Friday, September 30, 2016

Acting nuts (Robin meets Danny)

Special thanks to Robin for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has a thing for redheads!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this Story: Danny (click for pictures)

The casting call was not very specific.

Extra: White Male (natural red hair), 20 to 25 years old, athletic, physically attractive. No genital abnormalities or piercings.

The tentative title of the film, “Ghostblasters 3: The boobs come out at night”, was in line with most of the movies Danny had filmed in the past few years. The role was that of a sinister warlock posing as a exhibitionist college student. The part required the actor to flash his junk at the female leads only to be obliterated by their weapons. In a cute visual joke, the warlock would be reduced to smoke, with only his dick and balls remaining intact.

“Do you think they’ll make a replica of the guy’s junk?” Danny chuckled as he read the role description again.

The 21 year old actor was wearing what seemed to be appropriate for the role of an exhibitionist college student: a pair of adidas side button pants and a tank top. He had practiced taking off his pants in one swipe, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear. He was well prepared for the audition.

The room was filled with red-headed actors wearing similar clothes.

The actor sitting next to Danny had introduced himself as Robin. He was a muscular guy with strawberry-blond hair just like Danny. He was in his mid-twenties, a handsome and athletic young man with a winning smile and a great body.

“Sure”, he shrugged his shoulders. “One of the Ghostblasters is gonna wear his crown jewels on her necklace for the rest of the film. They better make a replica of his junk…”

Danny and Robin laughed.

The door opened and a young man entered the room. He adjusted his glasses and looked at his clipboard. “Okay, here’s the thing: The agency sent us too many of you. We only have time to see five actors.”

Danny looked around nervously. There were more than twenty guys in the room. They were going to send away fifteen people?!

“We’ve made a list based on your resumes”, the geeky young man continued. “If your name is not on the list I’ll ask you to leave immediately.”

He read the names.

Neither Robin’s nor Danny’s name was mentioned.

“Damn”, Danny mumbled.

“Yeah”, Robin nodded his head.

The room emptied as the five chosen ones smirked at their less lucky colleagues.

Robin and Danny were the last guys to leave.

“When you go into the room you’ll say your lines and strip. Make sure to give us a good look of your, erm, assets”, the geeky guy told the five remaining actors as Danny and Robin walked past him. “We want to see everything, frank and beans, okay? And it’s a funny movie, so shake your stuff a bit.”

The door closed and Robin and Danny were standing in the parking lot.

“Damn”, Danny repeated. “I would have stolen the movie in that role.”

Robin put on his sun glasses. “I could have used the money.”

Danny sighed. “Yeah, me too.”

“I mean, who would have thought that there were so many redheads in this city?” Robin said.

“So many redheads with no genital abnormalities or piercings”, Danny mused.

Robin laughed.

Suddenly, the door opened, and one of the chosen actors hurried out, followed by the geeky assistant. “We said ‘no genital abnormalities’! It’s written right here!” he yelled as the actor ran away, his head beet red. “Thanks for wasting our time, asshole!”

“Wow”, Robin chuckled. “That was a short one.”

The assistant looked at him. “Yeah, very short.” He shook his head. “Tiny. I wonder what these people think…” He let out a sigh. “Okay, so we’ve got one more slot.” His eyes narrowed as he gave Robin and Danny the once-over. “You are regular size, right?”

“King size”, Robin said quickly.

“Yeah, me too”, Danny chimed in.

“Okay, good. As I said, we’ve got one more slot”, the assistant said.

Robin and Danny looked at each other.

“So which one of us is it?” Danny said slowly.

The assistant shrugged his shoulders, looking annoyed. “Settle it among yourselves. You’ve got an hour. I’ve got to get back inside.” He went back into the building.

Danny and Robin were silent for a moment.

Danny scratched his head. “Okay, so…”

Robin grimaced. “How are we going to do this?”

“We both need the job”, Danny said slowly. “We both want the job. We’re both qualified.”

Robin chuckled, adjusting his crotch. “Overqualified.”

Danny laughed. “Okay. So how are we gonna do this?”

