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GoPros and lowblows - part 3 (written by Reg)

This is a great piece of writing from our reader Reg. It's always amazing to see someone else take my characters and write a story with them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! Special thanks to Reg for this extraordinary story!

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Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“Kev wins! That’s one point each” Josh announced.

Ben groaned miserably as he pawed his defeated balls and watched Kev celebrate his win. It took several minutes before he was able to stand up for the next challenge.

“Come on tough guy, you’ll bounce back!” Josh slapped Ben on the back.

The big jock was still reeling from his defeat and his proud balls felt like they had been run over by a bus. He bit his lip as he tried to think of a challenge to defeat his room-mate without causing further havok to his sorry genitals.

“Come on buddy, how about biggest balls? Last time was fun!” Kev taunted him with a wicked grin.

“Fuck you!” Ben mumbled glumly.

Josh whispered something in Ben’s ear. The jock raised his eyebrows and he peered up with a sudden look of inspiration.

“I know!” Ben exclaimed excitedly “Let’s see who’s got the biggest arms!!!”

“Sure whatever” Kev shrugged nonchalantly.

Ben rolled his shoulders and stretched his neck like a boxer warming up before a fight. Slowly he raised his arms into a double biceps pose and flaunted his powerful muscles in front of Kev’s face.

Ben grinned confidently. He loved to show off his body and he was especially proud of his arms. He spent hours in the gym sculpting his stunning biceps and he was in no doubt that they would trump his workout buddy.

“Check out my guns of steel!” Ben bragged. 

Josh cheered wildly but Kev just rolled his eyes disdainfully and casually mirrored Ben’s pose. Both jocks flaunted their baseball sized guns and glared at each other.

“Is that all you’ve got!” Ben scoffed dismissively.

“They’re at least as big as yours!” Kev stated bluntly.



“Face facts Kev, Ben’s guns are bigger!” Josh announced finally.

Josh grabbed Ben’s arm and traced the hard mound with his fingers, admiring the rock-hard peak of muscle. Kev frowned in annoyance. Ben’s biceps did seem to peak slightly higher than his own but he seemed reluctant to concede defeat.

“Bullshit” he snapped

“OK why don’t you measure them, Josh!” Ben laughed.

Josh ran off eagerly and returned with a plastic measuring tape. He draped it first over Ben’s beefy arm and pulled it tight around his flexed arm.

“Holy shit! Sixteen and a half inches!” Josh announced excitedly.

“Fuck yeah!” Ben whooped excitedly.

Next up was Kev and Josh soon had the tape looped around his thick arm.

“And Kev has sixteen and …” Josh tutted in irritation. He seemed dissatisfied with the result and readjusted the tape carefully.

 “Well um, sixteen and a half inches too” he muttered in disappointment.

“WHAT???” Ben huffed and he stared in astonishment at the tape on Kev’s arm.

“Looks like a draw” Kev smiled broadly “You need to grow triceps like these!”

Ben held his head in dismay as Kev flaunted the thick muscles behind his arm.

“I guess no winner that time” Josh stated bluntly “And the score remains one point each. Your turn again, Kev”

“Well let me think!” Kev rubbed his hands together eagerly.

“I know! Let’s check who’s really got the biggest balls?”

Ben quietly groaned in despair and the muscles of his jaw twitched nervously. He was still stunned that his beautiful biceps had been denied victory and now his prized testicles were about to be put to shame again!!!

Kev eagerly removed his briefs and stood stark naked in front of his rival. He rolled his hips, making his big cock and heavy balls swing triumphantly between his muscled thighs. He flaunted his package in front of the Go-Pro lens and was clearly enjoying Ben’s look of utter dismay.

“Yeah, I know you dream of having a cock like mine” Kev chuckled gleefully.

He held out his big schlong proudly under Ben’s irate glare. Then with a cocky grin he grabbed his beefy balls with his other hand and rolled them in his open palm.

“But now let’s see if your little raisins have grown since last time.” Kev laughed cruelly.

Ben scowled as he observed his room-mates impressive equipment. The memories of their recent vegetable competition flooded through his mind. With a fatalistic frown he grasped the sides of his briefs and slid them down his thighs, shutting his eyes to avoid witnessing Kev’s smug face.

Ben’s hefty wedding tackle flopped out of his briefs and swung heavily between his thighs and Josh knelt down eagerly to compare their goodies.

