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The key to happiness: Gleam of hope

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I hold the key to Kinky Kage's cock

Featured in this story: Simon and Zach (click for pictures)

It had been eleven days since Zach had been lockup in a chastity device after losing a vicious game that required him to bash his own balls to win.

The 20 year old stud was shifting on his feet, nervously looking at his watch every couple of seconds. Zach’s blond hair was ruffled and he looked haggard and jumpy. He was wearing a loose pair of tracksuit pants and a tank top.

I could only imagine how frustrated Zach was. Having a huge, beautiful dick and a pair of superb balls filled to the brim with cum, and not being able to use those gifts that nature had given him – I was pretty sure that Zach was going through a pretty rough time.

In addition to that I knew some of the guys at his frat house, and I was sure that, if they had found out about Zach's secret, they were giving him hell...

“He’ll be here any minute”, I said with a gentle smile. I looked at the camera and checked the battery. My cameraman Chad had a day off and I was going to handle the camera alone today.

23 year old Simon arrived at the studio almost half an hour late, carrying a little wooden box. He was wearing navy blue pants, a white shirt and a fashionable blue tie. As always, he was wearing a pair of horn-rimmed glasses that made him look like a bit like Clark Kent. And just like the comic book hero Simon was in possession of a mighty superpower: He held the key to Zach’s dick.

“Hi there”, Simon said with a smile, putting the box on the table.

“Finally you’re here”, Zach groaned. He quickly took off his pants and looked at Simon expectantly.

Zach’s dick was locked in black plastic Holy Trainer. His junk looked pretty funny with the little plastic tube that encased his dick buried between his huge testicles. The way his balls were held by the chastity device it looked as if they were trying to pop right through the skin of his sack.

Simon didn’t even look at Zach. He turned to me and smiled. “How are you, Alex?”

“Can’t complain”, I said with a chuckle. “How are you?”

In the corner of my eyes I saw Zach shifting nervously.

“Oh, I’ve had a great week”, Simon said. “I’ve had some pretty awesome sex.”

Zach let out a groan.

“I met a guy with absolutely no gag reflex”, Simon continued, adjusting his crotch. “Seriously, I fucked his face for like an hour. It was fantastic.” He chuckled. “I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Simon?” Zach mumbled.

Simon ignored him. “I’m meeting him again later today. God, I can’t wait to get into that mouth again.”

“Simon?” Zach repeated.

“That guy is such a cum slut”, Simon chuckled. “A tight hole and a willing mouth. There’s nothing better, is there?”

Simon and I laughed.

“Simon!” Zach yelled.

Simon chuckled and turned to Zach, an innocent smile on his face. “Hey Zach, how’s it hanging?”

Zach stared at him. “Give me the key”, he said.

Simon raised his eyebrows.

“Give me the key”, Zach repeated, urgently.

Simon smiled. His eyes wandered to Zach’s crotch. When he touched Zach’s balls, Zach winced.

“Oh man”, Simon said, grimacing in sympathy. “These balls are bursting with cum, huh?” He gave Zach’s large testicles a gentle squeeze.

“They are”, Zach moaned.

Simon nodded slowly, running his finger in circles over the taut skin of Zach’s nutsack. “You’re dying to get out of that cage, aren’t you?”

“I am”, Zach groaned.

Simon nodded again and gave Zach’s swollen balls a playful slap.

Zach’s junk wiggled comically, and Zach let out a surprised yelp.

“Alright”, Simon said cheerfully. “Let’s see what we can do about that.” He turned to the wooden box that was sitting on the table. “Open it.”

Zach quickly opened the box. When he saw what was in it he froze.

Simon grinned.

I peeked into the box and chuckled. It was filled with about fifty or sixty keys that looked more or less the same.

Zach turned to Simon, a desperate expression on his face.

“This is how it works”, Simon said with a smile. “You pick a key. If it’s the right one you’re free. If it’s the wrong one you’ll get a kick in the nuts.”

Zach looked horrified. “But it could take forever until I---“

“You’re right”, Simon interrupted him. “That’s why you only get ten chances. We don’t want to spend all day, right? And I have a throat to fuck later today…”

Zach stared at him. “But what if I…“ His voice trailed off.

