Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Video links: Nadverts (7)

The year is just a couple of days old and you are probably wondering how to spend all the money that you will earn in 2016, right? Well, here are a couple of commercials that try to lure you by showing men getting hit where it hurts.

Let's start with two karate themed clips. I don't know about you but apparently karate is a very dangerous sport if you love your manhood. That's something you should keep in mind if you introduce your kid to the sport. Lucky are those who meet a car salesman stupid enough to train with your kid...

In the next clip we meet a hot guy at a karate class. I love the set-up, the music - and the sound of his nuts cracking. My French isn't very good but I think the ad is for a internet dating service, and the message of the clip seems to be that dates don't have to be painful. But, frankly, I don't care. Just listen to the sound and enjoy the clip.

A hot girl, a soccer ball, a pair of damaged testicles. Those are the ingredients for an awesome commercial intended to sell TV sets.

Whenever I see a dad getting hit in the nuts by his son or daughter I can't help but think that there's a certain kind of irony in the fact that the little ones attack the spot that brought them into being in the first place. It's like they're saying: "Listen, dad, those things have done their job. But now it's time to stop." But maybe it's just like Spike TV seems to imply in its ad for the show "True dads": Dad's just have to make sacrifices...

Or maybe we shouldn't read too much into these clips. Nutshots are just funny, right? US children's TV channel Nickelodeon knows that, that's why they made this clip, aiming right at the kids' laughing center by showing how funny nutshots truly are.

Readers' picks:

Our reader OMB stories has sent us three wonderful clips.

The first one is a commercial for New Yorker's, and I'm not quite sure whether their claim "Dress for the moment" is meant as an appeal for men to wear cups at each and every opportunity... After all, the nut-crunching knee comes pretty much out of nowhere for the poor guy in the clip...

The second clip features another f/m nutshot, and it's message to women is clear: If your man lays eyes on another women, punch him in the nuts as hard as you can! I love the facial expression from the guy!

And, finally, a wonderfully weird commercial for "very comfy undies": OMB stories writes: "I'm not sure if this one actually fits the bill as a "nadvert" but it's a cute little vid from an Australian company about life from the perspective of your balls." Oh, it fits the bill perfectly! I've never seen testicular pain acted out so realistically... :-))

And our reader Carter has mentioned this clip as one of his favorites. It's not a real commercial (I think) but it's a wonderful little skit about the rivalry between Army and Navy. And, of course, several nuts get hurt...

Special thanks to OMB stories and to Carter for sharing these clips with us!

What is your favorite nutshot commercial? Leave a comment or send me an email (!


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