Friday, November 17, 2017

All out of cum (Andy meets Logan)

Special thanks to Andy for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who'd like to learn a few lessons from a veteran ballbuster!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben, Kev, Logan and Zach (click for pictures)

“So you’re a big fan, huh?” Kev chuckled.

The 20 year old stud was shirtless, wearing flimsy basketball shorts that did very little to conceal the big bulge in his crotch. It was obvious that he was freeballing, and the outline of his thick, flaccid dick and his fat, low hanging balls was a sight to behold.

“The biggest”, Andy replied, beaming.

He was 18 years old, a handsome young man with jet black hair and sparkling eyes. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

I had invited him over to our studio to meet a couple of our models.

“I’ve seen every single clip on your web site”, Andy continued with a cheeky smile before smacking Kev’s package with the back of his hand and making Kev yelp and double over, rubbing his crotch. “You’re awesome!”

Kev groaned, chuckling. “Thanks, buddy.”

Zach and Ben roared with laughter.

Like Kev, they were 20 years old.

Ben was Kev’s best friend, a muscular, athletic jock with short brown hair and a perfectly sculptured body. He was wearing sweat pants and a tank top that showed off his impressive biceps.

Zach’s body was even more impressive than Ben’s, with muscles in all the right places. His tight jeans revealed his most astonishing quality: The blond stud was hung like a horse, with a pair of almost ridiculously large balls and a huge schlong that had the potential to make donkeys turn green with envy.

“So you wanna learn a couple of new tricks, huh?” Zach smiled.

Ben grinned. “That backhand nut smack wasn’t bad …”

“Not bad at all”, Kev interjected, smiling weakly, clutching his crotch.

“… but that’s amateur stuff”, Ben continued with a dismissive gesture of his hand. “We’re gonna turn you into a fucking pro!”

“Fuck yeah!” Andy grinned.

The boys laughed.

“Have you ever busted a load out of a guy’s balls?” Kev smiled.

Andy’s eyes grew wide with excitement. “You mean…”

“Exactly”, Kev chuckled, patting Andy’s back. “We’ve invited a friend over, and we’ll show you how to make him cum just by crushing his nuts.”

Andy laughed. “Awesome!”

“Wait”, Ben grinned. “It gets even better.” He winked at Andy. “After we have taught you how it’s done you’ll be able to put your new knowledge to use and show us what you’ve learned.”

Andy’s jaw dropped. “Wow! That’s sounds amazing!” He looked at the guys and smiled. “I can’t believe you’re doing this!” His gaze wandered south as he admired the three studs’ bulging packages. “I can’t wait to get my hands on your nuts.”

Kev, Zach and Ben burst out laughing.

“Oh, no”, Kev chuckled. “There’s no way we’d let you anywhere near our balls…”

Andy scratched his head. “What do you mean?”

Kev grinned. “We’ve invited a friend over. I don’t think we’ve found the time to tell him what he’s in for, though…”

As if on cue the door opened and Logan walked into the room.

The 18 year old high school wrestler looked awesome. He was shirtless, wearing nothing but a pair of tight shorts that were bulging with his impressive package.

“Sorry I’m late”, Logan smiled. “I hope you didn’t start without me…”

Kev, Zach and Ben chuckled.

“How could we?” Kev grinned before introducing Logan to Andy.

“Nice to meet you”, Logan smiled, shaking Andy’s hand.

“I’m a huge fan”, Andy smiled. “I’ve seen all your videos, and it’s a great honor to meet you in person!”

Kev put his arm around Logan’s shoulder and grinned. “Yeah, he is a great guy.”

Logan chuckled. “Well…”

“It’s great that you are doing this”, Andy said.

Logan shrugged his shoulders. “Well, sure. Have you talked about what you’re going to do?”

Kev grinned. “We’re going to do some cumshots.”

Logan chuckled. “Nice. Busting a load out of a pair of testicles is pretty fun. How many loads are we talking about?”

“Well”, Kev scratched his head. “We were thinking about two per person.”

Logan laughed. “Wow. That’s a lot. Someone’s not going to have sex for a while after that…” He winked at Andy.

Andy chuckled. “Yeah, I guess sex is overrated...”

Logan grinned. “That’s the spirit. When’s the last time you’ve shot your load?”

Andy grinned. “Yesterday.”

“Ouch!” Logan laughed. “Those six loads are going to be painful!”

The rest of the guys laughed.

