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7 days of pain: Day 4 (the twins)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

“Have you seen yesterday’s episode?” Michael asked me, his facial expression a mix of disgust and fascination.

I shook my head. “No, I haven’t. Actually, I haven’t seen anything, yet.”

“It was brutal”, Will chuckled, putting his arm around his twin brother’s shoulder.

Michael and Will were 22 years old, two handsome blond hunks with muscular bodies and attractive faces. Their blond hair was cut in matching short haircuts, and they were wearing matching clothes: sneakers, white khakis and sleeveless blue shirts that showed off their tanned, muscular arms.

They were working as professional gymnasts – but today they were here to inflict pain on one of the most famous singers in the world.

Justin Bieber was the star of the celebrity edition of “7 days of pain”, an insanely popular and critically acclaimed daily TV show that reveled in torturing their contestants in every way imaginable over the course of a week. At the end of the week, the viewers voted for their favorite episode, allowing the winning team of torturers to come back and have another go.

“I know”, I said with a chuckle. “I was here when they filmed it.”

“They did a pretty great job with the editing”, Will said. “Made Bieber look pathetic and wimpy.” He grinned. “It was really funny.”

Michael smiled. “You should watch the show, you really should!”

I chuckled. “Okay, I’ll give it a try.”

Justin Bieber was already waiting for us.

He seemed a little taciturn today. No shouting and screaming, no bragging and boasting, no bullying the camera crew, belittling the guys who were about to bash his balls. Instead, he was just staring at his junk.

Apparently yesterday’s session of edging and electro play had taken its toll on the superstar singer’s genitalia.

Due to yesterday’s wax treatment, there was not a single pubic hair on display. His hairless crotch was a stark contrast to his manly, muscular upper body that was covered in tattoos.

His meaty dick was red and sore, covered in bruises, dangling limply between his thighs. The mushroom head looked ghastly, dotted with little dark marks, reminiscent of yesterday’s painful encounter with the cattle prod.

His balls were almost ridiculously swollen, his hairless nutsack black and blue, stretched to its limit by the two heavy, bloated gonads that drew it down.

When the twins approached him, Justin looked up. There was a glimmer of panic in his eyes as he stared at Will and Michael.

“Don’t worry, your vision is okay”, Will chuckled.

“We’re twins”, Michael added.

Will winked at Justin and looked at his crotch, tentatively grabbing Justin’s dick by the head and lifting it up to get a good view at his swollen nuggets.

Justin inhaled sharply.

“So these are…” Will paused. “What do you call them?”

Justin cleared his throat. “Balls of steel”, he said, trying to sound confident.

Will looked at his brother, and they both burst out laughing.

Justin’s eyes narrowed. “What?”

Will grinned at him. Without a word, he brought his knee up between Justin’s legs, smashing the singer’s nuts into his body and making him groan in pain.

Michael chuckled. “Easy, Will. We’re not even filming yet…”

Justin doubled over, moaning miserably.

After the producer had instructed Will and Michael about the rules of the session, the cameras started rolling.

It was a wild and painful session, and the twins put their gymnastic skills to good use as they crushed Justin’s nuts and coaxed a big, fat load out of his tortured babymakers.

That night, I turned on the TV and watched the show.

The theme music played, and as the title flashed across the screen. Apparently, the opening credits were altered for the celebrity edition, showing black and white pictures of Justin Bieber striking all kinds of poses. In every picture, two cartoonish candy-colored balls were superimposed on Justin’s crotch, only to burst and pop and deflate in hilarious ways, followed by close-up pictures of Justin’s comically pain-contorted face.

After the credits, we jumped right into the action.

A buoyant male voice provided the commentary.

Welcome to 7 days of pain – celebrity edition! It’s the fourth day of pain for poor Justin Bieber. Oh, Justin, what have you gotten yourself into?
Bits of footage from the previous days flashed over the screen, showing Justin getting his nuts kicked and punched and squeezed and electrocuted. The final shot of the montage was Justin’s cum-covered face as he hung upside down from the ceiling.

What a mess! But Justin is in for a surprise – today it’s going to get even messier. Today our silly songbird will face The Payne Twins! Will they make him sing soprano? Will they ruffle his feathers? Who knows, maybe he’ll be a nutless nightingale when they’re through with him!
A short segment introduced Will and Michael as successful gymnasts and circus artists. The camera lingered on their muscular bodies, their big bulges and their handsome faces as they showed off their skills. At the end of the segment, Will and Michael showcased their ball-kicking abilities on a dummy before they turned to the camera, smiling brightly.

“Watch out, Justin”, Michael grinned.

“We’re going to do to you what you did to music!” Will laughed.

