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7 days of pain: Day 7 (Finale)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Previous parts:
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Day 2 (Cal and Brandon)
Day 3 (Leo, Sammy and Tristan)
Day 4 (the twins)
Day 5 (Danny and Simon)
Day 6 (Logan and Zach)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Yeah, that’s no surprise”, Justin Bieber mumbled.

The handsome superstar was taking part in the celebrity edition of a very popular Reality TV game show, and his participation was driving ratings for “7 days of pain” through the roof. He had spent the past six days getting humiliated and tortured, his naked body on full display for millions of viewers who had taken great delight in seeing the bratty singer’s balls get busted harder and harder every day.

After yesterday’s session, the viewers had been voting on the team that would get another shot at Bieber’s balls.

Justin was naked, his tanned upper body covered in tattoos. He looked a bit tired – which was hardly surprising considering what his junk had gone through…

His dick was sore and red, and his balls were considerably swollen, the skin of his sack covered in bruises.

But despite his pitiful physical state, the superstar was surprisingly cocky and confident.

“Bring it on”, Justin said, putting his hands on his hips, a wide sneer on his face. “Just bring it on.”

He had just been told that he’d face Zach and Logan for the grand finale.

Logan was an 18 year old high school wrestler, a handsome young man with blond hair and a muscular body.

Zach was 20 years old, blond and handsome, a bit taller than Logan, and a bit more muscular. He was blessed with an extraordinary big cock and a huge pair of balls to match.

Even though they were not related, Logan and Zach looked like brothers.

Today’s set-up was slightly different from the previous days’. Instead of the candy-colored torture chamber that we had seen in the previous six installments, there was a wrestling ring at the far end of the studio, and there would be a live audience tonight, surrounding the ring, comprised of all the candidates that had manhandled Justin Bieber’s balls the previous days.

I was sitting next to Kev, Ben and Colin who had treated Bieber’s spuds as a speed bag on the first day. Sitting opposite us were Brandon and Cal, two handsome swimmers who had used a humbler and a vise to squish a load out of Justin’s nuts on the second day. In the same row, Leo, Sammy and Tristan, our resident skater boys, were joking about the third day when they had milked Justin’s balls dry. The row to my right was shared by the twins Will and Michael who had made Justin suck his own cock on the fourth day, and the dynamic duo of Danny and Simon who had initiated a face-fucking free-for-all on the fifth day.

But all those humiliating, painful experiences paled in comparison to the sixth day.

Zach and Logan had wreaked havoc on the famous singer’s nuts, all but turning his precious jewels to diamond dust before stretching Justin’s holes to their limits, spitroasting him before flooding him with cum from both ends.

To my left were the cameras that would capture everything for the viewers at home who were eagerly awaiting Justin’s final day of pain, judging from the reactions on twitter and Facebook. #nokidsforbieber was trending worldwide, as was #fuckthefucker.

Zach and Logan were standing in the middle of the ring, opposite Justin Bieber, smirking at him.

They were bare naked just like the singer.

Zach’s fat, meaty dick was semi-hard, dangling in front of his low-hanging nuts.

“How are you?” Logan grinned, casually jerking his impressive cock.

There was an almost unnoticeable flicker in his eyes when Justin announced, “I’m great. I’m looking forward to beating your ass, in fact!”

Logan and Zach laughed.

“How does your hole feel?” Zach chuckled. His thick cock twitched. “Not as tight as it used to be, huh?”

Justin turned away from him and looked at Logan, an arrogant smirk on his face. “Your big-dicked friend seems to think I’ll just let you do whatever you want with me. But today is different. Today I’m allowed to fight back. And I’m going to beat your fucking asses. Then I’m going to fuck you hard. And then I’m going to let everybody else have a turn…” He looked at the audience. “What do you think, guys?”

Despite the fact that the audience consisted of Logan’s and Zach’s friends, and despite the fact I know they loved seeing Justin Bieber get taken down a peg, the guys burst into cheers and applause.

