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Love, sex, fun, pain (Joshua meets Leo and Tristan)

Special thanks to Joshua for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to love and sex and fun and pain!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Featured in this story: Leo and Tristan (click for pictures)

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“When’s the last time you fucked a guy?” Tristan asked matter-of-factly as he walked up the stairs.

The 19 year old skater was wearing sagging black jeans that showed off his plain blue shorts, and an XXL t-shirt that was far too big for his lanky frame. The dark blue shirt was covered in crude drawings of male genitalia, dozens of tiny dicks and nutsacks that formed the words “COME CLOSER”. His dusty blond hair was covered by a baseball cap.

His buddy Leo shrugged his shoulders. “It’s been a while.” He adjusted the crotch of his jeans that was sitting very low on his hips and looked like it was held up only by the conspicuous boner that tented the front. Like Tristan he was wearing a t-shirt that was several sizes too large. He ran his hand through his curly black hair and grinned. “I hope he has a nice, tight hole…”

“That hole is mine”, Tristan chuckled and playfully smacked his buddy’s nuts with the back of his hands, causing Leo to stop dead in his tracks and double over, clutching his crotch, as Tristan started running, laughing riotously.

Leo groaned. “Fucker”, he chuckled and followed Tristan as fast as he could, limping up the stairs as he covered his crotch. “Don’t think you can have it all to yourself!” he yelled with a laugh.

Tristan opened the door to the studio and entered the room, closely followed by Leo who lunged at him, trying to land a retaliating sacktap as Tristan squirmed and writhed, laughing and giggling.

They were oblivious to the young man who was sitting on the couch, waiting for them.

Joshua was a shy young man, 19 years old just like Leo and Tristan, a slim twink of average height, with brown hair and brown eyes. His striped t-shirt was fitting tightly, and his hard nipples were visible through the fabric.

He licked his lips and watched the two lanky skaters horse around, immediately springing an impressive boner that snaked down his thigh in his tight pants.

Finally, Leo managed to smack Tristan’s balls, making him let out an anguished yelp as the two young men collapsed on the ground, roaring with laughter.

Joshua swallowed hard, crossing his legs and folding his hands in his lap, trying to hide his erection.

“You got me good, dude”, Tristan chuckled, rubbing his crotch.

Leo grinned proudly and got up, holding out his hand and helping his friend get back on his feet.

The playful tussle had caused their sagging pants to fall down to their ankles, and they made no effort to pull them back up as they turned to Joshua.

“Hey there, I’m Tristan”, Tristan grinned, smiling brightly, his hands on his hips.

Joshua’s eyes darted around, trying desperately to avoid looking at Tristan’s bulging crotch.

Leo chuckled at the sight of Joshua’s discomfort. “I’m Leo. We’re here to fuck you.”

Joshua blushed, frozen.

“You are Joshua, right?” Tristan said, raising his eyebrows. “The guy who wrote us that letter?”

Joshua nodded. He opened his mouth to say something. Then he closed it again. He cleared his throat and blinked.

Leo and Tristan looked at him, amused expressions on their faces.

“Yeah”, Joshua said finally, his voice almost inaudible.

“Good”, Leo grinned. “You wanted to meet one of us, and we thought, you know, why not let you get choose the cock you want to get drilled by.”

As if on cue, both of them dropped their shorts, revealing their big, juicy cocks.

Joshua gasped as he saw the two amazing, rock-hard rods. His eyes went back and forth between the two magnificent tools.

Both Leo and Tristan sported big, meaty dicks, fat and majestic, with large mushroom heads that were dripping with precum.

Joshua almost creamed his pants.

“Like what you see?” Tristan grinned and stepped out of his jeans before walking up to Joshua.

Leo followed his example and they stood in front of Joshua, naked from the waist down except for their well-worn sneakers. their hard cocks swinging right in front of his face.

“Oh yeah”, Joshua whispered softly, his mouth watering.

“Well, which one do you want?” Leo asked with a smile, grabbing his dick by the root and smacking it into his palm.

“They both look… delicious”, Joshua said hoarsely. He got up, biting his lower lip.

“Oh, just stay where you are”, Tristan said with a grin, lifting his knee and catching his dick and balls dead on. His bony knee connected with Joshua’s boner that was outlined in his pants, crushing it against his thigh, before going up to crunch his nuts into his pelvis.

