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High stakes - part 1 (Sean meets Zach)

Special thanks to our reader Sean for the plot idea! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has always fantasized about chastity play but never tried it!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Zach (click for pictures)

This is part 1 of 3.

Sweat ran down Zach’s handsome face. He had been working out for more than an hour, and his loose tank top and his short sweat pants were soaked in sweat. The 20 year old stud sat up straight and ran his hand through his wet blond hair.

He looked around in the gym. It was almost closing time, and there were just a few other people there.

Zach’s dick twitched inside his sweat pants.

Working out made him horny.

He fumbled with his crotch, trying to adjust his dick to make his erection a little less obvious. But with a dick like Zach’s, a mammoth monster of a cock that would scare even the bravest mare if it belonged to a stallion, that wasn’t an easy thing to do.

Zach stared at his crotch and sighed. The fat mushroom head of his cock was sticking out of the leg opening of his sweat pants. Zach bit his lower lip and tried pushing his hard dick back into his pants.

“Hi”, he heard a voice behind him.

Zach flinched in surprise. He hadn’t been aware that someone was watching him. He got up and swung around.

There was a moment of silence as the other guy’s eyes wandered to Zach’s crotch where his rock-hard dick was standing out like a tent-pole, it’s massive head leaking precum.

The other guy chuckled. He was in his early twenties, a tall and muscular stud with blond hair and a handsome face. Zach had seen him a couple of times here at the gym but they had never exchanged a word.

Zach looked at the guy without trying to hide his erection. He liked the look on someone’s face when they first saw his amazing cock. It was fat and thick and almost ridiculously huge, and the reactions were predictable: astonishment, envy, admiration, curiosity, jealousy, fear, lust – and sometimes all of the above.

Zach wasn’t gay. He just enjoyed showing off his massive tool to girls and guys alike. In fact, the guys’ reactions were sometimes even better than the girls’. Girls usually just wanted to get that massive fuckstick inside them as soon as they had laid eyes on it.

The guys’ reaction was far more interesting. Most guys felt intimidated by Zach’s awe-inspiring equipment, and they usually went to great lengths to cover up that feeling. Some ridiculed Zach’s massive schlong, some got angry and aggressive, some changed the subject and ignored the elephant’s trunk in the room, and some asked him for advice on how to possibly please someone who had experienced the pleasure of getting fucked by Zach’s rod.

So Zach smiled at the other guy and waited for him to say something.

“I’m Sean”, the guy said, smiling back at him. “Congratulations.” He pointed at Zach’s cock. “That looks impressive.”

Zach’s smiled widened. “Thanks”, he said, his dick getting even harder. He loved it when a guy appreciated his powerful dong. “You’ve never seen a dick like that, huh?” he chuckled, glancing at the decent but not overly impressive bulge in Sean’s pants.

Sean smiled shyly. “Nope, can’t say I have.”

Zach chuckled. He was feeling generous today, and he was horny. “Wanna touch it?”

Sean laughed. “What, now?”

Zach shrugged.

“Let’s go into the locker room”, Sean said.

A few minutes later, Zach was leaning against a locker, his sweat pants around his ankles. His rock-hard dick was pointing at the ceiling, and his massive pair of balls hung low in their sack.

“Wow”, Sean grinned. He couldn’t decide what was more impressive, Zach’s huge schlong or his fat low-hangers. He flicked Zach’s balls with his finger and watched them bounce against the locker door.

“Hey!” Zach yelped.

Sean chuckled. “A fat pair of nuts like that”, he said, “I’m sure they can take a slap or two, huh?” With that, he slapped Zach’s nuts, making him gasp in pain.

Zach doubled over and grabbed his balls. “Damn”, he mumbled before sending smacking Sean’s bulge with the back of his hand.

“Ow!” Sean groaned and doubled over.

The two studs looked at each other for a brief moment, then they lunged at each other, trying to grab each others’ balls.

Sean wrapped his hand around Zach’s sack and squeezed the two big spuds hard, eliciting a pained grunt from Zach.

At the same time, Zach brought his fist up between Sean’s thighs and punched Sean’s balls hard, making him scream in pain.

“Guys”, a voice interrupted them. A bored looking teenager with a mop was wiping the floor. “We’re closing.” He didn’t even look at Zach and Sean, his attention entirely focused on a rather weird looking, sticky stain on the tiles.

Zach and Sean quickly got dressed and left the gym.

