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7 days of pain: Day 5 (Danny and Simon)

Special thanks to our reader Richard Rock who came up with the idea for this story!

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Danny and Simon (click for pictures)

“Have you seen yesterday’s episode?” Simon asked, his raging erection creating a very conspicuous bulge in his dark blue dress pants.

As always, Simon was dressed immaculately. He was 23 years old but he looked younger. He had a boyish face and a neat haircut, and he was wearing a sleeveless blue sweater over his pristine white shirt, making it look like he was wearing a school uniform. He adjusted his horn-rimmed glasses that gave his face a decidedly geeky touch.

At first glance Simon looked like a generic nerd, a boring guy with no appeal whatsoever. If you delved deeper, though, Simon was full of naughty surprises. Before he had joined our team Simon had worked in porn, specializing in gay bukkake scenes. He was quite proud of his reputation as a ready-to-use cum dump, and one of his most popular films was a kinky little feature called “Simon’s five-course dinner” that had him take the loads of five dozen men in a crowded restaurant culminating in a messy creampie-and-eggplant dessert.

“Of course I have”, Danny grinned.

The 21 year old was dressed more casual than Simon. He was wearing blue jeans and a plain green t-shirt. He ran his hand through his short reddish-blond hair, smiling brightly.

Danny was an actor. Unlike Simon, Danny usually wasn’t top-billed. And unlike Simon, Danny appeared in non-adult films – though the line was blurred sometimes… His most recent roles had included a witless cadet in “Nudist Academy 3”, the son of a nun in “Nuns With Guns IV: Nuns’ Sons Like Guns, Too”, and a dead hitchhiker in “Dead Hitchhikers 5”.

“That was pretty hot, wasn’t it?” Simon grinned, adjusting his crotch. “I mean, watching Justin Bieber suck his own dick…” He licked his lips with a cheeky grin.

We were on the set of “7 days of pain”, a popular reality game show that indulged in the cruel, painful and very entertaining punishment of its contestants. This week they had a celebrity guest: world famous singer and infamous asshole Justin Bieber.

My models had spent the past four days torturing his meaty dick and fat, juicy balls, causing the ratings to go through the roof.

Today it was Simon’s and Danny’s turn to try and end the superstar’s family line and protect the world from any potentially nerve-racking Bieber Juniors…

I chuckled. “You’ll have trouble topping the twins’ performance…”

Simon and Danny laughed.

“We’ll find a way”, Danny chuckled.

A little while later, Justin Bieber entered the studio.

I barely noticed his entrance. His transformation was truly bewildering. The show’s demanding schedule was obviously getting to him. On the first day, he had arrived with great fanfare, surrounded by his entourage, bragging and boasting about his “balls of steel”. On the second and third day, with his entourage gone, he remained confident and arrogant, even though his nuts had taken quite a bit of abuse. Yesterday, he had been slightly more humble but still defiant.

Today he looked like any other contestant on the show: frightened and in pain, his handsome face pale, his much abused genitalia bruised, bloated, swollen and as red as a lobster.

He was standing in the middle of the TV studio, ignored by the camera crew, looking vulnerable and lost.

When Simon and Danny introduced themselves to him, they got a glimpse of the Justin Bieber that they knew from TV: smug, arrogant and obnoxious. And yet his cocky attitude seemed hollow. It was as if he didn’t believe himself when he talked about his “balls of steel”.

“Good luck breaking them”, he said with a weak grin. “Many have tried, but they’re still here. And in pristine condition!” He grabbed himself and let out an anguished yelp when his fingers touched his battered balls.

Danny and Simon laughed.

A couple minutes later, the cameras were rolling and Danny and Simon went right down to business.

“You know, I really like your music”, Danny said, smiling at the singer. “It’s a shame that you’re such a jerk.” With that, he brought his knee up between Justin’s thighs, smashing the naked star’s swollen spuds s into his body and eliciting a high-pitched wail.

Simon burst out laughing. “Well, I agree with Danny”, he said cheerfully. “Your music is kinda nice – but you are just an asshole.” He grabbed Justin’s nuts, wrapping his fingers around his sack. “And assholes need to be punished”, he whispered into Justin’s ear as he squeezed his balls hard.

Justin’s handsome face contorted in pain as he screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Yesterday, you got a taste of your own cum”, Simon grinned. “Today we’ll see how our loads compare.” He twisted Justin’s nuts, making him yodel in pain. “Think of it as a cum degustation. I bet you’ll enjoy it.”

Justin was panting and moaning as his balls, badly battered after four days of testicular abuse, were mercilessly manhandled by Simon while Danny was setting up a leather sling in the middle of the set.