Robin raised his eyerbrows. “I asked first.”

They considered several options before finding the one way to settle this.

“Have you ever played?” Robin grinned.

Danny smiled. “Of course I have. I’m pretty good at it. They call me Mr. Roshambo!”

Robin raised his eyebrows. “You’re kidding, right?”

Danny chuckled. “Yeah, nobody ever called me Mr. Roshambo. But I am good at it. You should tell your balls they are in for some nasty kicks…”

Robin looked down at his crotch and lifted his waistband. “Hey, guys, you heard the man. You’ve got some action coming your way…”

They both laughed.

“What about you?“ Danny smiled at Robin.

“Well”, Robin grinned. “Let’s just say that my feet have turned quite a few plums into jam.”

Danny gulped comically, absent-mindedly fondling his crotch.

They flipped a coin, and Danny let out a deep sigh.

“Okay”, he mumbled. “Okay. Here we go.” He spread his legs and hiked up his pants, framing his package with his hands. “Okay. I’m ready.”

Robin chuckled and brought his leg back. “Say good-bye to your balls, buddy.”

Danny grimaced. “Bye-bye, balls”, he mumbled, gritting his teeth.

Robin kicked Danny’s nuts with all the force he could muster. His instep collided with Danny’s tender testicles, ramming them into his body and making him scream in agony.

Danny’s high-pitched squeal echoed in the parking lot, making a flock of birds flap their wings and fly away as Danny doubled over and clasped his crotch, his face contorted in pain.

“You’re good at this”, Danny croaked.

“I told you”, Robin grinned.

“Yup”, Danny replied, groaning. “You got them both. Crushed them flat. You’re really good at this.”

“Thanks”, Robin chuckled, spreading his legs. “Your turn.”

Danny nodded his head, grimacing in pain as he brought his leg back and sent a nut-shattering kick between Robin’s thighs, crunching his tender nuggets and flattening the impressive bulge in his pants.

Robin’s jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide. He let out a wheezing cough and slowly doubled over, his knees meeting. “You’re not too bad yourself”, he whispered in a strained voice.

Danny grinned weakly, massaging his aching nuts. “Does that mean you give up?”

Robin let out a hoarse laugh. “You wish.” He looked at Danny expectantly.

Danny groaned and spread his legs, closing his eyes. “My balls are yours.”

Robin chuckled. He rubbed his aching balls and delivered a hard, quick snap-kick to Danny’s groin.

His instep connected with Danny’s meaty nuggets, smashing them into his body.

Danny’s eyes opened wide and instantly crossed. There was a moment of absolute silence before he let out an ear-piercing shriek, doubling over and hopping up and down, squealing in agony.

Robin watched him, a proud smile on his face as he massaged his own balls.

It took a minute or two until Danny was ready to continue.

Grunting with effort, he planted his foot between Robin’s thighs.

The sound of Danny’s foot connecting with Robin’s loose-hanging balls was immediately followed by an anguished roar.

“That sounded pretty good”, Danny mused as his watched his rival trying to walk off the pain.

“Yeah, it was”, Robin moaned, holding his aching nuts with both of his hands. “It was pretty good.” He looked at Danny. “But not good enough.”

“Yeah”, Danny mumbled, spreading his legs and putting his hands behind his head.

Robin kicked his nuts as hard as he could, lifting him off the ground and making him yodel in pain.

Danny’s face was a mask of pain as he cringed and jumped up and down, howling in agony.

They went back and forth kicking each other’s nuts, both of them trying to outdo their opponent, delivering nut-shattering kicks with deadly accuracy and breath-taking force.

“Oh god!” Danny shrieked after a particularly nasty blow to his manhood. “I think you crushed them! I think you fucking crushed them!”

Robin grimaced, clutching his own battered balls as Danny pulled down his pants and cradled his balls in his hand.

They were beet red and badly swollen.

“They look pretty bad”, Robin said, taking a closer look at Danny’s nuts.

“Yeah”, Danny groaned, tentatively squeezing the bloated orbs before letting out an anguished yelp. “You put my sex life on hold for at least a week…”

Despite the pain in his balls, Robin laughed out loud. “Oh, come on.”