Joshua’s mouth opened and he fell back onto the couch, letting out an anguished groan.

“We’ll give you a taste”, Leo said, grabbing Joshua’s head and stuffing his dick into Joshua’s mouth.

The cute twink’s eyes opened wide as Leo’s rock-hard rod rammed past his tonsils.

“You like that?” Leo grinned as he pressed Joshua’s head against his crotch, burying his nose in his pubes, his dick balls-deep inside Joshua’s mouth.

“Mgphphph”, was Joshua’s muffled response.

“I think he wants to taste mine”, Tristan chuckled, grabbing Joshua’s head and pulling him off of Leo’s dick.

Joshua gasped for breath, his eyes wide open, spit running from his mouth.

He didn’t have time to catch his breath, though, because a split-second later Tristan’s fat battering ram filled his mouth, making him gag and retch.

“I think he likes me better than you”, Tristan grinned, winking at Leo as he slid his dick in and out of Joshua’s mouth.

“No way”, Leo protested and grabbed Joshua’s head.

Tristan’s dick sipped out of Joshua’s mouth, dripping with spit, and Leo started pounding Joshua’s face with his powerful tool.

Joshua’s initial surprise quickly changed into enthusiastic sucking as he moved his head back and forth, doing the work for Leo. He grabbed Leo’s dick and let it slip out of his mouth, breathing heavily as he stuck out his tongue and licked the pulsing dickhead like a lollipop.

“See?” Leo grinned, looking down at Joshua as he took of his shirt.

“Good little cocksucker”, Tristan grinned, guiding Joshua towards his own cock.

“Oh god”, Joshua moaned, alternately sucking Leo’s and Tristan’s dick, his face flushed with excitement, his dick leaking precum like a faucet.

Leo’s eyes fell on the damp spot that was growing where Joshua’s dick was pressed against his thighs. “Look at that”, he chuckled.

Instead of pointing at Joshua’s crotch, he pushed him backwards and placed his sneaker-clad foot on his bulge, pressing down as he smiled at Joshua.

“Enthusiastic”, Tristan grinned. “I like that.”

“Take off your clothes and show us your hole”, Leo smiled, taking his foot off Joshua’s nuts.

“Sure”, Joshua moaned softly, and got up, stripping naked.

“You’re a good-looking kid”, Tristan smiled, taking a step towards Joshua so that their dicks were touching.

Joshua let out a soft moan as Tristan pinched his nipples while leaning forward and planting a wet, sloppy kiss on Joshua’s lips.

Joshua closed his eyes, moaning softly into Tristan’s mouth.

Leo watched them, a mix of amusement and jealousy on his face.

The kiss seemed to last forever. Joshua’s dick was twitching as Tristan squeezed his nipples while their tongues were dancing with each other.

Finally, Tristan broke the kiss and smiled at Joshua. “How was that?”

Joshua looked at him, wide-eyed, looking dazed and happy and ready for more.

“I think he likes you”, Leo quipped, pointing at the huge load that was running down Tristan’s thigh.

Tristan raised his eyebrows. “Naughty boy”, he said mockingly as he reached between Joshua’s thighs and grabbed the recently emptied balls, rolling them between his fingers.

Joshua bit his lower lip, looking deep into Tristan’s eyes.

“I hope there’s another load in them”, Tristan whispered, tightening his grip around Joshua’s nuts.

Joshua’s eyes flickered and he let out a soft groan.

“Because we’re not done yet”, Tristan continued with a gentle smile, twisting Joshua’s nuts and making him yelp in pain.

“I think he needs to recharge his batteries”, Leo chuckled.

Tristan turned to his friend without loosening his grip on Joshua’s testicles. “Yeah, let’s help him with that…” He spotted a chair at the far end of the room and walked towards it, leading Joshua by yanking on his nutsack.

When they reached the chair, Tristan made Joshua sit down, giving him a quick kiss on the lips before whispering into his ear, “Keep your hands behind your back.”

“Sure”, Joshua managed to respond.

The shy young man’s dick was starting to soften but it quickly reversed its course and grew rock hard again when Tristan started giving him a lap dance, smiling at him seductively, running his hands over his chest and circling his nipples, rubbing their dicks against each other.

Suddenly, without warning, Tristan dropped his butt, crunching Joshua’s nuts hard and eliciting a scream of agony.

