Sunday, November 5, 2017

Ballbusting Canucks: Until next time (written by Pat)

Our longtime reader Pat has written an awesome series of stories introducing a group of Canadian guys who are running a website that's very similar to the Ballbusting Boys. I hope you enjoy Pat's wonderful stories just as much as I did!

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Featured in this story: BenChadColinKevLeoLoganParkerSammySimonthe twinsTristanZach and Alex (click for pictures)

It was 9’oclock in the morning when Ballbusting Canucks Studio president Patrick, cameraman Doug, and models Jonathan and François entered the meeting room. All of the Ballbusting Boys employees were sitting at a long table, awaiting the Canadians arrival to have one last meal together – a meal that they kindly catered themselves.

The Canadians looked good despite the lack of sleep they got the previous night. Everyone was out late doing their own thing with the new friends they’ve made: Doug and Chad went out for drinks at a bar, Jonathan partied at Zach’s house with the rest of the models from “Testosterone Overload”, and François spent hours alone with Leo in the skater’s bedroom before meeting Tristan in the skatepark later in the night for some quality time of their own. Patrick and Alex spent the evening together as well, but whether it was an all-business meeting of the minds, or a meeting between the sheets, no one knew for sure – although the spring in Patrick’s step followed by the wincing in his face would give a few ideas.

“Good morning everyone!” The Canadians all cheered. They each looked for a spot beside their friends to sit.

Xander finished his cup of orange juice and got up. As he was walking towards the exit, he stopped in front of Jonathan and stared at him.

“Uh… hi,” Jonathan smiled uneasily at the blond, 23-year-old.

Xander didn’t answer him. He stared into the hockey player’s brown eyes for a few more seconds before biting his lip.

The other Canadians watched the two models stare at each other, unsure of what was happening.

Xander gave a devilish smile and he continued to walk towards the door, eventually leaving the room.

Jonathan watched him make his exit, not wanting to risk getting jumped from behind, before sitting down with the rest of the jocks at the table.

Alex waived at Patrick at the far end of the table, saving him a spot on the bench. Doug followed his boss, making sure to sit next to Chad.

“Coffee. Need coffee!” Doug said, sounding like a zombie as he filled his mug, hungover from last night.

Alex giggled while he watched Patrick strutting confidently before his face would grimace in pain, grabbing at his crotch from time to time. “Don’t worry Pat, I feel the same way you do.”

The rest of the production crew looked at themselves, extremely curious of the activities that took place between their bosses.

“So, what did you guys end up doing yesterday? Something hands on?” Erik asked with a smirk, nudging on Alex’s shoulder.

“Oh, don’t jump to conclusions! We just talked and exchanged more ideas.” Alex was trying to dodge Erik’s glance, his eyes fixed on his plate.

Patrick sat across from Alex at the table. He tried not to smile at the nervous mess Alex was becoming.

“Pat? You’re in a good mood. Maybe you could shed some light on what you guys did last night?” Vince asked before looking at the rest of the crew and laughing. “I mean, you were together, right?”

“We were, yes.” Patrick nodded as he bit into a piece of bacon. “Wait! Are you asking me to kiss and tell?” he teased with a devilish smile.

Alex, still staring down at his plate, kicked Patrick in the balls from under the table.

“Oooooh!” the Canadian groaned, doubling over in front of his plate.

Everyone within earshot looked at Patrick. “This is good bacon,” he said in a strained voice, holding up a piece of bacon.

“The scrambled eggs are good too,” Alex said matter-of-factly, poking at the eggs in his plate with a fork.

While the production crew were razzing Alex and Patrick, François was looking for a place to sit when he heard Leo calling his name near the end of the table.

“Over herr, François!” the skater smiled while he pointed between himself and Tristan.

As François walked up to his new skater friends, Leo was instructing Danny and David, the brothers sitting to his right, to make some room.

“Danny, could you move over a bit? François needs room,” Leo said.

Danny nodded and began to move, but his younger brother wasn’t too amused at moving over.

“There’s no more room,” David said with a straight face as he turned his attention to François. “Why don’t you sit on the floor?”

François raised his eyebrows, completely in disbelief at the comment.

“Are you deaf? Or blind?” Leo asked. “There’s some fine company present,” he smiled and looked at the Canadian.

Danny shrugged his shoulders when he saw his brother cross his arms.

