Friday, January 8, 2016

Naked Nutball Tournament

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

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“Welcome to the 24th Annual Naked Nutball Tournament!” Kev yelled. The brown-haired jock was standing on small podium in the far end of the common room in the basement of the dorm that was filled with cheering and hooting guys.

Everybody in the room was bare naked, and the air was ripe with the distinct smell of all-male dormitories: sweat and testosterone mixed with beer and marijuana.

“Yeah!” Kev roared, raising his arms into the air and prompting his buddies to cheer even louder. His athletic body was defined and muscular, and it was quite obvious that he was not ashamed to show off his big dick that was dangling in front of his impressive pair of low-hanging balls.

Next to Kev were his best friends Ben and Colin, both of them 20 years old, just like Kev.

Ben was a handsome stud with black hair and an awesome body with muscles in all the right places. Colin was not quite as tall but just as athletic as Kev and Ben. His dark blond hair was cut short and he had a huge smile on his face.

Like Kev, Ben and Colin sported very impressive dicks and big, plump balls. Due to the excitement, Ben’s dick was semi-hard and swinging gently from side to side.

“This is what we’ve all been waiting for”, Kev yelled. “By the end of the night we’ll have a new Nutball Champion. Or maybe last year’s winner will defend the crown?” He turned to his buddies and grinned. “Remind me. Who won last year’s tournament?”

“You did”, Colin and Ben answered in unison.

“I did!” Kev roared, grabbing his dick and balls and shaking it at the crowd that went wild with cheers and laughter.

“Now, before we start, let me introduce a special guest”, Kev shouted. “The man who came up with the idea for this event 24 years ago! The man who’s responsible for the fact that this dorm has the lowest sperm count in the whole city! The man who holds the record for winning the Naked Nutball Tournament not once, not twice, but three times in a row!”

The crowd cheered and clapped.

“Give a round of applause to Colin’s dad, Mr. Decker!” Kev yelled from the top of his lungs.

The man who climbed the podium was in his early to mid-forties, a handsome stud whose blond hair was starting to turn grey at the temples. He was the only person in the room wearing any clothes, a tight white t-shirt and blue jeans.

“Hey there!” he grinned and waved at the crowd.

“We’re so happy to have you here, Mr. Decker”, Kev grinned and patted the older man’s shoulder.

“Call me Kenneth. I’m glad to be here”, he said with a wide grin. He looked at the crowd of naked young studs and chuckled. “Looks like nothing has changed since I was here.”

“You came up with the idea”, Kev said. “Tell us a little bit about how it all started.”

A couple of guys in the crowd groaned.

“Guys, calm down”, Kev said, raising his arms. “This is important. I mean, this man is living history.”

Kenneth chuckled. “Ancient history.”

There was polite laughter from the crowd.

Kev looked at him expectantly.

“You wanna know how it all started?” Kenneth said. “Well, there’s nothing much to tell, I’m afraid. We were bored and high and looking for something fun to do. I guess we just wanted to make sure we never got kids.”

The crowd laughed.

“In the first year, it was just me and a couple of friends here in this room, lobbing baseballs at each other’s nuts”, Kenneth continued with a chuckle. “Then we did it again. And again. And somehow it became a tradition.”

“You won three times in a row”, Kev grinned. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks”, Kenneth chuckled.

“And now your son is taking part for the second time”, Kev continued.

Colin grinned and scratched his pubes.

“Yeah”, Kenneth smiled. “Who would have thought, huh?”

“Looks like there’s a chance for us to get kids after all”, Kev grinned.

Kenneth chuckled. “Sorry to burst your bubble but he’s adopted.”

“Nothing good has ever come out of those sagging old balls of his”, Colin chimed in, lightly tapping his father in the nuts.

Kenneth winced as the crowd roared with laughter.

“Just kidding”, Kenneth chuckled and retaliated by smacking his son’s bare balls with the back of his hand. “He’s my flesh and blood.”

Colin doubled over, groaning.

“But he doesn’t seem to have inherited his father’s balls”, Kev observed, chuckling.

Kenneth sighed. “Yeah, you’re right about that.”

“It’s a good thing you weren’t here last year”, Kev said, grimacing at the memory. “Your son had to quit in the second round after puking all over the floor.”

Kenneth looked at Colin and chuckled. “I hope you’ll do better this year.”

Colin grimaced. “Yeah”, he mumbled. “Me too…”

“Alright”, Kev said, clapping his hands. “Let’s get on with it! This year we have 128 nuts in the competition.”

A pale skinny redhead in the first row cleared his throat.

“Oh yeah, right. It’s 127”, Kev grimaced. “How could I forget about the ‘Nutsplotion’ last year. Thanks for reminding me, Half-Sack. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you this year. You don’t have many to spare anymore…”

Half-Sack grinned weakly.

“So we have 127 nuts in competition”, Kev raised his voice again. “Let’s hope it’ll still be 127 when we’re finished!”

The crowd of naked guys clapped their hands and cheered. Half-Sack seemed to clap extra-loud.