“Get that little wiener out the way” Kev chuckled “and see if you can find Ben’s berries”

Josh shuddered with excitement as he reached forward and grasped Ben’s delicious cock. He gazed at it hungrily and didn’t seem at all bothered how it measured up against Kev’s. Slowly he lifted it up to inspect Ben’s meatballs.

“Well Josh?” Kev beamed across at his humiliated room-mate.

“Well I guess, it’s clear” Josh gulped “You win!”

“Ha ha! No shit!” Kev laughed, pumping his fist.

With a joyful grin he proudly weighed his big nuts in his hand and beamed across at his blushing roommate.

“So buddy, remind me who’s got the biggest balls in the room!!!” Kev laughed.

“Hey, Kev!” Josh yelled up at his cousin.

Kev peered down at him with a curious expression.

“I said YOU win!”

Josh was grinned wickedly and pointed at a dumbstruck Ben. Both jocks gazed down in confusion as Josh took Ben’s nuts in his hands and held them up next to Kev’s.

Kev blinked twice and then gaped like a hungry carp at feeding time. It was impossible but true! Ben’s balls looked beefier than last time he had seen them and now even eclipsed his own hefty gonads. Kev pointed dumbly at Ben’s fat testicles and stammered but could find no words to express what his eyes were seeing.

Ben gulped then inhaled loudly. A tidal wave of immense joy flooded his meagre brain as he gazed at the mighty bull-balls between his legs! Neither jock seemed to realise how bruised and swollen they were from the brutal pounding they had suffered.

“Biggest balls in the room!!!” Ben roared in delight.

“Yes Ben wins!” Josh yelled in delight.

“Now Kev!” Ben beamed joyfully “Let’s see if I can crack your tiny nuts!”

Kev seemed to be in a trance as he obediently spread his legs to receive his punishment.

Ben took a running start and powered his foot into Kev’s vulnerable dangling eggs. His toes smashed into the jock’s sex organs sending them careening upwards. Kev howled as his nuts were crushed between foot and pelvis.

He stood clutching himself and gasping before staggering and then collapsing in agony next to the foot that had so neatly floored him. He remained moaning in pain for several minutes as Ben swung his big balls triumphantly above him.

“What a stud! Ben has the biggest balls in the room!” Josh yelled “And now he leads with two points to one!”

Ben pumped his fist as he flaunted his baby-makers in front of the camera.

“Hey, there’s still one challenge left!” Kev protested angrily as he rose painfully to his feet.

“So what will it be Josh?” Kev scowled “And remember YOU have to face the winner this time!”

Kev smirked as Josh gulped and cast his eyes over the two naked jocks. It was obvious to everyone that he had no chance of victory against such impressive studs.

“Let’s make it double-points for the final challenge!” Kev added.

It was more a statement than a question and the others shrugged in agreement. Ben seemed unaware that he had just gifted his rival a chance to overtake his slender lead.

“Ok so the final challenge will be …” Josh inhaled nervously “longest cock”

“But Josh…” Ben sputtered.

He looked mortified and he gaped at the teenager like Julius Caesar to Brutus as the knife pierced his body.

“Good choice Josh!” Kev laughed gleefully “Are you ready, Ben?”

He reached down and grabbed his impressive tool with utmost conviction. He and Ben had compared their cocks on numerous occasions and, although they were both in the porn-star league,  Kev knew he was slightly more hung.

“Come on buddy!” Kev chuckled “Let’s see how your little worm measures up today!”

Kev held his cock out in his hands and pretended to count the inches with his fingers.

Ben scowled at him angrily and reluctantly stepped forward. Josh knelt down between them and bit his lip as he gazed at their big flaccid members. They were both impressive specimens but of course Kev’s confidence was well founded. His impressive tool clearly dangled a fraction longer than Ben’s.

“Look we’re both pretty big. So let’s just call it a draw?” Ben’s voice cracked as he pleaded with Josh.

Josh peered up at him but seemed unconvinced.

“Ha, nice try buddy!” Kev laughed  “Come on Josh, you don’t need a measuring tape for this!”

Kev gave a cheeky grin as he swung his hips, making his heavy cock smack loudly against its smaller rival. Ben whimpered and hung his head in shame.

“Hang on guys, I want to be absolutely sure” Josh whispered nervously.

Unseen by Kev, the teenager carefully wrapped his finger’s around Ben’s virile plums and gave them a playful squeeze.

