Friday, August 18, 2017

Romantic risks: Hero's hammering (written by Daniel)

This fantastic story was written by our reader Daniel who also created the wonderful title card. It's a sequel to his awesome stories Countdown to cum, Painful payment, Recorded wrecking and Mechanical mayhem. I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Simon and the twins (click for pictures)

Daniel has created a new character for this story: Simon's boyfriend Gareth whose looks are inspired by model Kevin Thompson. Here's a photo that Daniel kindly sent me.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Introducing the superhero duo to define and save a generation! They’re beasts that batter the baddies! They fight the underground of the undergrowth! Stopping crime one wet dream at a time! It’s the Leopard and the Python!”

Will hooted and hollered loudly from across the studio as Simon and Gareth left the small changing room, Michael joining in with a playful wolf whistle. A week before, the four men had played a fun little game in which the twins had won and eight balls had been bruised. The prize for winning was to pick, at random, a punishment for the losing team to endure. And it was obvious that the twins were relishing in their elongated victory.

The punishment the twins chose allowed them to make their own idea for a video to go online, the losers being the stars. The twins had chosen a superhero skit, where they were the villains torturing Simon and Gareth, the heroes.

“Nice introduction.” Gareth chuckled. “What d’you think of the costumes? Awful as you hoped?”

“A million times worse. It’s great!” Will grinned.

The costumes managed to be awful to look at, but also kind of sexy. Gareth’s costume was themed around a leopard, consisting of a leopard print speedo that hung to his large junk like second skin and two equally skin-tight leopard print sashes crossing in an ‘x’ across his chest, the rest of his muscular torso not covered by anything. He had also been forced into wearing crown like headband with a large ‘L’ on it, just so everybody knew that he was, in Will’s words, a massive loser.

Simon’s python themed costume was more complex. He was wearing incredibly snug tights that showed off every inch of his thin legs and crotch, a green scale like pattern decorating him. His chest was partially covered by a thin piece of the scale like spandex spiralling around his torso, meant to resemble a snake coiling around a tree. He was also wearing a belt buckle with the words ‘little python’ resting just above his crotch, which had made Gareth laugh.

“They look a lot better than I expected, thank Vince for that.” Michael laughed, the shy inventor smiling slightly from where he was sitting.

“So, basically you’re a superhero and Simon’s your sidekick.” Will explained. “You both have powers like your animal, so reflexes, strength and how sneaky you are. The plots pretty simple, you got captured by the two of us and we’re gonna torture you. So, you’ll get chained up and we’ll, well, you’ll see.”

Gareth and Simon looked towards the small set that had been made. It was a fairly simple set, utilising a brick wall and a few props that gave it a villainous lair feeling. The most important area, of course, was the sets of shackles and ankle spreaders hanging against the walls. By the looks of them, they were designed to stretch them in the most uncomfortable position possible, so the twins weren’t going to go easy on them.

“You know, if you’re going to focus on us one at a time they you should tie us to a chair or something. It’ll focus the audience and make it so the other one of us isn’t just awkwardly hanging around at the edge of the shot.” Gareth suggested absentmindedly. “And you might get some nice views of our balls being crushed against the chair. Some close-up shots of them being squashed by something against the chair might be good, if the viewers like that.”

The three other men looked to Gareth in confusion for a moment before Will spoke up.

“You do realise that’ll make it hurt more, right?” Gareth nodded, the twins sharing a glance. “Well, your ball’s funeral I guess.”

The carefree twin walked away from the little group in order to find a chair and some rope, Gareth looking down to see Simon glaring at him slightly. The redheaded newcomer turned to his boyfriend and smiled, spreading his legs in invitation for what Simon clearly wanted to do. The smaller man’s fist slammed into Gareth’s balls moments later, a groan escaping his lips and he leant over.

“Don’t give them ideas. They’re bad enough already.” Simon huffed, rubbing Gareth’s arm slightly to comfort him.

“What can I say?” Gareth grinned. “I like quality over quantity.”

“Quantity of what?”

“Functioning sperm?” Gareth chuckled.

Will came back with a wooden chair that had metal shackles attached to it, on both the arms and legs. Simon looked at the twin, who was also in costume. His was a tight, full body Lycra suit, showing off every curve of perfectly sculpted, taut muscle and his hugely impressive dick and balls. It was mainly light blue, with a dark blue and red pattern on the left side of the man’s body. Michael’s was almost identical; however, the red and blue pattern was on the right side of his body.