“Everybody has received a match schedule, right?” Kev said. “As always, it’s sudden death.”

“For your nuts”, someone yelled, prompting the rest of the guys to burst out laughing.

Ignoring the heckler, Kev continued. “If you want to practice your throws before playing, we have a couple of balls for you in the hallway.” He grinned. “Trust me, they’re great for training. If you manage to hit those two times in a row you’re right on the road to victory…” Kev looked at his watch and turned to Kenneth. “We’re gonna start in fifteen minutes. Do you wanna do the honors?”

Kenneth grinned. “Sure.” He rubbed his hands and started to recite the traditional opening rite. “Are you ready to crush some nuts?”

“Yeah!” the crowd roared in unison.

“What will be left of them?” Kenneth yelled.

“Nothing!” the crowd shouted back.

“Who’s gonna win in this game?” Kenneth yelled.

“Nobody!” the crowd shouted back.

“Then why do we do this?” Kenneth yelled.

“Cause we got balls!” the crowd shouted back.

“I hereby declare the 24th Annual Naked Nutball Tournament officially open!” Kenneth yelled.

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause and there was a huge commotion when everybody tried sacktapping each other. 

The sound of naked testicles getting smacked mixed with anguished grunts and groans and roars of laughter.

Some of the guys stormed the stage, attacking Kev, Ben, Colin and Colin’s father. Apparently the veteran nuts of record-holder Kenneth were a particularly coveted target, and within moments the podium collapsed and the guys landed in a huge pile of naked limbs, heads and genitalia on the ground.


In the hallway, Swedish exchange student Leif heard the commotion. His eyes widened at the unmistakable sound of testicular mayhem, and his balls involuntarily pulled up in his sack.

A moment later, the door burst open and a couple of naked studs stumbled out, most of them groaning and cupping their gonads.

When they saw Leif, they burst out laughing.

The 19 year old blond was suspended from the ceiling. His mouth was stuffed with a jockstrap and he was bare naked. His muscular legs were spread wide apart and his feet were attached to the walls on either side.

A hand-painted sign was hanging around his neck said “Practice here” with an arrow pointing down at his exposed crotch. To call his dick miniscule was flattering. The already tiny organ had shriveled to a pitiful, tiny piece of wrinkly skin. Due to the fact that his balls had pulled up in fear, they were all but invisible, two little peas hiding underneath a crinkled pickle.

“Fuck”, one of the guys laughed, “How are we supposed to practice on those?!”

“It’s like Kev said”, another chuckled, “if you manage to hit those raisins you’ll do great in the tournament!”

A few feet from where Leif was hanging, there was a red line on the ground and a bucket filled with baseballs.

The two naked studs reached into the bucket and each of them grabbed a baseball, weighing them in their hands.

Leif couldn’t help but stare at the groins of the dozen or so guys who were standing in line to turn his peanuts into paste. None of them was exceptionally well endowed, but their meaty dicks and their low-hanging balls looked mammoth in comparison to Leif’s meager equipment.

“I almost feel sorry”, one of them grinned before adding, “Not.”

The ball sailed through the air and connected with Leif’s inner thigh before dropping to the ground.

Leif let out a muffled yelp.

“Damn”, the thrower mumbled. “It’s harder than I imagined…”

One by one, the boys fired the baseballs at Leif’s pitiful genitalia, missing the tiny little balls time and time again, leaving red marks all over his lower abdomen and his thighs.

Finally, after more than a dozen attempts, Leif’s little peanuts were hit dead-on by a ball. It smashed into his groin with a resounding smack, ramming his little bits into his body and eliciting a muffled squeal from the Swedish hunk.

The gathered crowd erupted in wild cheers and applause.

“That was a trinity shot!” one of them yelled enthusiastically. “I hit his dick and both of his balls!”

Leif was panting heavily, his eyes filling with tears as the pain radiated from his tiny balls through his muscular body.

“Of course it was”, another guy shouted. “At that size, every shot has got to be a trinity shot!”

The training session went on for another ten minutes, and the guys got better and better, landing hard, precise hits to Leif’s defenseless genitalia and making him scream and squeal into the jockstrap.

“Shouldn’t they grow bigger from the swelling?” someone wondered.

The guys leaned forward, squinting at Leif’s crotch.

“I don’t know”, another one said. “It’s hard to tell but---“ He took a step closer. “I think they are bigger than they were before. They’re almost the size of redcurrants now…”

“And the color’s right, too”, yet another one chimed in. “What do you think, can we turn them into blackcurrants?”

The crowd erupted in laughter as Leif protested with muffled grunts.

Suddenly, the sound of a gong echoed through the house.

The guys cheered and turned away from Leif, leaving him hanging in the hallway, his nuts throbbing and hurting.


Kev rang the gong a second time.

“Round one!” he yelled.

All over the house, the guys found their designated partners and chose a place to sit down and play.

Kenneth walked through the common room and watched the guys play.

His son was playing against a muscular guy with curly black hair and dark skin whose balls were the size of lemons.