“Did I do something to offen -” François began to speak before being interrupted.

“Unless you want that plate of food smashed into your face, I suggest you move!” Leo barked.

 David rolled his eyes at the skaters and François before finally moving over.

“Thank you, Leo. That’s very gentlemanly of you to find me a spot,” François said as he sat between Leo and Tristan.

“Yeah, sometimes I’m chivalrous.” he said as he continued to grin at the Canadian.

François was dressed up more conservatively this morning. It was the first time since the day he had arrived that he decided to show off his geek look.  He was wearing his glasses along with a blue and white stripped, short sleeved V-neck, form fitting white shorts, and flip flops.

“Good morning, Tristan. I like your shirt! It’s very inviting,” François joked at the blond skater, rubbing his hand over his shirt.

“I always wear this shirt whenever I’m expected for breakfast. I love the reactions I get, especially yours!” Tristan said with grin, running his tongue over his teeth.

He wore a baggy t-shirt that displayed a naked young man holding a plate and fork, his penis was replaced by a sausage and the testicles were replaced by a couple of eggs. The caption at the top of the shirt read: “SCRAMBLED, PLEASE!’”

“Hey, François?” Simon called as he sat across the table.

 François turned his attention away from Tristan, making the skater pout.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt. I just really wanted to say that I’m a big fan of your work, and that you did an amazing job with your scenes here at the studio; that fight with you and Logan was so hot. I must admit, I’m sad that we never got to work together. I had my hopes up.” Simon was blushing as he spoke to the handsome Quebecois, his penis twitching.

“Every cloud has it’s silver lining, Simon. I’d be more than happy to film some kind of scene with you. I’m thinking of coming to visit sometime close to Christmas,” François said, making the boys around him smile.

“Really!? You’ll take me up on my offer?” Leo asked, eyes beaming.

François smiled and nodded.

“That was strange,” Jonathan said as he sat between Kev and Zach.

“No kidding. Why did he stare at you?” Ben inquired from across the table.

“Probably because of what went down a couple days ago. I haven’t seen him since,” Jonathan explained before turning his attention to Logan, who was sitting next to Ben. “What are you laughing about?”

“Nothing,” Logan was unsuccessfully trying to contain his laughter, “it’s just, maybe you can ask François to teach you how to fight, then you won’t have to fear Xander!”

The rest of the guys burst out laughing.

“Pftt! I could take him no problem. Don’t forget, I beat most of you guys the other day,” the Canadian said, trying to talk over the laughter.

“Maybe Xander just needs someone to teach him about Gandhi!” Zach said, making the rest of the guys continue laughing.

“You just crossed the line,” Jonathan yelled and brought his fist down hard on Zach’s ginormous balls before breaking into his own laughter. “Leave Gandhi out of this!”

When the laughing settled and Zach recovered, the conversation continued.

“Hey man, speaking of François, did you ever give him that present from me?” Kev asked as he was watching the twink down the table.

“I haven’t seen him around much the past couple of days, so no. Look, he’s right there. Now you can do it yourself, tough guy.” Jonathan gave Kev a slap on the shoulder and chuckled.

“Now this I’d love to see,” Logan curiously said.

“Easy now, if I remember correctly, you couldn’t get the job done against him. So, keep your comments to yourself, Fabio,” Kev pointed out.

“Really, dude? It ended in a tie!” Logan said. “If you think you can do better, by all means, go and confront him. My money is on the little guy,” he said confidently.

“You’d lose that money!” Kev scoffed as he continued to watch François.

“Okay! So, when you come visit in December we’ll shoot a sexy Christmas scene together,” Simon cheered.

“Sexy scene? Don’t you have a boyfriend?” François raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah, but don’t worry, he knows it’s part of the business. Maybe he’ll even want to participate,” Simon winked.

“Maybe!” François chuckled.

“Geez, don’t forget to spend time with the guy who’s going to be hosting you,” Leo said as he nudged the twink.

“Maybe you can visit the ball doctor!” Sammy suggested, who was sitting across from Tristan and beside Simon.

“That could be kinky,” François said and bit his lip. He looked at Simon and Sammy in front of him, and Leo and Tristan beside him.

“So many hot guys at once…” François began to speak, before kicking his feet under the table into Simon and Sammy’s nuts, while smashing his fists into Leo and Tristan’s gonads.

