Friday, April 7, 2017

Skaters gone nuts (Brant meets Sammy and Tristan)

Special thanks to Brant for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who christened every one of his skateboards with a creamy load of cum!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Sammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun.”

Tristan’s words were ringing in Brant’s head as he rolled up the driveway to the garage on his skateboard.

Brant was 19 years old, a lanky young man with black medium length hair and a cute smile on his handsome face. His body was skinny but fit even though his loose longsleeve t-shirt and his saggy jeans did a good job of hiding his washboard abs and his muscular legs.

He was hanging around at the skate park a lot. That’s where he had met Sammy and Tristan. They were the same age as him, and they soon discovered that they had the same sense of humor and the same adventurous attitude.

Last week, Brant had confided in Tristan that he wanted to improve his physical and sexual skills. It had been an odd conversation, mainly because Tristan had had a broad grin on his face the entire time. He had told Brant that he knew exactly who to ask for help.

Now, Brant was standing in front of the garage, feeling a little nervous and a little excited at the same time. Were Sammy and Tristan really going to help him?

He grabbed his skateboard and entered the garage.

Sammy and Tristan were waiting for him.

“Hey there”, Tristan said, smiling at Brant. He was 19 years old, with dusty blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing sagging jeans and a loose-fitting t-shirt that sported a crude drawing of a naked young man staring at the viewer, a wide-eyed look of surprise and pain on his face. His crotch was obscured by two hen’s eggs, their shells cracked, egg yolk running out of them and dripping to the ground. The caption read: “Too chicken to skate?!”

“Nice shirt”, Brant said, smiling uneasily.

“Yeah, it’s funny”, Sammy chimed in, grinning. The 18 year old redhead turned to Tristan and winked at him. “You’re not, are you?”

Tristan blinked. “What?”

“Too chicken to skate”, Sammy said matter-of-factly before sending his foot up between Tristan’s legs, hitting poor Tristan’s nuts dead-on.

“Oooomph!” Tristan grunted as his balls were rammed into his body.

Sammy and Brant burst out laughing as Tristan doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“You got me good”, Tristan whispered in a strained voice.

“Did he break your eggs?” Brant quipped.

Tristan pretended to think about Brant’s question. He reached inside his pants, cradling his fat, low-hanging balls. “Yup”, he announced with a weak grin, wincing in pain. “Definitely broken.”

The three skaters chuckled.

Sammy turned to Brant. “Tristan told me you’re looking for help.”

Brant nodded. “I’m not quite happy with my strength, you know, like, physically and sexually.”

Sammy nodded. “Alright, you’ve come to the right place.” He smiled at Tristan. “We have come up with a couple of experiments to see what needs to be done.”

Tristan nodded.

Brant smiled at them. “Okay, great.”

“Take your clothes off so we can see what we’re dealing with”, Tristan said.

Brant raised his eyebrows. “You mean…?” He tugged at his shirt.

“Everything”, Sammy smiled. “Don’t be shy.”

Brant chuckled. “Alright.”

Tristan and Sammy watched him as he stripped naked, revealing his skinny but surprisingly muscular body.

“Nice”, Sammy said, running his hand over Brant’s washboard abs. “Nothing to worry about here.”

“Here neither”, Tristan grinned, squeezing Brant’s muscular legs.

“Yeah, well…” Brant cleared his throat and looked down at his crotch. “I think the problem lies a bit further south.”

Tristan and Sammy turned their attention to Brant’s genitals.

The handsome young man sported a nice pair of average-sized balls and a pretty big, meaty dick.

Tristan and Sammy nodded, both of them grabbing Brant’s junk simultaneously. They rolled his nuts in their hands, tugged on his dick, inspected the bulbous head and the fat shaft.

“Don’t worry”, Sammy said cheerfully, giving Brant’s nuts a playful squeeze. “We’re gonna take care of this.”

Brant inhaled sharply, smiling weakly as Sammy and Tristan laughed.

“Good”, Brant mumbled.

“Alright”, Sammy smiled, rubbing his hands. “Let’s get to work.” He walked to one corner of the garage and rummaged around until he found a skating ramp. “This is perfect”, he smiled. With the help of Tristan and Brant, he pulled the ramp out of the garage and into the driveway.