Colin had the first serve and hit his opponent squarely in the balls.

“That was a good one, son”, Kenneth chuckled as Colin’s opponent let out an anguished grunt through his gritted teeth. “Fat balls like those, they’ll go down fast. It’ll be an easy win for you…”

Right at that moment, Colin’s nuts were crushed by a hard, precise hit that crushed both of them and flattened them like pancakes.

Colin let out a wail of pain, and his father grimaced in sympathy. “Or maybe not”, Kenneth mumbled and turned away.

He walked through the house, chuckling at the anguished wails, suppressed groans and shrill squeals that filled the building as sixty-four guys threw baseballs at each other’s valuables.

Due to an elaborate seeding system that pitted weak-balled underdogs against seasoned veterans, the first round was over fast.

There were a couple of surprises, most astonishingly Colin’s win over his big-balled opponent who gave up after only a couple of nut-shattering hits, citing an alleged girlfriend’s rough manners in bed as a reason for his disappointing showing.

Ben had an easy job, defeating a freckled freshman with a series of aces while mocking the poor guy’s lack of muscles and laughing at his inferior throwing skills that never came close to threatening Ben’s ability to reproduce.

Kev had a tougher opponent, a cocky graduate who bragged about his pitching skills. As Kev found out, they were indeed remarkable, and the two exchanged a barrage of hard, nut-crunching throws, neither of them willing to give up. In the end, Kev’s tactical skills prevailed as he concentrated on weakening his opponent’s right nut with a series of bouncing shots before knocking him out of the competition with a mind-blowing fastball that connected perfectly with the weakened testicle and made his owner retch and gag and admit defeat to avoid having the same thing done to his left nut.

Kev’s match lasted the longest, and those who were not watching or nursing their own battle wounds gathered in the hallway to practice some more before round two.


Before starting the second round, Kev untied poor Leif who had been on the receiving end of a couple of very hard shots from a close distance since the guys had decided to move the starting line a couple of feet.

“How are you?” Kev grinned, pulling the used jockstrap out of Leif’s mouth.

Leif coughed.

“Everything okay down there?” Kev chuckled and tapped Leif’s swollen nuts with the back of his hand.

Leif’s eyes crossed and his knees met as he doubled over, wailing in pain.

Kev chuckled. “You’re a great guy. The guys loved you!”

“Good”, Leif croaked before sinking to the ground.

Kev rang the gong for the second round.

With half the guys out of the competition, the atmosphere grew more hot-tempered and competitive. After all, most losers’ instinct was to root for the guy who defeated them so they could say they were knocked out by the eventual winner.

This time, Kev was pitted against a lanky stoner who seemed to have lost all feeling in his testicles. He had a calm, sleepy grin on his face as Kev whacked his nuts over and over and over again. The downside of his obvious consumption of illegal doping substances between round one and round two was that his aim was way off now, and the few times he got Kev in the balls it was as surprising to him as it was for the spectators.

After more than three dozen solid hits to his rapidly swelling ballbag, the stoner looked down at his nuts and scratched his head. “Whoa, dude”, he said slowly. “Look at those fucking nuts. They’re fucking huge, dude! They are, like, huge!” He poked at his right testicle and winced. “They are like a rainbow, dude. All the colors!”

“It’s your turn”, Kev said impatiently.

“Chillax, dude”, the stoner said and listlessly threw the ball at Kev, hitting him in the knee, while staring at his swollen nuggets.

Kev answered with a well-placed hit that hot both of the stoner’s battered balls.

“Dude”, the stoner croaked as his face contorted into a mask of pain. “Ow.” Then his eyes rolled back into his head and he toppled over backwards.


In the meantime, Ben was dealing with a far more interesting opponent. A beefy, brawny hunk with a low-hanging pair of cherry-sized balls and a sturdy dick that was a little on the short side.

“It’s quite obvious who wins the size contest, huh?” Ben chuckled, proudly spreading his legs and weighing his fat nuggets in his hands.

“Size doesn’t matter”, the brawny guy said sternly.

Ben shrugged and fired the baseball at the brawny guys nuts.

It connected with a dull thud, making the muscular hunk grunt in pain.

He retaliated with a well-placed return that smashed into Ben’s fat plums and flattened them like pancakes, knocking the wind out of his lungs and eliciting an anguished groan.

They went back and forth, hitting each others’ nuts with all the force they could muster. A small group of guys surrounded them, egging them on, cheering and clapping wildly whenever one of the players’ ballbags took a hit.

After a while, both Ben and the muscleman were starting to sweat. Their heads were red and hot, and beads of sweat were running down their naked bodies. The dull thuds turned into wet splats, and the grunts and groans turned into screams and shrieks.

“Looks like size is not necessary an advantage, huh?” the muscleman grunted through his gritted teeth.

“Fuck you”, Ben retorted and fired the baseball at his opponent’s crotch, hitting his nuts dead-on.