“So, what are your characters?” Simon asked as he walked towards the set.

“Two twins tragically left alone on mount Everest at birth.” Will exclaimed with melodrama. “We were experimented on by scientists and gained supernatural powers, allowing us to control the ice we lived in. We now seek revenge on our parents and anyone involved in our mutation, and we will not let anyone stand in our way. We are: The Ice Pricks.”

The twins stood side by side, slinging their arms over the other’s shoulder. In this position, their costumes merged so the patterns looked like a large blue dick with bright red balls. It was clever, Vince could have a career in costume creation.

“You had a lot of fun making these characters, didn’t you?” Gareth laughed. “You should make comic books.”

“And you should be a director, thinking about how those shots will work.” Michael smiled

“That’s the dream.” Gareth grinned as Alex walked into the studio with Chad.

“Are you all ready to, oh wow.” Alex cut himself off when he saw Simon and Gareth’s ridiculous costumes. “You look… good.” There was a hint of a laugh in his voice. “As I was saying, if you’re all ready we can get this going. Oh, and those props you asked for are in that box.”

Michael nodded and walked to the box while Will assisted in putting the two superheroes into their respective shackles. As expected, it was a strain to get into and their limbs were stretched out slightly, muscles flexing in the effort of keeping themselves from slumping. They were completely vulnerable and completely open to any attacks that they twins had prepared for them. In Gareth’s speedo, a small hard-on was beginning to form.

“What kind of superheroes are we, by the way? The campy ones or the dark, edgy ones?” Gareth asked, managing to turn his head to look at Simon.

“I think the costumes should tell you that.” Simon grinned. “Am I finally going to see you use that drama degree? Because if so, I want you to give it your all and forget your pride.”

“Yes sir.” Gareth smirked.

Will stepped back to look at his handiwork, smiling in satisfaction. The two men were squirming to stay upright in their chains and shackles, both wearing the most ridiculous costumes of his own design and, if everything went to plan, they’d both be crying in pain and begging for mercy from the twin’s torture. Oh yes, today was going to be a fantastically fun day for the twins.

Michael stood beside his brother, handing him something that made both Simon and Gareth’s eyes widen in fear. Both twins were now holding what looked like old, rusty, metal mountaineering pickaxes. Will spun his around his finger and playfully swung it, grinning. Michael showed a bit of mercy.

“They’re just rubber mallets with a bit of decoration.” He smiled, flicking at the foam axe head. “The hammer side is real and will hurt, but we’re not going to puncture you. We’re not that evil.”

“But we could have let them be scared, Mikey. You’re ruining the fun.” Will whined playfully, slamming the hammer side of the pickaxe into his brother’s balls with strength.

Michael howled at the sudden pain, doubling over and grasping his balls. He glared up at his brother, managing a raspy “Don’t call me Mikey” before gulping down his pain and standing upright again.

“Wow, guess they do hurt.” Will grinned. “So, you two can do a bit of improv at the start. Something to explain that you’re the heroes, what’s happened and how you’re gonna be going through hell. We’ll come in later, give us a prompt when you’re running out of stuff to say.”

Both men nodded, planning out what they would say as Chad set up the camera in front of the two bound men. Will and Michael got out of shot, Gareth and Simon murmuring a plan of action for their small improv. They nodded to Alex when they had decided what they would say, waiting for the filming of their punishment to begin.


Both Gareth and Simon struggled against their binds, the metal rubbing against their skin as they did so. This did this for a few seconds before Gareth slumped against the cold wall and sighed audibly, looking to Simon.

“Well python.” Gareth used an exaggerated American accent. “We’re in an awful big mess here. Those dang Ice Pricks got us. Well whatever they do to us, we can’t tell them where our secret base is. Promise me you won’t tell ‘em anything. You gotta remember, we’re animals not tattle tails.”

“You’re right, Leopard.” Simon replied, cringing at his boyfriends painfully awkward rhyme; though he did sound like he belonged in a campy superhero movie. “The lives of everyone in the city are in danger if they find out! H-holy frost giant, they’re coming back.”

