Friday, April 28, 2017

Man vs. nature (part 1)

This is the first part of a collaboration with OMB Stories. It's a little different from the stuff I usually write, and I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Warning: Can contain traces of cum. Also there's a bit of straight sex in the beginning. Oh, and it's a little more brutal than my usual stories. :-))

Greg let out a deep, guttural moan.

He was close.

So close.

He thrust his fat, hard dick deep into the girl’s mouth, making her gag and retch. The back of her head banged against the wall as Greg pounded her mouth.

Greg chuckled. “Yeah, choke on my monster cock.”

The girl gave a muffled response that was completely unintelligible – but it did a great job at tickling Greg’s dick, and he moaned in pleasure.

The handsome college stud was holding the blonde girl’s hair, holding her in place so he could deep-dick her mouth. He hadn’t bothered to undress. His sweat pants were hanging around his ankles. He was wearing a sun-bleached t-shirt and a pair of well-worn sneakers. His jet black hair was hidden under a baseball cap.

He was one of the best-looking guys on campus, and right now he was fucking the mouth of one of the best-looking girls on campus – even though the current situation didn’t present her in the best light.

Her make-up was smudgy, probably from the slobber and drool that was covering her face. Her mini-skirt was pulled up, revealing her bare crotch, and her big breasts were pulled out of her bra, bouncing with the rhythm of Greg’s skullfucking.

Greg increased the pace, holding the girl’s head in place by maintaining a firm grip on her pony tail as he plowed her mouth, getting closer and closer to orgasm.

“Greg!” someone yelled from downstairs. “What the fuck, man?! We’re ready to leave!”

“I’m coming!” Greg roared, pulling out his massive schlong just in time to cover the gasping girls face in a thick layer of his precious jizz.

When he was done, he shook his dick and pulled up his pants.

Without a word, he grabbed his backpack, left the room and headed downstairs where his buddies were waiting for him.

Greg’s best friend Thom was standing in the door frame, a brown marine back pack on his back. He was shirtless, wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and sandals. His athletic body was tanned all over. Thom worked out a lot. He cared a lot about his looks, and his buddies regularly made fun of him for shaving his chest and his arm-pits, for trimming his pubes and for his insistence on avoiding tan-lines by sunbathing in the nude.

“There you are”, Thom mumbled. “Come on, man, we’re late.”

“It’s just a camping trip”, Greg chuckled, delivering a well-placed back-hand smack to Thom’s bulging crotch, making his package bounce.

Thom groaned and doubled over. Greg was his best friend – but Greg’s habit of hitting him in the balls at every opportunity was starting to seriously annoy him…

“We’re late”, Thom repeated defiantly, massaging his balls.

“Sorry”, Greg said with a wide smirk. “I had some urgent business to attend to…” He laughed and grabbed his crotch, outlining his meaty dick in his sweat pants.

Jorge laughed. “Was she any good?” He ran his hand through his curly brown hair and winked at Greg. Originally from Puerto Rico, he had moved into the frat house a couple of months ago. His great looks, his cute smile and his dark, passionate eyes had made him instantly popular with the girls on campus. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, the cute Latino was an out-and-out breeding stallion in the bedroom, and he ran through almost as many girls as Greg.

Greg shrugged. “Not bad. I’ve had better, though.”

“What’s her name?” Rich asked breathlessly. He was the shortest of the bunch, a muscular blond with big arms and legs. Rich was horny. He always was. Unfortunately, he didn’t have Greg’s handsome face or Jorge’s fiery eyes or Thom’s flawless tan, securing him a constant fourth place in the stud quartet. “Maybe I can bang her when we’re back.” He was wearing loose fitting basketball shorts that did very little to hide his growing erection.

Greg laughed. “I didn’t ask her for her name. And I don’t think she’s in good voice now.” He winked at his buddies.

They roared with laughter.

“Fuck”, Rich sighed. “You reamed her throat?”

Greg chuckled. “You bet your ass I did!”

“Let’s go, guys”, Thom said impatiently.

The four buddies walked out the door, passing some of their frat brothers who just returned from a trip to the supermarket.

“Bye, guys. Have a good trip”, Reese said as the four guys entered the car.