The big jock gasped in surprise and his powerful muscles twitched. Then Josh carefully ran his fingers down the underside of Ben’s cock until, to his delight, it responded with the faintest twitch. Biting his lip, the boy repeated the same move again.

“So, come on! Who’s the winner?” Kev smirked confidently.

“Well, you’re both pretty hung” Josh announced finally “but Ben’s right, it is a draw”

“Yes!!!” Ben sighed in relief “I knew it!”

“Bullshit!” Kev retorted angrily.

Josh grinned and held both cocks against each other in his hand to prove his point.

Kev peered down at the two prized exhibits. To his astonishment, he really could see no difference in size between them.

“You’ll never beat my huge sausage!” Ben grinned triumphantly and pointed proudly at his cock.

“Bullshit, I always beat you!” Kev sputtered in disbelief.

“Well maybe your dicky is shrinking!” Ben laughed and he  curled his little finger in front of Kev’s face.

Kev put his hands on his hips and frowned. He took a few deep breaths as he prepared to concede the draw. Slowly he looked up but his frown had now curled into a sly grin.

“No Ben, my dick’s not shrinking! I think yours is growing!” Kev chuckled as he pointed at Ben’s crotch.

Ben glanced down in alarm and his face turned bright crimson. His cock was now semi-hard and throbbing rhythmically in Josh’s palm, clearly the lasting effect of the teenagers handcraft. Its thick purple head was even peeking out through his foreskin like a curious one-eyed snake.

“OK Ben, let try it your way!” Kev laughed

He grabbed his own cock and began jerking it enthusiastically.

Ben sighed and reluctantly began stroking his own joy-stick. He leaned back and closed his eyes as he pumped away at his big schlong with a determined expression. His smooth, plump balls had withdrawn to the base of his cock and jiggled in time with his jerking.

“How’s it going buddy?” Kev enquire moments later as he slapped his room-mate on the back.

“Ready” Ben grunted.

Ben opened his eyes and gazed sown with pride at his impressive schlong that looked impressively thick and long as always. Then he glanced across and gulped as he caught site of his room-mate’s towering erection. It was thrusting skywards, rock hard and glistening with precum. He blushed slightly as he realized that he probably fell a good half-inch short.

“Fuck! Ok you are bigger” Ben almost choked on the words.

“Yeah! Isn’t it a beauty!” Kev exclaimed, slapping his victorious cock against Ben’s drooping tool.

“But I’ve still got bigger balls!” Ben mumbled.

“Ha! We’ll see next time” Kev smirked dismissively “Anyway, now it’s your turn little cousin!”

Kev positioned the Go-Pro carefully. His cocky little cousin was about to get ridiculed and Kev was going to make sure all his friends knew it. Josh gulped, and stared wide eyed like a deer trapped in headlights.

“Hard or soft?” Kev laughed.

He paraded in front of his cousin making his pendulous genitals swing threateningly. His cock had started to droop but was still slightly engorged and hung thick and long in front of his meaty balls.

“Soft please” Josh whispered.

Biting his lip he slowly lowered his briefs exposing his wispy black pubes. Then, with a nervous smile he slid them down an inch further to reveal the slightest glimpse of his teenage cock.

“Ha! What a cute little dick!” Kev chuckled.

Josh blushed and turned around bashfully, covering his groin.

“OK you win, dickhead! Leave Josh alone” Ben muttered angrily at Kev.

“It’s alright Ben” Josh gulped bravely “I agreed to do this”

“That’s the spirit, kid!” Kev chuckled and rubbed the boy’s hair playfully.

Josh sighed and slipped his briefs off completely. Kev chuckled as Josh revealed his firm, naked butt cheeks. Then the boy turned back to Kev with both hands still covering his naked genitals. He looked petrified, concealing his young cock in his hands while his teenage balls dangled between his legs like ripe grapes in a silky sack.

“I can’t wait to kick those little nuts!” Kev smirked “But first show us your little boy toy!”

“OK” Josh muttered despondently.

Kev cheered ironically as Josh finally released his hands and stood stark naked with his hands on his hips. However Kev’s laugh turned to a strange, wheezing croak as the air caught suddenly in his throat.

“Duuuude!” Ben gasped and blinked in surprise.

Josh grinned at the reaction and peered down proudly at his slender teenage cock. What it lacked in girth it more than made up for in length and Josh looked delighted that his faked shyness had fooled the two jocks. He wiggled  his hips slowly making his long dong slap softly against his smooth tanned thighs.