Uh-oh. That can’t be good for our talentless troubadour. After the break: The Payne Twins show Justin Bieber how to do the twist…
When the show returned, it got right down to business.

Welcome back to “7 days of pain”. Justin Bieber is ready to meet the Payne Twins. Justin, you got anything to say?
“I’m Justin fucking Bieber”, the superstar smiled into the camera. “Nothing can break me.”

Nothing, Justin?

“I got balls of steel!” Justin said confidently, grabbing his bruised, swollen nuts and shaking them at the camera.

The camera zoomed in on Justin’s battered genitalia, accompanied by a cartoonish fanfare.

Balls of steel. Yeah, sure.

The scene switched to the candy-colored torture chamber.

Justin was standing between Michael and Will who looked very excited.

Will started things off with a hard backhand smack to Justin’s sack that made him double over and slump to the floor, grunting in pain.

Looks like our troubled tenor’s definition of “steel” is just as inapprorpiate as his definition of “music”.
Justin was kneeling on the ground, covering his bruised and battered genitalia.

Will grabbed Justin’s hair and yanked him up to his feet, a huge grin on his face.

Justin screamed. “Hey, let go of my---“

Michael silenced him with a hard snapkick to the groin that rammed the superstar’s fat, swollen spuds into his body, flattening them like pancakes.

Justin let out a throaty caw, his eyes as big as saucers.

“Shut up”, Will said cheerfully as Justin doubled over in pain.

That’s something we all wanted to say to him, right? Just shut up, Justin!

Will’s hand sneaked between Justin’s thighs from behind, his fingers wrapping around Justin’s precious jewels.

“Oh god”, Justin croaked as his nuts were squished by Will’s strong hand.

“Hey”, Michael grinned at his brother. “Do you think you can lift him up by his balls?”

Justin’s face was a mask of pain. “Wha---“

“Mikey, what a nasty idea”, Will chuckled, ignoring Justin’s frantic protests. “I love it!”

Yeah, we love it, too! The only one who doesn’t is Justin, the party pooper!

The camera zoomed in on Justin’s pain-contorted face as Will tightened his grip around the singer’s love apples, yanking his hand up sharply, pulling his nuts up, all but flossing his ass with his nutsack.

Justin let out a strangled squeal. He was on his toes, his body neatly folded, his hands trying to reach around his ass to grab Will’s wrists and stop the pain.

Oooooooh. That’s gotta hurt!

Michael burst out laughing. “Come on, let me help you”, he grinned.

Aww, isn’t it nice to see two brother helping each other?

Michael stood next to his brother and wrapped his hands around Justin’s nutsack.

Justin let out an unintelligible squeal that sounded faintly like the falsetto chorus of one of his songs, as the two brothers lifted him off the ground by his nuts.

I couldn’t help but think about a circus performance when Justin Bieber somersaulted mid-air, screaming from the top of his lungs.

It was only due to the twin’s strength and the surprising resilience of his testicular cords that prevented Justin from hitting his head on the ground as he was hanging upside down, his body weight held only by his bruised and bloated balls.

His red and throbbing bieberspuds were bulging between the twins’ fingers as he yodeled in pain like a gifted peasant girl at Count Nuttenstein’s festival of silly songs.

Michael and Will were laughing their asses off.

Isn’t that amazing? Justin should take these guys on his next tour!

“Oh, oh, oh”, Will suddenly said, his face lighting up with joy. “I know another trick!”

Another trick? That doesn’t bode well for our demolished diva’s precious plums!

With his leg, Will nudged Justin’s shoulder, making his body rotate around his own axis as the twins held on to his nuts, causing his nutsack to twist painfully.

Justin was flailing about, shrieking and squealing and screaming in agony.

“That’s fucking awesome!” Michael cheered.

Slowly, Justin’s body came to a stop before rotating into the other direction, making the twins roar with laughter.

Oh, the twist! Let’s see that again!

The producers repeated Justin’s painful rotation again and again, slowed down and sped up, to the tune of Chubby Checker’s “Let’s twist again!”

That was fun, wasn’t it? Who wouldn’t like to do that to our kooky crooner-in-chief? When we return after the break we’ll answer the question that millions and millions of fans have been asking for years: What’s the difference between a frosted pretzel and Justin Bieber?
I chuckled. They were doing a pretty great job with the editing, adding an entirely new layer of humiliation and degradation to Justin Bieber’s ordeal.

If he wasn’t such an arrogant asshole you could almost feel sorry for him…

After the break, Michael held Justin Bieber upside down, his legs wide apart.

“Elbow drop”, Will announced casually before Will fell to his knees, ramming his elbow into Justin’s crotch and flattening his swollen nuts against his body, making the singer scream from the top of his lungs.

Ouch. His future kids will feel that.

“Do it again!” Michael laughed.