Logan and Zach shifted uncomfortably. They had been counting on a friendly audience. Now it seemed like their friends were rooting for the arrogant superstar.

“The big guy’s balls are made of glass!” Kev yelled.

“Yeah, go for his nuts!” Ben chimed in.

They high-fived and burst out laughing.

As soon as the cameras were rolling, the three guys were in attack position.

Clearly, Justin was at a disadvantage, facing two muscular opponents.

Logan didn’t waste any time. He brought his foot up between Justin’s legs, aiming for Justin’s swollen nuts.

But the singer jumped to the side and punched Logan’s foot away, retaliating with a hard punch to the jaw that sent Logan stumbling back, grunting in pain.

Zach made the next move, lunging at Justin, his knee aimed at Justin’s most precious possessions.

Again, Justin managed to evade the blow while delivering a nut-smashing attack on Zach at the same time.

Justin’s foot connected with Zach’s low-hanging balls, smashing his fat plums into his body and making him let out a surprised grunt that turned into an anguished groan as he doubled over in pain.

“Ooooooooh!” the crowd went, cringing in sympathy.

“That’s gotta hurt”, Colin shouted, laughing.

“It hurts worse coming from Justin Bieber”, Kev chimed in.

The crowd laughed.

“Wow”, Logan grunted, rubbing his jaw. “You’re a fighter, huh?”

Zach sank to his knees, clutching his balls, his face contorted in pain.

“Surprised?” Justin smirked.

Logan shrugged his shoulders, before balling his fists and smiling at Justin. “I thought you’d let others do the fighting for you.”

Zach let out a miserable whimper, cradling his huge balls in his hands.

Before Justin had a chance to respond, Logan lunged at him, aiming a hard punch at Justin’s face.

This time, Logan’s attack worked. His fist connected with Justin’s world-famous face, making the singer scream in pain. He sank to his knees, clutching his head, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Don’t touch my fucking face!” he wailed, his voice cracking with rage and anger.

The crowd burst out laughing.

Logan let out a laugh. “Oh, come on, there’s nothing that can ruin that pretty face of yo---“

Justin let out a guttural groan and brought his fist up between Logan’s thighs, smashing his nuts into his body.

Logan’s eyes widened and he let out a dry cough.

Back on his feet, Justin delivered a hard punch to Logan’s muscular abs, making the handsome high school senior grunt in pain.

The tattooed superstar grabbed Logan’s shoulders and brought his knee up between Logan’s thighs, flattening his balls like pancakes.

Logan let out an anguished scream, trying to push Justin away, but the singer followed up with another hard knee to Logan’s precious testicles.

“Holy fuck!” Cal laughed. “The boy knows how to fight!”

Again and again, Justin’s knee found Logan’s balls, squishing his tender babymakers into his body and eliciting all kinds of funny noises.

“Shit!” Sammy yelled incredulously. “Look at him!”

“Finally we know what Justin Bieber is good at”, Colin quipped, prompting riotous laughter as the singer all but annihilated Logan’s nuts with his knee.

“Looks like we’ll get to fuck two asses tonight!” Kev chimed in, causing the rest of the guys to whoop and cheer.

Justin delivered one final hard knee to Logan’s nuts before pushing him to the ground where he curled up in a ball, moaning in pain.

The singer turned to the audience and grinned, “How do you like that, guys?”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

Justin turned to Zach who was back on his feet, staring at Logan who was writhing in pain.

“What the fuck?!” Zach moaned, scratching his head.

Justin approached him, a confident smile on his face. “Hey, big guy”, he grinned, glancing at the fat, hard cock between Zach’s legs. “Your turn now.”

Zach opened his mouth to say something but Justin stopped him by grabbing his huge nuts with both of his hands and squeezing hard.

Zach’s face contorted in pain as Justin’s fingertips dug into the tender flesh of his meaty plums. His mouth opened and closed, making him look like fish out of water, as his eyes watered and lost focus.

The crowd was roaring with laughter and applause.