As the camera panned towards the twins as they entered, Simon glared at his boyfriend. That last line was Gareth’s idea and the moment Simon had said it he realised just how awful it sounded. By the sniggering that Gareth was trying desperately to stop, the redhead had made that line for the very purpose of embarrassing his boyfriend.

The twins swaggered onto the set, walking with expert synchronicity. They stood either side of the bound men, arrogantly smirking and swinging their pickaxes in an identical pattern with perfect synchronicity. Without so much of a glance, they both slammed the hammer side of their pick axes into Simon and Gareth’s bulging crotches, connecting with them at exactly the same time.

Both men groaned in pain as their balls were brutally attacked by the twin’s tools, bending over as best they could in their chains. Gareth grinded his teeth to try and stop the pain, Simon panting loudly as he tried to recover.

“Well well well.” They both spoke at the same time. “Look who we have here.”

“The loser leopard.” Will grinned.

“And the pathetic python.” Michael matched it.

“Some brand-new pets to play with.” They spoke together again.

The two pickaxes slammed against the bound men’s balls again, a high-pitched squeal leaving Simon’s lips as Gareth made a low, guttural grunt of pain. Simon tried to thrash against his binds before another hit could be aimed at his nuts, while Gareth slumped against the wall and desperately wished for the pain in his balls to be dulled.

The twins grinned at each other and swapped sides, Will now standing beside Simon and Michael beside Gareth. They tucked their pickaxes into their belts and grabbed their respective hero’s balls, squeezing them.

Under their tight costumes, the twin’s muscles flexed with effort. Their eyes narrowed and bodies tensed as they did everything they could to crush the balls in their hands. A week ago, their balls were smashed by this couple, and over the week they had been getting themselves more and more excited at the prospect of their revenge. This was just the tip of the iceberg, but their torture victims were already screaming and writhing in pain.

Just before Gareth and Simon began to cuss, which would clearly break character, the twins released their balls and gave them a short time to recover. The couple just panted, sweating in pain in the short break they were given.

“Very weak for heroes, aren’t they?” Will grinned.

“Clearly this little leopard isn’t well trained.” Michael nearly hissed.

“Maybe we should neuter him!” They both exclaimed loudly.

Gareth’s eyed widened, he began to thrash against the chains, desperately trying to get out of the shackles or pull them off the wall. Although he was exaggerating for the skit, he really didn’t want to undergo whatever kind of torture the twins had in mind to neuter the leopard. So if he escaped, he could turn the tables, attack them both and blame it on role playing.

His thrashing suddenly stopped when two hands grabbed his balls again, both twins glaring at him for his actions. They squeezed and squashed his balls without care for the pain they were causing. He tried to hide the effect it was having, but Gareth couldn’t stop the sweat pouring from his face and the small moans of pain.

“Nice and full, aren’t they?” Michael grinned, Gareth blushing slightly. It was his idea that he and Simon held off sex before their punishment. He regretted it now.

“Course they are. Who’d get in bed with a mess like that.” Will chuckled.

They both let go of Gareth’s balls and simultaneously, adding a vicious back handed slap. The redhead howled in pain, the stinging sensation making the torturous feeling in his balls a million times worse.

Both twins turned their attention to Simon, who had watched the torment of his boyfriend as he recovered from the squeezing and hitting he had received. He backed up as the twins leaned in against him, their larger bodies making him look small and weak in comparison. He gulped as both their eyes trailed down and looked directly at his crotch.

“Little python. You take this ‘no lying’ thing seriously, don’t you? Such a good role model for those useless kids.” Will taunted.

“Well soon you’ll be able to help little boys who lose their balls, won’t you?” Michael laughed as Simon gulped loudly.

The two twins grabbed Simon’s balls and began to squeeze them in exactly the same way they had to Gareth. They pulled them down away from his body, dug their fingers into them and applied as much pressure as their muscles allowed. The victim began to writhe and squirm, screaming and grunting in pain as the torture continued.

They took their time playing with Simon’s balls, Gareth trying again to break out of his chains to save his boyfriend and sidekick. Of course, he knew he couldn’t, but the character wouldn’t just sit by and do nothing. Even if the struggling began to hurt his wrists.

“What kind of eggs should we have?” Michael smiled, pulling down.

“Has to be scrambled.” Will smiled back, squeezing harder. “But we’ll have to season it, wont we?”

“Leopard boy over there looks like a salty sauce machine.” Michael nodded to the struggling redhead.

“But dinner can wait, they’ll be here for a while.”

The twins released Simon’s balls, letting him breath quickly as he tried to downplay his pain. His face was beet red with exhaustion, glasses sliding down his nose and hair messy from the torment he had recovered. He looked to Gareth, who was glaring at the twins. He suspected Gareth was staying in character, his commitment was weirdly cute.

The villainous pair stepped back so they could look at the bound men again, both relishing in the pain filled expressions on their faces. This was more than enough revenge for the twins, but they had barely even started yet.

“You know what we want.” They both sang. “And you know we can get it.”

“So, are we doing this the easy way?” Will hummed.

“Or the hard way?” Michael laughed, tapping the chair with the cuffs.

“I will never tell you scum anything!” Gareth shouted, puffing out his chest despite the pain he was still feeling. “We are men of morals. We would rather die than let you near out base.”

The twins shared a grin and laughed, pulling their pickaxes out of their belt and walking towards Simon again, who’s eyes widened when he realised that he was going to be their target again. Gareth struggled, trying to punch Michael as he passed despite knowing that the shackles wouldn’t allow him.

“You leave him alone!” Gareth growled. “Listen to me!”

“Oh, I think he needs to cool off.” Michael laughed.

“Oh definitely.” Will grinned.

“Let’s make him chill out!” They both laughed.

Stopping in place, the twins placed their pickaxes into their belts and turned. They walked to one of the wooden boxes that made up the villain lair set and opened the lid. Gareth tried to look what was in the box, but only managed to see a small amount of mist coming from inside of it. He frowned as both twins plunged their hands into it and scooped out something.

Gareth watched in anticipation as they both showed what was in their hands. A large scoop of crushed ice, the same kind you would make a snow cone out of. They both sauntered towards him and grinned, gabbing the waistband of his skin-tight speedo with their free hands. Gareth begged with his eyes for them not to do it, but they simply smirked at him, pulled out the speedo and dumped the ice into it.

The twins left Gareth to shudder and cuss at the ice-cold numbing sensation around his dick, walking back towards Simon and taking out their pickaxes again. Michael handed his to Will, who placed them around Simon’s neck in a sort of collar. Michael took out the key to the shackled and began to unlock him.

“I’d make sure you’re still.” Michael taunted, playfully stroking the man’s cheek. “One wrong move and they’ll be an awful lot of red stuff on the floor for us to clean up.”

Now untied, Simon acted as if the pickaxes weren’t made of foam and let the twins guide him to the chair. He pretended to try and fight, though couldn’t help grin when he caught a glance of Gareth squirming because of the cold ice against his dick. He hissed at the twins as they cuffed him into the uncomfortable chair, trying to keep in character.

The twins stood either side of Simon, leaning on the chair and glaring down at their capture. They played with him slightly, pulling at his hair and gliding their fingers across him in a taunting way. It didn’t take long for Simon’s dick to rise and form a tent in the tights. The hero blushed, the costume left nothing to the imagination at all.

“Look at that cute little thing.” Will chuckled. “Maybe you heroes aren’t as innocent as you like to show.”

“But don’t worry, we can fix that with our own icicle.” Michael grinned sadistically.

From the same box that the crushed ice came from, Michael pulled out a perfectly formed icicle. It was made from thick glass but looked exactly like it was made of actual ice. The weight made it hard for Michael to hold it in one hand and the small minifridge it was stored in made it incredibly cold. Simon watched with wide eyes as the twin walked close to him, raising the icicle with a sneer.

He slammed the large, flat end of the icicle down onto Simon’s balls with no mercy. The bespectacled man howled in pain as his crotch was crushed by the cold, dense glass, thrashing in pain as Michael pressed down, crushing his balls against the chair.

“Please stop.” He begged, voice high as his balls were smashed. “Please, for the love of Go-“

Simon looked down through his glassy eyes as Will placed a finger on his lips, stopping him from speaking. He looked up at the twin’s face and shuffled at the patronising, evil grin that the larger man was giving him.

“If you’re not telling us where we can find your little base, then I’d be quiet.” Will grinned. “Or bad things happen to your leopard friend.”

From his chains, Gareth looked up just in time to see Will’s fist barrelling towards the bulging speedo. The redhead groaned loudly when the muscular gymnast delivered a brutal punch at his jewels, chest rising and falling quickly in agony.

Simon could only watch for a short moment before the glass icicle began to push down on his balls again. A high-pitched squeal filled the studio as Simon’s nuts were mushed by the torture device. He tried in vain to stop the torment by moving his waist, but that simply ended up with his full balls being dragged away from his body.

The pain was simply unbearable!

Simons thrashing became weaker and weaker until he sat in the chair limply, allowing the torture to happen. His teeth gritted when Michael pushed harder and harder down on his nuts, trying and failing to keep in the exclamations of pain inside. He begged Michael to give him a break with his eyes, but the twin smirked and pushed down harder.

“I will not,” Simon’s voice was wavering with pain. “Tell you two anything!”

The twins shared a glance, wordlessly conversing. Michael raised the icicle, giving Simon a brief glimmer of hope for his balls, before slamming it down like a policeman battering down a door. The scream of pain from Simon’s mouth made Gareth cringe in sympathy.

This happened again and again, Simon groaning and moaning as his balls were brutally smashed by the more reserved twin. He did anything to distract himself from the pain, eventually focusing on his torturer. The muscles rippling in effort under the spandex costume, the handsome face with narrowed eyes glaring down at him and the thin vail of sweat making his hair stick to his forehead. His dick twitched.

“You won’t get anything about of him, you frosty freaks.” Gareth shouted from his bounds, Michael and Will stopping their actions and looking at the redhead.

“The kitty’s got claws, huh?” Will chuckled.

“Shame, it’s a cute little thing when it’s being good.” Michael sighed loudly.

“So, you want to take your boy toys place?” They both smiled evilly at Gareth as they spoke.

Gareth looked at Simon, who had defiantly taken the brunt of their punishment. He was completely red, covered in sweat, his glasses were crooked, his hair was a mess and his bulge was slightly flatter than before. The redhead sighed.

“Every predator takes the risk of a hunt backfiring. I am a predator, I should face the risk.”

Will swung the hammer side of the pickaxe and smashed it directly into Gareth’s balls. He did it again. And again. Gareth coughed loudly at the pain, doubling over in the bounds as he looked weakly at Will.

“If you can’t take that, leopard man, you won’t like what me and my brother are gonna do to you.” The twins spoke in unison again.

It didn’t take long for Gareth to be hauled to the chair, Simon being sloppily tied back up in his shackles. Gareth sent a slightly weak-willed wink towards his boyfriend as he was dragged past, Simon smiled slightly, the pain in his balls still taking effect on the smaller man.

By now, the crushed ice that had been placed down the speedo had melted, leaving a dark wet patch. The already right spandex was now clinging even tighter to his body, showing every inch of his semi-hard and impressively large member. The redhead was still squirming from the ice, but he knew that a little bit of water was going to be the least of his issues if the twins knuckle cracking was anything to go by.

Gareth sighed when he was tied to the chair. He puffed out his chest again and looked at the smirking twins with resolve, trying to show that he wasn’t going to be reduced to tears and give in quite as easy as his boyfriend. The twins obviously saw this as a challenge.

“What was it you called us? Frosty Freaks?” Will mused, stretching his arms.

“Yeah, that was it!” Michael exclaimed. “Well that’s not very heroic, is it? Calling people names.”

“Maybe we should teach you a lesson!” They both shouted.

They both cracked their knuckled simultaneously, leaping forward and punching Gareth’s large balls at exactly the same time. The target howled in pain, shaking his head as he tried to ignore the pain. But that was easier said than done.

The punches came in quick succession, the twins now taking it in turn to batter the hero’s balls. He had less than a second to think before another vicious punch connected with his balls. He thrashed and struggled but to no use, the torrent of torment showed no sign of ending.

Relishing in their enjoyment, the twins began to add more and more strength behind their punches. Their muscles rippled and flexed with power as they concentrated their effort into causing as much pain as they could.

“I heard a rumour that you were an animal in bed.” Will smiled tauntingly at Gareth. “It’s a shame you won’t be able to prove that after today, huh?”

“Well let’s give his little friend one last look at the world, before it dies.” Michael grinned.

Will took over in the continuous punching of Gareth’s balls as Michael walked to the prop box, taking out a pen knife that had been decorated to look like a piece of ice. As the twin walked back, Will held off from attacking and gave Gareth a short moment to catch his breath. When looking down at the trapped man, Will could see just how much their endless punching had done to the redhead.

His eyes were glazed over with tears, strong chest rising and falling incredibly quickly. The speedo was hugging him even tighter, a small dribble of pre-cum slipping out of his fully hard cock. He was looking up at his tormentors with exhaustion, but was refusing to lose face. This was partly in character, but he also wanted to prove that he was just as resilient as all the other man who could be considered pros at getting hit in the balls. His pride was on the line and he would not give it in for a few little punches, no matter how strong they were.

He stayed still as Michael approached with the knife. The twin very gently dragged it over his chest, so lightly it didn’t leave a graze, before reaching his strong abs. Before Gareth could blink, the knife was gently prodding his erect member. He knew Michael wouldn’t do anything brutal with it, but Gareth still sat with a nervous breath.

“You’re so scared.” Michael laughed, before sarcastically adding. “Such a hero.”

He moved the knife from Gareth’s member and made two cuts on the speedo, ripping it away. His impressive groin spilled out onto the chair, balls red and bloated after the punishment he had been getting. His dick was pointing at the roof, apparently enjoying the brutality his balls had received.

“Oh, so that’s why you want to be a hero then?” Will laughed. “Not because you like saving people. Because you get off by beating beat up.”

“Such a slut.” Michael laughed. “Why not give in. I’d happily put you and your snake boy through as much pain as you want. And a supervillain can do a lot more than a random street thug.”

“I would never give in to the likes of you.” Gareth spat.

“Shame.” Will sighed. “We’ll have to change our tactic, wont we?”

Will walked to the box of props and took out a light blue cock ring, walking towards Gareth with a saunter. He handed the ice textured ring to Michael, patting him on the shoulder as his twin rolled his eyes.

“It’s your specialist area, Mikey.” Will chuckled. “Give him hell.”

“Don’t call me Mikey.”

Michael slid the cock ring down Gareth’s throbbing member. The redhead whined, knowing exactly what this new method of torture would consist of. He was defiantly regretting not having sex for the week now, he was horny enough without the incredibly hot gymnast doing whatever he was going to do.

A cold hand began to roughly jerk his cock, his sensitive balls slamming against the chair with every stroke. Small amounts of pleasure were immediately stopped when his bloated, fat nuts crashed down roughly. He bit his lip, the need to cum rising as the pain got worse and worse. He tried to fight Michael in some way, but whatever he did just added more to the pain. Seeing this effect, Michael began to time a punch to the balls with his left fist every time he pulled back on a stroke with his right.

Will had snuck behind him and was roughly playing with his hair. The gymnast leant down and purred into his ear with forced venom in his voice.

“Just give into us and I’ll let you burst your little balls all over my brother.” He grinned. “Unless your little snake man gets jealous~”

With gritted teeth, Gareth glanced over to Simon for a quick second. This was the first time anyone had done anything obviously sexual towards Gareth since their relationship started, and Gareth was curious about his boyfriend’s reaction. The reaction almost made Gareth laugh: Simon was fighting a pout and giving split second glared towards Michael. The smaller man blushed when he realised Gareth had seen him.

The amusement was cut short when a particularly mean punch snapped him out, a high-pitched scream ripping across the room as Gareth raised his waist in effort to escape Michaels evil hands. It hardly worked.

“Seriously.” Will whispered, his voice good natured again. “If it gets too much just say you give in. We’ll stop the video when you do.”

Gareth gave a nod, which Will hid by pulling at his hair. The bound man focused on Michael again, his hips thrusting manically in an effort to get himself off despite knowing that the ring wouldn’t let him. His lust was in control now, despite the endless amounts of pain he was receiving. He moaned loudly in pleasure, exaggerating it slightly. But he was still extremely horny and Michael’s hand work was very good. Nearly as good as Simon…

“Okay Mikey. Let the scrambling professional have a go.” Will grinned, holding up the glass icicle that had been crushing Simon’s balls.

Michael walked away, wiping his brow and leaning against a wall. Will walked up to Gareth’s crotch and winked at him, raisin the icicle and slamming it down onto his bare balls with as much force as the athletic gymnast could muster.


“AHHH! FUCK FUCK FUCK. MY BALLS!” Gareth howled in pain. “Oh shit. MY BALLS.”

“Well well well. Mr nice guys got a dirty mouth.” Michael laughed. “Not just a dirty mouth. You’re pretty much all dirty, right?”

“Go to hell, Ice Prick.”

Will raised the icicle again and slammed it down heavily. He did it again. And again. And again. Each time, a crunch filled the nearly silent room. Gareth’s dick was twitching madly as the need to cum grew larger and larger.

But he grit his teeth, intending to fight through the pain until he couldn’t literally take no more. He looked up at Will with a glare.
“Pretty shit supervillain. Can’t even torture people right.” He roared.

“Oh, you stupid little boy!” Will growled.

Will slammed the icicle down on Gareth’s balls, this time applying as much pressure as he could to squash them against the chair. His jaw clenched and thick muscles rippled with effort as he pushed down on Gareth’s bloated balls.

Gareth was screaming louder than he had before, tears leaving his eyes at the immense amount of pain being applied to his balls. He tried to bite down and clench his teeth but he couldn’t stop the screams of pain that shot out from his mouth. He was entirely red, panting like mad as his body tried to catch up with the pure, unadulterated pain he was being forced to endure.

“Tell us what we need to know.” Will growled, turning the icicle as he pushed down to add more pain. “Or say goodbye to your balls, Leopard boy.”

Gareth’s dick twitched and spasmed in need. He bucked his hips madly in lust, which resulted in his balls being pulled further away from his body. He was in conflict with the pleasure and the pain he was in.

“It’ll be so easy.” Will grunted. “Just say you give in and you can blow your load. The pain goes and you get an orgasm.”

He was in hell. His balls were getting flatter and flatter against the chair by the second. He’d never been in so much pain, and Will’s superior strength was pushing the dense glass down further and further. the redhead was crying slightly as he felt nausea fill his stomach. He tried to stay strong, but it was too much.

“I-I.” Gareth whispered shakily. “I give up. Please stop, let me cum.”

Will removed the icicle from Gareth’s balls and slid the cock ring off his dick without a second thought, stepping back when he saw how much the other man’s cock was twitching.

The orgasm was explosive, painful and spectacular. Cum spurted all over Gareth’s chest, the floor and the chair, some even landing on his face. The redhead bucked his hips to prolong the orgasm for as long as he could, eyes half lidded at the pain filled pleasure. For Gareth, it never seemed to end as he fell into a world focused only on the orgasm.

He slumped down on the seat, not caring he was chained up and covered in his own sperm. The sheer amount of pain his balls had been in and the power of the orgasm had exhausted him and he didn’t want to move. His eyes closed in tiredness and defeat.

“AND CUT! Unlock them both.”


“I’m sorry.”

Gareth looked up when he heard Simon mumble an apology. The redhead was leaning against his boyfriend’s leg, wearing the shirt he came in with and a pair of boxers. He was holding an ice pack to his groin and didn’t think he could face the tightness of his skinny jeans yet, the pain in his balls still astoundingly there.

“What for?” Gareth chuckled gently.

“For letting them go all out on you. You’re new and that was brutal, even for us. I should have talked to them before we started and told them to go easy on you. Or at least stopped them when I saw it.”

Leaning up, Gareth gave Simon a slow, gentle kiss. He was now sitting beside his boyfriend on the studio’s sofa, gently running his hands through his boyfriend’s blonde hair, smiling at him and resting their foreheads together.

“I was the one who wanted to play that game on video. I was the one who encouraged them to go as hard as they want. I was the one who suggested the damn chair.” Gareth smiled. “I literally asked for all of this and I would have been more annoyed if you went behind my back and made them treat me like a baby. It hurt, yeah, but I enjoyed it. And I got to see you jealous, which is hilarious.”

Simon playfully punched Gareth’s chest, laughing and curling up against the larger man. He pressed his lips against Gareth’s hand and wrapped it around him, smiling slightly.

“I still feel bad.”

“You don’t need to. It was hot and now I’m a porn star, not many people can say that after a date.” Gareth laughed. “And don’t you go soft on me, glasses. You’re already going back on one of your promises.”

“That being?”

“The leather boxers thing. Last week you said I’d only wear leather boxers for the rest of my life. These aint leather.” He snapped his boxers against his waist. “Do they taunt you, Si? Do they insult you? Do they make you want to take me home and brutally savage my naked body? Because I’d be okay with that.”

Simon looked up at his boyfriend, who was playfully wiggling his eyebrows, before breaking. He burst out laughing, leaning on the larger man’s chest as he chuckled.

“You are the biggest dork on earth, I swear.” He giggled. “Love you.”

“Love you too, glasses.”

The two fell into a comfortable silence, Gareth adjusting the ice pack so Simon could sit on his left thigh. It didn’t take long for the smaller man to fall asleep. The twins had gone, Michael apologising for how hard they had been on Gareth, while Will laughed and said that ‘freckles could’ve taken more, he’s a strong guy.’ Chad was doing whatever he needed to do with the camera, Vince helping him, and Alex had just walked back into the main studio where the two other men were resting.

“Hey.” Alex whispered as not to wake Simon. “You okay? Today was pretty rough.”

“Yeah, I think so.” Gareth smiled. “You’re lucky you found guys that can come back here often though, ‘cause this really does fucking hurt. I don’t know how they all do it.”

Alex nodded, sitting on the small table that Gareth’s legs were resting on. He was holding a small folder, which Gareth didn’t pay attention to. The guy ran a business, a simple folder wasn’t exactly a standout thing for a business owner to have.

“We have been very lucky.” Alex smiled. “So, does that mean you won’t be coming back then? I understand if that’s the case.”

“No, I did have fun. But maybe next time I have more than a week to recover, that might’ve been a little bit too soon.” Gareth readjusted the ice pack slightly.

“Well I wasn’t going to say anything, but most of the time our models have about a month minimum between shoots. Unless they’re in high demand. So, you’ve actually done really well.” Alex smiled again. “And maybe you could come back sooner than you thought. But, as a director.”

Gareth raised an eyebrow.

“I heard you saying you wanted to be a director. I know this probably isn’t the… genre you had in mind, but it could give you a bit of experience. And that suggestion about the chair, I really think it made the shoot better for the viewers. For you, not so much.” He chuckled. “You don’t have to, but I think it could be fun for you. You seem to have a talent for directing men getting hit in the nuts, which is an odd talent that can’t be used in many places. Wouldn’t want to waste that.”

Gareth hummed slightly in thought. He had enjoyed his time in this studio every time he’d been here, and it wasn’t nearly as sleazy as he thought porn would be. And directorial experience was always a good thing.

“Do you have any ideas for things I could direct?”

Alex handed the small folder to Gareth, who took it and started to read through it. Every page had an idea, some more detailed than the others, and a small list of the suggested models. Some ideas were heavily based on role play, others were fairly simplistic and didn’t have characters.

“Those are some of the ideas I think could work but haven’t gotten around to making. Or I just can’t think of a way to make it work. You can take anything out of there, if you want.” Alex watched Gareth hopefully. “So, you’ll think about it?”

“Oh definitely.” Gareth smiled. “It’ll be nice to meet some of your other models. They all seem cool so far.”

“Well most of them are.” Alex muttered slightly. “Not to doubt you, but you’ll be able to handle them, right? Sometimes they can be a bit… hard to manage.”

“I should be fine.” Gareth smiled. “I dragged jocks and stuck up drama students into my films all the time at college. If I can handle them, I should be able to handle people who’re getting paid.”

Alex nodded with a smile, standing up from the table. “I hope so. I’ll leave the ideas with you, if any of them stick out then call me, Simon has my number.”

“Sure. I look forward to working with you.” Gareth grinned, offering Alex a hand to shake, which he did.

“Me too. I should get going. Chad’s still here so don’t worry about locking up.” Alex walked towards the door. “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Alex left the studio, leaving Gareth with a sleeping Simon, an ice pack on his groin and a folder filled with creative ideas to crush incredible attractive men’s nuts. There were definitely worse ways to spend your Friday afternoon. He looked down to his boyfriends, shocked when he saw his eyes wide open and no sign of tiredness.

“I look forward to working with you.” Simon mocked in a childishly high pitched voice. “Kiss ass.”


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's the hottest role play story I ever read! Any plans for a sequel?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really glad that you enjoyed it.

I don't have any plans for a sequel for this role play, but Gareth will return and he'll bring other role play based stories with him. And I might do a sequel with this role play and these silly heroes.

Thanks, Daniel