“If you don’t find the right key?” Simon smiled. “Well. I guess your dick will remain in custody for another ten days.”

Zach blinked.

Simon looked at his watch. “Okay, pick a key.”

Zach groaned. He looked at Simon. “Why are you doing this?” He tugged listlessly at his caged cock. “That’s just cruel!”

He didn’t sound angry or aggressive, more like a whiny kid whose favorite toy had been taken away by his parents.

Simon raised his eyebrows. “We don’t have to do this”, he said with a shrug. He closed the wooden box and lifted it off the table. “We really don’t.” He turned on his heels and walked to the door.

Zach stared down at his locked-up dick, a pained look in his eyes.

Simon had reached the door.

“Wait!” Zach yelled.

Simon stopped. He slowly turned around and smiled.

Zach bit his lower lip.

“You want to play?” Simon asked.

Zach nodded.

“Good”, Simon said and put the box back on the table. “You’re lucky that I’m not easily offended, you know. Other guys, they would have just walked out and let your dick rot in that cage.”

Zach bit his lower lip and nodded.

Simon looked at him expectantly.

Zach raised his eyebrows.

“Well, I think an apology is in order”, Simon smiled.

Zach shifted uncomfortably.

Simon shrugged and turned on his heels.

“I’m sorry”, Zach blurted out.

Simon turned to him and smiled. “See, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He walked back, put the box on the table again and grabbed Zach’s nuts. Squeezing hard, he grinned. “Now let’s see if we can get these suckers back into business…”

Zach let out a miserable groan.

Simon chuckled and let go of Zach’s nuts, allowing him to double up, clutching his balls.

He opened the box and smiled at Zach. “Pick a key.”

Zach sighed and rummaged through the little keys in the box. “They all look the same”, he muttered. “How am I to find the right---“

Without a word, Simon grabbed the box and pulled it away from Zach.

“No!” Zach yelled. “Nonononono! I’m not complaining. I’m just--- I just---“

Simon sighed and let go of the box.

“I’m sorry”, Zach mumbled. “I’m sorry.” He picked a key and held it up.

“Want me to try it?” Simon asked.

Zach nodded his head.

“Key number 1”, Simon smiled, kneeling in front of Zach. He grabbed the chastity device and twisted it to reach to the lock, squishing Zach’s tender babymakers in the process.

Zach let out an anguished groan.

“This is exciting, isn’t it?” Simon chuckled.

The key didn’t fit.

“Oooh, what a bummer”, Simon grinned, giving Zach’s nuts a playful smack with the palm of his hand. “Spread your legs.”

Zach sighed and did as he was told.

Simon took off his shoes, revealing his woolen socks. Then he brought his leg back and kicked Zach’s nuts hard. A side-effect of the chastity cage around Zach’s dick was that it held Zach’s nuts firmly in place. The hard plastic material was an additional source of pain for Zach’s poor testicles.

Simon’s foot connected perfectly with Zach’s gonads, flattening them against his pelvis and driving the chastity device into his tender meatballs.

Zach let out a hoarse groan and doubled over in pain.

“Oh, that’s gotta hurt so bad”, Simon chuckled, cringing in mock-sympathy as Zach gasped for breath. “Your poor little ballsies! I bet they are throbbing with unimaginable pain right now…”

Zach grunted something unintelligible while massaging his hurt nuts.

“Go on, try again”, Simon grinned.

Grimacing in pain, Zach picked another key and gave it to Simon.

“Key number 2”, Simon grinned and waved it in front of Zach’s face. “Will this be the one to free your poor cock?”

Simon fumbled with the chastity device before looking up at Zach, an apologetic smile on his face. “Nope. Doesn’t fit.”

“Fuck”, Zach groaned.

Simon motioned for Zach to spread his legs again, and Zach complied.

The second kick was worse than the first. Simon’s instep caught both of Zach’s precious orbs dead-on, ramming them into his body and eliciting a shrill squeal from Zach who collapsed on the ground, writhing in agony and clutching his junk.

“Damn”, Simon commented. “That was a good one.”

It took a little time until Zach was able to continue.