“Urghhh!” The Americans groaned at the surprise attack, doubling over and nursing their injured crotches.

“That was perfect!” the Quebecois cheered. “Eight nuts at once! That was like poetry in motion,” he said as he looked at Leo and Tristan beside him.

“You really do know your way around cocks and balls,” Simon wheezed as he cupped his nuts.

“I have a knack for it,” François quipped.

Simon and Sammy quickly looked at each other before they kicked a foot into François’s crotch. Simon’s foot smashed into his balls while Sammy’s crunched his hard dick.

“Oooohh!” François flinched and groaned, looking up at the ceiling.

Leo and Tristan smiled at each other before they slammed their fists down on the twinks balls.

“Owww!” François doubled over, nursing his balls from the series of attacks. “A bit early for bangers and mash, no?”

Tristan went to massage the Canadian’s dick and balls. “Never too early for yours,” he smiled.

Kev looked over at his friends. “See? Christmas time! I’ll get a chance to have a match with him then. My present will be a thick cum shot to the eyes!”

“Better hurry up and let him know. Sounds like his date book is getting full,” Colin noted.

“Once François knows about Kev’s intentions I have no doubt he’ll oblige,” Jonathan smirked. “Seriously though Kev, he knows how to wrestle. Big guys don’t scare him.”

Kev shook his head. “I won’t fall for his sexual tricks and crumble like Logan did. Once I take him down, I’m going to cum right in his eyes and down his throat! Maybe I’ll give him a Christmas present and eat a bunch of celery and watermelon beforehand, so it won’t be so salty for him,” the handsome 20-year-old chuckled as he grabbed his crotch.

“I hate to interrupt your obsession, Kev, but since we’re all done eating, can we dish out some presents right now?” Ben asked.

Kev nodded and stood up. He and Ben walked to the center of the room.

“May I have your attention please?” Kev asked everyone.  When the room went silent, he continued.

“I’d like to thank Alex and the crew for inviting the guys from Ballbusting Canucks over to our studios. We were treated to an awesome week full of treats and refreshments, we shot a bunch of cool scenes, and we got to make some new friends.”

The crowd agreed and nodded their heads.

“Now, I’d like to invite Chad and Doug to come and join me. How about a big round of applause for the cameramen? Come on up guys!”

Chad and Doug waived at the crowd as they walked up to Kev and Ben, a huge grin on their faces.

“It was my pleasure guys,” Doug said.

“No, Doug, the pleasure was ours,” Kev corrected. “Thank you both so much.”

“Can we have all the models who participated in the scenes this past week come forward?” Ben asked. “Don’t be shy, come on up boys!”

Jonathan and François walked up to the cameramen and stood on one side, while the Americans gathered on the other side.

“Let’s see… Leo, Tristan, Sammy, Zach, Logan, Colin, Will, Michael and Parker. That’s all of them!” Ben confirmed.

“Great!” Kev cheered. “Jonathan and François, I believe you had something for Chad.”

The Canadians walked up to Chad. François shook his hand then stepped aside. He was smiling from ear to ear.

Jonathan shook Chad’s hand and thanked him for all his work. Chad went to pull his hand from Jonathan’s, but the Canadian wouldn’t let go.

It only took a second for Chad to realize what was going on, but it was already too late. François tripped him from behind and Chad landed on his back.

Chad didn’t have a moment to gasp for breath, Jonathan ran up to him and kicked him directly in the nuts.

Chad rolled on the floor, holding his scrotum, and was seriously struggling for breath.

The Canadians laughed at the sounds they were hearing as the poor man flailed on the ground.

“Just so you don’t feel left out, Chad,” Jonathan chuckled.

While Chad was busy at the hands of the Canadians, Doug was having his own issues.

“Oh my!” the Canadian cameraman said as he felt Leo and Tristan grab his ass while Sammy pulled on his hair.

Doug took a deep breath and stood on his tip toes, pushing his crotch forward.

Kev and Ben each grabbed a hold of one his testicles and squeezed, while Colin and Logan each took one of Doug’s nipples and twisted them hard.

Doug was screaming in pain while Kev leaned into him. “This is what it’s like for the models in front of the camera,” he yelled, making sure Doug heard him.

The seven models released their holds on Doug. When Kev, Ben, Colin and Logan stepped aside, Zach came around and punched Doug as hard as he could in the crotch. “No babies!” he shouted as he watched the cameraman gurgle in pain and drop to the floor.

