Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (26)

One of the hottest things about all those youtube clips showing guys hitting each other in the nuts is the fact that some people go out of their way to create a unique, funny setup for the inevitable nut-crunching. I don't know why but I think guys making self-deprecating jokes before getting whacked in the babymakers is one of the weirdest hottest things ever.

Here are some of my favorite videos of guys having a lot of fun while hurting their testicles.

Here are a couple of Russian guys who enjoy breaking each others' balls on camera. I have no idea what they are saying but it sounds like they are having a great time...

Here they are again with several nutshots including some an awesome double kick. Btw, I love the fact that their logo is a cracked egg with a plaster on it. So appropriate.

Nutshots at 0:35, 1:20, 2:30

The next clip from the same guys has one of those hilarious setups that I was talking about. A guy dresses up as a squirrel (?) and does silly things in the forest.  When his friend shows him a walnut and convinces him to play a round of golf you know what's coming... It takes several tries for the young man to hit the nuts good and hard, but he gets it done...

Skip to 4:25

Here's another awesome clip from the same guys, and it's another great setup. One of them dresses up as a Pokemon and his body attack his crotch with a basketball bat. Awesome!

Some chances are just too good to pass up. Here's a wonderful underwater sack-tap.

The guiys in the following videos seem to be interested in a very scientific question: What happens when you use your nutsack to stop the spinning wheel of a bike? We're about to find out...

Here are some guys playing a very funny game of nut check roulette.

Last but not least we have super-hottie Logan Paul getting his nuts cracked by a couple of British freestyle soccer players. I love this video. There are so many things that I love - I don't know where to start...

Well, the obvious thing first: Logan Paul is hot.

Apparently, he has come up with a couple of funny nutshot scenarios (unfortunately he stops after filming the first two because he is in too much pain. Poor Logan.) and I think the first one is genuinely hilarious: He yells into the phone, "Mom! I can't talk right now! I'm about to get hit in the dick!", before getting slammed in the nuts with a soccer ball. I actually laughed out loud at that...

In addition, there's some hilarious banter leading up to the first nutshot (starting at 11:10):

Logan: I actually have a weird request for you guys: Can you kick the balls into my wiener? You think your precision is good enough to get a couple of nutshots? Like trickshots - but nutshots.
Soccer player 1: Well, the accuracy level to hit them is massive...
Soccer player 2: The targets are small...

What follows are two wonderful nutshots that are repeated in slow motion. Awesome!

After overcoming their initial (probably fake) reluctance, the soccer players are pretty enthusiastic (starting at 12:35):

Logan: Aaaaargh! They got my children! Oh god! I'm fine.
Soccer player 2: Oh, that was good! That was so, so good!
Logan: That one hurt like a bitch!
Soccer player 2: Wanna do a few more? We got six or seven more.
Soccer player 1: Let's crack on with a few more.
Logan: I think I'm call it a day on that. [...] For the safety of my "down area" I'm gonna call it quits. Yo, that was funny. I can feel my right testicle right here in, like, my lowest ab. I feel it, it's still there. So, hey, good shot, dude!You guys are pretty accurate.
Soccer player 2: If you don't have kids you know who to blame...

Make sure you don't miss the little happy dance at 13:25.

Starts at 11:10

What are your favorite videos of guys having fun and busting each others' balls? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email ( :-))


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