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Good boy (Eddie meets Logan)

Special thanks to Eddie for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves pets almost as much as ballbusting!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“I don’t know”, Eddie said with a sweet smile. “Why don’t you tell me what you want me to do.”

Eddie was 20 years old, a handsome young man with a skinny but fit body. His hair was dyed electric blue – but the most fascinating, spellbinding thing about him were his mesmerizing, seductive eyes. The second he had entered the studio I had known that Eddie was a man to be reckoned with.

He had been very clear about what he wanted: Logan. Our 18 year old high school wrestler was one of the most popular guys we had in our stable, an All-American boy with blond hair and blue eyes, and Eddie had picked him without hesitation.

That had been eight weeks ago.

Since then, Eddie had somehow managed to put Logan under his spell.

The signs had been subtle at first.

Logan was a very reliable guy. Always on time, always prepared. When we had a cumshot scene scheduled, some of the guys arrived with their balls drained, having decided that they’d rather shoot their loads having fun with a girl than having it squished out of their balls at work. Not Logan. He always arrived with a well-stocked pair of babymakers, filled with several day’s worth of jizz.

After Eddie had gotten his hands on Logan, Logan started arriving late. He even missed one of our appointments. It was not too big a problem because it had been a solo scene – but it just wasn’t like Logan.

His temperament had changed, too. He had always been easy to work with, a cheerful guy with a great sense of humor. Lately, he had been edgy and nervous, flubbing his lines and reacting flippant or even hostile when I criticized him.

He just wasn’t himself lately, and I wondered why. Maybe he had problems at school or at home? Maybe his girlfriend Ashley had broken up with him?

Today I learned the reason.

Logan arrived at the studio, looking confused and exhausted.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

“Nothing”, Logan said. “Eddie will be here any second. Everything will be fine.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Eddie? Why---“

“I’m so fucking horny”, Logan groaned, massaging his crotch.

He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His crotch was bulging with an obvious hardon.

“Fuck”, Logan groaned. “I can’t wait.”

I stared at him. “Logan, what is going on with you? I mean, you---“

“Do you mind if I take off my clothes, Alex?” Logan asked.

Before I had a chance to reply, he was taking off t-shirt and unbuttoning his jeans.

“Be my guest”, I mumbled.

Logan was stark naked. His rock-hard dick was pointing at the ceiling. It was meaty and thick and dripping with precum.

“Logan”, I said, staring at Logan’s fat balls. “How long since you shot your load?”

Logan squeezed his nuts and looked at them in silence for a moment. “Five weeks?” he said in a toneless voice.

“What?!” I gasped. “How on earth did you manage without coming for five fucking weeks?! You’re 18 years old, for god’s sake!”

Logan let out a soft moan. “Eddie will be here any second”, he mumbled. “Everything will be fine.” He tentatively grabbed his dick. It twitched at the touch, and Logan immediately let go, looking miserable. “God, I can’t go a day longer without cumming…”

I scratched my head. “Logan, five weeks is a pretty long time.”

“Fuck, you’re right about that”, Logan said, staring at his raging erection that was staring right back at him.

“Why don’t you just jerk out a load right now?” I suggested. “I’m sure you’ll feel better afterwards.”

Logan looked at me as I had just proposed dipping his dick into a deep fat fryer.

“Or maybe not”, I mumbled.

“Let’s just wait for Eddie, okay?” Logan said. “He’ll be here any second.”

I chuckled. “Everything will be fine, huh?”

Logan looked at me and nodded. “It will.”

I went back to my desk and delved into the magical world of bookkeeping. Occasionally, I glanced at Logan who was sitting on the couch, staring at his hard cock.

Eddie arrived after almost an hour.

Logan jumped up, his face lightening up. “Eddie!”

“Logan”, Eddie smiled at him. He glanced at Logan’s rock-hard dick and grinned. “How’s it hanging.”

Logan smiled sheepishly. “I’m so fucking hor---“

“Why don’t you make us a coffee?” Eddie interrupted him, taking off his jacket.

He was wearing dress pants and a shirt. Nothing too fancy, but not cheap either. His sneakers looked new, and they matched the color of his electric blue hair.

Logan bit his lower lip and headed for the kitchen.

I couldn’t help but stare at his bubble butt.

“What have you done with him?” I chuckled. “He’s a nervous wreck.”

“He’s horny”, Eddie said casually. “You’d be, too, if you hadn’t cum for five weeks.”

I grimaced. “Did you lock him in chastity?”

Eddie chuckled. “He is in chastity but I didn’t lock his dick up. I didn’t have to. I told him not to cum. And he didn’t.”

I stared at him. “But how did you--- He could easily beat you. I mean, he’s more muscular than you, and he knows how to wrestle.”

Eddie smiled. “It’s not all about physical strength, you know.” He leaned over and lowered his voice. “Wanna know what’s going to happen?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Logan will come in here. He’ll have forgotten about the coffee. He’ll ask me to let him cum. I’ll ask him what he wants me to do. He’ll ask me to crush his nuts and squeeze a load out of them. Then he’ll ask me to fuck him and fill him with my seed. Then he’ll make me bash another load out of his nuts.” Eddie chuckled. “Maybe he’ll want me to punch it out of him but I guess he’ll want me to kick it out.”