“What about you?” Andy smiled.

Logan chuckled. “My girlfriend’s away for two weeks, and I’ve been saving up.” He grabbed his crotch. “Those nuts are filled with more than ten days worth of cum. Ashley’s in for a treat when she gets back tomorrow.”

They all laughed heartily.

“So what are we waiting for?” Logan smiled. “Let’s make some whipped cream.” He winked at Andy.

“Alright”, Kev said cheerfully. “Why don’t you take off your clothes so we can see what we’re working with.”

Logan smiled at Andy who smiled back at him.

There was a moment of silence.

“I think he’s talking to you”, Andy said with a grin.

Logan blinked. “What?”

The rest of the guys looked at him expectantly.

“Hey”, Logan said slowly, backing away. “Hey, hey, hey! No way! No fucking way!”

Kev, Zach, Ben and Andy just smiled at him.

“Oh, come on”, Logan pleaded, pointing at his crotch. “That’s for Ashley! She’s been looking forward to it for two weeks! She’s gonna kill me if I don’t have a sack full of jizz when she comes back!”

Andy smiled apologetically. “Sorry.”

Logan looked at him. Then he let out a deep sigh. “Six loads?”

Andy nodded.

“Six fucking loads?” Logan groaned.

“Six fucking loads”, Andy smiled.

Logan looked miserable. He let out another sigh. “This is gonna hurt”, he mumbled, unbuttoning his pants. “This is gonna fucking hurt.”

Andy watched as Logan pulled down his pants, revealing his plump, cum-filled balls and his meaty dick that immediately fattened and grew hard as steel.

Logan stripped completely naked, a resigned expression on his face as he looked at the rest of the guys. “Alright”, he mumbled. “Do your thing.”

“Excellent”, Kev grinned. “First, let’s try and kick a load out of those nuts.” He took a step back and sent his foot up between Logan’s thighs. His instep connected with Logan’s fat nuggets, ramming them into his body and making him grunt in pain.

“With balls as ripe as his, it usually takes just about a dozen kicks to make him cum”, Kev explained matter-of-factly as he kicked Logan’s nuts again.

Ben, Zach and Andy chuckled as Logan let out a high pitched shriek when his testicles were flattened against his body.

“Just don’t kick the dick”, Kev continued, smashing his foot into Logan’s precious jewels and eliciting a guttural groan.

Logan doubled over, his hands on his knees, his eyes clenched shut as he moaned in pain.

Ben grinned and kicked Logan’s nuts from behind, making Logan wail in agony as the others roared with laughter.

His dick was rock hard and throbbing, and it was obvious that it wouldn’t take a dozen kicks to make him spill his load.

In fact, Kev’s next kick sent him over the edge.

It was a picture-perfect hit.

Kev’s foot nailed both of Logan’s babymakers dead-on, flattening them like pancakes as Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.

“See?” Kev smiled at Andy as they were both showered in Logan’s jizz. Jet after jet of creamy cum shot out of Logan’s dick, a geyser of sperm that drenched Kev and Andy with cum.

Andy chuckled as Logan’s body was rocked by a powerful orgasm. “Wow!” he grinned, wiping his face with the back of his hand. “That was easy.”

“Why don’t you try it yourself?” Kev suggested with a smile.

Logan’s orgasm hadn’t even stopped when Andy kicked his busy balls as hard as he could.

“Good!” Kev chuckled as Logan wailed in agony. “Do it again!”

Andy didn’t need to be told twice. He powered his foot up between Logan’s thighs, catching both of Logan’s fat plums dead-on and ramming them into his body.

Logan screamed in pain.

“Again!” Ben yelled. “Kick that fucking load out his fucking nuts!”

Andy bit his lower lip and kicked Logan’s rapidly swelling nuts again and again, harder and harder, encouraged enthusiastically by Kev, Ben and Zach.

Another dozen kicks later, Logan came again. Accompanied by a shrill shriek from Logan and riotous laughter and applause from the rest of the guys, Logan’s dick erupted with another huge load of cum that covered Andy in a second layer of sticky sperm.

“Very good!” Kev chuckled, patting Andy’s back as the young man beamed with pride.

Logan fell to his knees, clutching his battered balls as his dick spat out spurt after spurt of spunk.

“You’re a quick learner”, Ben grinned.

“Thanks”, Andy chuckled. “You’re great teachers!”