It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining brightly.

The house was the last in a dead-end road so they didn’t have to worry about uninvited guests.

“This ramp is special”, Sammy explained and pointed to a hole in the ramp. “You lie here and place your head in this hole.”

Brant blinked. “But---“ He cleared his throat. “But you’re not going to…” His voice trailed off.

Sammy finished his sentence. “Roll over you on our skateboards?” He grinned. “That’s exactly what we’re gonna do. We’re going to roll from the ramp to your collar bone and down from there.”

Brant opened his mouth.

“You said you wanted to improve your physical skills, right?” Tristan smiled, nudging Brant’s arm. “You can’t cop out, now.”

Brant grimaced. “Alright”, Brant mumbled. “But you’re not gonna hurt me, okay?”

“Okay”, Sammy and Tristan lied cheerfully.

Brant bit his lower. “And if it hurts too much you’re gonna stop, okay?”

“Okay”, Sammy and Tristan lied again, sharing a cheeky grin.

Brant swallowed hard and lay down, putting his head into the designated hole.

His eyes widened in fear when Sammy and Tristan locked Brant’s head in place with an iron bar before securing his arms tight to his body and his legs spread wide apart, immobilizing him completely.

“It’s for your own safety”, Tristan winked at him.

Brant stared at him, a worried expression on his face.

He was lying on the ground, his naked body acting as the extension of the skating ramp, wondering what he had gotten himself into. He was unable to move, and his body, especially his meaty dick and his precious balls, were completely unprotected and vulnerable.

Brant didn’t have too much time to worry, though, as Tristan and Sammy grabbed their skateboards and rolled around in the driveway.

Before long, they were using the ramp, rolling up and down, doing a couple of slides at the top of the ramp as a warm-up. On their way down, they made sure not to roll over his face – but they came closer and closer on every turn.

Brant’s eyes were darting back and forth, and he let out frantic screams and shocked wails whenever one of his friends came a little too close to his face.

Tristan and Sammy were having a great time, laughing and high-fiving as they rolled on their skateboards.

“Don’t piss your pants”, Tristan grinned as he rolled down the ramp inches from Brant’s head, making him let out a shocked scream.

“Cause you don’t have pants on”, Sammy laughed, speeding down at the other side of Brant’s head, making him quiver in fear.

On his next way down, Sammy missed Brant’s head only by a hair’s width and rolled down his body, over his chest and his abs, crunching his nuts under the wheels of his skateboard before rolling away.

Brant screamed from the top of his lungs as his balls were flattened under Sammy’s body weight. It felt as if his nuts had been run over by a truck. It was over in a split second: The left front wheel of Sammy’s skateboard squished Brant’s nutsack flat, with Brant’s right testicle taking the brunt of the impact, only to be immediately followed by the left back wheel that rolled over Brant’s right nut and caught a little part of his left nut.

Brant’s meaty dick was run over as well, causing additional pain to poor Brant.

To Sammy it was only a little bump in the road. To Brant it was the end of the world. And to Tristan it was the reason for riotous laughter.

“That was fucking awesome!” Tristan cheered and followed Sammy’s example.

He didn’t even try to avoid Brant’s head. Brant screamed in agony when Tristan rolled over his head and his body, squishing his balls and his dick flat to the hard ground.

Again and again, the two experienced skaters rolled down Brant’s body, making him scream and wail in pain.

After about a dozen turns, Brant’s body was covered in long, red marks that went from his face to his crotch. Brant looked like someone had drawn a traffic map on his body, with his red and swollen ballsack being the heavily frequented junction.

“Look at this”, Tristan grinned and tried a kickflip, landing right on Brant’s chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

“Fuck!” Brant coughed, his vision blurring.

“Awesome!” Sammy grinned and laughed at the angry red marks that appeared on Brant’s chest.

He tried his own kickflip, landing it perfectly on Brant’s washboard abs and eliciting a hoarse groan from his poor buddy.

After Tristan had kickflipped right onto Brant’s crotch, squishing his dick and his nuts flat under his board, Sammy rolled up to the street and turned around, looking at Brant.

The view was perfect. Brant’s legs were spread wide apart and his dick and balls were absolutely unmissable.