The Canadian’s vision blurred and he had a hard time breathing. All he could hear was the laughter of the eight or so models who just finished attacking him.

Finally, when his vision resumed, he saw the twins walking towards him.

Doug started backing up, his hands up in the air. “No! No! I believe you guys. You guys got me good, my babies are gone. Please!” he begged.

The twins paused and smiled. “Maybe you’re right.”

Doug stopped moving and put his hands to his sides. He took a sigh of relief.

Parker took a running start from behind the twins and flipped forward. His hands sprung on Michael and Will’s shoulders, flipping perfectly in the air and landing feet first on Doug’s dick and balls. He bowed and smiled to the rest of the models.

Doug screamed like a piglet in a slaughterhouse as Parker stood on his crushed nuts. He looked up with tears in his eyes at the sexy redhead who was cheering with the crowd.

When Parker stepped off the peanut butter, AKA: Doug’s crotch, the Canadian rolled onto his stomach and started sobbing.

Kev looked over at the models sitting at the table. “The cameramen really don’t understand what we go through until they feel it themselves,” he noted and burst out laughing.

Ben walked over to Chad. “Can you breathe yet?”

“Barely,” Chad squeezed through his lungs, still holding his balls.

“That’s good enough,” Ben said as he and Kev helped Chad to a chair.

Jonathan lifted Doug off the floor. “How do you think I feel? He pulled my dick while I was up on a trapeze.”

Doug didn’t answer, he just continued to cry while Jonathan placed him on a chair next to Chad.

“Erik, go get Chad and Doug an ice pack please,” Alex said mercifully while everyone else was too busy laughing at the poor cameramen.

“Oh…” Doug whimpered pathetically, “I’m too scared to pull down my pants.”

The models let out riotous laughter at Doug’s statement. Some were in tears, other were banging on the table, and other fell to the floor, laughing so hard that their stomach and ribs began to hurt.  Even Alex giggled at the situation.

Erik returned and handed the cameramen ice packs.

“Alex, Patrick. In no way do you guys deserve the same treatment” Kev said.

“Thank God!” Alex sighed in relief.

“However. We wanted to include you guys in a fun game of pool,”

The webmasters looked at each other in confusion.

“I’ll explain. Ben, get the cues please,” Kev smiled.  “You’ll each be given a pool cue, and you’ll try to hit each other in the nuts with them.”

“Okay!” Patrick gleefully accepted.

“The tips will be covered in chalk. The first one to dab each of his opponent’s testicles blue will be the winner.”

Alex gulped. “As in, strike the testicles with the tip of the pool cue?”

“Yes!” Kev cheered,

“I don’t know, Kev. I mean, I’m not experienced. Maybe Erik or Vince could take my place.” Alex tried to reason.

“I’ll have none of it,” Patrick jokingly said. “Come on, Alex! You and me, it’ll be fun.”

“Pat, you’re a lot more involved in busting than I am. I’m the one with the ideas, the models do the acting. Plus, I’m not comfortable being nude.”

“Come on! You got a great body! Everyone here has seen you nude already. Right guys?” Patrick smiled and asked models.

The American models nodded. Even the Canadians claimed to have seen pictures, thanks to their new friends.

“Oh my God! That’s not very nice,” Alex protested.

“How often do you get to play around with another webmaster? Look at all the fun we’ve been having this week! Get out of your shell and live a little,” Patrick continued to push.

Ben returned with the equipment. “We ready?”

“I am,” Patrick said as he took off his shirt, exposing his firm upper body before taking off his pants and boxers. It was revealed that the Canadian webmaster had a rather big penis along with some nice plump balls.  He grabbed a pool cue from Ben and gently tapped it on Alex’s jean covered crotch. “Come on Alex, I feel a bit of wood there.”

“Alex! Alex! Alex!” The room started to cheer.

Alex took a deep breath. “Fine!” he moaned as he began to strip down, taking off his shirt. The models gave a few whistles, making him blush. He reluctantly pulled down his jeans and boxers, exposing the rarely seen dick and balls belonging to the Ballbusting Boys webmaster.

Patrick bit his lip. The other models, however, weren’t as impressed.

“Well, at least you have the advantage of smaller targets,” Ben noted, trying not to laugh.

“Exactly! I’m sure Patrick is only bigger because of his youth,” Kev added.