Danny looked at him and raised his eyebrows. “What? You think I’ll be able to fuck anything with these?” He nodded in the direction of Robin’s crotch. “What about yours?”

Robin shrugged and reached inside his pants, pulling his dick and balls out into the open.

His dick was massive, a big, juicy piece of meat with a thick, long shaft and a bulbous head. Even in its limp state it looked pretty impressive, making his average-sized balls almost look small in comparison.

Robin’s battered balls were a bit swollen and slightly red, but they were in much better shape than Danny’s poor spuds.

“They’re hurting”, Robin conceded. “But I could definitely fuck your ass right here and now.” He jerked his big dick a couple of times to prove his point, bringing it to full hardness within seconds.

Danny grimaced. “Well, good for you.” He stuffed his aching gonads back into his pants. “My turn. Let’s see if we can shut your sperm factory down for a while.” He pointed at Robin’s hard cock. “I bet that tower will collapse in a second…”

Robin chuckled, cockily letting his junk dangle over the waistband of his jeans. “Good luck…”

Danny brought his leg back and kicked Robin’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Robin’s balls bounced inside his sack as he screamed in pain. His dick was unimpressed, swinging gently back and forth without losing its hardness, as Robin stumbled backwards, clutching his bare balls.

“Damn, you got balls of steel”, Danny mumbled, his hand inside his pants, massaging his swollen spuds as Robin gasped for breath.

“Well, they’re not made of steel”, Robin croaked. “But they are pretty tough. Why do you think I agreed to this?”

Danny grimaced. “Yeah.”

“Spread your legs, buddy”, Robin grinned. “Let’s ruin your sex life for good.”

Danny chuckled. “That’s not funny, you know.”

“What, you wanna have kids?” Robin laughed, bringing his legs back. “You should have thought of that before you put little Danny Junior on the line…”

Robin’s foot sailed up between Danny’s thighs, connecting perfectly with Danny’s nuts and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Poor little Danny Junior”, Robin mused. “I bet he felt that.”

“Oh fuck”, Danny groaned, clutching his balls. “Oh, fuck!”

“You give up?” Robin grinned.

Danny looked up at him, his face a mask of pain. “I need that fucking job even if it means saying goodbye to little Danny Junior…”

Robin shrugged his shoulders and spread his legs. His dick was rock hard and pointing at the sky. “Your turn then.”

Danny groaned and kicked Robin’s nuts as hard as he could.

Robin screamed in pain, but he was ready to retaliate a moment later.

They went back and forth for another couple of minutes, but it became increasingly clear that Robin was gaining the upper hand.

His balls were tougher than Danny’s, there was no doubt about that.

Robin delivered another hard kick to Danny’s battered beanbag, eliciting a soprano wail that made Robin laugh out loud despite the pain in his own nuts.

“I guess it’s official now”, Robin chuckled. “Danny Junior will never see the light of day…”

Danny was screaming from the top of his lungs, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth open wide, his head thrown back as he fell to his knees, clutching his balls.

Robin watched him, chuckling, his hard dick pointing at Danny as if it was mocking him.

Danny whimpered in pain, pulling his battered balls out of his pants. They were almost ridiculously swollen, a bloated pair of bruised globes, displaying all the colors of the rainbow.

“Look at them”, Danny groaned, cupping his balls in his hand, staring at them, a look of disbelief on his face. “Look at my fucking balls.”

Robin grimaced in sympathy. “Does that mean you give up?”

Danny let out a miserable moan. “But I need the job”, he groaned. “I--- Isn’t there some other way---“ His eyes fell on Robin’s hard dick.

Robin looked at down at his impressive tool that was dripping with precum.

“What do you have in mind?” Robin asked, slowly jerking his dick.

Danny bit his lower lip. “I could give you my hole”, he mumbled.

Robin’s dick twitched. “You mean…”

“I’ll let you fuck me”, Danny said, looking up at Robin.

Robin’s dick twitched again.

“Your dick seems to like the idea”, Danny said with a weak smile.