“Don’t get eaten by a lion”, AJ added, grinning. “Or a cougar.”

The guys in the car laughed.

Greg was in the driver’s seat. He pulled out of the driveway and slowed down when he saw their frat brother Zach walking towards them on the sidewalk.

“Zach, my man”, Greg grinned. “You sure you don’t wanna come with us?”

“You can sleep in our tent, man”, Thom offered with a smile.

Zach shook his head, a sad expression on his face. “No can do. I gotta work.” He grimaced.

Greg chuckled and leaned out the window. “I’ve got an idea that’ll cheer you up.”

Zach raised his eyebrows.

“There’s a girl in my room. I just gave her a nice, creamy facial pack”, Greg grinned. “I’m sure she wouldn’t mind a second helping.”

Zach’s face lightened up.

“Say hello from me when you fuck her throat”, Greg grinned. “It’s nice and wide, now.” With that, he hooted the car horn and they drove off.

Watching Zach hurry to the frat house in the rearview mirror, Greg chuckled.

It was a six-hour drive and another fifty-minute hike to the forest area that the four studs had chosen as their camping spot. Greg entertained his buddies by telling juicy stories about his sexual encounters, bragging about his legendary stamina and prompting an in-depth discussion on how to make a girl beg for more.

When they finally arrived at the camping spot, they were all rock-hard and horny, stirred up by Greg’s tales.

“What about this, guys?” Greg said, pointing at a wood glade. “The lake is just over there, and this would make a great fireplace over here.”

The guys looked around.

It was beautiful.

The guys stood in silence for a moment, listening to the gentle breeze of the wind in the trees and to the birds’ joyous chirps, inhaling the overwhelming, unique scent of unspoiled nature.


Greg inhaled deeply. “Alright, guys, let’s make this our home for the weekend!”

His buddies cheered and dropped their backpacks.

Greg, Thom and Jorge started setting up the tents.

“I gotta take a piss”, Rich announced, stepping into the woods and aiming a healthy stream at the nearest tree.

Suddenly, he heard something.

Rich looked up. “What the---“ His eyes widened as he saw two eyes stare back at him. “Fuck!” He quickly tucked his dick back into his pants. “Guys! Guys, you gotta see this!”

Greg, Thom and Jorge hurried over to him.

Rich pointed up at the treetop.

“A squirrel”, Thom said, shrugging his shoulders. “What’s so special about that.”

“The way it looked at me”, Rich said slowly. “It was just---“

“Don’t tell me you’re afraid of squirrels”, Jorge chuckled.

The guys burst out laughing as Rich’s face turned red.

“Of course I’m not”, Rich mumbled.

“What – do you think they’re gonna steal your nuts?” Greg quipped, causing the other guys to roar with laughter.

Rich glared at him.

“You know, squirrels like their nuts big and juicy”, Greg grinned, grabbing Rich’s crotch and playfully squeezing his junk. “So you got nothing to worry about…”

Greg winked at Jorge and Thom who were laughing their asses off.

“Fuck you”, Rich mumbled, yanking Greg’s hand away from his crotch.

Redirecting his anger at the innocent squirrels, Rich grabbed a large pebble and threw it up at the tree crown, causing the squirrels to scatter.

“Fuck you!” he yelled. “Fucking nut-snatchers!” He pulled down his pants, revealing his meaty dick and his fat, low-hanging balls. Grabbing his sack by the neck, he shook it, screaming, “You want those nuts? Come and get them, fuckers!”

His buddies laughed.

Rich turned to them and grinned. “Stupid squirrels.”

Greg grinned. “It’s not those squirrels I’d be worried about, buddy…”

Rich raised his eyebrows.

A split-second later, Greg’s foot slammed into his exposed balls, flattening the two juicy orbs like pancakes.

“Fuuuuuuck!” Rich groaned, doubling over in pain as his buddies burst out laughing.

“You better guard those nuts, buddy”, Greg grinned as he walked away, Thom and Jorge in tow. “You wouldn’t want to lose the, right?”

Rich groaned, grimacing in pain as his buddies continued setting up the tents. “Stupid squirrels…”

An hour later, the tents were set up, and Rich had started a camp fire.

The sun was setting, and they sat by the fire place, eating canned tuna, drinking booze and smoking pot.