“That’s quite a snake, huh Kev!” Ben grinned nudging his room-mate.

“Well it’s certainly bigger than yours” Kev smirk pointing at Ben’s crotch.

Ben frowned but chose to ignore the jibe.  He bit his lip as he anxiously assessed the manly assets of the two finalists. Usually he felt ashamed when he was among guys that out-ranked him but if Josh could defeat his room-mate it would make his own defeat easier to swallow.

“Nice try little cousin but I’m still bigger!” Kev boasted confidently “Your pencil dick is out of its league”

“Yeah?” Josh grinned as he tried to sound like a dumb jock.

“Yeah!” Kev snapped angrily “You want me to prove it!”

Kev and Josh were soon face to face and comparing their big tools together as Ben watched on nervously.

“Nice try, Josh but I win!” Kev bragged arrogantly “Look, mine’s at least twice as thick! A chick wouldn’t even feel your little poke stick!”

“Yeah right!  Mine’s like an inch longer” Josh licked his lips “so I can reach sooooo much deeper”

“He’s right dude! Longest cock wins, so I guess you lose!” Ben chuckled as he slapped his room mate around the head.

“I’m still more hung than you!” Kev huffed turning angrily to Ben.

“But I’ve got bigger balls!” Ben snarled back, grabbing his junk to antagonize his rival.

“Hey guys” Josh laughed, pushing the two jock’s apart “Time to count the final scores!”

“ So I make it two points for Ben!” Josh yelled “Armwrestling champion and biggest balls!”

“Woohoo!” Ben yelled “I’m the man!”

“And two points for me!” Josh gave his cousin a cheeky nudge “thanks to my massive cock”

 Kev frowned angrily.

“And one little point for you Kev” Josh giggled “because Ben let you win at Roshambo”

“What a team! Biggest balls and  biggest cock in the room!” Ben roared in triumph and gave Josh a high five.

“Fucking bullshit!” Kev huffed.

“But since I beat BOTH of you, you’re in for a double punishment.” Josh laughed “Let’s see if I can crack four big nuts with one strike!” Josh chuckled.

He lined the two jocks up with Kev standing in front of Ben and spread their legs wide. They took their places willingly and neither seemed at all afraid of a kick from the teenager. Slowly Josh walked behind them then with a wicked grin, he silently picked up a heavy baseball bat from the corner. He pitched his sights on the two hefty nutsacks and made a few practice swings, feeling the lethal weight of the club in his hands.

Gritting his teeth he took a huge back swing and powered the bat full force between both jocks’ muscular legs. The middle of the bat contacted first, landing directly between Ben’s proud balls smashing them up into his pelvis. Then the business end of the bat careened into Kev’s tough right nugget with a sickening squelch, crushing it flat against his muscled thigh.

Both jocks howled in unison as they gazed down in horror at the lethal weapon that had shattered their precious jewels. Kev’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he keeled forward and fell on his knees. He groaned in agony and clutched at his stomach and his balls as his muscular body heaved once then again. Finally his cheeks puffed out and with a pitiful groan he puked violently then curled into a ball sobbing in agony. 

Ben remained doubled over clutching his swollen balls and groaning in agony. He managed a faint painful grin as he watched his rival throwing up.

“Wow! Balls of steel!” Josh chuckled and slapped Ben hard on the ass.

“My balls!” Ben croaked as he too joined Kev on the floor.

“OK see you later guys, I’ve got to go send this video to Alex” Josh chuckled as he grabbed the Go-Pro.

“Huh? You know Alex?” Ben gasped weakly.

“Sure! I’m a big fan of BallbustingBoys” Josh continued with a cheeky grin “And I made a little bet with him. Now what will I spend the money on?”

The door slammed shut as Josh left the apartment.


Jimmy said...

Great ending, what's Josh going to do next. And I'm looking forward to seeing what Josh's bet does to Alex


Anonymous said...

Wow I hate to brag, but that was a cool story...and I wrote it !!! (slap on the back).
Massive thanks to you, Alex, for publishing my little tale and letting me use you're incredible characters!

This story was actually inspired by one of your stories from June 2015 (A matter of size) which the cocky Ben gets utterly humiliated and then viciously busted by Kev.

I was determined to find a way for Ben to regain his Mojo and his motto!



Alex said...

Your story is absolutely awesome, Reg! Thank you so much! :-))