Friday, March 22, 2019

Snapshot: The coach

This is the 14th part of a loose series of short stories inspired by pictures that I found on the web. They don't necessarily feature any of the regular characters. If you have an inspiring picture let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (

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"You sure, coach?" Elijah weighed the baseball bat in his hands. 

"Just do it, son", Coach Rockley said.

He was naked except for a pair of shoes and a helmet, and he was kneeling in front of the team, his balls exposed. He had jerked his dick until it was hard so that the players had an easier shot at the target.

"Do it", Coach Rockley repeated. "Hit 'em out of the park."

Elijah and his team mates chuckled.

"If you say so, coach", Elijah grinned.

Coach Rockley was known for his unusual coaching style, and after today's crushing defeat he knew he had to give the guys something good to build up morale, strengthen their team spirit, and let them know that it wasn't their fault. 

Elijah's bat connected with Coach Rockley's fat, plump testicles, ramming them into his body.

The muscular man let out an anguished grunt as the team erupted in cheers and laughter.

"Good one, son", he croaked. 

Elijah high-fived his team-mates as they complimented him on his shot.

"You cracked his sack!"

"Coach is gonna feel that one for weeks..."

"That rooted out the Rockley family tree!"

Coach Rockley was grimacing in pain, barely able to stay kneeling. 

But now was not the time to give up. 

Now was not the time to worry about his sex life or his ability to father children.

Now was the time to teach these guys a lesson about not giving up.

"Come on!" Coach Rockley grunted. "Who's next?"


Carter said...

Wow that one was good but I wish it was longer... kind of wish it was a mean coach punishing his players though

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed this little story! :-))