Monday, October 12, 2015

Fun and games: Soggy biscuit

Thanks to an anonymous reader who came up with the idea for this story.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenBrandon, CalDannyDavidKevLeoLoganParker, PhilSammy, SimonTristan, the twins and Zach (click for pictures)

“Umm”, Zach scratched his head. “This is not what I think it is, right?”

I chuckled. “It’s precisely what you think it is, Zach – and more…”

The rest of the boys laughed.

I had asked all of our models and a few of our regular guests to come to the studio for a little party.

Everybody was here: hot swimmer Cal and his best friend Brandon, muscular jock Kev and his buddy Ben, skaterboy Leo and his friends Tristan and Sammy, star soccer player Phil, actor Danny and his brother David, the twins Michael and Will and their friend Parker, geeky bespectacled Simon, high school wrestler Logan, and – of course – horse-hung stud Zach.

They were standing in a circle around a little round table. On the table, on a small plate, I had placed a cinnamon roll, the designated target for what was going to be a cumfest of epic proportions.

I had baked it myself, based on an old German recipe that my mom had given me. I had tasted it – and it was awful. I wondered what it would taste like after sixteen young, hot guys had emptied their balls on it. Salty, probably. And moist. Better, that was for sure.

One of the guys was going to find out soon enough…

“Okay, guys, thanks for coming”, I said.

The guys clapped and cheered. All of them were naked, and most of them were sporting raging erections.

As always, even though every single one of them was blessed with a nice, big cock, there were two almost ridiculously large dicks that commanded the room. Cal and Zach were standing opposite each other in the circle, their majestic weapons pointing at each other like the swords of two swordfighters, hard as steel.

Cal was 22 years old, a handsome dark-skinned guy with black hair and a swimmer’s body. Zach was two years younger, a muscular stud with short blond hair and blue eyes.

“Thanks for letting us cum”, Kev yelled to roars of laughter.

Kev’s dick smacked against his muscular abs as shook his hips. The 20 year old jock was a fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor and a perfect body.

His friend Ben was standing next to him, 20 years old like Kev. His dick wasn’t as large as Cal’s or Zach’s, but it was a nice piece, roughly the same size as Kev’s. Unfortunately though, it was limp. Ben was fumbling with it, muttering obscenities.

“Better get it hard, buddy!” Kev laughed, smacking his hard dick against Ben’s thigh. “Or are you hungry for a cum-soaked cookie?”

The rest of the guys erupted with laughter.

“Shut up”, Ben muttered and smacked Kev’s nuts hard with the back of his hand.

Kev’s laughter was cut short. He let out a cough and doubled over. “Careful, buddy, that boner is a fragile little flower – don’t crush it!” he said in a strained voice, gingerly cupping his crotch.

“I don’t think he was going after the flower”, I chuckled. “He was going after the bulbs…”

Kev couldn’t help but chuckle. His hard dick was unimpressed by Ben’s attack. Kev grabbed it by the root and shook it. “Well, it didn’t work”, he grinned.

19 year old dancer David was standing next to red-haired indie boy Parker who was two years his senior. Both of them were sporting massive erections, and I couldn’t help but notice that they were standing very close to each other. They tried to act all casual but I sensed there was something going on between them.

The skater boys Leo, Tristan and Sammy were joking with each other. 19 year old Leo ran his hands through his curly black hair and cocked his hips, causing his big, hard dick to smack against his abs. His same-aged dusty-blond buddy Tristan laughed and grabbed Leo’s nutsack, giving it a playful squeeze.

“Ow!” Leo laughed. “Stop it or I’ll cum right here on the spot!”

Tristan burst out laughing.

“Save your load for later”, Sammy chimed in. The 18 year old redhead’s body was smooth and pale, and his hard dick looked huge on his lanky frame.

Michael and Will watched them, chuckling. They were 22 years old, with identical hot, muscular bodies and blond hair.

“Have you saved up for today, Mikey?” Will turned to his twin brother with a grin.

“Don’t worry”, Michael chuckled, weighing his nuts in his hand. “These puppies are full.” He smiled at his brother. “And don’t call me Mikey.” With that, he brought his fist back, smashing it into Will’s crotch and crunching his big nuts flat into his body.