Together, Danny and Simon tied the singer up so that he was lying on his back, his legs spread apart and tied to the chains that connected the sling with the ceiling. His wrists were cuffed to his ankles, making his mouth and his ass readily available. His limp, bruised dick was resting on his muscular abs, his bloated balls sitting between his legs like a pair of big, red balloons waiting to be popped.

“Come on”, the singer pleaded. “You can’t do this to me.”

“Oh yes, we can”, Danny said cheerfully, smacking Justin’s exposed balls with the palm of his hand.

Justin let out an anguished wail.

“And we will”, Simon added with a grin, unzipping his pants and whipping out his fat, hard cock.

Justin’s eyes widened. “No, please”, he groaned. “Please don’t---“

“Open wide, baby”, Simon grinned as he jerked his cock, aiming the dripping tip at Justin’s luscious lips.

“Fuck you”, Justin grunted before pressing his lips tightly together, his eyes fixed on Simon’s throbbing cock.

Danny chuckled. “Oh, Justin”, he sighed in a mocking tone of voice. He was positioned at the singer’s rear end, looking down at his swollen balls. “Oh, Justin”, he repeated, sounding like a father disappointed in his stubborn son.

Simon was beating his impressive meat as Danny wrapped his fingers around the neck of Justin’s ballsack, making his swollen balls rest on his palm.

Justin let out a grunt as Danny squished his testicular cords between his thumb and index finger.

“Look at those nuts”, Danny grinned, playfully slapping Justin’s balls a couple of times, making them bounce in their sack. “That’s gonna be a big batch of peanut butter.” He chuckled, pressing his thumb into the meaty core of Justin’s left nut.

Justin  grunted through his gritted teeth.

Simon laughed. “A huge batch”, he said, spitting into his hand and feverishly jerking his throbbing cock. “And it will be even better with a nice cream topping…”

Danny chuckled and balled his fist before playfully squashing Justin’s testicles against his palm with his knuckles.

Justin let out an anguished yelp.

“I’m getting close”, Simon moaned as he massaged his dick. The fat mushroom head was pulsing and his balls pulled up in his sack.

“Alright, let’s give Justin a nice helping of your sweet cream”, Danny grinned, raising his fist. “Open Sesame!” With that, he brought his fist down hard on Justin’s nuts.

The famous singer’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream, just in time for the first jet of Simon’s creamy spunk to hit its target.

Simon’s body was shaking as his big, meaty dick pumped the contents of his plump babymakers into Justin’s gullet while Danny was punching Justin’s nuts as if he was trying to crush them for good.

Justin was gurgling, retching and coughing, spit and cum flying from his mouth as spurt after spurt of Simon’s gooey jizz splattered onto his face and into his mouth, plastering his eyes shut and covering his famous face in a thick layer of salty spunk.

“Oh my god”, Simon moaned, shaking his dick, sending little drops of cum flying onto Justin’s face.

The handsome singer was screaming from the top of his lungs, his face dripping with Simon’s cum.

“That was delicious, wasn’t it?” Danny laughed, walking over to Simon and looking down at Justin’s pain contorted face. “Now let’s see how my cream compares to his.”

Justin let out a miserable groan.

Danny looked at Simon and grinned as he dropped his pants and started jerking his cock. “Your turn to work the door.”

Simon chuckled. He stuffed his softening dick back into his pants and walked around Justin’s tied-up body. Cracking his knuckles, he looked down at Justin’s sore nuts, before grabbing one ball in each hand, digging his fingers into the soft flesh of the superstar’s tender testicles.

Justin’s red, burning eyes crossed as he let out a high-pitched squeal, prompting Danny to sink his dick into Justin’s mouth, burying it to the hilt between Justin’s lips.

The tortured singer’s soprano squeal turned into muffled gurgling as Danny’s dick tickles his tonsils.

“Fuck yeah”, Danny moaned as he started face-fucking the world-famous singer.

Danny was holding Justin’s head in place, his low-hanging nuts slapping against Justin’s cum-covered face.

Justin’s neck was bulging obscenely whenever Danny’s dick was all the way down his throat.

“Fuck yeah”, Danny repeated, using Justin’s mouth like a sex toy, ramming his fat, throbbing dong in before pulling all the way out, only to thrust it back in again.

In the meantime, Simon was working over Justin’s nuts, pulling them apart from each other, twisting them and squeezing them, pressing his thumb into the tender flesh and crushing them flat with his strong hands.

Danny announced his orgasm by speeding up the pace of his face-fucking.