Inevitably, the conversation was about sex, and somehow it turned to a discussion of Greg’s monster cock.

“Size is overrated”, Jorge said, lighting a joint. “Seriously.”

“It’s funny”, Greg said, “I’ve never heard a guy with a big dick say that.” He grinned cockily. “How small is your pito, Jorge?”

Jorge chuckled and handed the joint to him. “You’d be surprised.”

Greg chuckled and took a deep drag. “Well, show it to us.”

Jorge laughed. “Only if you show us yours, too.”

“No problem”, Greg grinned, his words slightly slurred. He got up and yanked down his sweat pants, revealing his massive schlong and his big, heavy balls that dangled low in his hairy sack.

The guys stared at Greg’s monster, and Greg reveled in the awestruck expressions on their faces.

Thom and Rich had seen Greg’s dick before, but every time they saw it, it still filled them with deep respect and adoration, and a little bit of envy.

“Wow, that’s what I call a hole wrecker”, Jorge said slowly, staring at Greg’s huge tool.

Greg grinned, jerking his cock a couple of times until it was rock hard. “Nice, huh? Now show us yours.”

Jorge grinned. “I don’t think I can compete with that, but…” His voice trailed off as he got up and revealed his dong. It was a thick, beautiful piece of fuckmeat, long and meaty, with a generously proportioned mushroom-shaped head. It was almost as big as Greg’s, and it drew an appreciative nod from Greg.

“Not bad”, Greg said with a smile. He had no problem acknowledging an impressive cock on another guy – as long as it wasn’t bigger than his own. “Looks good on you.”

Jorge chuckled. “Thanks.” He looked down at his schlong and gave it a loving stroke, making his fat lowhangers bounce happily inside his sack. “I’m pretty fond of it.”

Greg chuckled. He turned to Thom.

Thom was biting his lower lip, his eyes darting from Greg’s dick to Jorge’s dick and back again. His mouth was watering and there was a strange feeling in his---

“Thom? You daydreaming?” Greg interrupted Thom’s thoughts. “We all know your dick. Wanna show us anyway?” He glanced at Thom’s crotch where his dick was straining against his jeans. “Looks like it’s dying to get out of your pants…”

Thom shrugged his shoulders and pulled down his pants. His rock-hard erection smacked against his stomach. “I was thinking about Tiffany”, he said sheepishly.

Jorge raised his eyebrows. “Tiffany?”

Thom stared at him. “What? I’ve been with her for two months. Just because you haven’t met her yet it doesn’t mean that she isn’t a real person.”

Jorge had an amused expression on his face. “I thought her name was Bethany.”

Thom blushed, nervously playing with his hard dick. “Oh.” He cleared his throat. “No, erm, well, that’s a different one. I’m done with Bethany. I’m with Stephanie now.”

There was an awkward pause.

“Tiffany”, Jorge said.

“Yeah”, Thom said quickly. “Tiffany. She’s a great fuck.”

“Damn, you can’t keep track of your girls, huh?” Greg chuckled, playfully smacking Thom’s dangling plums, making him let out an anguished grunt and double over in pain.

 “What about you?” Jorge smiled, turning to Rich. “Let’s see your cock.” With a swift motion, Jorge yanked down Rich’s basketball shorts, exposing his low-hanging balls and his fat boner.

It was a nice and big, a fat, veiny shaft with a bulbous, rosy head. Unfortunately, it paled in comparison to his buddies’ extralarge sausages.

“Well, looks like we have a winner”, Greg announced, grinning. “Me. I’m No. 1, followed by Jorge and Thom. And you”, he turned to Rich and chuckled, “well, you can get us another beer.” He winked at Jorge and Thom. “It’s what the donkeys do for the race-horses, right?”

Rich pulled his pants back up, mumbling something unintelligible.

“Don’t worry”, Jorge said with a snicker, offering Rich the joint. “Size is overrated…”

They sat by the fire place for a while, getting hammered, listening to Greg’s stories.

How his hole-wrecker had knocked out an aspiring beauty queen’s front teeth, ruining her career.

“You should have seen her face”, Greg recounted to riotous laughter. “She didn’t become a beauty queen but, boy, she knows how to suck a dick without those teeth!”