The third key didn’t fit either, and Simon kicked Zach’s balls with a running start, lifting him off his feet and squashing his tender testicles into his body.

Zach let out an ear-piercing scream that made Simon and me shudder in sympathy.

“You sound just like those old records that my grandma used to listen to”, Simon chuckled.

I laughed. “Italian Opera I presume?”

“Exactly”, Simon burst out laughing. “Doesn’t he sound like Maria Callas?”

I listened to Zach’s soprano wailing and shrugged. “There’s a certain resemblance…”

“Yeah, right?” Simon chuckled. “Maybe there’s a career in it for him?”

We laughed as Zach was rolling around on the ground, nursing his battered balls.

When Zach had chosen the next key, it looked like it might fit. It went completely into the lock, and Zach’s face lit up for a moment.

But Simon wasn’t able to turn it and open the lock.

“No”, Simon sighed. “Doesn’t work.”

Zach let out a miserable moan.

“Oh dear”, Simon said, grimacing in sympathy. “I really thought this might be it…”

“Fuck you”, Zach grunted.

“Oooooh, guard your tongue, young man”, Simon chuckled. “You’ll get an extra hard kick for that.”

Simon’s foot collided with Zach’s fat babymakers, squashing them into his body and making Zach squeal in agony.

Zach’s big, juicy nuts were considerably swollen and starting to turn red.

When the fifth key didn’t fit as well, Simon walked around Zach. “Let’s shake things up a bit. What about a kick from behind for a change? Would you like that?”

Before Zach had a chance to answer, Simon’s foot came up between his thighs at lightning speed. A loud splat echoed through the room when Simon’s instep connected with Zach’s huge balls.

Zach’s eyes lost focus and he let out a miserable wail before sinking to his knees and clutching his battered balls.

Unfortunately, Simon’s little toe had made contact with the chastity device, and Simon was hopping back and forth, grimacing in pain. “Fuck”, he grunted. “That really hurt.”

“Is everything okay?” I asked quickly. “Do you need some ice?”

Zach’s screams were so loud that Simon didn’t hear me.

I rushed over to Simon. “Is it bad? Do you want me to get some ice?”

Simon grimaced and massaged his little toe. “It’s okay. Seems like nothing’s broken.”

“Take your socks off”, I said. “Let me have a look.”

Zach was rolling back and forth, screaming his lungs out.

I examined Simon’s little toe. It looked a little swollen but otherwise okay.

“You really should put some ice on it”, I said. “An injury like that is not nothing…”

Simon shrugged.

While Zach was recovering, I fetched some ice for Simon’s little toe.

“Why don’t you take over for me?” Simon said, pointing at Zach.

Zach’s face was a mask of pain. His blond hair was wet with sweat and clinging to his head. His big, plump nuts were swollen and bruised and pressing against the plastic of the chastity device.

“Sure”, I said.

Zach picked another key, and I tried to open the lock.

It was much more difficult than I imagined. Zach’s nuts were so swollen that it was hard to reach the lock. I had to push and yank and poke and shove his testicles – only to find out that the key didn’t fit.

“Kick him hard”, Simon said, sitting on the couch, his foot on the couch table, a little bag of ice on his little toe. “But don’t hurt yourself.”

“I better keep my shoes on”, I nodded before kicking Zach’s balls as hard as I could. There was a crunching noise when my sneaker-clad foot connected with Zach’s genitalia, and I thought for a moment that the chastity device had broken.

But judging from Zach’s high-pitched, anguished squeal it was just his nuts.

“Oh my god”, Simon laughed. “That was a good one!”

“It was, wasn’t it?” I chuckled. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit proud. Back in school, I hadn’t been a very successful soccer player, but apparently my skills had improved over the years…

When Zach picked the seventh key, he looked at me, his eyes teary and red, his face contorted in agony. “This is it”, he whispered. “I can feel it.”

On the couch, Simon let out a laugh. “Fingers crossed!”

I chuckled. “Well, let’s have a look.”

Of course, the key didn’t fit, and Zach let out a whimper when I told him to spread his legs.

I brought my foot up into Zach’s nuts with all the force I could muster, crushing them flat into his body.