The muscleman tried to hide his pain but his eyes filled with tears as he gasped for air. “You have to do better than that”, he barked. “Looks like you’re not strong enough…” With that, he slung the baseball at Ben’s privates, scoring a perfect hit and ramming his jewels into his body.

Ben let out an angry roar. Summoning up all his strength he hurled the baseball between his opponent’s tree-trunk thighs.

The muscleman’s eyes widened as his delicate cherries were crushed into his body. His body tensed. His eyes twitched and his jaw dropped. “I give”, he shrieked in a girlish voice before curling up in a ball, sobbing uncontrollably.

“Fuck yeah!” Ben yelled, jumping up and doing a little victory dance, his swollen balls bouncing up and down between his thighs.


Colin was up against one of the most popular guys in the dorm, a handsome, athletic stud with dashing good looks and the body of a Greek god. His pubic hair was neatly trimmed and he sported a perfect, meaty dick and a pair of beautiful balls. Even when he was clothed, he had an aura of pure sexual energy. Sitting naked on the floor, he looked confident and desirable, exuding an irresistible passion that was hard to ignore.

A dozen guys were surrounding Colin and the stud.

Kenneth leaned over to his son and mumbled, “You know, it’s alright if you lose against him.”

Colin looked back at him, raising his eyebrows. “I won’t lose.”

Kenneth sighed. “You will, son. Trust me, you will…”

“This is gonna be fun”, the stud smiled at Colin. “Let’s go.”

A couple of minutes later, the stud was lying on the floor, curled up in a little ball, clutching his aching nuts and wailing in pain.

Colin was smiling from ear to ear. His balls were slightly swollen and red but in a far better condition than the stud’s which had swollen to the size of cantaloupes and were covered in ugly bruises.

The guys who had witnessed the stud’s demolition were in a state of shock. Colin had trashed the poor guy’s gonads with relentless force and incredible precision, targeting one testicle at a time and hitting them both so hard that the stud’s sex life was put on hold for at least a week.

“Poor guy”, Kenneth said, grimacing in sympathy.

Colin stared at his father. “You sound like you wanted him to win.”

Kenneth smiled sheepishly and scratched his head. “I’m proud of you”, he said, trying to sound convincing while glancing at the crying stud with obvious sympathy.

Colin chuckled. “Really? Don’t think I didn’t hear you scream ‘Just wreck his worthless balls!’ just a minute ago. So don’t tell me you were rooting for me…”

Kenneth cleared his throat. “I guess I got a bit carried away”, he said weakly. “I really am proud of you.” He smiled. “You did a great job. Hell, you ruined that guy’s nuts. He might have beautiful kids some day – but they’ll all come out cross-eyed…”

Colin let out a laugh.

“Well done, my son!” Kenneth chuckled.

Colin smiled. “Thanks, dad.”


In the break between the second and the third round, some of the guys gathered in the kitchen to have some shots.

“My money’s on Kev”, one of them said. “He’s one hell of a nutball player.”

“Yeah, he’s a champion”, another one chimed in. “The way he wasted that stoner’s balls – wow, just wow!”

“But Ben’s pretty good as well”, the first one said, opening a can of beer.

“Good, maybe. Great? Naw… And his balls took quite a beating in the last round. I wonder if he’ll make it through to the quarterfinals…”

“Sure he will – have you ever seen him give up?”

The guys laughed.

The topic changed and the guys compared their balls, showing off their battle wounds and joking about what the tournament meant for their sex lives.


Sixteen guys were left in the third round, and it became clear that the previous matches had left their marks.

While some ballsacks looked worse than others, every player had suffered quite a bit of nut pain, and they all tried to end their matches as quickly as possible. Each of them threw the baseball as hard as they could, trying to score a match-winner early in the game.

It was this round that sorted the wheat from the chaff. Weak throwers were mercilessly drubbed, and even the most seasoned players experienced what it meant to take a hard, perfectly thrown baseball right in their most precious possessions…

Kenneth was standing behind Colin, his hands on his knees, encouraging his son, yelling for him to beat his opponent, to trash his balls and make him choke on his sperm. Colin’s opponent was a sweet guy, a young and naive freshman who didn’t know what hit him when Colin, spurred on by his father, attacked his ballsack with gusto again and again. The freshman had suffered a couple of critical hits in the second round, and after more than a dozen solid nut-crunching connections, his nuts were bruised and swollen, and he gave up.

Ben ran into a bit of trouble early on when his opponent, a very skilled Italian law student who bragged about “breaking balls in and out of court”, unsettled him by mocking the size of his dick and balls. Taking a page from Ben’s own book, the student laughed at his dick and balls, softening him up psychologically before physically attacking his nutsack with a series of perfect hits. Fortunately, Ben regained his footing and fought his way back into the game, gritting his teeth and hitting his opponent’s fat meatballs until the poor guy couldn’t take it anymore and passed out.