Sean’s place was just around the corner, and a couple of minutes later, Zach was sitting on Sean’s couch, a can of beer in his hand.

“Those big, fat balls of yours”, Sean grinned, “they’re pretty sensitive, huh?”

Zach raised his eyebrows.

Sean shrugged. “No reason to be ashamed. Mine are, too. Actually, it’s a relief to know that a big cock like yours has its downsides, too…” He pointed at the obvious erection in Zach’s jeans. “A friend of mine has the same problem…”

Zach chuckled. “Hey, what makes you think I have a problem?” He gently squeezed the shaft of his hard dick through his jeans. “I wouldn’t want to trade with you…”

Sean smiled. “You know, let me tell you about that friend of mine. He has a big dick and---“

“As big as this?” Zach grinned, poking at the massive tube of flesh that ran down his thigh.

Sean cleared his throat. “Probably not but---“

“Yeah, I thought so”, Zach chuckled.

“But he always complains about his weak balls”, Sean continued. “One kick in the nuts and he’s out. Boom. Just like that. His dick wilts like a flower, and he can’t get it up for a week.”

Zach let out a laugh. “I pity your friend.”

Sean chuckled. “Yeah, poor guy. I sometimes kick him in the nuts just for fun. Imagine how angry he gets when I do it before he has a date…”

Zach and Sean laughed.

“I bet it’s the same with you”, Sean grinned.

Zach laughed. “See, that’s where you’re wrong.”

Sean chuckled. “You sure? I bet if I kicked you in the nuts right here and now that cock of yours would shrivel like a scared snail.”

Zach stared at him.

“I bet if I kicked you in the nuts your fat cock would be out of commission for a week”, Sean grinned.

Zach let out a stilted laugh. “You know what, you’re way too cocky for a guy with a puny dick!” He got up from the couch, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled out his massive dick and balls. “Let’s see what you got.”

Sean shrugged. He dropped his pants, exposing his junk. His dick was slightly bigger than average, as were his balls, but they were no match for Zach’s extralarge equipment.

“See?” Zach grinned. His dick was twitching with excitement. He loved putting another guy in his place.

“I didn’t say that I was bigger than you”, Sean said casually. “I’m just saying that your big balls couldn’t take a nice, hard kick.”

Zach looked at Sean. “Okay, let’s find out”, he said cockily. He took off his clothes and threw them onto the couch. His meaty boner was swinging from side to side, precum dripping onto the floor. “A game of roshambo, right here, right now.”

Sean scratched his head. Maybe he had overplayed his hand. Maybe this guy was as tough as he looked. He wasn’t keen on getting kicked in the nuts. Usually, he was a shy guy – but somehow Zach’s cocky attitude and his massive cock had brought out Sean’s self-confident side.

“A game of roshambo”, Sean said slowly. “Alright. First one to give up or go down loses.” He thought for a moment. “What are the stakes?”

Zach shrugged. “I dunno.”

Sean’s eyes fell on a little bag that was sitting in a corner of the room. He had gotten it for his birthday, as a joke from a couple of friends. They had laughed about it at the time, and he had thrown it into a corner. This was the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

“The loser”, Sean said, “will get locked in a chastity thing for a week.”

Zach blinked.

Sean grabbed the bag and reached inside. He held up a small metal device and grinned.

Zach grimaced. “I---“

“I completely understand if you want to bow out”, Sean said with a smile. “With weak balls like yours you don’t want to take any chances.”

Zach shrugged. “It’s not that. It’s just – what does the winner get? I mean, the loser gets his cock locked up, alright. But what’s in it for the winner?”

Sean thought for a moment.

Zach’s face lit up. “I know! The winner gets to fuck the loser in the ass.”

Sean stared at Zach’s huge dick.

Zach watched him, a smug grin on his face. He knew what Sean was thinking. He was trying to imagine how Zach’s oversized tool could possibly fit in his ass. Zach chuckled. He wasn’t interested in fucking Sean – but he loved the expression on Sean’s face. That frightened look was an incredibly turn on for Zach.

“Alright”, Sean said slowly. “Alright.”

They shook hands.

A little later both of them were stark naked, their erections pointing at each other, their plump balls dangling low in their sacks.

There was no doubt – Zach’s dick was longer and thicker, and his balls were fatter and bigger, but Sean’s boner and his low-hanging balls were pretty impressive as well. In a different situation, with different objects of comparison, his equipment might be considered large – but in juxtaposition with Zach’s mammoth genitalia Sean was “the small one” in the room.