Justin was grunting and gurgling, gagging and groaning, as Danny’s fat member widened his throat and made every attempt to rearrange his tonsils.

“Oh my god”, Danny moaned, wrapping his hands around Justin’s neck, jerking himself off with the help of Justin’s throat.

Simon looked like he was trying to tie Justin’s nutsack into an artful and well thought out knot, twisting his tender testicles and making the bloated bits take on a rather quaint shade of purple.

With a deep, guttural moan, Danny came deep inside Justin's throat, flooding him with his seed as he kept his dick pushed deep down his throat, his busy balls dancing in front of Justin’s pain-contorted face.

“Holy fuck!” Danny moaned, pulling his dick out of Justin’s mouth.

Justin gasped for breath, drool and cum flooding out of his mouth, running into his nose and over his eyes.

“I bet that’s good for your voice”, Danny joked, his spent cock dripping with Justin’s spit.

Justin coughed.

“We have another ten minutes left”, Danny said, wiping his sweaty brow.

“Why don’t we give Justin a few more loads”, Simon grinned, playfully smacking Justin’s bruised and bloated ballsack. “After all, this is a cum degustation…”

“Yeah”, Danny grinned, turning to the camera-crew. “Come on, everybody, I bet you’ve always wanted to ream that famous throat.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle as a cheer went through the room. One by one, more than a dozen cameramen, lightings technicians, soundmen and assistants took their turns fucking Justin Bieber’s face.

Dicks of all shapes and sizes found their way between Justin’s rapidly roughening lips and down his remarkably robust throat.

Danny and Simon continued abusing Justin’s balls, hellbent on turning his juicy bieberplums to jelly.

“Look at this”, Simon laughed as he spotted a vaccuum pump on one of the candy-colored shelves on the set.

“Ooooh, that’s gonna hurt”, Danny mused, helping Simon stuff Justin’s nuts into the opening.

At Justin Bieber’s throat, a muscular black guy took over from a pot-bellied man in his fifties.

Justin’s screams of protest were muffled instantly when the fat, thick schlong invaded his mouth.

Danny and Simon started pumping, making Justin’s already ridiculously bloated balls swell up even more.

The black guy unloaded deep inside Justin’s mouth before handing over Justin’s throat to a baby-faced twenty-something with a long and slender piece of meat.

Suddenly, someone shouted, “Quick, quick!”

There was a commotion as a bulky redhead pushed his way to the top of the line, arriving just in time to shower Justin’s face in cum.

Justin’s balls were filling up the vacuum pump, much to the amusement of Danny and Simon.

“How are we gonna get that damn thing off again?” Simon chuckled.

“With raw force I guess”, Danny grinned.

The baby-faced twenty-something pulled his dick out of Justin’s mouth. “Someone hold his eyes open”, he grunted with a mean grin before distributing his load evenly into both of Justin’s eyes.

Next up was a rough looking man in his thirties. He slapped Justin’s face a couple of times. “Take that fucking cock, bitch”, he grumbled, all but dislocating Justin’s jaw with his thick beer can cock.

“Come on”, Danny grunted, pulling on the vacuum pump with Simon.

With a loud PLOMP! The pump came off, freeing Justin’s hugely swollen nuts.

“Now that’s what I call a pair of nuts”, Simon laughed, playfully punching Justin’s bloated balls.

The beer can cock made Justin gag and retch before it flooded Justin’s mouth. It was replaced by a thinner but longer piece that belonged to a bespectacled teen who fucked Justin’s mouth hard and fast.

The sound of a bell marked the end of the session.

There were groans of disappointment by those who hadn’t had a chance to sink their dicks into Justin’s mouth.

Danny and Simon each gave the superstar’s nuts a farewell punch before walking over to me.

“That was pretty amazing”, I said.

Danny opened his mouth to say something but he was interrupted by the producer’s voice over the PA.

“After talking to Mr. Bieber’s management we’re happy to announce that everybody can have their turn even though we’re not filming anymore”, the producer said to wild cheers of the camera crew. “Enjoy yourselves, guys, you earned it!”

I couldn’t see Justin’s face due to the crowd of people waiting to fuck his throat, but I heard his muffled screams of protest.

“I think I’m gonna have another turn”, Danny grinned, adjusting his crotch.

“Yeah, me too”, Simon chimed in.

I chuckled. Justin’s throat was going to stay busy for at least another hour or two…

Tomorrow: The sixth day of pain for Justin Bieber, featuring Logan and Zach and a huge challenge for a certain superstar’s virgin hole.

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