Joshua fought hard to keep his hands behind his back as Tristan grabbed both their cocks and started rubbing them against each other, looking deep into his eyes.

“Oh yeah”, Joshua moaned in a soft whisper. “Oh yeah!”

“You’re ready for more, huh?” Tristan grinned before bouncing his ass on Joshua’s balls and making him scream once again.

“Yeah!” Joshua cried out.

Again and again, Tristan bounced up and down, jerking both of their cocks in his hand, smiling at Joshua whose eyes were filled with lust. Whenever Tristan crushed his nuts with his butt, Joshua’s eyes flickered, but the brave young man managed to keep his hands behind his back, dutifully accepting the painful side of this naughty lap dance.

“You’re ready to cum again, right?” Tristan breathed into Joshua’s ear.

Joshua nodded, his face red and hot.

“Let me take over”, Leo said casually, pushing Tristan to the side. “I’ll make sure he doesn’t spill his load again.”

Tristan stepped to the side, winking at Joshua who looked like he would have loved the lap dance to last forever.

But his mind was quickly taken off the unique experience when Leo brought his foot down hard between Joshua’s thighs, stomping his nuts against the seat of the chair.

Joshua’s eyes bulged and he let out an ear-piercing scream as Leo twisted his foot, flattening Joshua’s nuts under his sole and grinding them against the seat.

“There you go”, Leo grinned. “Problem solved.”

Joshua’s eyes were filled with pain when Leo gently took his face and pulled him up, planting a kiss of his own on Joshua’s waiting mouth.

“Careful”, Tristan warned mockingly. “Remember what happened during the last kiss…”

Leo chuckled and brought up his knee, ruthlessly interrupting the tender moment and making Joshua open his eyes and scream in agony.

“No problem”, Leo grinned and turned to Tristan.

Behind him, Joshua sank to his knees. He doubled over, clutching his nuts, whimpering in pain.

Tristan and Leo walked behind him, looking down at his ass.

“Nice hole”, Leo said.

Tristan nodded.

They got down on their knees and spread his cheeks apart, exposing his puckered hole.

“Very nice hole”, Leo repeated.

Tristan nodded once again, licking his lips. He straddled Joshua’s body and sat on his back, leaning over to spread his cheeks with both of his hands. A split-second later his tongue was exploring Joshua’s hole, flicking it and tickling it with unhinged lust.

Leo grinned and reached between Joshua’s thighs, pulling his dick and balls back. With one hand, he started jerking his hard dick. He made a fist with the other hand and started punching Joshua’s nuts.

Joshua let out a scream that was a curious mix of pain and pleasure, as his hole was rimmed, his dick was stroked and his nuts were brutally crushed at the same time.

After a few minutes of feverish rimming and stroking and punching, Tristan came up for air and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “Oh god, that hole is awesome!” he grunted.

“Let me have a taste”, Leo said and abandoned Joshua’s nuts for a moment to dive between his ass cheeks.

He continued stroking Joshua’s dick without missing a beat, sucking and licking his puckered hole.

“Holy fuck, you’re right”, Leo moaned into Joshua’s hole.

“What do you think – time to fuck?” Tristan suggested, jerking his own rock-hard cock.

Leo looked down at Joshua’s dick. “Perfect timing”, he chuckled as he jerked a big, fresh load of creamy cum out of Joshua’s throbbing balls, catching it in the palm of his hand. “Here’s the lube.” He spread Joshua’s creamy juice on his hole, winking at Tristan.

“Wow, that’s a lot of lube”, Tristan chuckled as he shoved two of his fingers into Joshua’s ass, preparing the hole for his cock.

“Yeah”, Leo chuckled, licking his fingers before balling his fist and punching Joshua’s spent balls hard, eliciting a high-pitched squeal. “Our boy’s a shooter!”

Joshua’s dick never went soft.

As soon as Tristan had shoved his dick into Joshua’s tight hole, Joshua’s meaty dick was hard as a rock again.

“God, that’s so fucking tight”, Tristan grunted as he pounded Joshua’s butt, gripping his hips, his balls slapping against Joshua’s ass.

Joshua was moaning and screaming with pleasure as Tristan was banging his butt, feverishly ramming his dick in an out of Joshua’s hot hole.

Leo had a front row seat to the butt banging, lying on his back underneath Joshua, his lips wrapped around Joshua’s rock-hard cock, his fingers kneading and squeezing and twisting his balls.

