Friday, February 12, 2016

The burglar and the baseball bat (Barry meets Logan and Ashley)

Special thanks to our reader Barry for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves baseball bats as much as Barry but uses them differently!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains mixed ballbusting (m/m and f/m), graphic homosexuality and heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Logan started up from his sleep.

He rubbed his eyes and looked at his watch.

A couple of minutes past midnight.

The 18 year old stud yawned and lay down again. He ran his hand through his short blond hair and stared at the ceiling.

Ashley wouldn’t be here for at least another hour. She was out with a couple of friends but she had promised to swing by on her way home. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for a week, and Logan had threatened to take care of things alone if she didn’t make time for him. It had only been half a joke.

Logan looked at his crotch. His dick was rock hard and had turned the thin white blanket into a tent.

His parents were away for the night, and Logan had the house to himself. He couldn’t wait for Ashley to arrive.

His hand reached under the blanket, his fingers wrapping around his fat, meaty dick. After stroking it a couple of times, he felt the heat rising. Close to the edge, he stopped and closed his eyes, breathing heavily. That load was for Ashley.

Suddenly, there was another noise.

Maybe Ashley was early? He couldn’t wait for her two wrap her lips around his cock and suck that load of pent-up cum out of his balls!

Logan got out of his bed and walked to the door, bare naked, his hard dick leading the way.

He opened the door and tiptoed down the stairs without turning the lights on. She hated being spooked – and he loved her reaction, that confused expression in her eyes.

There was that noise again.

Maybe she was a little tipsy and had trouble putting the key in the lock? Logan chuckled. The last time Ashley had been drunk they had fucked all night until his dick had waved the white flag after a couple of mind-blowing orgasms.

Logan’s dick twitched at the memory and and he stroked it a couple of times, stopping just when he felt like he was about to shoot his load. A drop of precum landed on the ground. Logan almost slipped on it when he tiptoed on.

There was nobody at the door, and Logan turned around. Maybe his mind had played a trick on him. He turned around to head back upstairs when he heard another noise.

It came from the basement.

Logan walked to the top of the stairs and looked down. There was a light coming from his workout room. The door was ajar.

Logan smiled.

Sometimes Ashley made him wear his wrestling singlet or his baseball uniform before they made out. Maybe she had brought her cheerleader outfit?

Logan’s dick twitched.

He tiptoed down the stairs and heard her rummaging around in the room.

He inhaled deeply. Then he pushed the door open, jumped into the room and yelled, “Got ya, babe!”

There was a surprised yelp.

The person rummaging through Logan’s stuff spun around.

There it was, that confused expression that Logan loved so much – but it wasn’t Ashley’s eyes that stared back at Logan.

The eyes belonged to a young man with ginger hair and a wiry and fit body, dressed in black chinos and a black long sleeve t-shirt.

The two guys stared at each other.

Slowly, the burglar’s eyes wandered down to Logan’s rock-hard dick that was dripping wet with precum. He was holding one of Logan’s worn jockstraps in one hand, and an old wrestling singlet in the other.

“You’re not Ashley”, Logan said slowly. He realized the absurdity of that statement right after he had spoken. “Who are you?!” he added quickly.

The burglar’s eyes darted to the small window that he had broken to get into the house.

“Who the fuck are you?!” Logan repeated, louder this time. He balled his fists. Adrenaline was pumping through his body.

The burglar made a run for the window but Logan tackled him to the ground.

“Tell me your name!” Logan yelled, punching the burglar in the face.

They struggled, each of them trying to get the upper hand.

The room was filled with grunts and groans.

“Tell me your fucking name!” Logan yelled again and again.

The rolled around on the floor, punching and hitting each other.

Suddenly, the burglar’s knee crashed into Logan’s crotch, nailing his bare balls dead-on and squishing them flat.

Logan’s eyes widened and lost focus. He let out a strangled groan and rolled to the side.

The burglar got up. His eyes fell on a baseball bat that was leaning against the wall. He grabbed it and weighed it in his hand.

“I’m Barry”, the burglar said slowly, raising the bat. “And you are fucked!”

Logan’s eyes widened and he raised his arms to protect his face.

Barry wasn’t aiming for his face, though.

The bat smashed into Logan’s fat nuggets and slammed them into his body.

Logan let out an anguished howl as shock-waves of pain radiated through his body. His face contorted into a mask of pain as his cum-filled babymakers were squashed flat against his body.

Logan’s scream echoed through the room as he curled up in a ball.

Barry looked around and found a piece of rope.

A moment later, Logan was tied up in a very inconvenient position. His head was on the ground, his arms spread apart and tied to the legs of a big, heavy cabinet. His legs were lifted up above his head, his legs spread wide, his feet tied to the cast-iron fittings at the top of the cabinet. His mouth was stuffed with an old jockstrap, muffling his screams of pain and protest.

Barry looked down at Logan, a wide grin on his face. Logan’s legs formed a wide V, with his ample genitalia conveniently placed right in front of Barry.

“Look at that fucking boner”, Barry sneer, tapping Logan’s hard dick with the business end of the baseball bat.

Logan let out a muffled groan.

Barry chuckled and assumed a baseball batter’s stance, aiming for Logan’s precious jewels. He brought the bat back and winked at Logan. “Let’s hit them out of the park”, he grinned before bringing the bat up to Logan’s ballbag at rapid speed, stopping just before the impact, making Logan flinch and struggle against his restraints, groaning and moaning.

Barry laughed and repeated the move, making Logan wince and writhe even though Barry didn’t make contact with his nuts.

“You’re afraid, huh?” Barry chuckled. “Afraid I’ll destroy those fucking nuts and crush them to paste?”

Logan’s dick twitched violently.

“Look at your cock”, Barry chuckled. “It wants to shoot one last load before your balls are history.”

Logan let out an angry grunt.

The third time, Barry went through with it. The baseball bat smashed into Logan’s tender testicles with a resounding splat. The two big balls bounced up in their sack and Logan let out a long, muffled scream.

Barry laughed and struck Logan’s nuts again, delivering a hard blow from above, ramming Logan’s testicles into his body.

Again and again, Barry hit Logan’s gonads with the baseball bat, smashing the delicate orbs as hard as he could, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Logan as his dick twitched and bounced against his abs.

Soon, Logan’s nuts were swollen and bruised, and his muscular abs and chest were covered in precum.

After more than a dozen hard hits, Logan’s balls released their precious pent-up cargo. A huge jet of spunk hit Logan in the left eye, followed by a second and a third spurt that splattered against his nose and mouth. Within seconds, Logan’s face completely covered in sticky cum, and his orgasm was far from over.

His aching balls pumped out everything they had in an incredible eruption that would have been awesome if it weren’t so painful.

Barry was laughing his ass off, smashing Logan’s busy balls with the baseball bat as his salty semen splattered against his muscular body.

Logan was screaming and moaning in agony.

Finally, his orgasm was over.

“Wow”, Barry chuckled, poking at Logan’s spent balls with the baseball bat. “That was a huge load. I bet you could have had a lot of fun with it…” He ran the business end of the bet over Logan’s abs, coating it in Logan’s semen.

“You know”, Barry continued with a mean grin. “I wonder if there’s another load in those big, fat balls of yours.”

Logan’s eyes widened in fear. His left eye was starting to turn red, burning intensely from the salty cum that had hit it.

Barry looked at Logan with mock-sympathy. “Aww. You don’t want me to smash another load out of your balls, huh?”

Logan shook his head violently.

Barry smiled and ran the cum-covered baseball bat over Logan’s nuts and his crack until he poked it against Logan’s tight asshole. He looked at Logan expectantly.

Logan let out a muffled scream of protest, shaking his head wildly.

His smile widening, Barry nodded slowly. “Oh, yes.” He chuckled and pressed the sticky business end of the baseball bat against Logan’s puckered hole. “Knock, knock!”

Logan screamed into his jockstrap, clenching his hole tight.

“Oh, come on”, Barry grinned. “A little ass fuck never hurt anybody, right?” He added more force but Logan’s asshole didn’t allow the bat in.

Barry clicked his tongue. “You know, I’ve heard about a little trick.” He balled his fist and winked at Logan. “You just have to push the button, and---“ He sent his fist smashing down onto Logan’s sore, spent balls, crushing them flat as pancakes.

Logan let out a strangled wail as the bat penetrated his tight asshole.

“There you go!” Barry laughed, shoving the bat into Logan’s ass as far as it would go.

Logan’s muffled scream filled through the room.

“Let’s see how far it will go in”, Barry chuckled and punched Logan’s nuts again, simultaneously shoving the bat further up Logan’s ass.

Logan’s burning eyes went wide with pain and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

One more time Barry punched Logan’s nuts and pressed against the baseball bat, shoving it in until he felt a resistance.

Logan’s dick twitched.

“And there’s the prostate”, Barry laughed as Logan screamed and wailed in pain.

Barry started fucking Logan’s ass with the baseball bat, mercilessly pounding his asshole while punching his balls at the same time.

Logan’s face was contorted in pain as he watched the baseball bat go in and out of his poor hole while his nuts were crushed again and again by Barry’s powerful fist.

The stimulation of Logan’s prostate soon caused his dick to get rock hard again, and Logan squinted at the fat tip of his cock that pointed at his face like a guided missile. The mushroom shaped head was pumping and pulsing, and Logan spotted a harbinger of his load oozing out of the slit and dripping onto his stomach.

Barry pounded Logan’s ass with the baseball bat as hard as he could while punching his rapidly swelling balls with his closed fist.

Logan groaned and moaned, his eyes fixed on his cock that was twitching and throbbing, ready to shoot him in the face any second.

And yet, when it happened, Logan was taken by surprise. The first spurt missed the target, splattering against the cabinet right above Logan’s head. The second spurt hit him right in the face with a wet splat, instantly coating his face in creamy cum. The first batch of cum had barely dried when his face was generously covered in a second layer of sticky jizz.

Barry laughed and grabbed Logan’s swollen balls with both hands, wrapping his fingers around the two bloated orbs. The baseball bat was stuck deep inside Logan’s ass.

When the spurts coming from Logan’s dick turned into a dribble, Barry squeezed his nuts hard, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of Logan’s balls to force out every last drop of cum.

Suddenly, there was a loud thud and Barry’s eyes widened as he froze in surprise and pain.

Behind him, Ashley withdrew her cheerleading baton from between his Barry’s thighs. She knew how to handle the baton, and she had whacked him right in his balls.

Logan’s girlfriend was wearing her cheerleader’s uniform, her long blond hair in big tails on either side of her head.

Barry let out a breathless whimper. His eyes crossed and his knees met as he sank to the ground.

“Logan!” Ashley shrieked when she saw her boyfriend, tied up, a jockstrap stuffed in his mouth, a baseball bat sticking from his ass.

Logan let out a muffled whimper.

“Oh my god”, Ashley covered her mouth with her hand. “What has he done to you?”

“Mfgrmph”, Logan replied.

Barry was rolling on the ground, clutching his groin and groaning in pain.

Ashley’s eyes widened when she noticed the cum dripping from Logan’s face. She dipped her fingertip into the sticky sauce and tasted it with her tongue. “Is that yours?” she asked.

Logan nodded his head sadly.

“That fucking brute!” Ashley hissed, turning around and staring down at Barry. “You fucking brute! That load was for me!” She twirled her baton and smashed it into Barry’s groin, hitting the big bulge in his chinos dead-on and making him scream in pain.

“You stole that load from him!” Ashley yelled. “From me!”

Once more, she smashed the baton into Barry’s balls, eliciting an anguished wail as his balls were smashed against his body.

“What would you say if someone took your little dick and stole your load?!” Kneeling down next to Barry, Ashley roughly opened his belt and unzipped his trousers, reaching into his underwear and pulling out his naked genitals. “Your little---“

She stopped midsentence.

Barry stared at her, his eyes wide with horror.

His dick was rock-hard, and it was thing of pure beauty. A big, majestic cock with two large, plump balls to match.

Logan saw the look in Ashley’s eyes.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan grunted.

Ashley bit her lower lip. Barry’s dick looked awesome. And since Logan’s powerful tool was probably out of commission for a couple of---

“Mfgrmph!” Logan protested.

Ashley swallowed hard. “Makes no difference”, she said quickly. “You stole my boyfriend’s load.” She got up and kicked Barry’s legs apart. “I’ll make sure you won’t get any pleasure from your beautiful dick neither!” With that, she swung her baton between Barry’s thighs as if she was Tiger Wood’s long-lost twin sister. She hit Barry’s big balls hard, smashing them into his body and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Mfgrmph!” Logan sneered.

Again and again, she slammed her baton into Barry’s gonads, making him scream and squeal from the top of his lungs. She made sure to give equal attention to both of Barry’s big balls, smashing them hard and squishing them with her baton.

“Mfgrmph!” Logan egged her on.

Suddenly, Barry’s dick erupted in a huge fountain of cum that almost hit the ceiling before raining down on him with wet splats.

Jet after jet of sticky jizz sputtered out of his dick as Ashley proceeded to smash his nuts to peanut butter.

She continued to squash his balls for another couple of minutes after his orgasm had subsided, letting out all of her sexual frustration and making sure that Barry would be sexually frustrated for a long time as well.

Finally, she looked down at him.

Barry curled up in a ball, his face a mask of pain. Clutching his battered testicles, covered from head to toe in his own cum, he let out a miserable whimper and started rocking back and forth in agony.

Ashley turned to Logan. She wiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “Phew”, she mumbled. “Okay, that’s that.”

Logan looked up at her, smiling weakly. “Mfgrmph!”

“I love you, too”, Ashley said softly.

She looked at him and smiled.

He looked kinda cute with the jockstrap stuffed in his face and the baseball bat sticking from his ass.

Ashley felt a tingle between her thighs. She leaned over and pulled the jockstrap out of Logan’s mouth.

“Thank you, babe”, Logan croaked.

Ashley leaned over and kissed him on the lips, tasting his sweet cum.

“Now untie me”, Logan said hoarsely. “I’ll call the police.”

Ashley nodded slowly. She licked her lips. “Or”, she said with a teasing smile, “we have a little fun before we call the police.” She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties.

“Babe?” Logan croaked. “I don’t think I’ll--- May balls are--- And my dick is---“

Ashley smiled and stuffed her panties into Logan’s mouth.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan groaned.

“It’s a shame”, Ashley sighed and listlessly tugged at Logan’s spent, limp dick. “I really wanted to ride that tonight.” She sighed again and squeezed Logan’s swollen, bruised balls.

Logan let out a muffled yelp. “Mfgrmph!”

“I know”, Ashley smiled. She giggled and ran her finger over the baseball bat that was sticking out of her boyfriend’s ass. “I always wanted to try a double-headed dildo with you”, she whispered, lowering herself onto the baseball bat.

“Mfgrmph”, Logan moaned.

Ashley winked at him. “This is going to be one hell of a ride!”


Anonymous said...

Definitely my favorite story. And ive read them all! It is an awesome one,keep up the good work, love your blog so much

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Colton said...

Aww poor Logan. I'm always so torn when he's getting busted, he's such a nice guy but it's just so damn sexy when he gets the cum beat out of him. Another hot story as always Alex, you never disappoint.

Alex said...

Thanks for yor comment, Colton! Yeah, Logan has a pretty rough time right now. At least he has Ashley to comfort him... :-))