“You thought you could fuck me, huh?” Justin growled, squishing and squashing and twisting Zach’s meaty nuggets with his bare hands.

Zach let out a pitiful high-pitched squeak, his eyes crossing, his dick twitching violently.

“You wanted to fuck me with that disgusting monster of a cock”, Justin grunted, letting go of Zach’s nuts, turning him around and throwing him to the ground.

Zach landed on all fours, groaning in pain. Before he had a chance to grab his aching nuts, Justin reached between his thighs from behind, grabbed Zach’s hard cock and yanked it backwards, squishing Zach’s meaty danglers against his legs and grinding them between his hard cock and his muscular thighs.

Zach let out a soprano wail as Justin balled his fist and threw a devastating punch at the glistening head of his twisted cock.

The crowd cringed in sympathy, roaring with laughter.

“I’ll make you fuck yourself”, Justin grinned, bending Zach’s rock-hard member, guiding it towards Zach’s puckered hole.

Zach’s balls were squished flat against his body and he was presenting a bizarre rendition of “The highest notes I ever sang” while kneeling on all fours, his face contorted in pain.

Justin squeezed and bent Zach’s cock, trying to stuff the fat mushroom head into Zach’s ass.

The unfamiliar sensation and the friction caused Zach’s dick to twitch and throb violently.

Suddenly, a violent volley a creamy cum shot out of Zach’s dick, hitting Justin right in the face. It was followed by a second and a third spurt of spunk that shot directly into Justin’s open eyes, making him scream in surprise.

The fourth and the fifth spurt found their way into Justin’s open mouth, turning his scream into a funny gurgle.

Zach’s cock was shooting cum like a fire hose, drenching Justin’s famous face in cum and making him gasp for breath.

“Holy fuck!” Kev laughed. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Neither did he!” Leo quipped to roaring laughter.

Blinded by the salty cum in his eyes, Justin let go of Zach’s cock, allowing him to curl up in a ball as the cum-covered singer frantically tried to wipe Zach’s jizz out of his eyes, only making matters worse by rubbing it in.

In the meantime, Logan had recovered and approached Justin, rubbing his balls and limping slightly, grimacing in pain.

Justin was whirling around, yelling obscenities as he was rubbing his sore eyes.

Without further ado, Logan brought his leg back and kicked the singer’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Justin’s scream stopped abruptly and he let out a pitiful squeak before collapsing on the ground, groaning and moaning in pain. He was blinking frantically, his eyes red and sore, and it was obvious that he couldn’t see Logan kneeling down next to him.

“Okay”, Logan said slowly, reaching between Justin’s legs. “Now we know that you are a great fighter.” He wrapped his fingers around Justin’s balls and squeezed them hard.

Justin let out a miserable squeal.

Logan put his thumb and forefinger around the base of Justin’s sack, trapping his swollen nuts in his palm. Then he balled his fist and smiled at Justin. “It’s much more fun to humiliate a good fighter than to humiliate a mediocre singer…” With that, he brought his fist down hard onto Justin’s nuts before twisting his hand, grinding Justin’s balls between his palm and his knuckles.

Justin screamed from the top of his lungs, drawing cheers and applause from the crowd.

The handsome singer was writhing in agony, his eyes beet red from Zach’s salty spunk, his face covered in creamy jizz. Beads of sweat were running down his face as he shrieked in agony.

“Sounds pretty much like your latest record”, Logan mused, twisting his fist and squishing Justin’s nuts flat. “A flop, if you ask me.”

“Let me have a go”, Zach groaned, slowly crawling towards the singer. His dick was dripping with cum and his face was contorted in pain and anger. He raised his fist and brought it down on Justin’s plums like a hammer.

“Yay!” Logan cheered as Justin’s nuts were flattened like pancakes.

The singer was squealing in agony, his voice cracking as Logan and Zach took turns smashing his precious jewels with their fists.

I cringed in sympathy as I watched Logan and Zach wreck the superstar’s bieberbeads, rapidly reducing his chances of ever bringing a little Justin Jr. into the world...