Will let out a groan and doubled over.

Simon licked his lips. The 23 year old’s dick was hard as steel and leaking like a faucet, and his horn-rimmed glasses were slightly fogged. He definitely liked what he saw…

 Next to him, 18 year old high school wrestler Logan was talking to soccer player Phil.

Logan ran his hand through his blond hair and grinned. “You’re kicking balls for a living, huh?”

Phil let out a laugh. “I guess you could say that.” The 18 year old redhead glanced at Logan’s crotch. “I could give you a demonstration if you like…”

Logan laughed and cupped his crotch with both of his hands protectively. “Maybe later…”

Cal’s 21 year old swim team buddy Brandon was leisurely jerking his meaty dick. The muscular Asian-American collected some saliva in his mouth, let it drop onto the fat head of his hard cock and resumed stroking his dick. “Come on, we don’t have all day”, he mumbled.

I clapped my hands. “Alright, let’s go. Last one to blow his load on the cookie has to eat it. To make things a little more interesting, the loser will get his nuts crunched by the rest of the guys.”

Each and every one of the boys laughed, clapped and cheered at the prospect.

One of them wouldn’t be cheering by the end of this contest – but apparently they were all pretty sure that it wasn’t going to be them…

“A soggy biscuit with crunched nuts”, Will laughed. “Yummy!”

“Ready, steady, go!” I yelled.

The boys closed in on the table, closing their ranks while feverishly jerking their cocks.

Catching all the cumshots and keeping track of them was going to be tricky. Between my cameraman Chad, my assistant Erik, our prop guy Vince and myself, we were working four cameras to make sure we got it all on tape.

It didn’t take a minute until the first batch of cum landed on the cinnamon roll. Leo let out a low grunt as his dick shot a huge spurt of cum that missed the target completely, splattering against Will’s chest.

“Hey! Get your aim right!” Will yelled to the laughter of the other boys.

Leo was grunting and panting, aiming his firing cock at the piece of pastry as jet after jet of cum. His aim got better, but most of his cum landed on the plate and the table.

“Oh, fuck!” Michael groaned as his cock erupted with a creamy geyser of spunk that splashed right onto the cinnamon roll.

“Fuck yeah, that’s how you do it, Mikey!” Will cheered.

Michael was breathing heavily. When his orgasm had subsided, he turned to his brother. “Don’t call me Mikey”, he said causally before ramming his knee up between Will’s thighs, smashing his nuts hard.

Will let out an anguished wail and stopped jerking his dick to grab his aching nuts.

“Damn, that’s a throwback!” Kev laughed while feverishly stroking his hard dick. He turned to Ben. “How are you doing, buddy?”

Ben had a look of intense concentration on his face as he tried getting his dick hard. He was biting his lower lip, staring down at his semi-hard cock.

“Want me to give you a hand?” Kev chuckled and reached over, tugging on Ben’s cock.

“Fuck you”, Ben mumbled and slapped at Kev’s hand.

But Kev managed to pull his hand away just in time, and Ben ended up slapping his own nuts hard.

The rest of the boys cringed in sympathy as Ben’s eyes widened and he let out a surprised gasp before doubling over. His dick lost quite a bit of its hard-earned rigor, causing Ben to groan in disappointment.

Simon’s eyes closed behind his fogged glasses and his breathing quickened as he shot a huge load all over the cinnamon roll before Cal added his own salty juice to the mix, blowing a huge batch of creamy cum and coating the roll in a thick layer of warm, sticky spunk.

The guys stayed in place, huge grins on their faces, their dick spent and dripping with cum as they watched the other boys jerk their cocks.

Will was cupping his nuts with one hand and beating his meat with the other, grimacing in pain. Nevertheless, he was the next one to shoot his load. “Fuck, yeah!” he grunted as he unloaded what looked like a gallon of jizz onto the cinnamon roll.

With a long, low moan, Logan’s dick let go of a massive batch of cum, a cheeky grin on his face.

One by one, they shot their loads. Danny, Sammy and Brandon came almost simultaneously, garnishing the cinnamon roll from two sides with massive loads.