Logan was panting and moaning, his face contorted in pain as he checked his balls for damage. They were swollen and bruised and beet red, and he let out a pitiful whimper.

“Alright”, Ben smiled and cracked his knuckles. “It’s time for a more hands-on approach…”

The rest of the guys laughed. Only Logan didn’t seem to be amused. The look on his face was equal parts dread, despair and dismay as Ben pried his fingers off his nutsack.

“Oh god”, Logan groaned, closing his eyes as Ben rolled his nuts between his fingers.

“They’re slightly squishy already”, he said to Andy before turning to Logan with a mean grin. “I’ll try not to crush them.”

Logan groaned. “Yeah, thanks”, he dead-panned in a raspy voice.

Andy got closer to see what Ben was doing.

Everybody, Logan included, looked down at Logan’s crotch, their eyes fixed on Logan’s bloated ballsack that was firmly in Ben’s grip.

“It’s like pitting cherries”, Ben said cheerfully as he pressed his thumbs deep into the core of Logan’s testicles, making him squeal in agony as his nuts were crushed by Ben’s strong fingers.

“Listen to him”, Ben quipped, kneading and twisting poor Logan’s balls mercilessly, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from him as he squirmed in agony, his face a mask of pain.

Andy, Kev and Zach were roaring with laughter as Ben pressed his thumbs deep into Logan’s meaty balls, gritting his teeth with effort as he twisted his thumbs, causing Logan to yodel in pain.

Logan’s dick was twitching and dancing as Ben worked Logan’s nuts like a remote control, squishing and squashing Logan’s bruised and bloated testicles until a fountain of jizz erupted from his cock.

Zach, Ben and Andy laughed and cheered, greeting every jet of cum with riotous whoops of joy while Logan was screaming from the top of his lungs, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open.

His muscular, naked body was glistening with cum and sweat when Ben handed his balls over to Andy.

“Go on, squeeze as hard as you can”, Ben encouraged the young man who went to work with the enthusiasm and the fervor of a guy who knew exactly what he was doing.

“It’s all about pushing the right buttons”, Ben quipped, winking at Andy who was biting his lower lip as he worked over Logan’s nuts.

Logan was staring at his crotch, his eyes filled with terror as he watched Andy wreak havoc on his traumatized testicles.

Andy kneaded and twisted Logan’s balls, squeezing them and crushing them with all the force he could muster.

Logan was yodeling like an Austrian peasant on Thanksgiving, his voice cracking as Andy squished and squashed his tender babymakers, hellbent on squeezing another load out of the two swollen, bloated orbs.

“You’re a natural”, Ben said with an appreciative nod, patting Andy’s shoulder.

Andy didn’t respond. He was too focused on cracking Logan’s nuts.

Logan’s dick was pointing straight up, its tip pulsing, its shaft throbbing.

Suddenly, a huge spurt of cum splattered right into Andy’s face as the other guys roared with laughter.

“That’s it!” Ben yelled as Andy gasped for breath, his face covered in Logan’s sticky spunk.

Logan was screaming and shrieking and wailing in agony as jet after jet of jizz bubbled out of his meaty dick while Andy was keeping his death grip on Logan’s pumping nuts.

“Good work”, Ben smiled, patting Andy’s shoulder. “Very good work!”

Andy looked up at him, his face covered in jizz as Logan’s orgasm subsided. “What’s next?”

Logan let out a pitiful moan. He looked down at his drained, bruised balls, his eyes filled with pain.

“It only gets harder from here”, Zach smiled and grabbed the baseball bat that he had brought. “Let’s bring out the big guns now”

“Oh no”, Logan croaked when he saw what Zach was up to. He turned around and tried crawling away, his swollen ball bag swinging comically between his thighs.

“Not so fast”, Andy said cheerfully. He got up and planted a nut-crunching kick between Logan’s legs from behind, lifting Logan’s knees off the ground as he squealed like a pig in the slaughterhouse.

“Hold him down”, Zach said, prompting Ben and Kev to grab Logan and make him spread his legs as he was on all fours, his battered balls dangling vulnerably between his thighs.

“Do you know how to play baseball?” Zach asked, putting his foot on Logan’s ass and playfully nudging Logan’s swinging nutsack with the business end of the bat.

“Sure”, Andy said.

“You gotta keep your eye on the balls”, Zach said slowly, bringing the bat up. “And then you hit them out of the park.”

With that, he smashed the bat into Logan’s nuts from behind, crushing his nuts with a dull thud and making Logan howl in pain.