“Show it to me”, Robin said throatily. “Show me your hole.”

Danny groaned and pulled his pants down, exposing his bubble butt, before getting on all fours. He looked back at Robin, a hopeful expression on his face.

“It looks a bit tight”, Robin said slowly, inspecting Danny’s ass hole by pulling his cheeks apart and poking his index finger into the puckered orifice. “Too tight for my cock.” His raging erection was leaking precum that dripped onto Danny’s ass.

Danny let out a soft moan. “I’m sure we’ll make it fit.”

Robin smacked Danny’s ass, eliciting another moan. “So you trade your ass for the audition slot.”

Danny nodded, biting his lower lip.

“How often can I fuck your hole?” Robin asked.

Danny raised his eyebrows. “I thought…”

“You surely didn’t think I’d trade the slot for one lousy fuck”, Robin chuckled.

“Of course not”, Danny mumbled. “Twice?”

Robin laughed.

“Three times?” Danny offered.

“What about this: I own your ass for a month, and I can call you over to my apartment whenever I feel like dumping a load in your tight little hole?” Robin said, casually jerking his rock-hard cock.

Danny gulped. “Sounds fair.”

“Alright”, Robin said.

Danny’s face lit up. “So I get to audition?”

Robin nodded his head.

“Awesome”, Danny said, getting up.

“Hey, wait a minute”, Robin said, pushing Danny back to the ground. “What about a sample?”

Danny’s eyes widened. “Right here?” He looked around the parking lot. Right now there was nobody in sight but that could change any second. “Right now?”

“I own your ass, remember?” Robin said matter-of-factly before ramming his dick into Danny’s hole.

Danny’s eyes opened wide and he let out a guttural grunt as Robin started fucking him doggy-style, thrusting his dick in and out of Danny’s hole, grabbing his hips for support as he shoved his dick balls-deep into Danny’s ass.

It was a quick, hard, dirty fuck that left Danny dizzy and sore and filled with cum when Robin withdrew his spent cock less than five minutes later.

“Go to your audition now”, Robin said with a grin as he stuffed his softening dick back into his pants. “I’ll wait here. You don’t have anything planned for tonight, do you?”

Danny gulped. “No”, he mumbled, slowly getting up.

Robin chuckled as he watched his cum run down Danny’s leg.

“Good luck”, Robin grinned as Danny pulled up his pants and limped into the building.

He came out a couple of minutes later.

“How did it go?” Robin asked.

Danny groaned. “Horrible. Apparently, swollen balls count as genital abnormality.”

Robin grimaced. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

Danny sighed. “I tried to explain it to them, tried telling them that everything is going to look fine in a couple of weeks when they start shooting.” He shrugged his shoulders. “They threw me out right away.”

Robin put his hand on Danny’s shoulder. “I’m really sorry.” He smiled. “Now let’s go to my place. A certain hole needs another cream filling…”

Danny blinked.

Robin reached into his pants and wrapped his fingers around Danny’s balls.

Danny inhaled sharply.

“I think I was a little rough on you”, Robin said, squeezing Danny’s nuts hard.

Danny let out a grunt as Robin’s fingers dug into the tender flesh of his battered balls.

“Maybe we should try it with a little lube”, Robin grinned, pinching Danny’s left testicle between his thumb and index finger.

Danny yelped in pain.

“So as soon as we’re at my place we’ll squeeze a nice little batch of lube out of your balls”, Robin chuckled. “And then I’m gonna fuck your ass until sunrise…”


Anonymous said...

So I'm not into redheads or graphic gay sex but I do love a bit of Roshambo!!!

Poor Danny,not exactly Mr.Roshambo or maybe his little brother had worked him over beforehand!

Gr8 story,

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Reg! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

carter said...

Wouldn't exactly say being small is the same as an abnormality

Great story though
Hopefully something happens to the actor they picked and Danny gets a second chance

Maybe Danny can pay someone to challenge that guy to a roshambo match and leave him unfit to film

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! I guess it's a thin like between small and abnormally small... But I'm sure that you know more about that than me... :-))