When Kev shot his load, he roared like a lion, raising his hands up into the air and causing his twitching, dancing dick to spread his seed all over the place.

Kev’s performance earned him a round of applause and cheers from the guys who had already done their bits while the rest of the guys continued jerking their cocks.

From my position behind the camera, I noticed David’s hand play with Parker’s ass. The rest of the guys were completely oblivious to David’s middle finger entering Parker’s hole.

Parker let out a deep grunt and shot his load in a wide arc, adding his own flavor to the icing on the cinnamon roll.

“Bon appétit”, Parker chuckled.

The rest of the guys roared with laughter.

Apparently, seeing Parker cum tipped David over the edge. With a low, deep moan, he splattered his load all over the table, leaving a sticky, creamy mess.

Phil and Tristan shot their loads at the same time, moaning and groaning as their cum rained down onto the piece of pastry.

The cinnamon roll was literally soaked in jizz, swimming in the sticky spunk that had pooled on the plate.

Only three guys were left jerking their cocks: Ben, Zach and Logan.

Ben had finally managed to bring his cock to full hardness, and he was jerking it feverishly.

Zach was stroking his gigantic monster with both of his hands.

Logan seemed to be dealing with an acute case of performance anxiety as his dick seemed to wither in his hands as he stroked, grinding his teeth and holding his breath.

The rest of the guys started cheering and whooping, encouraging their friends – or making fun of them.

“Come on, Ben! You don’t want your juicy nuts crunched, do you?!”

“Beat it, guys!”

“I hope you’re hungry!”

“Logan! Logan! Logan!”

“Just give up, Zach – your nuts are toast!”

“That biscuit looks delicious!”

All three guys were jerking their dicks frantically.

Sweat was running down their faces, and the way they were rubbing their dicks looked far from pleasurable.

The room was filled with cheers and laughter, and Kev started yelling, “Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

The others chimed in, and soon everybody was chanting.

“Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!”

Ben’s eyes were clenched shut and he was jerking his dick with all the force he could muster.

Logan had a huge grin on his face, even though his dick looked less hard than Ben’s or Zach’s, and he didn’t seem to be quite as feverish in his movements.

Zach seemed to be distracted by his fellow contestants efforts, glancing from Ben’s dick to Logan’s and back again, all the while jerking his fat monster with his signature double-handed technique.

The other guys were watching them, cheering and laughing and chanting. Once in a while, someone would throw a playful punch or a well-placed slap at another guy’s naked, spent nuts, resulting in a chaotic scramble that saw all of the spectators protecting their goods while lashing out at the other guys’ gonads.

Suddenly, Ben’s eyes opened and he beamed with excitement. “Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” he yelled as his dick erupted with a big batch of creamy cum that splattered onto the drenched, soddened cinnamon roll. “Fuck yes!”

The rest of the guys erupted in cheers and applause.

It was down to Logan and Zach.

Zach was frantically rubbing his fat, hard cock while Logan did the same with his own impressive erection.

“It doesn’t look good for your nuts, Zach!” Kev yelled to riotous laughter. “Better shoot a load now before your nuts get smashed to pieces!”

Zach was sweating profusely, his face contorted with effort as he jerked his rock hard cock like a maniac.

Logan seemed considerably less motivated, and he watched his competitor with an amused grin while he stroked his dick.

“Come on, Logan!” Leo shouted.

Finally, Zach’s huge cock erupted with what was arguably the biggest load of the day. A huge fountain of creamy, sticky juice shot out of his dick, coating the cinnamon roll, the plate and the table in thick splotches of sperm while Zach was cheering from the top of his lungs. “Whoohoo! Yes!” He raised his fists up in the air and shook them while his dick was shooting jet after creamy jet of spunk. He turned to Logan and grinned. “Your nuts are dead, buddy!” Zach’s face was flushed, and he was beaming with joy. “You’re gonna eat that fucking roll, and we’re gonna turn your nuts into paste!” He laughed, his dick dripping with the final waves of his orgasm. He pointed at the cinnamon roll that was completely drenched with more than a dozen loads of fresh sperm. “Look at it!” Zach yelled. “You’re gonna eat all of it! Every single bite! And I’ll make you lick up what’s left on the plate, too!”

