Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Video links: Comedy gems (11)

Have you ever watched a movie and thought, "Damn, a good nutshot would make this trainwreck a lot funnier?" Yeah, I know that feeling.

I mean, there is probably no movie that wouldn't benefit from a nice hit in the jewels. The Godfather is a decent movie - but it would be so much funnier if people kicked each other in the coglioni instead of shooting each other, right? Brokeback Mountain is pretty good - but it would be a lot more upbeat if Ennis and Jack spent more time playing Roshambo. And Crash would be hilarious if they just called it Crush and spent two hours filming people crunching each others' nuts.

Here are some more of my favorite ballbusting scenes from movies, TV and web shows.

The first clip is the trailer to Nickelodeon's original movie Splitting Adam. I have no idea if it's in the league of The Godfather, Brokeback Mountain or Crash - but it has a pretty funny nutshot in it, so it's got to be good...

Skip to 0:50

I have literally no freaking idea what's going on in the next two clips but I think they are absolutely hilarious. What I love most about them is the suspenseful music that contrasts very nicely with the high-pitched whimpers when the poor guy gets kicked in the nuggets. If anybody knows what's the deal with those clips please let me know!

New Girl is a funny show but I think the bloopers are even funnier. At 4:20 an actor gets hit in the nuts by an actress. It's an accident, it's not a hard hit and it's not caught on screen. Some of you will probably think it's lame but I love his stoic reaction. "In the nuts. I'm good. Got my nuts nailed. Keep rolling. Can't move. All good. All good. Yeah, my nuts are in pain." So funny.

Right after that there's a second scene where the improvisational instinct of an actor calls him to punch his screen partner in the balls during a fight, leading to a playful nutshot fight.

Watch from 4:20 to 5:30

Here are a couple of hilarious clips from Ballbuster XXL's awesome youtube channel. Apparently, they are from an obscure 2012 teen comedy called Gettin' In (also titled American Virgins, here's the IMDB page). The quality isn't perfect but the clips are just hilarious.

The first one features a ninja ball grab to a very cute young man. The second one has the smae young man on the receiving end of a knee from a girl. The third one is a quick, mean nutslap between buddies. And the fourth one is a prolonged squeeze to a blond guy's nuts. I love his high-pitched squeals. Pure comedy gold!

Finally, we have a short clip from an Italian movie probably from the 70s or 80s. I love it because it is so incredibly random: We're at the beach. A guy hits a soccer ball high up in the air, and somehow it smacks another guy right in the nuggets. The sound effect is cheesy and absolutely hilarious, and the hot guys reaction is pretty awesome.

What's your favorite comedy nutshot? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (!


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