Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What's the story? (3)

A day at the beach, lots of naked guys hanging around and letting their junk hang around as well... That's the stuff that sexy stories are made of, right?

You look at this picture and you know that the guy with the sunglasses is up to no good, right?

Or maybe his mate who's crouching behind him suddenly spots the dangling fruit between his buddy's thighs?

What do you think is going to happen next? Who are these guys and what are they up to? What's the story behind this picture?

Let your fantasy run wild and share your ideas by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!

We'd love to hear your stories no matter how long or short they are!

Thank you!


Stan LB said...

Everything starts as a fun beach time between boys till Jim decides to block the view of his buddy's camera with his soft and dangly bits; his famous cocky grin stuck to his handsome face. Little does he know his bros have grown sick of his saggy and ever-low-hanging balls photo-bombing their pictures.
Follows an enthusiastic and painful nut-kicking contest; leaving eventually the poor stud with his huge nuts stuck where they used to be before his puberty: squished and trapped inside his lower abdomen.
Jim is now wailing on the sand; his balls won't get in the way of the camera anymore and his loads won't be so copious thanks to the unhealthy heat around his nuts.

Never submitted any comment here but I'm a huge fan of your stories and been following them closely for a long time now :D Bit rushed but I hope that makes up for those few years of silence ^^

You rock, man! Keep up the good job!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Stan LB! I love it!

Poor Jim - I bet he's so proud of his low-hangers, and now they won't hang at all, let alone low... But it's his own fault, right? Why does he have to flaunt his junk all the time?! It's not funny! Well, now it kinda is because he looks pretty ridiculous with his balls stuck inside his body... :-))

Anonymous said...

My guess is that they're going on their first 'lads vacation' in Spain or somewhere. They happen to stumble upon a nudist beach and, purely for fun, choose to spend a few hours there.
The guy with the sunglasses (let's call him Dan) is gay and spots a hot guy resting alone with a large book, obvious naked as well. His two friends immediately take notice of the forming crush and start to push him to go and talk to him. Dan, dispite what the picture may suggest, is kind of shy and doesn't want to go,
His friend (let's call the camera guy Charlie and the crouching guy Ben) make an agreement with Dan to get him to talk to the hot guy. Every time Dan glances or looks at the guy he gets a punch or kick in the nuts by either Charlie or Ben. Dan agrees to this, thinking it's they were joking.
They weren't.
By around the twentieth glance Charlie and Ben pretend to let it go. They suggest to take the picture for some fun, but once it had been taken Charlie says he'll send it to anyone on Dans contact list if he doesn't talk to the guy.
That gets Dan to limp to the hot guy,

Just an idea. Also Dan would probably get a few return shots in.
--- Scott

Anonymous said...

That's an absolute amazing idea. I love the idea of the gay crush.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Scott!

I'm sure Dan and the hot guy would have a great time - if only Dan's junk wasn't black and blue from all ghe nutshots... Let's keep or fingers crossed that he'll recover before the vacation's over. I guess his friends would mock him forever if he blew his chance to fuck a hot guy because they busted his balls... :-))

Anonymous said...

Out of interest will you write any of these or will it just be what the comments say?

--- Scott

Alex said...

Thanks for your question, Scott!

Well, the original idea is to turn the tables and let my readers write short stories - but I can't promise that I won't use one of these ideas one day and turn it into a new story... :-))

Anonymous said...

Okay, thank you for answering, I may write the one I suggested unless you think you might want to, you'll probably be better at it,


Alex said...

Oh, it would be awesome if you wrote that story! I'd be honored to publish it on the blog once it's finished if you like. :-))