The rest of the boys cheered, laughing and clapping their hands, looking forward to seeing young Logan eat the soggy biscuit and kicking him in his cum-filled balls.

Inexplicably, Logan had a bright smile on his face.

“Time to eat the biscuit!” Zach yelled, and the other boys roared with laughter.

“Well”, Logan grinned. “Enjoy!”

Zach stared at him. “What do you mean?”

Logan chuckled, leisurely stroking his dick. “I didn’t lose. I shot my load on that roll long before you did.”

Zach’s face was blank.

“I just didn’t stop jerking because I thought, you know”, Logan winked at Zach, “maybe you’d like a second helping of my cum. I’m told it’s rather delicious…”

“No way”, Zach mumbled.

“In addition, I thought it would be fun if you added your own jizz to the mix”, Logan grinned. “And it was worth it, right? That was a fucking big load!”

A couple of guys laughed.

“No fucking way”, Zach repeated. “You’re lying!”

“We could run a DNA test”, Logan grinned, glancing at the cum-soaked piece of pastry. “Or we could have a look at the footage.” He looked at me.

“Sure”, I said.

Frankly, I didn’t remember seeing Logan shoot his load, and I wasn’t sure whether he was lying or not.

We went through the footage on our cameras until we found it: There Logan was, shooting his load right after Will had added his batch of icing to the cinnamon roll.

“Logan’s right”, I declared. “Zach’s the loser.”

Zach’s face paled. “No!”

“Yes!” Logan laughed. He had been stroking his dick while we had been reviewing the footage. With a triumphant groan, Logan shot another load of cum right at the cinnamon roll. It was surprisingly big, considering that he had already emptied his balls a couple of minutes ago. Apparently, humiliating Zach worked like an aphrodisiac – spurt after creamy spurt of Logan’s thick, salty spunk landed on the soaked roll, the plate and the table in wet splashes.

The rest of the guys cheered wildly.

Zach looked like he was about to throw up.

A minute ago, those guys had cheered for Zach, now they were yelling and shouting to get him to take a bite of the cum-soaked cinnamon roll and spread his legs so they could wreak havoc on his manhood.

Zach looked at me for help.

I shrugged.

“Bon appétit”, I said with a smile, pointing at the cinnamon roll that was covered in the guys’ juices.

Zach gulped. His hand was shaking as he reached out and picked up the dripping piece of pastry gingerly.

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!” the boys were chanting, their faces beaming with excitement and malicious joy.

Zach closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Judging from the look on his face, the smell of the cum-soaked bun was rather intense. He opened his eyes, a pleading expression on his face. “Please, guys, I---“

“Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!”

Zach’s voice was drowned out by the other boys’ chanting.

Zach cleared his throat and opened his mouth.

The boys fell silent for a brief moment to hear the juicy squelching sound as Zach took a big bite of the sticky cinnamon roll, before erupting in thunderous jeering and hooting and laughter.

Zach looked like he was about to throw up, gingerly chewing on the cum-soaked roll.

“Can you taste yourself on it?” Kev laughed. “Or is it just a salty, spicy mess in your mouth?”

Zach looked sick. He swallowed the first bite and gasped for air. His face was pale as he took another bite.

It seemed like an eternity before the messy cinnamon roll had finally disappeared completely.

In the meantime, some of the boys had shoved the excess spunk that had landed on the plate and the table into a big glass that was filled to the rim.

After swallowing the last bit, Zach gagged. “Give me something to drink”, he mumbled.

The boys laughed.

“Wash it down with this!” Ben yelled, holding up the cum-filled glass.

Zach retched.

“Let’s crack his nuts first!” Kev yelled and smashed his foot up between Zach’s thighs from behind. His instep connected with Zach’s big, juicy balls and rammed them into his body with a loud, wet SPLAT!

Zach’s eyes widened with surprise, and his face crunched up in an almost comical grimace.

Before he had a chance to move, Sammy jumped in front of him and launched another hard kick at Zach’s poor spuds, making Zach wail in pain as his nuts were smashed up inside their sack.