Zach’s humungous cock was leaking precum like a faucet.

A coin-toss determined that Zach would have the first kick.

“Bring it on”, Sean grinned.

Zach didn’t have to be told twice. He brought his leg back and kicked Sean’s nuts as hard as he could. His instep connected with Sean’s testicles and rammed them into his body.

Sean’s eyes bulged and he let out a cough, doubling over in agony as the pain exploded in his balls.

Zach laughed. “Now I know what you meant when you were talking about weak balls earlier…”

Sean’s eyes narrowed and he delivered a hard kick to Zach’s crotch that lifted the handsome hunk off the ground and flattened his huge babymakers like pancakes.

Zach let out a shrill squeal and grabbed his gonads. “Fuck!” he yelled.

He retaliated with a kick that made Sean see stars and let out a strangled squeal.

They went back and forth kicking each others’ nuts without mercy, as hard as they could.

Both of them tried their very best to make their opponent really feel the pain. They didn’t hold back at all, smashing each others’ balls with kick after nut-crunching kick.

Zach’s dick was twitching and throbbing violently, and every hit to his gonads seemed to squish out a little batch of precum.

Sean looked at Zach, his face contorted in pain. His own balls were aching but Zach’s huge nuts were swollen and red – a couple more kicks and he’d give up…

Zach looked at Sean, grimacing and groaning. He knew that he couldn’t go on much longer but he didn’t want to give Sean the satisfaction of winning – let alone get locked in the chastity device and fucked in the ass…

It was Sean’s turn.

The blond stud coughed. Clutching his balls with one hand, he mumbled, “Give up?”

Zach let out a strained laugh.

Sean’s foot collided with Zach’s huge orbs, squashing them into his body. Zach’s mouth opened wide, and the sound that came out of it was grisly and shrill. His eyes crossed slightly and his knees met. His huge, meaty dick was throbbing and twitching. His balls pulled up inside his sack.

“Fuck”, Zach whimpered as he sank to his knees, feeling the beginnings of a gigantic orgasm.

“Yes!” Sean grunted.

Before the first jet of cum shot out of Zach’s dick, Sean grabbed his throbbing dick by the root and pressed his thumb into the shaft. With his free hand, he took hold of Zach’s gigantic nutsack, viciously twisting it and yanking down at the same time.

Zach’s body spasmed as his orgasm was rudely aborted. An screeching groan escaped his lips.

“Not so fast”, Sean grinned. “Your week of chastity starts now!”

There was confusion in Zach’s eyes, mixed with pain and disorientation, and the anticipation of a week without sex.

Sean chuckled. He held on to Zach’s huge balls with one hand and ran his index finger of his other hand over the head of Zach’s dick. It was slick with precum and Zach let out a moan.

“Please”, Zach whispered hoarsely, “can you let me cum now and we start the whole chastity thing after that?” He looked at Sean, a pleading look in his eyes.

“Let me think”, Sean said. He closed his fist around Zach’s shaft, running his thumb in circles over the sensitive head.

Zach’s breathing quickened.

“Hmm”, Sean said, a thoughtful expression on his face as he started slowly jerking Zach’s fat, hard cock.

Zach let out a moan. He moved his hips.

“You would really like to cum, wouldn’t you?” Sean smiled. One of his hands was slowly stroking Zach’s mammoth cock, the other one was massaging Zach’s sore, cum-filled balls.

“Yes, please”, Zach nodded his head eagerly. He pushed his dick up between Sean’s fingers. Slowly, he started humping Sean’s fist.

Sean watched him, an amused grin on his face. He made sure to keep his hand locked around Zach’s sack, holding him down, causing him to grimace in pain whenever he shoved his dick up.

Zach moaned in pleasure. He moved faster and faster, fucking Seam’s hand, desperate to shoot his load. “Please”, he groaned.

When Sean felt Zach’s balls tighten and his dick twitch, he stopped Zach from climaxing with a quick, hard movement of his hands. One hand twisted his nuts viciously, the other tightened around his dick, making Zach groan in pain and frustration.

“Nope”, Sean said with a wide smile. “It’s against the rules.”

Zach stared at him. “Oh, come on.”

Sean sighed. “You need it bad, don’t you?”

Zach groaned. “Yes, I do.”