“Brace yourself”, he yelled cheerfully as he rolled up the driveway, gaining speed on his collision course with Brant’s most prized possessions. “Here I come!”

Brant’s eyes widened and he screamed in terror.

A second later, his scream turned into a gurgling shriek as Sammy’s skateboard collided full-force with his bruised and swollen nuts.

Tristan burst out laughing at Brant’s shrill, anguished squeal as Sammy stumbled off his abruptly stopped skateboard, stepping on Brant’s abs in the process and adding his footprints to the red wheel marks on Brant’s body.

“Hey, I got a great idea”, Tristan said suddenly and rushed into the garage.

When he returned, he was carrying two old, rusty golf clubs and threw one of it at Sammy.

Sammy caught it, grinning, “I’m a little off my game…”

“Don’t worry”, Tristan grinned and stepped onto Brant’s junk. “Just follow my lead.”

Brant screamed in agony as his balls were flattened under Tristan’s sneakers.

With a mean grin, Tristan moved his feet a little as if he was trying to find the perfect stance, crushing poor Brant’s dick and balls under his feet.

Standing on Brant’s junk, Tristan lined up the golf club with his face, pretending to tee off his face. He lifted the club and brought it down, making Brant scream in horror, his eyes wide open.

He stopped merely a quarter inch from Brant’s head before stepping off Brant’s jewelry.

Sammy laughed. “Damn, you scared him!”

“Your turn”, Tristan said cheerfully and pointed between Brant’s thighs where his swollen balls and his bruised cock were waiting patiently.

Sammy didn’t have to be told twice. He stepped onto Brant’s junk and repeated Tristan’s move, pretending to bash Brant in the face with his golf club, only to stop just before the impact.

Again, Brant screamed from the top of his lungs.

Sammy and Tristan roared with laughter.

“Oh, I got an even better idea!” Sammy exclaimed, making a few steps up Brant’s body before turning around, standing on his abs. He winked at Tristan. “Make his dick hard!”

Tristan chuckled and knelt between Brant’s thighs, spitting into his hand and jerking his cock.

Brant was moaning and groaning, trying to cope with the mixed sensations of Sammy standing on his abs while his nuts were throbbing with red, hot pain and Tristan was pleasuring his dick.

Surprisingly quickly, Brant’s dick was rock-hard, throbbing and pulsing in Tristan’s hand. It was a big, fat boner with a wonderful bulbous mushroom head at the top.

Tristan grabbed Brant’s shaft and held it steady, looking up at Sammy with a mischievous grin. “You think you can hit the top off?”

Sammy shifted his weight on Brant’s abs, making him scream in pain. “I can try”, he grinned before bringing his club up and sending it down, aiming for the tip of Brant’s cock.

Brant screamed like a banshee – but, once again, Sammy stopped right before the impact.

Sammy and Tristan looked at each other and laughed.

Again and again, Sammy aimed for the sensitive head of Brant’s rock-hard cock, and each time, he stopped right before the impact.

Brant’s reactions grew a little more subdued. He was grunting and groaning under Sammy’s weight that was resting on his abs but he didn’t scream in terror any more. After all, they didn’t go through with it.

Until they turned their attention to his nuts.

Sammy stepped on Brant’s hard cock to keep it out of the way, squishing it between his foot and Brant’s body. He held the golf club high in the air.

Brad let out an uncomfortable groan.

Tristan was standing between his spread legs, ready to strike Brant’s testicles with his own golf club.

The two friends shared a knowing smile.

Then they brought the clubs down.

This time, they didn’t stop. They went full force on poor Brant’s testicles that got squished flat between the two golf clubs.

Brant’s eyes widened instantly. There was a split-second of surprised silence, then he screamed from the top of his lungs.

Tristan and Sammy burst out laughing.

“Look at his fucking nuts!” Tristan said, pointing at Brant’s crotch.

His poor babymakers were severely swollen and beet red.

Sammy laughed and brought down his golf club like an axe, whacking Brant’s balls into his body and eliciting another high-pitched scream.

Tears were rolling down Brant’s handsome face while he was screaming in utter agony.

“Awww”, Tristan said, grimacing in mock-sympathy. “Poor boy.”

Sammy chuckled as he stepped off Brant’s abs that were covered in red footprints. “He deserves a little bit of pleasure, don’t you think?”