Zach’s face scrunched up and he let out a long, pitiful squeal that made me cringe in sympathy. He started jumping up and down, clutching his balls and screaming from the top of his lungs.

I looked at Simon and grinned sheepishly.

Simon laughed and gave me two thumbs up.

Zach didn’t look very hopeful when he picked the next key, and he was right. The key didn’t fit, and I decided to try a kick from behind this time.

I went as hard as I could, lifting him off the ground as my foot made contact with Zach’s nuts. He instantly collapsed on the ground, retching and gagging and clasping his sore nuts.

“Two more chances”, Simon said cheerfully.

Zach’s hand was shaking when he handed me the ninth key. I knelt down in front of him. Up close, his genitalia looked even worse than I thought. His nutsack was bright red and his balls had swollen to the point where the hard plastic cock cage was wedged painfully between them, constantly pressing against their tender flesh.

The key didn’t fit, and Zach looked like he was about to cry.

“Oh, come on, be a man!” Simon shouted from his position on the couch. He lifted the ice bag that was sitting on his foot, and wiggled his toes. “Oh, that looks nasty”, he mumbled at the sight of a little red spot on his little toe.

I kicked Zach’s nuts as hard as I could, making him inhale sharply as his eyes rolled back into his head.

For a second I thought he’d pass out but he didn’t. Instead, he screamed like a banshee, massaging his poor, battered balls.

While Zach was recovering, I sat down next to Simon.

“This is his last chance”, I said.

Simon chuckled. He looked at Zach who was writhing on the floor. “Yes, it is”, Simon said with a smile. “One more chance or he’ll spend another ten days with his dick locked-up.” He grinned. “I sure hope he finds it…”

In the meantime, Zach had managed to struggle to his feet again. He was staring into the wooden box.

“This is your last chance, Zach”, Simon said. “Choose wisely!”

Zach grunted and reached into the box. He held up a key and turned to us.

“That one looks good”, Simon grinned. “Really, I think that could be the one.”

Zach stared at Simon. Then his face lit up. “You think?”

Simon nodded and smiled. “Oh yeah, I think that’s the one. Why don’t you try it yourself?”

Zach nodded eagerly and looked down at his junk.

“Do you know what you’re going to do with your newfound freedom?” Simon grinned.

Zach grimaced as he fumbled with his swollen, bruised balls and his locked-up dick, trying to fit the key into the lock. “I’m going to fuck like there’s no tomorrow…”

“Maybe I could introduce you to the guy I’m seeing tonight”, Simon smiled. “You know, the one without a gag reflex. I bet he could deep-throat your big, fat cock.”

Zach looked up, a hungry expression in his eyes. “You think?”

“I’m pretty sure”, Simon said. “He loves big dicks.”

“Does he take it up the ass as well?” Zach asked, fumbling with the key and the lock.

“I thought you were straight”, Simon chuckled.

“I am”, Zach said quickly. “It’s just--- My balls are fucking filled with cum. I don’t think a girl could take it. I need to release it before---“ He stopped fiddling with his junk and let out a frustrated sigh. “Could you help me?” He looked at Simon with a pleading smile. “Please?”

“Sure”, Simon said. He got up and knelt in front of Zach. “Ooooh, your nuts look nasty.”

“They do, don’t they?” Zach groaned.

“You might need to give them a rest after this”, Simon chuckled, playfully smacking Zach’s balls.

Zach let out a scream. “I’m so fucking horny I’m going to blow a load no matter how painful it is”, Zach whimpered.

Simon looked up at him. “You know, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” He shrugged. “The key doesn’t fit. Sorry.”

Zach’s eyes widened. “What?!”

Simon got up and smiled at him. “Looks like your dick will remain locked-up for another ten days.”

Zach stared at him. “What?!”

“But first”, Simon smiled and took a couple of steps back. “You’ll get one final kick to the nuts.”

Zach’s jaw dropped.

With a running start, Simon’s foot crashed into Zach’s groin, ramming his big, swollen nuts into his body and flattening them like two meaty pancakes.

Zach froze.

He gasped for breath.

His eyes watered.

His legs started shaking.