How he had fucked a hot MILF teacher on her wedding anniversary.

“When her husband came home with this big bunch of roses he had no idea I had just bred his wife”, Greg chuckled, “I wonder if he tasted my cum when he ate her pussy…”

How he made girls suck his dick after fucking their asses.

“It’s easy”, Greg shrugged his shoulders. “I tell them: My way or the highway. You have no idea how fast they clean that fucking cock!”

His buddies roared with laughter.

It was past midnight.

Rich had fallen asleep in the grass, lying flat on his back, his legs spread wide apart, snoring audibly.

Jorge stubbed out the joint and stared at it. Suddenly, he started giggling.

Thom and Greg looked at him.

“You think I can hit him in the mouth with this?” Jorge held up the cigarette stub.

His friends laughed.

Jorge flicked the stub at Rich, missing him by a couple of feet. “Damn.”

Greg chuckled and picked up a pebble, lobbing it at his sleeping buddy. It landed right between Rich’s thighs, narrowly missing the bulge in his basketball shorts.

Thom and Jorge laughed.

“You try hitting his little dick!” Greg said in a slurred voice.

Jorge happily accepted the challenge and fired a pebble stone at Rich’s crotch. It connected perfectly, smashing into the soft bulge between Rich’s thighs.

Rich’s snoring was interrupted by a sleepy grunt but he didn’t wake up.

“Let me try!” Thom chuckled before hurling a larger pebble at Rich’s balls. It connected with a dull thud, and the guys roared with laughter.

Despite the hard hit and the noise, Rich slept on.

Greg, Thom and Jorge chuckled and looked at each other before quickly picking up as many pebbles as they could find, readying themselves for an extended bulge-bashing contest.

Just when Greg prepared to hit his buddy in the balls, he noticed a stirring in the woods.

His eyes narrowed, trying to spot what was happening.

Suddenly, a cute little squirrel appeared, scurrying between Rich’s thighs, its bushy tail standing up straight. The little rodent stopped and rose up on his hind legs, turning its tiny head towards Greg, Thom and Jorge.

“Hey, little guy”, Thom whispered.

For a brief moment, it looked as if the squirrel smiled at them.

“Damn, it’s cute”, Jorge mumbled.

There was a moment of silence.

“Do you think it has come to steal Rich’s nuts?” Jorge said with a grin.

Thom burst out laughing.

“Shhh!” Greg hissed. “Let’s see what it’s up to.”

As if on cue, the squirrel turned to Rich, facing the big bulge between his legs.

“I bet his package looks huge from that perspective”, Greg quipped.

“Too bad Rich doesn’t see this”, Thom chuckled. “Finally someone thinks his junk is huge…”

The guys chuckled.

The squirrel looked as if it was sizing up Rich’s package.

Greg clicked his tongue. “You’re looking for a snack, huh?” He clicked his tongue again a couple of times. “Now, where are the nuts?”

Suddenly, the squirrel got back on all fours and scrambled into Rich’s basketball shorts.

“Fuck yeah”, Greg laughed. “That’s where they are. You’re a smart cookie.”

They watched as the squirrel made its way up Rich’s loose basketball shorts. It sat down right between Rich’s thighs.

“Enjoy your meal”, Greg quipped.

Inside Rich’s pants, the squirrel looked at Rich’s nuts for a moment before settling on the fat right one. Its tiny paws grabbed the fat, warm orb and its mouth opened wide. Then it sunk its teeth into the big, meaty treat.

“Did you hear that?” Thom whispered.

“I bet he felt that”, Greg chuckled.

A split-second later, Rich’s eyes opened wide and he sat up straight, letting out an ear-piercing scream.

“Yup”, Greg chuckled. “He felt that.”

“Fuuuuuuuck!” Rich squealed as his precious right nut was devoured by the squirrel while his buddies were laughing their asses off.

Rich frantically pulled down his pants to see what was going on, prompting his buddies to scream with laughter when they saw the squirrel feasting on Rich’s right testicle.

“Holy shit!” Thom cried.

“Unbelievable!” Jorge chimed in, tears of laughter running down his face.

“A fucking squirrel is eating your fucking nuts!” Greg roared.

