Friday, July 12, 2019

Mr. Steal Your Girl (Luc meets Logan and Zach)

Special thanks to Luc for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves to see hot jocks in pain!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Featured in this story: Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“Mr. Steal Your Girl?!” Logan laughed.

“That’s what they call me”, Zach grinned.

“Who calls you that?” Luc chimed in, grinning from ear to ear.

Zach looked at him and shrugged. “Everybody”, he declared proudly.

The three young men were out on a run, enjoying the summer sun. They were all shirtless, showing off their bodies as they laughed and bantered as they made their way through the park.

Luc was 20 years old, a handsome stud with a chiseled body, wavy brown hair and blue eyes. His flimsy pair of shorts left very little to the imagination. The bulge in his crotch was huge, and the outline of his thick, meaty dick and his low-hanging nuts was very obvious. Luc didn’t mind. He loved showing off his assets, and he knew from experience how valuable they were: more often than not, a quick glimpse at his admirable equipment led to a quick suck and fuck in a bathroom or a closet or something. Even though girls weren’t necessarily keen on public sex, they were definitely keen on Luc’s beautiful fuck stick…

Zach was in no way inferior to Luc when it came to the pleasure facilities dangling between his thighs. Like Luc, Zach was handsome and muscular, 20 years old, with an awesome body and an awe-inspiring set of plumbing so generously proportioned that it usually robbed girls of their ability to walk, sit and talk after he had plowed their asses, pussies and throats. Zach’s blond hair made him look like a Scandinavian version of a Greek god, and the summer sun had given him a nice, golden tan while turning his hair even blonder.

The same was true for Logan who shared Zach’s hair color and summer tan. He was 18 years old, and he looked like Zach’s younger brother. The resemblance was striking. Blond and blue-eyed, with a dashing smile and perfect teeth, Logan made up for a slight difference in height and muscle mass with a natural, seductive charm and an old-fashioned chivalry without ever appearing outdated or quaint.

Nature had blessed Logan with a very impressive set of genitals that – while not coming close to Zach’s massive monster or Luc’s jumbo joystick – had never disappointed and regularly won rave reviews from anybody who tried it.

Lately, since Logan had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for quite some time, Logan’s adorable appendage hadn’t seen any non-girlfriend-related action, though. Logan was fine with that – but it didn’t stop him from hanging out with his friends and have a look at the girls that they were passing.

“Look at her”, Luc said, nodding at a girl in her early twenties who was wearing a mini skirt and a tube top, sitting on a bench and looking in their direction. “She’s looking at me.”

“Yeah, well, no, she isn’t”, Zach chuckled. “She’s looking at me.”

“Wrong”, Logan chimed in cheerfully. “She prefers a bit of fresh meat instead of your old sausages…” With that he delivered a double sack tap to Zach’s and Luc’s crotches, hitting their bouncing bulges dead-on and causing his buddies to yelp in surprise and pain.

The girl was watching them through her sunglasses as Logan laughed and increased his speed with his friends chasing after him, cupping their crotches.

Logan stopped after a while, a huge grin on his face.

Zach and Luc stopped as well, grimacing as they massaged their aching balls.

“Oh, come on”, Logan chuckled. “You’re acting like I had destroyed your nuts. It was just a little slap…”

Luc and Zach looked at each other.

A split-second later, their backhands connected with Logan’s jiggling joy nuggets, making him gasp in surprise and pain as his eyes lost focus. It wasn’t even a coordinated attack, just the natural reaction of two buddies in nut pain, but it was just as deadly: Luc’s knuckles connected with Logan’s left nut, and Zach’s connected with his right, grazing Logan’s dangling meat hose in the process.

“Good job!” Luc laughed as Logan groaned in pain.

Zach and Luc high-fived, celebrating their victory, only for Luc to bring up his knee and ram Zach’s oversized spuds into his body.

“God, my nuts”, Zach croaked, his left eye twitching comically. “I think they’re in my throat now.”

Luc laughed out loud, but he was interrupted by a very well-placed kick to his balls, delivered with admirable precision from behind.

Logan grinned weakly, nursing his own nuts as he watched Luc sink to his knees from his sneak attack.

The girl was still looking at them, her eyes hidden behind her fashionable sunglasses.

“She’s still looking at me”, Luc croaked, trying to put a smile on his face as he dealt with the pain in his spuds.

“Nah, she’s looking at me”, Zach declared proudly. “I bet she’s seen what I have to offer when we ran past her. I bet she’d love to get a good taste of my love juice.” He grabbed his package and grinned.

Logan let out a laugh. “No fucking way. She’s looking at me, I---”

“You know what”, Zach interjected. “It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter at all. I’m Mr. Steal Your Girl, remember? So whether she’s looking at you or at you: It. Doesn’t. Matter. Cause I’ll get her in the end no matter what.”