On their way down, they met with Kev’s foot in another perfect kick that lifted Zach off the ground, screaming in pain.

He collapsed on the ground, retching and groaning, and the boys erupted in cheers and laughter.

Rolling him onto his back, Leo and Tristan each grabbed one of his legs and spread them apart in a wide V while Cal and Brandon held Zach’s upper body down and prevented him from shielding his previous jewels with his hands.

One by one, the boys stepped up to the plate and delivered a nut-crunching stomp or a hard kick to Zach’s poor genitals.

Zach was screaming and wailing in pain as his friends all but destroyed his manhood with their feet.

“My turn now!” Leo yelled. Sammy took his position and Leo let out a roar before delivering an elbow drop between Zach’s legs, flattening Zach’s balls like pancakes and eliciting a shrill, high-pitched wail.

“That was awesome!” Ben laughed. “Let me try it!” His elbow crunched Zach’s nuts hard, and the boys screamed with laughter as Zach wailed in agony.

“Works with the knee as well!” Leo grinned and dropped his bony knee between Zach’s spread legs, catching Zach’s fat right nut dead-on.

Zach let out an anguished howl.

Of course, Ben wanted to try that, too, and soon everybody wanted a turn, causing Zach’s nuts to get smashed by various knees and elbows to the delight of the boys.

“Fucking look at those nuts!” Kev chuckled, nudging Zach’s bloated, reddened sack with his toes.

“They’re even bigger than usual!” Brandon mused.

By now, the twins, Logan and Phil were holding Zach in position as the others had their fun with his genitals.

Brandon grabbed Zach’s nutsack by the neck, trapping his swollen balls and making them bulge obscenely.

Brandon balled his free hand into a fist and sent it smashing down on Zach’s trapped balls, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from Zach and roars of laughter from the other boys.

Again and again, Brandon punched poor Zach’s nuts, eliciting all kinds of funny, high-pitched noises from Zach.

“Look! He’s hard again!” Kev laughed, pointing at Zach’s meaty monster of a dick that was throbbing and twitching and leaking precum.

Kev turned to his friends. “Who wants to squish another load out of him?”

The boys cheered and laughed.

Kev grinned. “Logan, why don’t you do the honor?”

Logan chuckled. “I dunno.”

The crowd started cheering “Logan! Logan! Logan!”

Logan laughed. “Guys! Don’t you think he’s gone through enough? Do you really me to squeeze out what’s left in his nuts?!”

His friends’ reaction was unambiguous.

“Milk him dry!”

“Squash his fucking balls!”

“Empty him! Empty him!”

Logan looked down at Zach whose face was a mask of pain. “Sorry, buddy”, he grinned. “Looks like these guys like to see you cum again!”

Zach let out a miserable whimper.

Logan turned to his friends again. “How do you want me to do it?”

The boys started yelling suggestions, some of them advocating for squeezing, others proposing stomps, kicks or punches.

“Alright, alright”, Logan said and turned to Zach again. “I don’t think I’ve ever stomped a load out of a guy’s nuts.”

Zach looked up at Logan, his face contorted in pain. “What?” he whispered in a toneless voice.

Logan grinned. “I’m kinda curious if it works…” With that, he stomped down hard on Zach’s balls, squashing the two fat orbs under his bare foot.

Zach let out an ear-piercing wail as his nuts were crunched flat.

Again and again, Logan stomped Zach’s juicy balls, relentlessly ramming them into Zach’s body and squishing them under his sole.

Zach‘s screams were drowned out by the other boys’ jeering and hooting as they watched Zach’s dick start twitching violently.

Suddenly, after a particularly cringe-inducing stomp that flattened Zach’s nuts to a fraction of their original size, Zach’s dick erupted in a huge volley of creamy cum that hit him right in the face, plastering his pain-contorted, handsome face with a rich batch of sticky goo.

The watching boys erupted in cheers as Logan twisted his foot as if he was stomping out a cigarette while Logan’s dick pumped jet after jet of cum out of his aching balls.