Alex turned his head and glared at them. They went completely silent. If looks could kill, they would have been dead last week.

“Don’t be rude, guys. Alex is a grower, not shower,” Patrick tried to defend his friend.

“I knew it! I knew you two did something together!” Erik cheered, as if he just won the lottery.

Alex looked at Patrick in shock. He opened his mouth but no words came out.

“Oops…” Patrick blushed. “Alex, seriously. All of your workers love you, and you became very close with me and my staff this past week. There are no cameras rolling, it’s just all of us models and friends. Please?” Patrick asked with puppy eyes.

“Okay, for you guys, I’ll do it.” Alex finally gave in. “Can we not make a big deal out of this though?”

The crowd cheered as Alex grabbed a pool cue.

Patrick and Alex were facing each other with pool cues in hand. While Alex was nervous and flaccid, Patrick was all smiles and sported a big hardon. He found Alex quite sexy.

Patrick went on the attack and tried to poke Alex with the pool cue. Alex dodged and tried the same thing. Before long, the two webmasters were using the pool cues like swords.

When their nerves started to settle, Alex managed to get a boner in the process. They started to sweat and pant as they were laughing, trying to poke each other in the testicles.

Alex accidently hit one of Patrick’s hands with his cue, causing the Canadian to yelp in pain and suck his finger for a moment.

As Alex went to go poke Patrick in the nuts, the Canadian side stepped his attack and grabbed a hold of his opponent’s cue.

Alex struggled to try and regain control of his weapon. He caught Patrick smiling at him and returned the favor for a split second, before kicking his barefoot into Patrick’s nuts.

There was a loud, skin on skin, smack as Alex’s foot crashed hard into Patrick’s balls. His toes cupped around the Canadian’s testicles for maximum impact. The Canadian gave a high-pitched cry as he lost his grip on both cues and dropped to his knees, holding his balls.

Patrick whimpered as he rubbed his nuts. He was in shock that such a shy guy could pack such a mean kick.

Alex waited patiently as Patrick recovered enough to remove his hands from his crotch. When Patrick looked up, he saw Alex’s cue coming down at him.

Like his models, Patrick had quick reflexes and innovative thinking to back him up. He caught the cue that Alex was wielding and held it in place, while he grabbed his own cue and jabbed the tip into Alex’s right nut.

“OWWW!!! Good fucking god, that hurts!” Alex screamed and fell to the floor, rolling away from Patrick.

Patrick rolled the cue to Alex. “Don’t forget your weapon,” he teased, while nursing his own balls which were quickly turning red.

Alex eventually reached for his pool cue and stood up. His right testicle was growing bigger than his left one, and had a big blue dot in the center.

Alex limped towards Patrick, his tolerance was obviously lower than the Canadian’s, despite having kicked both of his nuts.

The cues clunked as they tried to hit each other in the balls again. Both guys attempted to get creative; Alex swung his cue at Patrick’s knees, who leaped over the attack, while Alex side stepped a whack that was coming for his shoulder.

Patrick took the opportunity to hit Alex in the butt while his back was turned. Forming a bright red line across his ass.

Alex yelped as he turned over. He was nervous and wasn’t too sure on what he was doing.

Patrick charged at Alex and purposely whacked his stick into Alex’s, moving it out of the way as he went to poke Alex’s left testicle.

Alex flinched as he caught the oncoming pool cue, surprised that he caught it. He tried to jab Patrick’s nuts with his cue, but it suffered the same fate.

Patrick and Alex were playing tug of war with both cues, trying to get the advantage of being in possession of both weapons. Alex placed his foot on Patrick’s stomach, making the Canadian groan and wince, rendering him unwilling to pull on the pool cues.

Alex, on the other hand, pulled hard on both cues, and applied more pressure on Patrick’s stomach, forcing the wind out of him.

Patrick decided to release the grip on one of the cues, causing Alex to lose balance and fall backwards.

The Canadian took a deep breath before turning his attention back to Alex, but as he stepped forward, Alex grabbed the free cue and launched it into Patrick’s right testicle like a javelin.

Patrick let out an ear-shattering scream as he dropped to the floor. Amazingly, still familiar with his surroundings, he made sure to land on top of his pool cue to keep possession of it, causing Alex to lose his grip.

Each of them were laying on the ground, whimpering in pain.

