in kinky, painful, ecstasy.

Gareth retrieved his dick from François’s hole, leaving behind droplets of cum.

François rolled over on his back and moaned in pleasure.

“Hey, no time for that,” Gareth said. “We’re done with you, you’re fired, time to go.”

Gareth waited a full second before viciously kicking François in his empty balls, making him groan in pain and flail around on the floor.

“Empty bag, cracked nuts, naked… yup, you’re done. Get out of my work shop,” Gareth chuckled.

As François struggled to leave the room, Gareth and Simon shared a satisfied look.

“And then there were two,” Simon teased, nodding his head down at his cock, hard as steel, and precum leaking like a faucet.

“And then there were two,” Gareth repeated in a mocking tone before beginning to walk away.

“Wait,” Simon stepped in front of Gareth. “Santa, what about me? Aren’t you going to help me unleash my Christmas spirit?” Simon asked with pleading eyes.

 “No, you have work to do,” Gareth said matter-of-factly.

Simon looked at him, his eyes were as wide as saucers.

“Hey, you wanted to be the only elf in the workshop. There’s no time for orgasms, Christmas is coming,” Gareth said sternly.

“I don’t believe this!” Simon shouted in disbelief.

Gareth smacked Simon in the nuts as he began to walk towards the exit. “Careful what you wish for, Simon,” he chuckled.

Simon heard the door slam shut as he doubled over in pain. “Merry-fucking-Christmas!” he hissed.

“CUT!” Chad yelled.

François and Gareth came back into the room and joined Simon.

“Wow! That was a fun scene! Thank you so much for coming up with it, guys!” Alex cheered, trying to hide his erection.

“Glad you were a fan,” François winked as he was getting dressed.

“You know, with so many egos in the room, I didn’t know how this scene would turn out,” Alex stated.

Simon, Gareth and François smiled at each other.

“Well, let’s just say it wasn’t easy to agree on everything,” Simon laughed. “Xander refused to wear green and wanted a quick scene, so we worked out a deal where he was going to be fired for wearing white.”

“It was fun chasing Michael around and whipping him in the ass, as was kicking Will in the balls and pouring milk and crushed cookies on him - payback for making me and Si wear those ugly costumes a few months back,” Gareth confessed.

“In the spirit of honesty, I took great pleasure in tripping David to the floor and watching his balls get hurt. Him getting thrown into the snow was icing on the cake! Fun fact: he had no idea that was going to happen. He’s going to be so pissed off,” François cheered.

Alex and Chad looked at the Canadian in shock.

“Hey, he refused to give me a seat at the last breakfast, and told me to sit on the floor. He paid his comeuppance,” François swiftly pointed out.

“Well, let’s say you guys are even now,” Alex said. “And Gareth, you played the role of bad Santa so well! I’m impressed!”

“Thanks! I know we spoke about directing, but Si and François begged me to be Santa Claus in this scene and I just couldn’t say no. Getting another chance at Michael and Will’s balls, and playing around with Si and François – it was an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Gareth chuckled, putting his arm around Simon’s waist.

“Hey, it’s Christmas, even though we’re busy, we’re still entitled to some fun,” Alex said. “Anyway guys, Chad and I have a meeting with Vince and Erik in ten minutes, so we got to go. I’ll see you all tomorrow. Have a good night!”

Chad nodded goodbye as he and Alex left for the office.

“I better get going too, you guys. Tomorrow is going to be busy. I got to be up early, then come here in the afternoon, and then catch my flight by nighttime,” François explained.

“No, not yet! I didn’t cum yet!” Simon protested.

“Sorry, Simon,” François frowned.

“Si, he’s right. He’s pressed for time enough as it is,” Gareth said. “I’ll take care of him, François. You get some rest and we’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again for the awesome, sexy scene,” Gareth smiled.

“Okay, fine!” Simon said as he opened his arms to give the Canadian hug. “We’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for the scene! I loved shooting it with you guys.”

François hugged Simon and Gareth and then left the studio, heading back to Leo’s house.

“Well Gareth, looks like you have to help me out,” Simon announced as he placed his boyfriend’s hand on his crotch.

“Okay, but you’ll have to eat your own cum. Mine’s up François’s ass,” the redhead teased.

Simon slapped Gareth in the arm. “It’s Christmas, I should be allowed to have two guys cum down my throat,”

“Tell you what, if you win, you can eat my cum. If you lose, I bust the cum out of you,” Gareth suggested.

“Win what?” Simon asked, a confused look on his face.

“The race to the car!” Gareth announced, smacking Simon in the balls before running for the exit.

Simon doubled over and groaned. “Hey! No fair!” he yelled before trying to chase down his lover.

“Merry Christmas, glasses!” Gareth yelled from the distance.

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