Kev was faced with a pair of small, dense balls that belonged to an athletic gymnast who wasn’t very good at throwing balls – but whose small testicle size turned out to be quite a challenge for Kev’s accuracy. Gradually, Kev zeroed in on the gymnast’s gumballs, and with every hit, the targets grew bigger and bigger, swelling up quite impressively and making them easier and easier to hit. The gymnast turned out to be quite a screamer, letting out soprano wails that echoed through the house like sirens. Finally, a comically high-pitched yodel marked his elimination from the competition, and quite possibly from the gene pool.


After the third round, Kev went looking for Swedish exchange student Leif.

He found him lying on the pool table, tied up, his legs spread wide apart, as some of the former participants of the tournament took out their frustration on Leif’s poor little balls by smashing them with pool balls.

“Tiny balls, corner pocket!” one of them yelled before sending the cue ball crashing into Leif’s junk, hitting his battered balls dead-on.

Leif screamed in pain as the guys burst out laughing.

“Could I borrow him for a moment?” Kev asked with a smile.

The guys protested but Kev managed to untie Leif and guide the naked stud to the hallway.

“You okay?” Kev chuckled.

Leif groaned. “Thanks for saving me”, he mumbled.

Kev smiled and patted Leif’s back. “Sure, that’s what friends are for, right? By the way, one of the players has thrown up in the kitchen. Could you clean that up for us, please? Thank you.”

Leif let out a groan.


When the quarterfinals started, it was already past midnight.

The eight competitors’ ballsacks were shimmering in all the colors of the rainbow, and some of them were seriously swollen.

Some of the players who had been eliminated earlier started to see the upside in their defeat. At least they’d be able to use their equipment productively again in a couple of days…

After his experience with the Italian law student in round three, Ben went on the offense right away, assailing his opponent, a curly-haired beau with a big, meaty pair of balls, with insults from the start. After a couple of hard hits to his big nuggets and a series of more or less witty insinuations about the quality of his sperm, the beau gave up and stormed out of the room, accompanied by the spectators’ derisive laughter and Ben’s triumphant yells.

In the match between Colin and a tall, blond baseball player, it was Colin’s father who did the shouting. Standing behind Colin like a coach at a football game, Kenneth tried to motivate his son by mocking his opponent’s throwing skills and his swollen testicles. He would have loved to make fun of the handsome guy’s dick size – but it was very obvious that Colin was outgunned in that department… Colin and the baseball player attacked each others’ nutsacks as if their lives were at stake. Blow after nut-crunching blow found its target until both Colin and his opponent were sure that they’d never even think of sex again. In the end, it was a close call. By pure luck, Colin landed a devastating hit that connected perfectly with the baseball player’s fat plums. A loud splat echoed through the room and made everybody wince in sympathy as the baseball player’s eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out from the pain. Colin’s father raised his arms into the air and let out a jubilant howl. His son just groaned and curled up in a ball, nursing his battered balls, happy to know that both of them were still intact.

Meanwhile, Kev was fighting last year’s runner-up in a fierce battle of epic proportions. Last year, in the final fight, Kev had defeated the muscular black football player after a prolonged match that had brought both of them to their limits, leaving Kev with the trophy and his opponent with a pair of ridiculously swollen and bruised pair of nuts. This time, Kev was determined not to let the match drag on for too long. After all, his balls were already showing signs of material fatigue, and he had to make it through two more matches if he wanted to repeat last year’s triumph. Fortunately for Kev, the football player had been up against some tough opponents in the previous rounds, and his balls had taken a number of hard hits. In addition to that, he had a new girlfriend who had demanded his full attention during the past two weeks, leaving little room for training as he fucked her at least once a day. With a pair of untrained, thoroughly drained testicles, the football player was no match for Kev, and he bowed out after getting smashed in the balls hard twice in a row.

Kev’s victory was no great surprise. Everybody knew he’d have a shot at the trophy once again.

For most observers, Ben’s performance was equally unsurprising. His balls weren’t as tough as he thought but he sure had what it took to see this through.

Colin, on the other hand, was a bigger surprise. After last year’s disappointing showing, most of the guys had written him off, dismissing him as a weak-balled wimp who couldn’t follow in his father’s footsteps. They had been proven wrong, and now even Colin’s dad was sure that he could win the tournament and carry on the family legacy.

But the biggest stunner was the guy who completed the semifinal line-up.

In an astonishing turn of events, Half-Sack had managed sneak his way into the semifinals. It was unbelievable. Everybody remembered the incident that had cost him a nut at last year’s competition, the ‘nutsplosion’ as the guys liked to call it. Nobody had expected the skinny redhead to compete in this year’s event. After all, with just one ball left you had to pick your battles wisely… And yet, Half-Sack had thrown his half-filled nutbag into the ring. And after defeating four serious contenders, all of whom were taller and stonger and – most importantly – blessed with twice as many testicles as him, Half-Sack was on the brink of making history as the first one-nutter to reach the Naked Nutball Tournament’s final.

Half-Sack’s quarterfinal win over one of the most athletic jocks in the competition turned into a massive celebration. The jock was writhing on the ground, clutching his throbbing, swollen nuts, as Half-Sack was carried through the room by a group of chanting guys.