Another elbow drop elicited a high-pitched wail from Justin.

Wait a moment – future kids?

Will grinned and balled his fist, slamming it down on Justin’s nuts like a hammer.

The camera zoomed into a close up of Justin’s bruised and bloated balls getting flattened like two meaty pancakes.

Justin wailed in agony.

Well, there’s always adoption…

Michael and Will high-fived, laughing as Justin was groaning and moaning in pain.

As you know, the Payne Twins are gymnasts. And now they are going to show our bad-mannered man-child a couple of moves that he won’t forget for the rest of his life!
With unconcealed glee, Michael and Will forced the singer’s legs down so that his knees were almost touching his shoulders.

Justin’s face was a mask of pain as his body was twisted into a rather unnatural position.

Finally, all that bodybuilding pays off! And you can always count on Little Justin to make a surprise appearance…
Michael casually jerked the singer’s cock until it was fully hard while his brother smacked Justin’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Within seconds, Justin’s superstar cock was rock hard and its bulbous head disappeared between the hapless singer’s luscious lips as Justin let out a muffled scream of protest.

Now, let’s talk about frosted pretzels. Looks like we already have the structure. All that’s missing is the creamy frosting…

Justin’s eyes were wide open, his lips wrapped around his dick as he let out muffled grunts of protest.

What’s that, Justin? We can’t hear you. Speak up if you want to say something!

I chuckled at the voice-over narrator’s cheerful tone.

The twins were busy pounding Justin’s swollen nuts with their fists, squishing the tender orbs flat again and again and again.

And here comes the frosting…

Justin’s nuts contracted and his cheeks puffed as his mouth was filled with his salty semen.

The twins cheered and laughed, smacking and slapping and punching Justin’s busy balls as the singer’s throbbing dick pumped jet after jet of cum into his mouth.

Mmmmmhhh, that looks delicious. That’s gotta be better than what your private cooks whip up when you’re on tour…
Creamy spunk was running out the corners of Justin’s mouth and the singer choked on his cock, coughing out a flood of cum that coated his face in a sticky layer of jizz.

Oh, where are your table manners, Justin? Now you spilled your delicious sack sauce!

The twins got up, bro-hugging and high-fiving as Justin’s dick slipped out of his mouth, sending jets of jizz flying all over the place.

He curled up in a little ball, covered in spunk and moaning in pain.

That’s it for today’s edition of “7 days of pain”. Now, Justin, how did you like the twins?

In a short clip taped shortly after the twins had gone, Justin was facing the camera. His left eye was red and he was grimacing in pain. A gooey blob of spunk were hanging from his chin and his hair was wet and sweaty.

“They… they… It was different”, Justin croaked. “I mean, they tried to test my limits. But…” His voice trailed off.

Okay, we got that. How did you like the taste of your spunk?

Justin smiled defiantly. “It’s like a fine wine. Best taste ever.”

Is that what the girls tell you? Well, you seemed to enjoy it. Is it gonna be part of your daily diet from now on?
“Umm”, Justin grinned weakly, “I don’t think so.”

Tomorrow is another day of pain for you. Any thoughts?

The camera lingered on Justin’s face as he sat in silence, rubbing his eyes, a vacant look on his face.

Hey, Justin? Anybody home?

That was mean. I knew for sure that they hadn’t asked him that question on the set.

For the show, it worked perfectly. The singer looked dumb and defeated and spent.

Say something. Anything. Tell us about your balls of steel, man!

The singer ran his hand through his hair. Then he looked at his fingers that were wet with his sweat and cum.

He sniffed at it, looking disgusted and intrigued. Then he licked his fingers clean.

Ewww. We better leave Justin alone now… Tune in tomorrow for another day of pain for Justin Bieber. Will his balls last another day? Will he get another cream filling? Will we ever get tired of watching that dickish douchebag in pain? Find out in tomorrow’s episode of “7 days of pain”!

As the credits rolled, the show played slowed-down footage of Justin with his dick in his mouth, his cheeks puffed, as cum ran out the corners of his mouth, as Justin’s summer hit “Love yourself” played.

In the lower third of the screen, there was a twitter feed of real time feedback.

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the tweets.

- Who s gonna be the father of my babies now :-(((((( #7dop

- Justin Bieber: My balls! My balls! Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #7dop #fail

- I don’t care about JB’s nuts. Get Nick Jonas on the show! #7dop #sexyguysrock
- Never liked Bieber. Gotta reconsider. #beinginpainsuitshim #bieberballs #7dop
- Disgusting and corrupt media promotes Jackass Justin instead of me! Sad!

I switched off the TV, looking forward to the two sessions that were still to come.

Tomorrow: The fifth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Danny and Simon and a lot of juicy action.

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