Monday, March 7, 2016

Video links: Bollywood balls (3)

Welcome to another edition of "Bollywood balls" were we celebrate the insane reactions, crazy sound effects and hilarious overacting that can be witnessed when an Indian actor's sperm factory gets shut down by a nice, hard hit in the nuts.

Again, very special thanks to the anonymous reader who sent me the links to the following video clips which I probably never would have found on my own. Thank you very much, my friend! I'm really grateful, and I'm sure my readers are as well!

Now, let's start with a clip that's so out-there that it instantly became one of my all-time favorites...

This one has it all: an unbelievable set-up, hilarious sound effects and a completely over-the-top reaction from the actor. He finds himself tied to the bed, waiting for his girl and looking forward to some hot action. Unfortunately, a crow appears and starts pecking away at the very body parts he really needs in this situation, ruining his night and leaving him with a pair of blue balls and a peckered pecker. (Note that the crow seems to deliberately attack one egg at a time before turning its attention to the meaty main course...)

The anonymous reader who sent me the link was kind enough to translate what he says near the end of the clip, when the crow has disappeared and his girl is back in the room: "Extreme damage has been done! In the fight of a crow and a parrot, the parrot always loses..." (Note that he refers to his dick as a "parrot" - that alone makes me love Bollywood!)

Okay, without further ado here's the clip from the movie Grand Masti.

Skip to 3:45

While the recipient of the (female on male) nutshot in the next clip (also from Grand Masti) is not likely to make my shortlist of "Men I'd Like to See Naked" there's a great reaction shot of three younger actors who cringe in sympathy and look like they know all to well what it feels like to get hit in the koftas...

skip to 1:20

And here's another wonderful clip from Grand Masti (seriously, that movie is like a cemetary for testicles...) In this one, a horny guy's "sexy suprise" for his girl turns out to be a thong that makes his junk look like a mouse. Let's just say that a cat is far more interested in his juicy bits than the girl...

The clips above are from the sequel of the movie Masti that includes a couple of interesting scenes as well:
- at 1:14:40 we are treated to a WWF-style elbow drop to the nuts (female on male)
- at 1:42:45 we have a slightly painful incident involving a zipper that leads to exaggerated eye-rolling and tie-biting... (male on male)
- at 2:01:05 there is a rake to the nuts (male on male)

There are a couple of things I'd like to mention about the next scene from the movie Entertainment where we witness three men getting attacked by a pack of dogs. First of all, I haven't quite decided what to think about the way the filmmakers employed green screen effects. Those dogs are so obviously superimposed on the background that it's either a brilliantly executed Brechtian estrangement effect or a seriously half-assed job by filmmaking novices. Secondly, I really like the crunching noise when the dog bites the guy's nuts. And thirdly: "Who let the dogs out"?! Really?!

skip to 1:29:35

Okay, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed the clips. Again, special thanks to the anonymous reader for sending me the links! :-))

If you have any Bollywood ballbusting clips that you like let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

Thank you!

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