“Half-Sack! Half-Sack! Half-Sack!” they yelled enthusiastically.

The skinny redhead’s face was as red as his nutsack that housed his slightly swollen testicle. He was beaming with pride, raising his fists above his head and trying to hide the excruciating pain that was radiating through his body.


 Colin and his father watched Half-Sack’s victory parade.

Kenneth chuckled. “Look at him.”

Colin smiled. “He’s a nice guy.”

“Yeah, he looks alright”, Kenneth said. “Brave young guy, putting his last ball on the line like that.”

Colin grimaced. “I don’t know. It’s another ‘nutsplosion’ waiting to happen.”

Kenneth nodded slowly. “Who’s his opponent in the final?”

Colin’s smile widened. “You’re looking at him.”

Kenneth raised his eyebrows. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, son! That young man is unpredictable. Aim right for that fucking nut and don’t feel bad for him! You’re in it to win it. That’s how I won the championship three---.”

“Three times in a row”, Colin sighed. He turned away, rolling his eyes. “Yes, I know, dad.”


A couple of minutes later, the crowd gathered in the common room for the first semifinal between Half-Sack and Colin.

The two naked guys were surrounded by a fired-up audience that celebrated every good, solid hit with wild cheers and applause.

Colin did as his father had told him: He mercilessly attacked Half-Sack’s swollen testicle with all the force he could muster.

The skinny redhead screamed in pain as his last nut was viciously crushed by the baseball.

“Right in the fucking nut!” Colin’s father yelled. “Good one!”

Half-Sack grimaced in pain and fired the baseball at Colin’s beanbag, smashing the two big orbs into his body and making him scream in agony.

“Half-Sack! Half-Sack! Half-Sack!” the crowd chanted.


A couple of guys who had been eliminated earlier had decided to skip the semifinals and hang out in the lobby instead. Passing a joint around, they were lying on the ground, ice-packs on their naked genitalia as they tried to recover and nurse their battered balls back to health.

Swedish exchange student Leif was passed out on the floor, and the guys passed the time by throwing beer cans at his little dick and balls.

Leif groaned in pain.

Suddenly the front door burst open and a man in his late forties, dressed in a brown corduroy suit with a striped shirt and a yellow tie, stormed into the lobby.

When he saw the naked guys, he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Where’s Floyd?” the man said.

The guys looked up and stared at him, confused expressions on their faces.

“Where’s Floyd?” the man repeated impatiently.

“Dude, you got to chill”, the stoner who had lost his match against Kev mumbled.

“You tell me right away where my son is or I’ll call the police”, the man said sternly.

“I don’t know anyone called--- Oh, you mean Half-Sack?” the stoner grinned.

“Half-S---“ Floyd’s father gasped. “Don’t you dare call him that! His name is Floyd! He’s more than just a pair of testicles!”

“Well, technically”, the stoner said with a wide grin, “your son is less than a pair of testicles.”

“One less”, another guy chimed in. “It's mathematics.” He paused and grinned. “Mathematesticles.”

The guys burst out laughing.

Floyd’s father’s head turned crimson. He opened his mouth to say something.

“He’s in the semi-finals”, the stoner said, nodding his head in the direction of the stairs. “Congratulations, dude. Your son is the man.”

“More like half a man”, the other guy giggled. “But yeah.”

Floyd’s father turned away and headed for the common room.

“Half-Sack!” the stoner yelled. “Your dad’s here!”


Down in the basement, the guys were clapping and cheering as Floyd had just delivered a nut-crunching hit to Colin’s poor, rapidly swelling nuggets.

“Half-Sack! Half-Sack! Half-Sack!” they chanted.

Colin grabbed the baseball, groaning and moaning in pain, trying to focus on the single plum in Floyd’s fruitbasket.

“Floyd Hamilton Williams Jr.!” came a loud voice from the back of the room.

A murmur went through the room as Floyd’s father made his way through the crowd.

“What the hell do you think you are doing, Junior?” Mr. Williams bellowed.

“Dad?” Floyd said, a dumbfounded expression on his face. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m taking you home, Junior”, Mr. Williams said. “I will not allow my only son’s last testicle to end as a grubby stain on a filthy carpet!”

Floyd’s eyes widened. “You mean you came all the way from---“

“We’ll talk about this in the car, Junior”, Mr. Williams barked. “Get up now.”

“Oh, Daaaad”, Floyd whined. “I’m just having fun with the guys.”

Mr. Williams’ eyes narrowed. “This is your idea of fun? This is what you---“

Right at that moment, Colin fired the baseball at Floyd’s crotch, hitting him square in his single testicle and eliciting a high-pitched wail.

The crowd let out a collective “Oooooooh!” and cringed in sympathy.

“Stop it immediately!” Mr. Williams barked.

Floyd was grimacing in pain, clutching his hurting nut. “But dad”, he croaked, “all my friends are playing and---”

“I said stop it”, Mr. Williams interrupted him, grabbing his son by the ear and pulling him up.