“Get it off me! Get it off me!” Rich squealed.

“No way”, Greg chuckled. “Better your nuts than mine…”

Rich was screaming from the top of his lungs, his soprano wail echoing through the woods, mixing with his buddies’ roaring laughter.

He stared at his crotch, his eyes wide with shock and horror as he watched the squirrel nibble off the pathetic remains of his right testicle.

It looked up at Rich, and the handsome stud thought he could detect a mean grin on its tiny face.

“It fucking ate my right nut”, Rich whispered, his face contorted in pain.

“Maybe it’ll leave you the other one”, Thom chuckled just before the squirrel sank its teeth into the fat left testicle.

“Nope”, Jorge grimaced in sympathy as Rich’s voice increased in volume and pitch.

“Damn, that cute little thing must be hungry”, Greg quipped.

The cheeky little rodent gnawed off Rich’s testicle with fascinating grace and astounding efficiency, its little paws rolling the rapidly shrinking nut around as it bit off piece after piece of Rich’s doomed manhood.

Rich wailed and screamed, his eyes rolling back into his head as his sack was emptied by the busy little squirrel.

Finally, when nothing was left of Rich’s fat balls except for an empty, useless bag of skin, the squirrel scurried away.

“Bye-bye, little fella”, Thom yelled.

“It was nice meeting you – but don’t come back!” Greg added to roaring laughter.

Rich stared at his crotch, his face pale, his eyes wide with shock.

“Looks like you’re all out of nuts”, Greg quipped.

Thom and Jorge chuckled.

To help Rich cope with his unexpected loss, the guys poured him a paper cup of whiskey.

“Damn, I’ll miss hitting you in the nuts”, Greg chuckled, staring at Rich’s groin.

It was a funny sight. His big, limp dick looked a little lonely, dangling in front of the shreds of his sack.

“I bet you’ll miss fucking”, Jorge grinned.

Rich stared at him.

“Ooops”, Jorge smiled sheepishly, biting his lower lip. “You haven’t thought of that, yet, huh?”

Rich stared at him.

“Don’t worry, nothing is as bad as it looks”, Jorge said quickly. “You may not be able to fuck but there’s a lot of other ways to have fun, right?”

Rich stared at him.

“I mean…” Jorge looked at his friends for assistance. “Come on, guys, help me out here.”

“Lots of other ways”, Thom said, trying hard to keep a straight face. “I bet you won’t even miss them.” He burst out laughing. “Sorry, I can’t do this.”

Rich stared at him.

“At least you still got your little dick”, Greg chuckled. “Not that you can do anything with it, now, of course.”

Rich blinked. “I’ll never have sex again.”

“Of course you will”, Jorge said hastily.

“Plenty!” Thom chimed in. “Just… different.”

Seeing the dubious expression on Rich’s face, Greg decided he needed to have some fun right away. “Come on guys, let’s show him.”

“What?!” Rich shrieked as Greg grabbed him and pulled him up. “What the fuck---“

“You’ll see, it’s fun”, Greg chuckled, playfully smacking Rich’s ass.

Ignoring Rich’s hysterical protests, the guys grabbed him and propped him up on a tree log, his ass up in the air, his limp dick pressed against the cutting edge. They tied his hands and feet so that he was hugging the log, screaming and shouting obscenities.

Greg looked around. “Now we need something to---“

“Got it!” Thom said cheerfully, crawling out of his tent, carrying half a dozen colorful dildos of various sizes.

Greg and Jorge looked at him.

“I brought them in my backpack”, Thom said cheerfully, placing the dildos on the grass. “You never know, right?” He picked up a slender pink vibrator and switched it on. “Perfect”, he mumbled before turning to his friends. “Choose any one you like.”

Greg and Jorge looked at each other and laughed.

Jorge picked a nasty looking black piece with lots of rings and nubs on it, and Greg chose a model that rivaled his dick in length and girth.

Greg lined up the monster dildo with Rich’s puckered hole. “Where’s the lube?” he asked, extending his palm.

Thom blinked. “Shit.”

Greg turned to him and chuckled. “Don’t tell me you brought dildos but no lube?!” He laughed and whacked Thom in the nuts with the heavy dildo.