After a while, Tristan pulled his dick out of Joshua’s now gaping hole, allowing Leo to take his place.

Leo started right where Tristan had left off, pounding the twink’s butt mercilessly.

Tristan knelt in front of Joshua and took his face in his hands, looking deep into his eyes.

Joshua’s face was beaming with lust, and Tristan kissed him tenderly. “Open your mouth, I have a treat for you”, he whispered before shoving his dick deep into Joshua’s throat.

The skaters fucked him at both ends, using Joshua’s mouth and his ass for their pleasure, turning him on his back midway through to have access to his nuts.

They punched and slapped and squeezed Joshua’s rapidly swelling both while he was choking on one dick and getting his hole reamed by the other.

“The boy’s a cum machine”, Leo chuckled, playfully smacking Joshua’s throbbing dick as he fucked his ass. “He’s about to shoot again.”

Tristan chuckled. “This one is for me.”

He pulled his dick out of Joshua’s mouth.

“Oh god”, Joshua moaned, drooling and panting, his eyes glassy. “Oh god!”

He was lying on his back, his legs in the air, his dick pointing at the ceiling.

Tristan mounted him like a stallion, facing him as he guided Joshua’s dick into his hole. Then he started riding him, moaning and groaning in pleasure.

His butt crushed Joshua’s nuts every time Joshua’s dick was all the way inside him, and the combined sensation of pleasure and pain made the young man moan and whimper and shriek and cry.

They all came at the same time.

Joshua planted his biggest load of the day deep inside Tristan just when Leo flooded his guts with his spunk. A split-second later, Tristan’s dick erupted with a massive load of fresh juicy that showered Joshua’s face and his upper body in creamy jizz.

The three guys were grunting and moaning, screaming and panting.

When they were done, Joshua was drenched in cum. Leo’s load was running out of his ass, Tristan’s load was spread all over his chest and his neck, in his hair and all over his face, and Joshua’s massive load was dripping from Tristan’s butt, covering Joshua’s belly and his thighs.

“Holy fuck”, Tristan whispered, leaning forward to kiss Joshua.

“Holy fuck”, Joshua whispered, tasting Tristan’s load on his tongue.

“Holy fuck”, Leo whispered, joining his friends as they shared an intimate, cum-drunk threeway kiss.

Finally, after Leo and Tristan had fed Joshua every drop of cum on his body, they disentangled.

They were lying side by side, Joshua between Leo and Tristan, staring at the ceiling.

Nobody was speaking a word until Joshua cleared his throat.

Leo and Tristan turned their heads to look at him.

“That was awesome”, he said slowly, a serene smile on his face.

Leo and Tristan chuckled.

“It isn’t over”, Tristan grinned.

Joshua sat up and ran his hand through his cum-covered hair. “What do you mean.”

“That was just the sample session”, Tristan smiled.

“Now who do you choose?” Leo said with a grin.

Joshua got up and stood between Tristan and Leo. He looked down at them, his smile turning into a devious grin.

Then he raised his foot and stomped down on Leo’s spent ballsack, making him scream in agony.

Leo curled up in a ball, clutching his battered ballsack, as Joshua turned his attention to Tristan.

“Are you ready for round two?” he asked, running his foot over Tristan’s soft, meaty dick.

It responded by twitching with excitement and chubbing up again.

“There’s your answer”, Tristan chuckled.

Joshua smiled and placed his foot on Tristan’s balls, slowly shifting his weight. “But this time”, he said softly, “I’m calling the shots.”

Tristan bit his lower lip as his nuts were crushed under Joshua’s foot. “Okay”, he whispered.

Leo looked over, his face contorted in pain as he rubbed his aching balls. “Looks like we have created a monster”, he said with a weak grin.

Joshua smiled at him. Then he brought his foot back and kicked Leo’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Leo howled in agony as Tristan burst out laughing.

Joshua winked at him. “Looks like you have…”


Halfbakedprophet said...

Omg hottest story I've ever read on this site. Three hot guys with huge cocks having great sex with just a little bit of ball busting thrown in. It's perfect for me anyway cuz I just like a little busting, not the extreme stuff.

Halfbakedprophet said...

Oh and forgot to mention the hottest bit where Joshua is being fed every drop of tristans load and takes it willingly.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, Halfbakedprophet! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))