Friday, March 4, 2016

The key to happiness: Party boy

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the idea for this story. The events in this chapter take place right after the previous part, and we get another glimpse of what Zach's life in chastity is like. There's not a lot of ballbusting in it but I hope you'll like it nevertheless.

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I hold the key to Kinky Kage's cock

Featured in this story: Zach (click for Pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

AJ spotted the car’s headlights and moved away from the window. “The party boy is coming!” he yelled and moved away from the window.

“This is going to be fucking awesome”, Reese chuckled. “Zach will love it.”

Zach’s frat brothers had decided to throw a little party for their big-dicked buddy. In the past couple of weeks, he had been locked in chastity, and Zach’s friends had mocked, humiliated and embarrassed him, busting his cum-filled balls, making him run around naked, secretly feeding him Viagra and having a lot of fun at Zach’s expense.

But today it was going to be over. Zach had talked about nothing else for days. Today his dick was going to get unlocked, and everything would be back to normal. Even though Zach’s friends had enjoyed Zach’s time in chastity, they had decided to throw him a little party.

They had even bought him a inflatable sex doll so he could let off some steam and blow a couple of loads before going back to banging real girls.

The door opened, and Zach walked into the room.

“Surprise!” his buddies yelled, pointing at the sex doll that was sitting on the sofa, its legs spread wide apart.

“It’s time to fuck!” AJ shouted, drawing hoots and cheers from the rest of the guys.

Zach stopped dead in his tracks.

He stared at his friends. Most of them were shirtless, wearing baggy sweat pants.

It didn’t take a clairvoyant to figure out something was wrong. Zach’s blond hair looked ruffled and messy. His face was flushed and sweaty, and his eyes were glassy.

“Oh no”, AJ couldn’t suppress a grin.

Zach grimaced. The 20 year old stud ran his hand through his hair and looked down at his feet.

“Don’t tell me you’re still locked up”, Reese laughed.

“What the fuck happened?” AJ chuckled.

Zach groaned. “He unlocked me and--- I almost came but he--- He poured hot wax all over my--- And then--- Rubbing alcohol”, Zach stammered. “I have no idea when--- He's going to phone me...”

AJ raised his eyebrows and stepped up to his buddy.

“I’m so sorry”, he said slowly.

Then he brought his leg back and kicked Zach in the nuts with all the force he could muster. There was a dull thud as AJ’s foot connected with Zach’s cum-filled balls, driving them into his body.

“Ooooh!” Zach’s frat buddies cringed in sympathy as Zach’s eyes widened in pain and he gasped for breath. His knees met and he sank to the ground with a miserable whimper.

AJ turned to his friends and grinned. “Okay, guys, change of plans. Get rid of the sex doll. We don’t need it tonight.” He pointed at Reese. “Get the duck tape and the sawhorse from the garage.”

“Aye”, Reese chuckled and tipped his imaginary hat.

When he returned, his buddies had stripped Zach naked.

Zach’s face was a mask of pain. His dick was locked in a little black plastic cock cage and his balls were bulging on either side. They looked bruised and swollen and even bigger than they usually were.

Zach was struggling but his buddies held him tight.

A moment later, he was bent over the sawhorse, and Reese fastened his wrists and ankles to the wooden legs, keeping his legs spread apart.

The guys hooted and wolf-whistled as AJ smacked Zach’s bare ass with the palm of his hand, leaving a red imprint on his skin.

“How’s that for a sex doll?” AJ yelled, causing his buddies to clap and cheer. “Alright, let’s go!”

“Guys”, Zach groaned. “Come on, guys, it’s not---“

“You wanted to have sex tonight”, AJ interrupted him, pulling down his sweat pants and revealing his big, hard dick. “You’re going to have sex tonight.”

Zach let out a grunt. Unable to move his arms and legs, he tried to move but only managed to wiggle his butt.

By now, all the guys in the room were bare naked and stroking their boners.

“You can’t wait, huh?” AJ chuckled and slapped Zach’s ass again. “You’re gonna get fucked nice and hard, slut!”

“Guys, you can’t do this”, Zach protested. “It’s not---“

“Somebody shut him up”, AJ said.