Then, with an anguished wail, he collapsed on the ground and curled up in a little ball, clutching his gonads and whimpering in pain.

I turned to Simon. “How’s your foot?”

Simon looked down at his foot and wiggled his toe. “It’s alright I think.”

“You know, I think I have an ointment that might help”, I said.

“Oh, that’s be great”, Simon smiled. “It is hurting a little…”

We turned out backs to Zach who was rocking back and forth, nursing his balls, moaning and groaning in agony, and walked to the bathroom.

When we returned, Zach was gone. And with him the little wooden box.

Simon looked at me and chuckled.

“He took the keys”, I said.

Simon nodded. “He’ll probably spend the night trying every single one of them”, Simon smiled. “And then he’ll try them all again and again.”

I raised my eyebrows.

Simon reached into his pocket. “Because the right key never was in the box in the first place”, he said with a wink, holding up the little shiny key to Zach’s chastity cage.

“Poor guy”, I said slowly. “He’ll go probably go mad.”

Simon put the key back into his pocket and chuckled. “I’ll have to think of a way to make him pay for stealing the box.” He chuckled. “I’m sure I’ll come up with something nice…” He looked at me and smiled. “Bye, Alex. See you in ten days.”

Oh no! What a nasty twist! Poor Zach! And I feel very, very bad for our reader Kinky Kage who has vowed “to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and to lock back up whenever he gets locked in future stories.” (see the first comment on High stakes – part 1.).
I’m so sorry, Kinky Kage! I know you were looking forward to getting released today. Well, I guess you’ll have to remain locked up for another ten days as well… :-))


Anonymous said...

Ohhh poor Zach looks so desperate for a good fucking, maybe he should ask is frat friends for help, I'm sure they would be very happy to give him a good old ganbang. Hey better than nothing right Zach?

As for Kinky Kage, his sacrifice sure isn't being in vain this has potential to be better than "Zach's education".

Anonymous said...

Poor Zach, I was wondering what he's gonna do when he finds there's no useful key. Maybe...
- go to the carpenter to open the cage (but the carpenter causes him much pain without solving the problem);
- go to a doctor which gives him a powder to calm him, but mixed with Viagra (that Zach is still assuming) has an opposite effect
- in the end, utterly despaired, he would maybe follow one of his friend's advice to be ballbusted or to bust hus own ball to prevent his balls from exploding with cum.

But maybe there are other possibilities. A desperate guy makes desperate choices

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I'm glad you like the story, and I love your ideas! :-))

Anonymous said...

What a charming story.
Alex this is one of our favorite (we're 4 fans of your site)
Please don't wait 10 days to write a new post. We 'd like to see a story, even a short one, to know hot things are going to poor Zach, how his balls are churning with cum and what is he going to do.

Anonymous said...

Alex the story is great
Well sooner or later he'll have to be unlocked and to cum...
what about the milking enterprises? How many loads will they be able to extract from him? In the end he would be empty but not happy...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

I'll see what I can do... :-))

I think Simon already has something planned for the final chapter - and I'm pretty sure you'll love it... :-))

Anonymous said...

Im starting to get bored from the chasity thing. All i read is how miserable zach is. And you just repeat“he kicked and zach screamed”allover again. i was sad when i realized there will be no squeezing cum all over his abs and stuff

Alex said...

Thanks for your feeback! I'm working on a couple of other stories that might be further up your alley so stay tuned... :-))

Anonymous said...

I think the next time zach should just ask for straight up 60 hits to the balls, if he manages to not pass out he gets the key.

I still want to see him being gangbanged in chastity would be such a waste to let the opportunity slip.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I have a few ideas for the next parts. I'm not sure about the gangbang but I promise to think about it. :-))

Unknown said...

Sorry I couldn't comment earlier but I have been swamped with work. On the plus side, it helped slightly to take my mind off being locked but now... Dang... Needless to say I enjoyed the story even though it was pretty mean to not give Zach a real chance;) I can't wait... Just a few more days

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Kinky Kage! I'm glad you enjoyed the story - even though I'm sure you would have enjoyed it more if you weren't locked up... Maybe you'll be free on Monday. We'll see...