“Dad!” Floy screamed.

“I want to have grandkids someday”, Mr. Williams took his naked son by the hand and pulled him towards the exit.

“Daaaaad”, Floyd whined. “But I can win this!”

Colin’s father cleared his throat. “Don’t you think you are overreacting?” Kenneth said with a smile.

Mr. Williams turned around. “Who are you?”

“I’m the founder and three-time winner of the Naked Nutball Tournament”, Kenneth said with a proud smile.

Mr. Williams blinked. Then he turned on his heels and dragged his son out of the room.

“Looks like Half-Sack’s out of the competition”, Kenneth said with a wide grin and turned to Colin. “Which means that you’ve made it to the finals, my son!”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Colin and his father hugged each other in celebration.


After a short break, it was time for the second semifinal.

Neither Kev nor Ben had an easy path to the semifinal. They had defeated fierce and tough opponents, and they had the bruises to prove it.

After sitting down opposite him, Kev looked at Ben’s crotch and grinned. “Looks like Righty hasn’t had the best day, huh?” He pointed at Ben’s right testicle that was slightly more swollen than his left one. “When I’m finished with you, Lefty will look just the same – if not worse…”

Ben grimaced. There was a constant throbbing pain emanating from his nuts – but he certainly wasn’t going to give up. He flexed his muscles and grinned at Kev. “You know, why don’t you concentrate on your own balls?” he said with a cocky grin. “Have one last look at them before I turn them into meat sauce…”

The crowd erupted in laughter. This was going to be a fun match.

Kev chuckled. “You really think you can beat me, huh?”

“Sure I can”, Ben shot back. “You’ll be coughing up sperm when I’m done with you!”

A couple of guys hooted and cheered.

Ben had the first serve and smashed the baseball into Kev’s nuts. It was a perfect hit, and Kev let out a strangled yelp when the ball connected with his delicate testicles.

“Yes!” someone in the crowd yelled. “Right in the double yolker!”

“I’m gonna have that double yolker for breakfast!” Ben added with a roaring laugh.

Kev’s response was a nut-shattering pitch that landed right on target, slamming into Ben’s tender nuggets with a resounding splat.

Ben’s agonized howl was drowned out by the audience’s cheers and laughter.

“Now who’s got scrambled eggs, buddy?” Kev yelled, much to the amusement of the crowd.

The room was filled with agonized screams, jubilant cheers, derisive one-liners and roars of laughter as Kev and Ben went back and forth, both of them determined to make it to the final and to crush their opponent’s nuts.

After more than of heated rallies, Ben’s right nut had swollen to the size of an overripe tomato, and its color was heading in the same direction. His left nut was not far behind. It was bruised and bloated and sending pain signals through Ben’s body non-stop.

Kev’s junk didn’t look any better. Severely swollen and covered in black and blue marks, his balls looked like they would be out of commission for at least a month. And the contest wasn’t over, yet.

Fueled by testosterone, adrenaline and youthful hubris, and abetted by an enthusiastic, crazy crowd, the two naked hunks continued to assault each other’s manhood, mocking each other as they went back and forth, crunching each other’s nuts with all the force they could muster.

“Give up already”, Ben yelled hoarsely, slinging the baseball at his buddy’s crotch and smashing both of his swollen nuts dead-on.

Kev howled in pain. “Never!” he croaked before sending the baseball between Ben’s thighs, connecting perfectly with Ben’s fat right nut.

Ben let out a girlish shriek, prompting laughter and cheers from the crowd.


Colin and his father watched the match with satisfied smiles on their faces.

“Ouch”, Colin cringed when Kev scored another point with a particularly nasty shot.

His father looked at him. “The match will be over soon. How are your balls, son?”

Colin looked down at his crotch.

His nuts were swollen and red, and his dick had been caught in the crossfire a couple of times as well. There were a couple of bruises on the shaft, and a nasty one on the head.

“They’re fine, I think”, Colin mumbled, pulling up his limp dick and rolling his sore nuts between his fingers.

Kenneth squatted down in front of his son and inspected his junk. “Yeah, they do look okay. And they feel fine as well. Not too lumpy, not too squishy.”

Colin winced as Kenneth lightly squeezed each of his nuts between his thumb and forefinger.

Kenneth let go of his son’s equipment and playfully slapped the dangling ballbag with the palm of his hand.

Colin let out a yelp through his gritted teeth.

Kenneth chuckled. “You’re a winner, son. A real winner.”


The end of the second semi-final was slow and painful for both competitors.

Beads of sweat were running down Kev’s and Ben’s faces as their nuts were crunched again and again. They were gritting their teeth, their faces contorted in pain, as the crowd cheered and clapped wildly with every blow to the competitors’ most valuable organs.

Finally, with an ear-piercing shriek that made everybody in the room shudder and cringe, Ben’s eyes rolled back into his head and he curled up in a ball, crying in pain and clutching his battered balls.

“Yes!” Kev croaked hoarsely. “No kids for you, buddy!”