A brief moment of silence was followed by an animated debate that quickly turned into a sack tap battle of epic proportions as the guys romped about on the green, listing girls they had slept with, ex-partners and one-night-stands and crushes and what have you, trying to outdo their buddies. It wasn’t enough to play up their Casanova credentials, of course, they also had to play down their buddies’ gigolo assets – and what better way than to attack their sperm banks and deliver some debilitating blows to their big, juicy bambams. 

So every name was combined with a ball kick or a sack slap, every adventure was paired with a dick punch or a nut punt.

After a while they were all on the ground, laughing and moaning, cupping their crotches and having a great time.

Meanwhile, the girl had moved on.

“Here’s an idea”, Logan said, a cheeky smile on his face. “We split up and see who can get the most phone numbers.”

The three guys looked at each other and grinned.

An hour later they were back, comparing their lists. Logan had scouted the park for interested girls, Zach had gone to a nearby ice cream parlor, and Luc had posed on the sidewalk in front of a nail salon, showing off his sculptured body and his marvelous manhood.

It was a close call. Zach was the winner of their little challenge. Logan was a close second, and Luc was in third place.

“You know”, Luc said. “Why don’t we get some ladies and let them judge us?”

“Like a dog show?” Logan chuckled.

“Oh, I’ll show them my hot dog”, Zach grinned and grabbed his crotch, causing his buddies to roar with laughter.

“I’ll turn that hot dog into ground meat”, Logan chuckled as his foot snapped forward, hitting Zach’s package dead-on.

Zach howled in agony and doubled over, laughing through the pain as Luc and Logan convulsed with laughter.

“That would be one big, fat beef patty”, Luc joked.

“The way to a girl’s heart is through her throat”, Logan declared with a grin, making a lewd gesture that alluded to oral sex. “Just make sure she doesn’t gag on it.”

Zach smacked Logan’s nuts with the back of his hand, making the handsome young man gasp in surprise in pain.

They went back and forth hitting each other in the nuts, until Luc reminded them of the task at hand.

“Let’s find some girls and get this done with”, Logan suggested.

A few minutes later, they had assembled a jury of six young women who seemed to be very amused by the three studs’ ridiculous antics. One of them had brought her boyfriend, a rather unimpressive looking young man who snickered and shook his head benevolently as he watched the three shirtless guys parade around in the sun.

“We have gathered here today”, Logan said in a solemn voice, “to determine who is the hottest guy. Our fate is in your hands, ladies.”

“What’s in it for the winner?” one of the girls, a shy brunette with glasses, asked.

“He goes with me”, another girl answered. She was a very hot redhead wearing a summer dress that revealed much of her perfectly sculptured body.

Logan, Luc and Zach all immediately grew hard at the thought of boning this fine young lady.

“Um, babe, listen, shouldn’t we, like, talk about that first?” the young man in the audience said. Apparently he was the hot beauty’s boyfriend. It was an odd pair, the plain young man and the racy redhead.

“Shut up, Clark”, his girlfriend said in a bored voice, lending substance to her utterance by smacking her lover in the nuts.

“Okay”, Clark said in a strained, toneless voice, grabbing his nuts.

The crowd laughed.

“Don’t be a square”, the redhead said. “You know how I like to have fun…”

Clark smiled weakly. “Okay, babe, whatever you say…”

Logan, Luc and Zach started posing in front of the girls, flexing their muscles and showing off their athletic bodies.

The girls clapped and cheered, throwing in wolf whistles and catcalls as the three studs displayed themselves.

The result of the little posing contest wasn’t very illuminating: two girls voted for Logan, two for Luc, and two for Zach.

“Oh, come on”, Luc chuckled. “You can’t really think that this guy is hotter than me”, he said as he executed a picture-perfect sacktap to Zach’s bouncing package.

The girls laughed and cheered, but Zach retaliated with a punch to the dick that made Luc gasp for breath as his eyes rolled back into his head.

Piling on, Logan barged in with a severe nut kick from behind that elicited enthusiastic cheers from the audience and a hoarse cough from Luc.

But now Logan’s nuts were in the crosshairs as Luc lunged at him, his face contorted in pain, and wrestled him to the ground.

They rolled around on the green, trying to grab each others’ nuts while the girls cheered and laughed at their antics.

Logan managed to sneak his hand inside Luc’s shorts and grab hold of Luc’s ball bag, clenching his fist shut and making Luc’s eyes bulge as the pain spread through his body.

“Uh-oh”, the redhead snickered. “He’s got him by the balls!”

The rest of the girls laughed, and some of the them egged Logan on, yelling at him with encouraging words: “Squeeze the life out of him!” – “Go harder!” – “Show him what it means to be a man!”