Patrick slowly stumbled to his feet, his right nut was already swelling and beginning to turn purple. Alex stood up too. Both men were in a lot of pain and their movements were off. They couldn’t take a proper step without somehow hurting their nuts.

As Alex stumbled towards Patrick, he was pulled over the Canadian’s knee.

Patrick used the fat end of his pool cue to spank Alex a few times before using his hand, turning both of his ass cheeks red.

While still in pain, the spanking, along with Alex’s wails, were enough to give Patrick a boner, easing some of the immediate agony.

When Patrick went to push Alex off his knee, the fat end of Alex’s cue went crashing into both of his nuts, causing the Canadian to fall to the floor and moan in pain. “Did Alex plan that?” he thought to himself. He was starting to feel sick from the pain.

By stroke of luck, when Patrick lifted his head to find Alex, he saw the American webmaster crawling away from him on all fours. “Thank God,” he mumbled as he grabbed his cue.

Alex’s legs were spread just enough apart as he was crawling away from the Canadian. As much as Patrick would have loved to tease Alex’s hole with the pool cue, he knew that he needed to end the game for both their sake. Patrick lifted his cue and sent it flying into Alex’s left nut.

All the models cheered as Patrick rolled onto his back and raised one of his hands in victory, while the other was nursing his balls.

Erik brought Patrick and Alex an ice pack as the other models gave both webmasters a round of applause.

Alex needed some assistance to get to his feet, his face full of tears as he held the ice pack to his balls.

Patrick, very slowly, stood up. He limped his way towards Alex. He extended his hand.

“Sorry,” Patrick whispered very faintly, “I just don’t want to risk our balls smacking into each other’s right now.”

Alex chuckled between whimpers and shook the Canadian’s hand. “That game would have been hot if it wasn’t so painful.”

“Come on. I felt your dick get hard at some parts. It just goes to show that no matt-” Patrick was viciously interrupted as François and Jonathan shoved him into Alex, while Ben and Kev pushed Alex from the other end.

They both let out glass shattering screams as their swollen testicles collided into each other’s. Squishing together as close as possible before they both fell in to the floor.

“Sorry, guys. We just couldn’t pass up that golden opportunity” François chuckled.

“Ditto” Ben added.

Alex resumed his sobbing on the floor. “No more, I can’t take this anymore!” he cried.

Kev walked over and kicked Patrick onto his back. “François, Jonathan, take a picture of Patrick’s balls.”

The Canadians chuckled as they pulled their cellphones from their pockets. They snapped a few pictures at various angles.

“Pat, you’re the winner! We also provided you with a unique gift,” Kev explained without concern. “Remember that photo you showed in your presentation where you had your balls painted black and white to look like pool balls? Well now it’s a reality, my friend! Your balls look just like that!”

The entire room let out a loud chuckle before everyone turned their attention to Vince, who was walking in between Alex and Patrick.

“Guys, what do you say we help these guys up? There’s only a few hours before our guests have to leave. Erik and I will do the dishes while you guys go play. We’ll let Alex, Chad, Doug and Patrick get some time to recover in the meantime,” Vince explained.

The models agreed and helped Alex and Patrick to their seats, bringing an end to the fun festivities they planned for the final breakfast.


After breakfast, Jonathan and Kev went for a walk along the beach. They spoke about many things: life, sports, hazing, ballbusting, and when they might see each other again. While there were no exact dates planned, they exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in contact.

François spent his last couple of hours with Leo and Tristan at the skatepark. With plans for François to visit around Christmas, it provided a sense of relief for the skaters, who were developing quite a like for the Canadian. They too spoke about ballbusting along with other interests they share. Although the skaters couldn’t quite put their finger on it, François each made them feel special about themselves. In turn, there was something about each one of them that really caught François’s attention as well.

Patrick and Doug stayed with Alex and Chad at the studio. They spent good portion of their time nursing their busted balls before eventually reviewing all the scenes they had released over the past week and discussing what changes or improvements they could make moving forward.

Now, it was time to say goodbye. It was the early afternoon, and the Canadians were waiting for a taxi to drive them to the airport. The entire Ballbusting Boys crew were waiting outside the studio with them.

Doug and Patrick shook hands with Erik, Vince and Chad, thanking them for the wonderful week they had, and for new tips to consider when filming a scene.