Thom let out a cough and doubled over. “Sorry.”

“Alright”, Greg chuckled, turning back to the task at hand and pressing the fat tip of the dildo against Rich’s puckered ass hole. “This might hurt a bit at first but---“

“Here you go”, Thom mumbled, jerking his dick a couple of times until he squirted out a fat load of creamy jizz all over Rich’s butt.

“Thanks”, Greg chuckled, scooping up some of Thom’s spunk and coating the dildo with it. He patted Rich’s butt. “It might hurt anyway, though. Brace yourself, buddy.”

Rich screamed from the top of his lungs as the dildo entered his virgin ass.

An hour later, everybody was sound asleep.

Greg, Thom and Jorge were laying in their tents, drunk, spent and exhausted.

Outside by the fire place, tied to the log, Rich was snoring, his nutsack empty, his hole stretched and dripping with cum.

Somewhere else, the squirrel was getting some well-deserved rest.

The moon was shining over the silent forest.

The first day of the guys’ camping trip was over, and nobody knew what nature had in store for them tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thought the story was good - lads camping trip etc and the busts leading up to the squirrel (maybe have been a few more nutshots;-) )...but it was the bit with the squirrel, didn't really make any sense/was far stretched and then straight into getting the dildos out (though I did like the nutshot with dildo). Think it would have been better them busting each other in 'inventive' ways (tent poles, tree branches, skinny dipping busts/grabs - just stuff that's a bit more realistic from a camping trip) - you already set up that they bust each other anyway, so not like they've just tunred up camping and started. Personally, I'd stick to them busting each other - leave the animals out (or more "that could happen" type - like a back kick from a horse/deer or nut-butted by a sheep/ram etc).
Not wanting to sound too negative - story concept and the other aspects I loved...reminded me of a few recent camping trips with mates :-D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I guess the plot of this story is a bit weird. That's exactly what we were going for. And I'm afraid it's gonna get weirder from here... OMBStories and I are having a lot of fun with this story, and the poor boys will meet more genital-threatening animals in the upcoming chapters...

I realize that that's not everybody's cup of tea - but it's a lot of fun for OMBStories and me. :-))

Don't worry, there'll be other stories that you'll enjoy more.

Thanks again for your comment! I really appreciate your feedback! :-))

Anonymous said...

I really liked the story and think that the animals can be a great addition but the nut eating part was way to cruel for me. Maybe a little bit lighter?

JP said...

I like the idea of little cute animals threatening these guys manhoods, but the eating was too much for me :-\

Thanks for writing though!

Charn said...

This story made me SUPER happy. Gonna reread it a couple times.
Absolutely love the total casualness of it all - from the squirrel deciding to munch down on some manmeat, to his friends watching and laughing as Rich loses his big fat nuts.

Really hope the rest of the crew lose theirs in similarly casualways to bits of natures. It's time to give back to natures. ;)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guys!

@ballbuster XXL & JP:
I agree with you. That naughty squirrel is a cruel little guy. Eating poor Rich's nuts was completely uncalled for. Let's hope the rest of nature's creations show a bit of mercy. I'm not sure they will, though... :-))

I have a feeling that you will like the upcoming parts... :-))

BBcrusher said...

I really like story, in real nature, there are testicle eating fish and horse bite man's testicles or kick etc.
Human enjoy to bust others balls is more cruel than nature destroyed man's testicles. Because it that happen in the nature, ball bustings are not real nature we created for fun...

Well, I think story is fantasy so any busting or castration I can enjoy well written one.
Thanks for share Alex ;-)


Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, BBcrusher! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

This is totally not for everyone, but this was totally for me, and others like me who like the weirdness and brutality ... plus the irony of the squirrels doing it ... keep it up man!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! Your words mean a lot to me! :-))

Unknown said...

hi man. fucking great story, love the squirrell eating the nuts, more detailed please, and more tricking of the guys and animals, love how the guys made their jokes about nut stealing, great would be that the animal eating is a sensation feeling, no pains, and they so transfixed till eating so they dont stop them, and hope they go for big dicks too , and destroy them, so the 4 get the frat house bitches, hope they had made some pics of their packages befor the trip -) to have something to remember-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Michael! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))