Finally, Logan withdrew his foot. He smiled down at Zach and grinned at the sight of his cum-covered face. His blond hair was dripping with his spunk.

“Now, how about a little refreshment, huh?” Ben chuckled and knelt down next to Zach, holding the big glass filled with cum. He brought it to Zach’s lips.

Zach let out a groan. He pressed his lips together and shook his head, refusing to gulp down the spicy mix of sixteen guys’ most precious juices.

“Come on”, Ben grinned, “don’t be a sore loser…”

The rest of the boys laughed.

Ben nodded at Logan who tapped Zach’s sore, swollen balls playfully with the ball of his foot.

That light touch was enough to make Zach gasp in pain – and that was all Ben needed to pour the gooey jizz into Zach’s mouth.

“Swallow! Swallow! Swallow! Swallow!” the boys started chanting as Zach gulped down his nutritious, frothy milkshake.

When the glass was empty, Zach let out a miserable groan.

The boys cheered wildly.

Zach curled up in a ball, clutching his aching nuts and whimpering in pain.

One by one, the boys passed him, patting his shoulders.

“Well done, man!”

“I thought you’d throw up – but you did it!”

“Nice work.”

“You should make that your daily diet!”

“I’ve never seen anyone swallow that much cum!”

“You’re a good sport, buddy!”

A little while later, almost all the boys had left the studio.

Kev and Ben were waiting patiently until Zach had dressed.

“So, how did you like it?” Kev grinned.

Zach groaned. “Hated it.”

“Of course you did”, Kev laughed.

Zach burped. “Oh, shit”, he mumbled, holding his belly.

Ben and Kev burst out laughing.

Zach looked miserable. “I need to wash that taste off my tongue”, he muttered, limping awkwardly towards the door.

Kev and Ben followed him, chuckling.

“Want us to fill another glass?” Kev mused, grabbing his crotch.

Zach let out a grunt.

“Just kidding”, Kev laughed and playfully smacked the big bulge in Zach’s pants.

Zach let out an ear-piercing shriek that causing Kev and Ben to roar with laughter.

“Come on, let’s grab a beer”, Kev chuckled before the door closed behind them.


Gayballbustinwolf said...

Lol hey your back yay

Gayballbustinwolf said...

I really liked the story but the cum swallowing was little much and I thought I might throw up from reading this lol but I didn't and I liked it alot

Alex said...

Thanks for yor feedback, Orion! I'm glad you liked the story - and I'm very glad you didn't throw up... :-))

Gayballbustinwolf said...

Lol yeah me too

Anonymous said...

Great to see You're back, Alex.
Hope you enjoyed the break.
Great story by the way.
And Ben's cock "roughly the same size as Kev's"... nice !!!
I think Ben will be happy with that comment after his recent humiliation in the vegetable competition !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm sure you are right about Ben - he sure needs some appreciation after all he's been through... :-))

Anonymous said...

Glad your back and great story. Just curious about when Zach got his dick unlocked?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment!

You're talking about the ending of "Boys will be boys", right? Well, at the end of the story, Zach was locked in a chastity device and the boys had forgotten the key at Sammy's uncle's house.

When they arrived at home, they managed to get someone to send Zach the key via mail. Unfortunately, it got lost on the way and never arrived. By the time he noticed that he wouldn't get the key, Zach had been in chastity for more than a month. Incredibly horny and utterly frustrated, he took matters into his own hands. With Sammy's help, a hammer and various other tools, he destroyed the chastity device.

There was some collateral damage, though... Even though Zach's dick was free now, his genitals were battered and bruised and not fit for action at all. So there was another week of abstinence for Zach...

But he's fine now, and his dick and balls are all healed up--- well, until "Soggy biscuit" happened...

Does that answer your question? ;-)

Carter said...

Great story and great comeback.
Sorry for lack of comments lately, I've had technical difficulties.
How was your break? Break any balls?
I feel so bad for Zach, getting tricked like that.
He should team up with some of Logan's enemies for fun.
Maybe Jackson and that one guy from sex ed with the small dick?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

Unfortunately I didn't get to break any balls during my time off, but I had a great time anyway... :-))

I like your idea for a sequel and I'll think about it.