When Doug was finished saying his goodbyes to Alex, Patrick stepped forward. “Thank you so much for everything this week; the scenes, the treats, the exchange of ideas… the fun,” he emphasized while running his fingers through his dark brown hair. “You’re so kind to have invited me and my guys over to your studio, especially on such short notice!”

“Oh, Pat! The pleasure was ours. It was a treat for my models to work with some talented guys, and it also lightened their work load,” Alex laughed. “As for you, well, you brought me out of my shell. I’ve grown so comfortable around you guys that I feel I can do anything, like that painful pool game this morning,” he winked.

“Oh, the fine line between pleasure and pain, eh?” The Canadian said as he nudged Alex. “This visit was amazing, I really think it will give a big confidence boost my staff. Also, I’m glad you came out of your shell, it lead to some fun activities,” Patrick returned the winked .

Jonathan and François were saying goodbye to all the models, thanking them for a fun week:

“Thanks for the acrobat lessons, guys! Even though I almost got my dick pulled off I had such a fun time on that trapeze!” Jonathan said to the twins and Parker while shaking their hands.

“It was my pleasure. If you ever want to have sex like that again, you know where to find me,” Parker smirked.

Jonathan shook his head before shaking hands with Danny and David, Phil, Cal, Brandon, Leo, Tristan, Sammy and Simon.

He took a deep breath when he stood in front of Xander. “I’m not really sure what to say,” Jonathan smiled as he rubbed the back of his neck. “Hopefully we can film a scene together if we see each other again. I think we could do something cool.”

Xander smiled. “I bet we could.”

Jonathan leaned forward and gave Xander a hug. The skinny blond got a stiff cock from Jonathan’s strong body and heavenly smelling cologne.

The hockey player’s face was blushing when he pulled away and noticed Xander’s bulge through his white shorts. “Take care, man!” is the only thing he managed to say.

Xander bit his lip as he watched the handsome Canadian walk away, thinking of ways he could dominate him whenever he’ll get the chance.

Jonathan shook Zach’s hand and thanked him for the hospitality, then walked over to Logan.

“It was fun working with you, Jonathan! Just learn a couple wrestling tips and I’d love to have another match with you someday,” the wrestler smiled as he gave Jonathan a firm handshake.

“I have a couple friends at the studio who can show me some holds. Once I master them and give it the Gandhi-touch, ‘I’ll be back!’” Jonathan joked as he quoted the terminator.

Logan chuckled before giving the hockey player a hug. “Have a good trip, man.”

Colin and Ben smiled as Jonathan approached them. “Well, man, it was nice to meet you! Don’t hesitate to come back and visit sometime.” Coin and Ben said as they shook hands with the departing guest.

Jonathan nodded and stood in front of Kev. “Thanks for everything! You made me feel welcomed. If you ever want to come to Montreal and hang out, or get a hazing, feel free! Maybe I’ll try and come back sometime in the new year.”

“For sure! Next time we’ll invite some babes over and throw a bitchin’ party!” Kev cheered.

“You’ll lose them, just saying,” Jonathan chuckled and puffed out his chest, causing Kev to roll his eyes and hit his buddy in crotch.

Jonathan groaned as he went to give Kev a hug. “Take care my friend! Fight the good fight!”

As Jonathan was saying goodbye to his friends, François was saying goodbye to his.

The Quebecois exchanged handshakes with Cal, Brandon, Phil, Parker, the twins and Danny, before giving half-hearted ones to David and Xander. He resumed his handshakes with Zach, and then to Logan.

“I tip my hat to you again. We brought the house down yesterday and put on one hell of a match! I’ve had some funky fights before, but this one was wild,” Logan smiled as the two “super” models shook hands. “Oh, and teach Jonathan some tricks, will you? He would be a beast if he’d know what he’s doing,” the wrestler laughed.

“I’ll see what I can do,” François giggled. “We did raise the bar in that match, didn’t we? I never thought of edging myself in a fight before. Like I said, hopefully sometime we can have the match that we were expecting to have yesterday; I’m sure we’ll outdo ourselves and come up with something cool yet again.”

Simon gave the Quebecois a hug as he walked up to him. “Take care, François! Thank you for wanting to work with me come Christmas! I’ll speak to my boyfriend and hopefully we can all do something together.”

“Thanks, Simon!” François smiled as he kissed the 23-year-old on the lips. “I’d love to work with you and Gareth. If you ever feel like talking, or want to exchange ideas, you have my number.”