“Just a little bit”, Tristan grinned, winking at Sammy.

Sammy nodded and walked into the garage.

In the meantime, Tristan took off his sneakers. “Let’s wipe those tears off your face”, he said with a grin as he rubbed his foot that was covered in a stinky white sock over Brant’s pain-contorted face. Then he sat down on Brant’s face, muffling his groans and his sobs with his butt while stretching his legs to reach Brant’s hard cock.

“That’s so nice of you”, Sammy grinned as he returned from the garage with a toolbox. “You’re giving him a footjob!”

“That’s what friends are for, right?” Tristan quipped as he massaged Brant’s engorged, bruised cock with his stinky feet.

“Yup”, Sammy grinned and knelt between Brant’s thighs. He reached inside a toolbox and held up a rubber mallet, smiling at Tristan.

“Go for it”, Tristan nodded, gently rubbing Brant’s dick between his feet.

Sammy brought the mallet down on Brant’s swollen balls, squishing them flat.

Brant’s scream of agony was muffled by Tristan’s ass, and Sammy and Tristan laughed at the funny sound.

A drop of precum oozed out of Brant’s dick, soaking Tristan’s socks.

“I think he’s close”, Tristan grinned.

With a smile and a nod, Sammy crushed Brant’s balls with the rubber mallet once more, eliciting another muffled scream.

He reached into the toolbox again and found a rusty knife.

“Ouch”, Tristan grimaced, stopping his footjob for a moment. “You’re not going to cut his dick off with that, are you?”

Sammy ran the knife over the length of Brant’s shaft. “I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just take the tip off his dick. Just a little slice, you know…”

Trapped under Tristan’s butt, Brant had a little trouble hearing the conversation. But he felt the knife on his dick, and he made out the words “cut” and “slice”.

He let out muffled screams of protest.

Tristan and Sammy laughed at his pathetic attempts to escape the situation.

With a grin, Tristan resumed the footjob again, jerking Brant’s throbbing dick with his feet.

“Just a slice, huh?” Tristan grinned. “What about two slices? One for you and one for me.”

Brant screamed hysterically but Tristan’s butt absorbed most of the sound.

“Sounds reasonable”, Sammy said, holding the knife against the tip of Brant’s dick. “Or we’ll take his balls.”

“One for you and one for me?” Tristan chuckled.

“Exactly”, Sammy laughed, running the blade of the knife slowly over Brant’s swollen nutsack.

Tristan chuckled and got up, lifting his ass off Brant’s head.

Brant’s face was sweaty and red, a gruesome mask of horror and pain.

“Do you want us to cut off your dick or your balls?” Sammy smiled.

“Or both”, Tristan added cheerfully. “That’s an option, too.”

“Please”, Brant whimpered. “Please don’t do this.”

“You don’t want us to cut off anything?” Sammy asked with a mocking smile.

He got up as well and the two young men stood in front of Brant.

“No, please, don’t”, Brant whispered.

Sammy let out an exaggerated sigh and looked at Tristan.

They winked at each other.

“Alright”, they said in unison before sending their feet between Brant’s legs simultaneously. Sammy’s sneaker-clad foot crashed into Brant’s left nut and Tristan’s socked foot collided with Brant’s right nut. Brant couldn’t tell which one hurt worse.

He screamed from the top of his lungs, his eyes rolling back into his head.

“Take back your seat”, Sammy grinned. “We don’t want to frighten the neighbors…”

Tristan laughed and sat down on Brant’s face again, muffling his screams of agony.

He resumed his footjob, calming Brant down a bit.

Meanwhile, Sammy had placed the knife in the toolbox again and found some wooden clothespins that he attached to Brant’s sack.

Tristan chuckled as he watched him clip Brant’s ballbag with a dozen clothespins.

With a playful grin, Sammy smacked Brant’s nuts, causing some of the clothespins to come off while Brant was screaming in agony.

After he had reattached them, Sammy went through the toolbox searching for more clothespins. He didn’t find any but he happened upon a little box of sewing needles.

He opened it, a puzzled expression on his face. “What are those doing in here?”

Tristan shrugged his shoulder as he picked up the pace of his footjob. “Who cares. How many are there?”

Sammy counted the needles. “Eight.”

