Monday, March 14, 2016

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Remember the last time you had your testicles grabbed by your doctor? Embarrassing, right? Well, imagine what the guys in the following videos must be feeling. I admire their courage. Stripping naked in front of a camera and showing off your dangly bit takes, well, balls!

They do it for a good cause, of course, which is another reason to admire them.

So let's admire these guys together.

Here are my favorite video featuring guys "feeling nuts". (No actual ballbusting in this post, just guys lightly squeezing their naked testicles or letting a professional do the dirty work for them...)

Before we get to the good stuff, here are the boys of One Direction with a special message (or a special massage if you will...):

Now, let's see some testicles. Actually, in the following video we see a truckload of testicles. A group of rugby players drop trou while a doctor explains how to properly examine your balls.
Choice dialogue: "It should feel a little bit like a grape or a peeled, boiled egg in a bag of fluid."

But it's not just rugby players who have no problem stripping for television. Soccer players aren't shy either...

I'm not quite sure about the guy in the next video. There's no reason for him to be shy about his body - and yet he looks like he has been forced at gun-point to take part in this educational program. I guess he suspected that the video would be shared on the internet for entirely uneducational purposes...

I don't know about you, but the voice-over in the following video sounds rather creepy. And the fact that the guy's face is not shown on camera gives it a slightly porn-esque feel. But the video has been on youtube since 2012 - and it is very entertaining educational...

What I love about the next video is the fact that the doctor asks the patient "May I just pull this down?" after having just told the viewer "We're now going to proceed with the examination of the male genitalia." I wonder how many times he did it before and the patient went, "What?! Who are you talking to?! Am I on Candid Camera?!"

Okay, my shift is over for today. Let me know if your hunger for education is satisfied or if you need more videos of testicular exams... And, of course, if you stumble over a nice clip let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (



Anonymous said...

I like the one with the soccer players the most haha. They were all pretty sexy.

Jimmy said...

Thanks for helping all of us to be healthy and safe Alex! Maybe the boys should get "tested" to see if they are all healthy! Could be a fun story!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

@ Nikolai:
I agree with you 100%! :-))

@ Jimmy:
Good idea! I'll think about it. :-))