With every nutshot, the girls’ encouragements grew harsher and cruder: “Crush those nuts!” – “Don’t be a pussy!” – “No, ha, that’s it: Turn him into a pussy!”

Logan squished and squashed Luc’s manhood, gritting his teeth as he squeezed Luc’s most precious possessions.

Somehow, despite the pain that was flooding his body, Luc managed to grab Logan’s package with both of his hands, locking them in a nutcrushing sixty-nine position.

The girls went wild with cheers and laughter as the two handsome young men squeezed the life of each others’ spuds.

Zach watched his buddies with a wide grin on his face. There was something very satisfying about seeing his two competitors destroying each others’ genitalia.

Smiling at the girls, Zach struck a pose that promptly turned their attention away from the two half-naked wrestlers and to the shirtless muscle stud that was strutting his stuff next to them.

The shift in attention didn’t go unnoticed by Logan and Luc, though, and the two young men realized that they were in the process of chopping down each others’ family trees while Zach was showing off his awesome body.

The girls where whistling and cheering and laughing as Zach struck pose after pose after pose, showing off his muscular arms, his magnificent legs and his sculptured upper body, making sure to place special emphasis on the awe-inspiring bulge between his thick, muscular thighs.

A concerted sneak attack ended the muscle hunk’s show rather violently.

Luc pulled down Zach’s pants, exposing Zach’s magnificent monster cock and his huge, low-hanging balls.

There was a moment of shocked silence at this gratuitous act of public exposure.

The girls’ eyes widened, Clark’s eyes widened, Zach’s eyes widened.

Then Logan’s foot connected with Zach’s huge nuts from behind, scrambling his oversized eggs and ramming them into his body.

Zach’s eyes crossed and he let out a pitiful moan as he sank to his knees, uttering incoherent words. “…nuts…fuck…kids…legacy…”

Luc finished the job by grabbing Zach by the shoulders, lifting him up and ramming his knee into Zach’s bare balls a couple of times. Zach gurgled and grunted, much to the amusement of the girls, his face a mask of pain as his nuts got crushed by Luc’s knee.

Finally, after a particularly devastating knee that looked like it broke both balls and Zach’s ridiculously oversized schlong, Zach’s eyes rolled back into his head and he sank to the ground, whimpering and moaning.

With Zach out of the running, Luc and Logan concentrated on each other again, cheerfully attacking each others’ bean bags with hits, kicks, slaps and punches.

The girls was chanting and cheering as the two hunks went for each others’ manhood with the energy and the vigor of kids fighting for their favorite playthings.

One moment it seemed like Logan would win, but then Luc landed a nice, hard kick to Logan’s sperm tanks, bringing him down and making him scream in pain. The next moment, Logan retaliated with an upward stomp to Luc’s crown jewels that was hard enough to knock the diamonds out of their setting.

They ended up in a sixty-nine squeezing situation much like the one that had inspired Zach to start his posing routine.

With two competitors locked in nut squeezing conundrum and the third one babbling and cupping his sore nuts, there was no clear winner, and in a very surprising turn of events, Clark, the hot redhead’s plain and unremarkable boyfriend, decided to step in and change the dynamic.

First Clark grabbed Logan’s feet, pulled him away from Luc and stomped down on his nuts again and again and again, much to the amusement of the six girls. When he was sure that he had stomped out the fire in Logan’s groin, he turned to Luc and repeated the procedure.

Watching the unremarkable young man beat up the tall, muscular studs elicited cheers and laughter from the girls.

Clark’s foot crushed Luc’s nuts again and again and again, making the handsome stud groan and moan in pain.

Finally, with Luc, Logan and Zach reduced to a sobbing mess, Clark turned to the six girls, a shy smile on his face.

“Okay, done”, he said, rubbing his hands. He looked at his girlfriend and smiled. “Now who wants to fuck?”

“Me!” Much to the surprise of the couple, each and every girl lifted her hand, eyeing Clark with newfound lust.

“Babe?” the boyfriend looked at his girl.

“Alright”, the girlfriend snickered. “Let’s have a sevensome…”

The girls cheered, and the mousy young man left to have the wildest night of his life with six hot girls while the three studs were lying on the ground nursing their battered balls.

“That’s not fair”, Zach groaned.

“We were supposed to get the girl”, Luc chimed in, his eyes clenched shut. “Not that fucking idiot.”

“You know what they call him from now on, right?”, Logan chuckled weakly, grimacing as he grabbed his nuts. “Mr. Steal Your Girl.”


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Thanks for your comment! The current poll ("Do you enjoy reading about dickbusting?") will end on Monday, July 15th. :-))

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Awww thanks Alex this story was so hot and funny! (Luc)

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Thanks for your feedback, Luc! I'm glad you enjoyed your story! :-))

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Ooh yes. The hottest story on the site. I love it when girls watch guys kick each other's balls.