“You wanted to give the guys in the audience a go at our asses”, Logan sneered, looking Justin deep in the sore eyes.

“Fuck you”, Justin shrieked.

“No”, Logan grinned, smacking Justin’s trapped balls with the palm of his hand. “Fuck YOU, my friend.” He turned to his friends in the audience and grinned. “Who wants to fuck Justin Bieber?”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause, and I couldn’t help but chuckle. Almost all of the guys were straight, and yet they were more than happy to stick their dicks into Justin Bieber’s tight hole…

The guys stormed forward, taking off their clothes on the way.

A moment later, the singer was surrounded by a group of hot, horny young men with raging erections.

Logan was sitting on Justin’s face, smothering him with his ass, his knees on Justin’s arms, pinning them to the ground. He was holding his legs apart, lifting his ass off the ground, presenting his hole to the group of horny guys who were jerking their hard cocks.

“Who wants to go first?” Logan asked cheerfully as Justin’s protests were muffled by his butt.

After a bit of pushing and shoving, Kev made his claim to Justin’s butt known by smacking two of his friends in the nuts. “I’m going to open his honey pot up for you”, he chuckled as Ben and Colin doubled over, clutching their balls.

“Don’t destroy his hole right away”, Colin groaned. “Leave something for us!”

Kev chuckled and stomped down on Justin’s nuts, squishing them into his body, before kneeling down and ramming his dick into Justin’s ass. He grabbed his thighs and started plowing the famous singer’s butt like there was no tomorrow.

The rest of the guys were cheering and laughing, jerking their dicks as they watched Kev ream the superstar’s ass while delivering a couple of punches to Justin’s red and swollen balls now and then.

Ben took over from Logan, shoving his dick into Justin’s mouth and fucking his face deep and hard, making the singer gag and retch as Ben’s cock tickled his tonsils.

It didn’t take more than a couple of minutes before Kev unloaded the contents of his balls deep inside Justin’s butt, burying his cock to the hilt as a barrage of punches rained down on Justin’s balls.

Kev’s friends went wild with cheers and applause.

“Thank you, thank you”, Kev chuckled, wiping his forehead. He pulled his dick out of Justin’s ass, causing a flood of cum to spill out of his hole. “If you want to book me for your show, let me know”, he grinned, scooping up some of his cum and wiping it on Justin’s pain-contorted face while Ben continued fucking Justin’s throat.

One by one, the guys used Justin’s mouth and his ass, cheering and laughing as they filled him with spunk, punching and stomping and kicking his balls while he was writhing on the ground.

After Kev, Ben, Sammy, Tristan, Leo, Danny, Simon, Brandon, Michael and Will had dumped their loads inside Justin, it was Cal’s turn.

The handsome black swimmer’s dick was hard as a rock. It was a gargantuan tool, about the same size of Zach’s extraordinary fuck stick, but it easily slid into Justin’s well-lubed, stretched hole.

Logan was eagerly fucking Justin’s throat, driving his fat cock in and out of his mouth.

The outline of his fat dick was visible on his neck, and Logan wrapped his hands around it, adding additional pressure on his cock by choking Justin.

Justin’s screams and groans of protest had faded. Instead, he was letting out miserable whimpers amid the gagging and retching noises that Logan’s dick eliciting from his throat.

Cal chuckled and smacked Justin’s bruised and bloated balls hard. “Come on, man, make some noise”, he grinned as he shoved his dick deep into Justin’s ass.

The crowd laughed as Justin let out a muffled grunt that was turned into a gurgling groan as Logan shot his load deep down Justin’s throat.

Cal increased the pace of his thrusts, his balls smacking against Justin’s ass. He looked up at Zach and grinned.

Zach was staring down him, his thick, fat dick dangling listlessly between his legs.

“Zach?” Cal grinned as he pounded Justin’s hole. “What about you?”