Sean sighed again. “Well, maybe you could--- No, I don’t think we can bend the rules like that…”

Zach stared at him. “What? What do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!”

Sean started stroking Zach’s dick again. “Admit that your balls are weak.”

Zach moaned softly. “And you’ll let me cum?”

“And I’ll think about it”, Sean smiled, jerking Zach’s meaty dick and bringing him closer and closer to the edge.

“My balls are weak”, Zach moaned.

“Really?” Sean feigned surprise. “You told me they weren’t.”

Zach started humping Sean’s fist again.

“They are!” Zach whispered. “They are weak. Very weak. They’re pudding balls.”

“I bet you feel better”, Sean grinned, “now that you got that off your chest…”

Zach let out a desperate moan. “Yes, I feel--- Yes. Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!”

Sean twisted Zach’s nuts and strangled his dick just as Zach was about to cum.

“Noooooo!” Zach wailed.

“Sorry”, Sean grinned. “I’ve thought about it, and I think we should stick to the rules that we agreed on…”

Zach let out a frustrated sob.

Sean let go of Zach’s dick and looked at his hand. It was covered in Zach’s prejuice. “Okay”, Sean said. “I think we should call it a night.”

Zach groaned.

Sean brought his hand up to Zach’s mouth and made him clean up his mess. Zach was too rattled to object and lapped up his precum with a disgusted expression on his face.

Somehow, the combination of his dick being on the verge of cumming and his nose catching the scent of his own juice caused his dick to jerk violently.

Sean almost didn’t catch it – but he managed to grab Zach’s twitching cock at the last second. Wrapping both of his hands around the base of Zach’s dick and squeezing as hard as he could, Sean prevented an untimely eruption at the eleventh hour.

Zach screamed in pain and frustration, his lips glistening with his own precum.

“I think it’s time to lock this beast up”, Sean mumbled.

It took quite a bit of shoving and pushing until Zach’s huge dick was securely confined to its stainless steel prison.

“It looks a little uncomfortable”, Sean chuckled, poking at Zach’s meaty dick that was bulging between the shiny metal rings that formed a bent tube, making sure that it wasn’t able to get hard. At the end of the tube, the head of Zach’s dick pressed against a row of pointy spikes. “Well, you’ll get used to it.”

Zach stared at his caged cock and groaned. His fingers touched the cage, almost caressing it, as Zach’s face was filled with a curious mixture of frustration, sadness, desperation and helplessness.

Sean looked at his watch and yawned. “Okay, that was fun. Now let’s set a date for next week. I’ll unlock your dick and fuck your ass.” He pulled out his phone and looked at his calendar. “What about Saturday?”

Zach’s eyes widened. “But today’s only Wednesday - that’s more than a week!”

Sean shrugged. “Friday then.”

Zach cleared his throat. “But---“

“You can’t wait to get fucked, huh?” Sean grinned. “Unfortunately, I have a date on Wednesday, and I’ll need a day to replenish my fluids if you know what I mean…” He winked at Zach.

Zach looked like he was about to cry.

“Friday next week then”, Sean chuckled. He leaned over and smacked Zach’s caged cock and his trapped balls with the palm of his hand.

Zach let out a strained yelp.

Sean laughed. “See you next week!”

To be continued.

The second part will be online on – you guessed it – Friday, 29th. I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for the climax just like Zach. Maybe you could lock up your dick as well – wouldn’t that be fun? :-))


Unknown said...

I hereby vow to remain locked up for as long as Zach is locked and will lock back up when ever he gets locked in future stories

Alex said...

Thanks for the key to your cock, Kinky Kage! Poor Zach, I guess he'll have to get locked up more often from now on... :-))

What kind of cage are you in? Maybe I can get the same for Zach...

Stan LB said...

Ballbusting, chastity and orgasm denial in one story, all my faves! ^^

Thanks man, was a good read! Can't wait to read part two

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Stan! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Part 2 will have a slightly different focus but I hope you'll like it. :-))

Unknown said...

I am in a holy trainer v2

Alex said...

Nice! What color is it?

Unknown said...

It's black and I'm on emlalock where random people can add or remove time

Alex said...

I'll make sure to get a black Holy Trainer for Zach and we'll see what we can do with it... :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey- Sean here. I absolutely love what you've done with this! Can't wait for part 2!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Sean! I'm glad you like the story! I really enjoyed writing it! :-))