The crowd went wild as Kev looked down at his crotch, staring incredulously at his once beautiful balls that looked like they had been stone washed, put through a mangle and steam ironed.

Ben was writhing on the ground, cupping his sore testicles, whimpering, “My balls! My balls! My balls!” over and over and over again.

Colin walked up to Kev and smiled. “Welcome to the final, buddy”, he grinned.

Kev looked up at him, grimacing in pain, trying to put on a cocky smile but failing miserably. “Kiss your sex life good bye, buddy”, he said not very convincingly.

Colin chuckled. “I guess neither of us is gonna have sex for a while…”

Kev laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right about that…”


The thirty minute break before the finale was filled with Colin’s father sharing some stories about the beginnings of the Tournament.

Much to Colin’s embarrassment, Kenneth took off his clothes and showed off his junk, accompanied by hoots and cheers from the crowd.

“Come here, son!” Kenneth yelled, and Colin reluctantly stood next to his father.

“Can you see the family resemblance?” Kenneth grinned, putting his arm around his son’s shoulders before looking down at their junks.

Kenneth was slightly hairier than his son but his pubes were neatly trimmed. He had a nice, fat dick and a pair of big, low-hanging nuts.

But in comparison to Colin’s junk, his father’s equipment looked almost small.

“That’s just because of the swelling”, Kenneth mumbled.

“Sure, dad”, Colin chuckled.


The final match between Kev and Colin started with a bang.

“Before we start”, Kenneth said with a huge smile, “I have an announcement to make. I challenge the winner of this year’s contest to a game against me. Let’s see if your young nuts will win against these time-tested testes!” He grabbed his junk and shook his balls.

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

“Doesn’t have to be today”, Kenneth added with a grin. “Because I’m sure you’ll need some time to recover. Just let me know when you’re ready. You bet I’ll be ready, too!” He squeezed his ballsack tightly. “These lazy suckers need some action again!”

Colin and Kev looked at each other.

For different reasons, Kenneth’s announcement made them even more eager to take the trophy: Colin couldn’t wait to show his father whose nuts were tougher, and Kev was really keen to defeat the record-holding nutball champion.

“First I’ll take out your nuts, then I’ll do your father’s!” Kev grinned.

Colin chuckled. “No way, buddy. Dad’s nuts are mine!”

“Let’s go!” Kev grinned and fired the baseball at Colin’s nuts.

Colin grunted in pain as the ball hit the target, smashing him square in the nuggets.

The room was filled with cheers and hoots as Colin and Kev attacked each other’s genitalia without mercy.

Kev’s swollen balls were smashed again and again, eliciting screams that grew louder and high in pitch with every hit.

Colin’s nutbag wasn’t any better off. Kev’s pitches were hard and fast, and soon Colin’s nutsack looked just as bad as Kev’s.

Kenneth watched the match surrounded by the other guys.

Everybody was gathered in the common room to witness the final match of the night, the moment when one guy’s hopes (and nuts) were crushed and another guy was named Naked Nutball Champion of the year.

Every hit prompted a wild reaction from the crowd.

Kev and Colin battled each other for more than half an hour, seriously lowering each others’ chances of ever becoming fathers as their balls were squished and squashed again and again and again.

One of the guys in the audience turned to Kenneth and yelled something.

“What?!” Kenneth yelled back.

“Don’t you want to be a grandpa?” the guy repeated, louder this time.

Kenneth chuckled. “There’s always adoption, right?”

They both laughed as Colin’s nuts were flattened into his body by another direct ht to his manhood.

Colin’s next hit was a game-changer.

It was a technically perfectly executed overhead straight shot that landed right in the middle of Kev’s swollen sack, squishing the lower halves of both testicles against his body and eliciting a pitch-perfect soprano squeal that turned into a wail before ending abruptly when Kev’s eyes slowly crossed and he passed out from the pain.

“It’s a knock-out!” Kenneth yelled.

The crowd went wild.

Colin couldn’t believe it.

“You did it!” Kenneth yelled, dragging his son up from the floor.

Colin stared at him.

“I’m so proud of you!” Kenneth hugged his son.

Colin’s face broke into a grin.

All around them, guys were cheering and yelling and clapping their hands as Kev was out cold on the floor.

“You know what’s best about this?” Colin shouted.

Kenneth raised his eyebrows.

Colin winked at his father. “Your balls are next, dad!”


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is one of your best stories so far... and finally we have a father vs son match! Can't wait to read the next chapter, please post it soon! Thanks.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Actually, I wasn't sure if anybody wanted to read about the match between Colin and Kenneth. Judging from the lack of comments up until now I was pretty sure that there was no demand. But now I'll think about it! :-))

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Please write it, maybe the feedback will come later.
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Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I guess you are right. - there's no way out now... :-))

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Thanks for your comment! I am working on the sequel, and it'll probably be online in March or April. :-))

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Thanks for your feedback! We'll see how the match between Colin and his father plays out. :-))

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Thanks for your comment! I published the sequel earlier this month: