Thursday, August 10, 2017

Muscleboy Wrestling: These boys got balls!

Do you enjoy watching a nice, steamy wrestling match now and then? If you do, Muscleboy Wrestling will be your new favorite website!

These guys are awesome: They are young and hot, and they don't shy away from making out with each other, fondling each others' bulging packages and carressing each others' butts. In most wrestling companies that I know, the wrestlers shy away from being overtly sexual with each other, or they use sexual advances to humiliate their opponent.

Not Muscleboy Wrestling.

Oh no.

These guys are sexy and they know it! And they love to go for the balls!

I haven't seen all the matches yet (the site is new but there are already dozens of matches online) but I've just watched JJ Allen vs. Jake Zane - and it is one of the hottest wrestling matches I have ever seen.

The two wrestlers are hot as hell. Both are young, cute and sexy, dark haired Jake is a little more athletic than babyfaced JJ. But don't let their innocent smiles fool you - these guys are mean and vicious wrestlers!

JJ checks out Jake's body. Yummy!
After we are treated to some great shots of JJ stretching in preparation of the match, Jake enters the picture and shows off his muscles. Of course, JJ is intrigued, and he can't keep his hands off that hot body.

And off we go.

In the first half of the match, JJ dominates Jake, twisting him like a pretzel, choking him with his thighs, caressing his hot body, shoving his face into his bulging crotch, and grinding his package against Jake's ass.

That can't be comfortable...
JJ's got some strong thighs!
Smeels like mean spirit.
About halfway through the match, the tables are turned. It looks like JJ got a little too cocky: After making Jake worship his bulging package, he leaves himself wide open for a low blow, and of course Jake seizes his chance, ramming his head into JJ's crotch.

That'll cause a headache...

Now it's Jake's turn to dominate JJ, and you'll be happy to know that Jake likes to go for the balls. He grabs them and squeezes them, slaps them and grinds his knee into them. Of course, JJ gets a bit of his own medicine, and he's on the receiving end of some very painful chokeholds and gets his body stretched in a couple of very imaginative ways. Jake makes him sniff his armpits, bashes his abs, squeezes and slaps his nuts, and only pauses for some passionate, steamy kisses.

Dude, that's my crotch!
Wide open.
In a squeeze.
The camerawork on this clip is excellent. We get a lot of close-ups of the guys faces, their bodies, their bulging crotches and their perfect butts, and it feels like we're right in the middle of the action. The quality of the clip is superb, and the image is crystal clear.

The ballbashing isn't very hard but it's hot as hell, and these guys clearly are into each other. It's an awesome clip and I'll definitely keep an eye on Muscleboy Wrestling in the future. I hope they'll be around for a long, long time, and I'm keeping my fingers for a low blows only match. Muscleboy Ball Bash - that has a nice ring to it, right?

Check out the preview of JJ Allen vs. Jake Zane at Muscleboy Wrestling. I dare you to resist buying the clip. It's definitely worth it!

And make sure to have a look at the other previews on the website!

Muscleboy Wrestling - you've got a new fan! :-))


Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!

In the match you tagged the link for they use rupaul's drag race edit music tho which caught my ear and made me chuckle a little ��

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! :-))