Zach shrugged his shoulders, weighing his fat balls in his hand. “That fucker made me shoot my load”, he mumbled. “I’m all empty…”

“Awwww”, the crowd went in mock-sympathy.

“Never mind”, Cal grinned as he happily buried his fat cock inside the singer’s ass. “I bet you’ll have another chance at fucking Justin Bieber…”

Zach grimaced as the rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“That miserable fucker”, Zach mumbled. “That load was totally wasted.”

Logan pulled his dick out of Justin’s mouth, a satisfied expression on his face. “You should get back at him for that”, he grinned, pointing at Justin’s bloated genitalia.

Justin was gasping for breath, his face coated in cum, his impeccable haircut ruined, his hair messy and slimy.

Zach’s face lit up. “Yeah, you’re right!”

He knelt down and leaned over, grabbing Justin Bieber’s spuds with both of his strong hands.

“God, no!” the singer croaked as his balls were squished between Zach’s hands.

“Yeah!” Cal laughed, increasing the pace of his fucking, making Justin’s body rock while Zach was squeezing his meaty nuggets.

“Oh god”, Justin moaned hoarsely. “Oh god!” His handsome face was a mask of pain. His red-rimmed eyes were wide open and he stared at the two big-dicked studs who were wreaking havoc on his hole and his balls.

“He’s tightening up”, Cal announced cheerfully, thrusting his dick in and out of Justin’s hole while Zach was kneading Justin’s balls like they were pizza dough.

Suddenly, Justin’s red, sore cock exploded with a huge spurt of cum that splattered into the singer’s pain-contorted face, adding another layer of creamy paint.

Justin was screaming hoarsely as his body was rocked by a painful, powerful orgasm while his hole was wrecked by Cal’s fat monster cock and his balls were squeezed and twisted by Zach’s strong hands.

“Look at that”, Cal grinned, glancing down between Zach’s legs.

Zach raised his eyebrows as he followed Cal’s gaze to his huge, hard cock.

“Welcome back, my friend”, Cal grinned. “Looks like your batteries are recharged…”

Zach let out an incredulous laugh.

“Ready for round two?” Cal chuckled without slowing down on his thrusts.

Zach chuckled. “Yeah.”

“DP?” Cal suggested.

“Hell yeah!” Zach laughed.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Justin’s eyes widened in terror. “Wait!” he croaked. “Please don’t stick both of your cocks inside my---“

Cal interrupted him by throwing a hard punch at the singer’s freshly drained spuds, making him groan hoarsely.

It took a moment until Cal and Zach had figured out a way to stuff their cocks into Justin’s ever-stretching ass hole at the same time, but their friends gladly helped, twisting the athletic singer like a pretzel and holding him in place as the two gargantuan dicks squeezed into his ass.

“Now we know what these yoga lessons were for”, Leo mused as Justin screamed in pain.

Cal and Zach pounded the singer’s hole as if their lives depended on it, while the rest of the guys took turns smacking his face and punching his bloated balls.

Finally, they both shot their loads deep inside of Justin in what seemed like an endless orgasm that had the crowd cheering and laughing while Justin was grunting and groaning and squirming in pain.

We left the TV studio half an hour later.

Justin Bieber was a mess, tired and exhausted, covered in cum and gasping for breath. His dick and balls looked like they had been run over by a sixteen-wheeler.

“A couple of promo shots and we’re done”, I heard the production assistant tell the singer.

“How do I look?” the singer asked with a raspy voice.

The assistant laughed. “Great, man, just great.”

The door closed behind us.

We watched the show together that night, and I was pretty impressed by the mean jokes and the funny one-liners that the producers had added in post-production. The session had lasted more than an hour, and the producers had managed to cut it into a very entertaining 30 minutes of quality television.

Maybe Justin Bieber had finally found his calling as a bottom bitch for horny straight guys…


Anonymous said...

That was great giving Justin the chance to prove himself, at least at the start!
Good job, Alex

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Jeffry said...

Another awesome story man, thanks for posting it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jeff! I'm glad you like it!