There was some pushing and shoving as several of Zach’s frat buddies pressed forward. A tall, muscular guy with a thick, meaty dick managed to beat his buddies to Zach’s mouth and shoved his dick between Zach’s lips.

AJ looked around. “Don’t we have any lube?”

“I can go get some from my room”, Reese offered.

AJ chuckled. “Nah. I got a better idea.” He turned to a curly-haired blond with a quarterback’s build. “Pledge!”

“Yes, sir!”

“You’ll be the lube dispenser”, AJ said. “Keep your cock hard and hold yourself available.” He grabbed the pledge’s head and looked him in the eyes. “This is an important job. We don’t want to run out of lube tonight!”

The pledge looked at Zach’s tight asshole and sighed. “But I wanna have a go at that ass as well…”

AJ’s eyes narrowed. “You’ll wait until it’s your turn. Got that, pledge?”

The pledge grimaced nodded his head.

“Alright, start working it”, AJ said and nodded at his rock hard dick. “Lube me up.”

The pledge bit his lower lip and started jerking his dick.

In the meantime, Zach’s mouth was filled with the first batch of cum.

“Wow, that was quick”, AJ chuckled as his buddy withdrew his cock from Zach’s mouth.

“It’s a great mouth”, the guy chuckled as Zach spat out his load.

“Hey!” AJ said sharply. “Who said you were allowed to spit it out?”

“Guys”, Zach pleaded, cum running down his chin. “Please don’t---“

AJ balled his fist and punched Zach’s nuts from behind.

Zach let out an anguished wail as the pain radiated through his body.

“Next time you don’t spill a drop”, AJ grinned as the next guy shoved his cock into Zach’s mouth.

AJ looked at the pledge. “I’m waiting here.”

The pledge nodded, grinding his teeth as he feverishly stroked his cock.

A second later, he shot a big jet of cum onto AJ’s dick.

“That should do”, AJ nodded and turned to Zach, spreading the pledge’s cum on his cock before lining up his dick with his ass hole.

Another jet of cum splattered out of the pledge’s dick, landing on the floor.

“Hey”, Reese protested. “Don’t waste it! Save some for us!”

The pledge let out a desperate moan. “But I---“

Reese sighed and grabbed the pledge’s nutsack, twisting it sharply and making the pledge squeal in pain.

The flow of cum stopped instantly as the pledge doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“You’re on standby, pledge, got it?” Reese barked. “Stay on edge.”

The pledge nodded, his face contorted in pain.

Zach let out a muffled groan as AJ’s lubed cock slid into his backdoor.

“Fuck yeah!” AJ groaned as his balls smacked against Zach’s ass.

His buddies laughed and cheered as he started pounding Zach hard while his face got fucked at the same time.

It didn’t take long until AJ shot his load deep inside Zach.

He pulled his cock out and turned to his buddies. “Next!”

Reese chuckled and handed him a black permanent marker. “Let’s keep track of the loads.”

AJ laughed and drew a line on Zach’s left ass cheek.

“Don’t forget the one in his mouth”, Reese grinned.

AJ shrugged. “Nah, doesn’t count. He spat it out.” He wrote ‘ass’ on Zach’s left butt cheek, and ‘mouth’ on his right one before smacking Zach’s butt with the palm of his hand and handing the marker to Reese.

He stepped aside, his cock dripping with cum.

Reese nodded at the pledge who, with a little groan, shot a juicy wad of jizz onto Reese’s hard dick, making it look like a wiener with a line of creamy white mustard on it.

Having learned from his earlier mistake, the pledge grabbed his balls and twisted them sharply, squealing as he violently stopped the flow of cum.

Reese spread Zach’s cheeks and rammed his dick all the way into Zach’s cum-covered ass.

Zach let out a scream that turned into a gurgle as the dick in his mouth erupted with a big load of cum.

Grimacing in disgust, Zach gulped it all down.

Reese high-fived the face-fucker and added the load to the tally on Zach’s right butt cheek with the marker.

Another guy took the position in front of Zach as Reese flooded Zach’s ass with his load.

One by one, Zach’s buddies fucked his face and his ass. Everybody made sure to have a go at Zach’s hole and his mouth, and some came back for seconds and thirds.