Tristan grinned. “Four for each nut.”

“Right”, Sammy said cheerfully before ramming the first needle into Brant’s swollen left nut.

“Ooooooh, that’s gotta hurt!” Tristan grimaced in mock-sympathy as Brant screamed from the top his lungs. He wiggled his ass to muffle Brant’s anguished wails just as Sammy drove another needle into the tortured testicle.

Brant’s cushioned screams had a decidedly hysterical quality, and Tristan couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Put one into the other nut!” Tristan chuckled while jerking Brant’s rock-hard dick with his feet.

Sammy grinned and punctured Brant’s right nut with a quick, hard jab.

Brant’s voice cracked as he squealed in pain, causing Tristan and Sammy to laugh out loud.

One by one, each needle found its way into poor Brant’s testicles, making them look like half-naked hedgehogs that had lost most of their quills.

Tristan was jerking Brant’s cock like a pro, massaging the raging boner with his socked feet.

Sammy watched Brant’s crotch, an amused expression on his face. “I think he’s close”, he observed cheerfully as Brant’s balls pulled up in their sack.

One by one, he removed the clothespins and the needles from Brant’s battered ballbag, just in time for a massive, explosive eruption.

Brant screamed against Tristan’s ass when the first spurt of creamy cum skyrocketed out of his cock. Jet after jet of sticky spunk shot up into the air before raining down and covering Tristan’s feet and Brant’s lower body. Within just a couple of seconds, Tristan’s socks were drenched with Brant’s sticky juice, and his bruised and bloated ballbag was coated in a thick layer of cream.

Tristan and Sammy were laughing and cheering as Brant spilled his sauce.

Tristan made sure to jerk Brant’s dick until he was sure that Brant’s balls were completely drained. The final batches of cum oozed out of his dick, running down his shaft and covering his nutsack.

“That was pretty impressive”, Sammy grinned. “What do you say? Shall we add our own topping?”

Tristan laughed and got up.

Brant’s sweaty face was beet-red and he gasped for breath, his eyes clenched shut, his lips quivering.

His friends stood on either side of him as they dropped their pants and whipped out their dicks.

A moment later, their cum splattered down onto Brant’s ballbag.

“The best way to seat your balls is to form a plastering cum seal”, Sammy said cheerfully as he hosed down Brant’s bruised nutsack with his sticky, salty load.

“To prevent any leakage”, Tristan chimed in, aiming his dick at Brant’s balls.

Together, Sammy and Tristan achieved their goal.

When they were finished, Brant’s nuts looked like two giant ancient eggs preserved for eternity in clear resin.

Sammy and Tristan looked pleased.

In stark contrast, Brant looked horrified, exhausted, sore and embarrassed at the same time.

Sammy stuffed his spent cock back into his pants and smiled at Brant. “Okay, I think we’re done. If you’re interested in my professional opinion: Your physical skills are pretty good. Your nuts are a bit weak but there’s nothing to worry about. You shot quite a load, so it’s fair to say that your sexual skills are pretty good as well.”

Tristan freed Brant from his constraints and the tortured teen sat up straight, groaning in agony.

His naked body was covered in red bruises and his nutsack was dripping with three loads of sticky sperm.

“All in all”, Sammy continued. “You did fine.”

“But there’s always room for improvement”, Tristan said with a grin.

“Of course there is”, Sammy nodded.

Brant blinked. “You mean…”

Sammy smiled. “Yes. We’re gonna do this every week from now on. I mean, there’s so much to do. We haven’t even touched the topics of electricity and heat yet.”

Brant gulped and looked at Tristan.

“Don’t worry”, Tristan grinned. “It’ll be fun.”


Anonymous said...

God I wish they used the knife

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised this story didn't have a warning for the content, it's one of the more brutal ones. Loved the use of skateboards! Great job Alex and Brant.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Brant asked me to put some knife play in the story - but I think it would have been a rather unpleasant surprise for him if Sammy had gone through with it... :-))

I guess you are right. I could have put a warning on the story. It didn't cross my mind when I wrote it. I'm glad you enjoyed it nevertheless. :-))

Brant said...

@anonymous: Thanks dude!
And great job on the story Alex! Seems like all 3 of us got something out of the experience!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Brant! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))