“That was a good one”, Andy laughed as Kev and Ben held Logan’s shaking body.

“Nah, that was just the warm-up”, Zach chuckled and drove the bat into Logan’s swollen balls once again.

This time, his aim was slightly off. He missed Logan’s left testicle but he managed to nail the right one dead-on.

“Ooops”, Zach chuckled as Logan wailed in pain.

The next hit was perfect. Both of Logan’s nuts were crushed flat, and Zach smiled proudly at the gurgling, guttural grunt that came out of Logan’s mouth.

Andy leaned forward and squinted at Logan’s rock hard cock that was pointing straight at the floor.

“One more hit and he’s done”, Zach said with the confidence of a seasoned hitter.

He readjusted his grip on the baseball bat and smashed it into Logan’s traumatized testicles.

The sound that came out of Logan’s mouth was a high-pitched shriek, a primal scream that sent shivers down my spine.

His body was shaking and a steady flow of cream dribbled out of his dick, creating a sticky puddle of jizz between his knees.

“Your turn”, Zach smiled and handed the baseball bat to Andy.
Andy weighed it in his hand.

“Hit them as hard as you can”, Zach said with a smile.

Andy did as he was told. He smashed the baseball bat between Logan’s thighs, hitting both of his fat, drained nuts perfectly and flattening them like pancakes.

Logan’s eyes widened and he let out a silent scream as the pain washed through his body.

Ben, Zach and Kev cheered wildly as Logan’s body convulsed and he gasped for breath.

The next hit made him find his voice again. The bat connected with Logan’s swollen nutsack with a wet splat and he let out an ear-piercing scream that made the rest of the guys roar with laughter.

Andy grinned and smashed the bat into Logan’s nuts once again, eliciting another high-pitched squeal from Logan as his dick twitched and throbbed, pointing straight at the pathetic cum puddle between his knees.

“Now hit a home run!” Zach yelled.

Andy swung the bat and crushed Logan’s nuts.

A miserable, gurgling croak escaped Logan’s lips as his eyes rolled back into his head and his dick twitched violently as if it was spewing out a giant load of cum.

But Logan’s battered balls were running on empty, and his sixth orgasm turned out to be a rather disappointing trickle of watery spunk that ran out of his dick without much fanfare.

“Aww”, Andy said, feigning sympathy as he dropped the bat and grabbed Logan’s busy balls. “Looks like he’s all out of cum.”

“Are you sure?” Kev grinned.

Andy chuckled and squeezed Logan’s balls hard.

Logan squealed in pain and a tiny drop of cum oozed out of his dick

“I don’t know”, Andy grinned. “You think I should make sure that they’re empty?”

“Definitely”, Ben smiled.

“Absolutely”, Zach nodded.

“Fuck yeah”, Kev laughed. “Right, Logan?”

Logan grunted something unintelligible.

“See?” Kev chuckled. “Even Logan agrees.”

“Well, okay”, Andy smiled and started stroking Logan’s spent cock while massaging his drained balls.

Logan was moaning and groaning, his face contorted in pain, as Andy started milking his dick like a seasoned farm hand.

Held firmly by Zach, Ben and Kev, Logan’s body squirmed and writhed as he whimpered and moaned in pain.

Andy’s industrious efforts resulted in a painful dry orgasm as Logan gasped and grunted, his body stiffening, his balls pulling up in their sack – but not a single drop of cum came out of his dick.

“I think we’re done here. There’s not a drop of cum left in there”, Andy chuckled, playfully smacking Logan’s emptied balls with the palm of his hand, making him let out a raspy yelp.

Finally, Kev, Ben and Zach released Logan from their grasp, allowing him to curl up in a ball, groaning and moaning and clutching his swollen, red balls and his sore dick.

“Thanks for letting me drain your balls, buddy”, Andy said cheerfully.

Fortunately, Logan hadn’t lost his sense of humor. “You’re welcome”, he whispered in a toneless voice. “You did a great job.”

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

Andy smiled and looked at Ben, Zach and Kev, rubbing his hands. “Alright, practice makes perfect, right? So who’s next?”


Jimmy said...

Hey Alex,'

A DRY ORGASM?!? That's amazing! You never fail to up the ante Alex. Poor Logan, that was not a fun day for him. Great storytelling magic as always.



OMB Stories said...

Loved that ending! Bet the other boys regretted all that teaching ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))