The pledge’s balls dried up after the fifth or sixth distribution of lube. Fortunately, Zach’s ass was lubed up very nicely by now, and the frat brother’s invited him to have a got at his ass. The pledge desperately tried to get hard again to take part in the fun – but his dick stayed limp for the rest of the night and he moved in front of the TV, sulking and pouting as his friends continued fucking Zach’s mouth and ass.

When Zach’s friends were done with him, the tally stood at 21 on his left ass cheek and 16 on his right ass cheek.

Zach’s face was hot and red and his eyes were glassy. Cum was running out of his gaping hole and down the insides of his legs.

“Phew”, AJ chuckled, leisurely stroking his glistening cock. “What a party…”

The rest of the guys laughed.

“Guys”, Zach croaked. “Can you please untie me? This is really uncomfortable…”

AJ chuckled and kicked Zach’s balls hard, making him cry out in pain.

“How’d you like that little work-out?” he chuckled.

Zach let out a miserable groan.

“Here’s the deal”, AJ grinned. “Either you voluntarily give up your ass whenever one of us feels like dumping a load, or we’ll keep you tied to that sawhorse until we grow tired.”

Zach groaned.

AJ chuckled and smacked Zach’s nuts. “It’s not that hard, is it?” He glanced at Zach’s cock cage. “The choice I mean…”

His buddies laughed.

“Okay”, Zach whispered. “Just untie me, please.”

As they freed Zach’s arms and legs, AJ and Reese looked at each other and grinned.

“I hope he’ll stay in chastity for a long time”, AJ chuckled.

“Oh yeah”, Reese laughed.

During the next couple of days, the tally on Zach’s butt cheeks went up continuously.

Whenever one of his frat buddies wanted to fuck his face or his ass, they called Zach into their rooms for a “workout”. The pledge provided them with his lube, grudgingly giving away his precious sperm for the other guys' entertainment.

At night, Zach would lie in his bed, his body stinking of his friends' cum, tugging listlessly at his caged cock. It was ironic. His life seemed to be nothing but sex nowadays – and yet he was the only one who wasn't able to enjoy it…

Zach constantly checked his phone, fearing he might miss Simon’s call that would mean the end of his time in chastity. He was just one phone call away from freedom…


Anonymous said...

Great Alex, your sadism is dangerous...
I have a fetish for balls weighed. Can you please tell someone wo weigh Zach's balls filled with Viagra as they accumulated sperm - or, if next time he's cumming, just before the shot?

Anonymous said...

Dear Alex as we all want to see Zuch's multiple cumshot, I suggest that Simon or someone of his buddy put a probe in his urethra and the cum has to spurt through it; we don't know if Zach can do it but maybe a good kick could help...

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

@ anonymous(1):
Ball weighing - that's a nice idea! I'll see if I can use that in a future story! :-))

@ anonymous(2):
I have something different in mind for the final chapter but I'll keep your suggestion in mind! :-))

Anonymous said...

My favorite story on this blog, even if it's kinda short, you know in general your stories have a lot more vivid details. I absolutely love Zach being brought to that level, it's one breath away from perfection.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! When I look at the rating of this post it seems like it's a very polarizing story: 2 people rated it "awful", 2 people rated it "poor", 1 said "average" and 2 people find it "excellent, adding up to a rating of 2.7 of 5 stars so far.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it, though!

I made the deliberate choice to not include as many details as usual, btw. I wanted to convey the feeling that it's all like a blur for poor Zach.

Again, thanks for your feedback, I really appreciate it! :-))

Anonymous said...

"I made the deliberate choice to not include as many details as usual, btw. I wanted to convey the feeling that it's all like a blur for poor Zach."

Seeing how all your other m/m stories have a much bigger rating I'd say the lack of rich and vivid details was what disappointed some people, like a really delicious candy that you can barely get a taste.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! You may be on to something there. On the other hand, it could be the subject matter. After all, there's very little actual ballbusting in this story which might be a letdown for some readers.

And I suspect there's a number of readers who don't like the chastity theme that has taken a pretty prominent place on the blog in the last couple of weeks.

Actually, I think a polarizing story is preferable to a "meh" one, so I'm not beating myself up over the rating... :-))