 François continued on and shook hands with Ben and Colin, before smirking as he approached Kev.

“François,” Kev nodded.

“Kev,” François returned the nod. “I’m so sad we never got to work together this time around. But fear not, I’m coming back for Christmas. I’ll be sure to aim a little Christmas spirit into your eyeballs when I come back” he smirked.

“You got it all wrong, I’m going to be the one shooting cream into your eyes!” Kev laughed. “If we have a match, it won’t end in a tie; I’ll be victorious.”

“Until then, though. I hope you have an awesome few months! It was so nice to meet you, and I can’t wait to come back,” François smiled as he extended his hand.

“Take care! I can’t wait for Christmas!” Kev said and shook the Quebecois’s hand.

“Sammy,” François said as he approached the red-headed skater. “I hope that if I need a doctor after the matches everyone wants to have with me, that you won’t be on vacation.”

“The doctor is always available in an emergency,” Sammy laughed. “I had a nice time getting to know you and working with you. You’re one tough cookie. I hope you have a safe trip back home.’

François thanked him and the two shook hands.

“One last thing, François. Can you take care of these two crybabies next to me?’ Sammy chuckled and nodded to his friends, Leo and Tristan.

Tristan was biting his lip and looked at the Quebecois with sad eyes. “I was hoping to come and visit you for your birthday, but I don’t think I can make it up to Canada before 2018. I wish Christmas was closer.”

“Don’t be sad Tristan,” François said as he softly kissed the blond skater’s lips. “You’re an amazing, talented, cool, and sexy guy! I’m so happy I met you. Even though we’ll be apart, I’ll message you a lot and we can chat on video. Also, I would be more than happy to host you at my place come the new year. Don’t worry, we’ll talk plenty, okay?”

“Okay” Tristan softly said as he tenderly hugged François.

Next to him was Leo, who wasn’t in much better shape.

“Leo, don’t be sad. I’m glad I met you and I can’t wait to spend some time at your place in December. You’re such a sweet, caring, and handsome guy. Don’t ever lose your sense of adventure. It’s an amazing quality.”

“Thank you,” Leo said with a weak smile. “You’re such an amazing person. When I first met you, I was amazed on how high you regarded sex and ballbusting. Now, I got to know the rest of you, and it makes you all the more amazing. I’m going to miss you!” Leo said as he put his arms around François and kissed him.

“Don’t be sad about the present situation. Look forward to the future,” the sexy twink smiled. “Take care, Leo, I’ll speak with you once I get home.”

The taxi pulled in front of the studio.

François was starting to tear up as Patrick put his arm around him.

“Thank you for making François feel welcomed, guys. I’m very happy to see you’ve become such close friends.”’ Patrick said as he and François started to walk towards the taxi.

“So, which one do you have a crush on?” Patrick jokingly asked his model.

François smacked his boss in the nuts, making him cough and laugh before rubbing his hand on François’s head.

Patrick, Doug, François and Jonathan stood in front of the taxi and waved one last goodbye to everyone. “If you ever want to visit our studio, Alex, just let me know and I would be honored to have you.”

“That would be amazing! I’ll get back to you for sure,” Alex smiled. “Goodbye, guys! Safe travels.”

The taxi driver loaded up the luggage and began to drive to the airport.

“Thank you so much for bringing us to meet those amazing people! It was an awesome life experience.” François said, wide-eyed and emotional.

“Do you think they’ll come to visit us at some point, Pat? Or that maybe we can go back?” Jonathan asked with excitement.

“That depends on Alex. But, if you guys want to go and visit their studio on your own, I have no issues with that, and if you want to invite your new friends over to hang out with us, I’d be happy to have them visit,” Patrick explained to his models as he stared into the sideview mirror, watching the Ballusting Boys studio as they rode away.

“If you’re asking if Ballbusting Canucks will officially collaborate with their studios again, I can’t say. The only thing that I know for sure… is that nothing is for sure.”

At that moment, Patrick got an alert from his phone. It was his assistant messaging him about a new idea:

“Picture this…”


Anonymous said...

What a great ending for a great series! I think I have fallen in love with Francois! Thank you so much and please tell me we will see him again!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Francois is such a lovable nd confident model, yet a bit sensitive at the same time! Luckily, you might see hom sooner than later. Thanks again for commenting! :)

Pat :)