I must have looked very stupid, staring at Eddie, my mouth hanging open.

Eddie winked at me, his eyes sparkling.

Logan came from the kitchen, his dick granite-hard and swinging gently with every step. His body looked awesome. Not an ounce of fat anywhere in sight, muscles in all the right places. A big, fat, juicy cock. And a pair of big, fat, juicy plums dangling low in their sack between his muscular thighs.

“Eddie”, he said with a sheepish smile. “I really, really need to cum now.” He bit his lower lip.

Eddie smiled at him. “You do?”

Logan nodded.

“Okay”, Eddie said gently.

Logan’s eyes lit up.

Eddie grinned. “How do you want to cum?”

Logan thought for a moment. “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know”, Eddie said with a sweet smile. “Why don’t you tell me what you want me to do.”

“I want you to squeeze the cum out of my balls”, Logan blurted out. “I want to feel your hands on my balls. Don’t touch my dick. Squeeze that fucking load out of my nuts. Make me scream, make me cry, make me pass out – I don’t care!”

“I think that can be arranged”, Eddie said, winking at Logan.

“After that”, Logan continued, “I want you to fuck my ass. Make me your bitch. Split my ass wide open and fuck me good and hard. I want to feel your big dick inside me. Fill me up with your sweet cum until I’m bloated with your jizz.”

Eddie looked at Logan and waited.

Logan licked his lips. “And then I want you to crush another load out of my nuts. No! I want you to kick it out of me from behind.” He chuckled at the idea. “Make me bend over and slurp up my first load while you ram your foot into my nuts from behind.” His dick was twitching. “Make me your bitch! I deserve it!”

Eddie smiled and ran his hand through Logan’s hair as if he was patting an obedient dog.

“I fucking deserve it”, he mumbled.

“Oh yes, you do”, Eddie said softly, running his index finger down Logan’s chest and down his belly, stopping at his belly button. “You deserve it.”

Logan let out a soft moan.

“Say please”, Eddie smiled.

“Please!” Logan groaned.

Eddie’s finger went further south, stopping at his neatly trimmed bush of pubic hair.

“Please!” Logan grunted urgently, his voice filled with lust. “Please, Eddie, please!”

Eddie smiled, his eyes locked with Logan’s, and moved his index finger to the root of Logan’s meaty dick.

“God”, Logan moaned. “Crush the fucking cum out of my nuts! Wrap your hands around my balls and squeeze it out! I can’t take it any more! Make it stop! Make me cum! Crush my fucking nuts!”

“You need it bad, huh?” Eddie smiled.

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Eddie and Logan didn’t seem to hear me.

They were looking deep into each others’ eyes.

“I need it bad”, Logan whispered. “I need it so fucking bad.”

Eddie fondled Logan’s fat ballbag.

Logan let out a moan.

“Crush them”, Logan whispered hoarsely. “Turn them to mush!”

Eddie’s hand tightened around Logan’s nutsack. “You really want me to crush those nuts?”

“Fuck yeah!” Logan grunted.

Eddie squeezed Logan’s nuts hard. “Are you sure?”

“Yes!” Logan cried out. “Oh yes!”

Eddie looked into Logan’s eyes, a sweet smile on his lips as Logan’s handsome face slowly contorted into a mask of pain.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Logan grunted, panting heavily, his eyes clenched shut. He was on his fingertips, his hands pressed against his thighs.

I couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t fighting Eddie, he was egging him on, thrusting his hips at Eddie while his balls were flattened in Eddie’s vise-like grip.

Logan’s balls were bulging between Eddie’s fingers as the slender young man squished and squashed his muscular mate’s meaty plums with his bare hands.

“Oh, fuck!” Logan screamed. “Oh, fuck! Fuck, yeah! Harder! Harder!”

Eddie’s strong fingers were kneading Logan’s tender babymakers like cookie dough, squeezing them, twisting them, crushing them with all the force he could muster.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Logan squealed, his voice cracking. “I’m so fucking close! So fucking close!”

Eddie smiled and looked down.

Logan’s dick was pointing up, twitching wildly, its mushroom head glistening with sticky precum, pulsing, throbbing, ready to shoot Logan’s precious load.

Eddie twisted his hand sharply.

Logan’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. There was a look of confusion on his face, a split-second of realization. The humiliation, the pain, the desperation. He had turned into Eddie’s bitch.

Their eyes met.

Eddie smiled.

Logan’s eyes lost focus.

Then he came.


“Good boy.” Eddie continued squeezing Logan’s balls as they pumped jet after creamy jet of cum up into the air.

It was a geyser of spunk, the long-awaited explosion of cum that Logan had been longing for for five full weeks.

It splattered into the air and rained down on Logan, splashing into his hair and over his face, coating his athletic body in a thick layer of glistening spunk.

Eddie took a step back.

Amazingly, he had mostly avoided getting hit by Logan’s juice. There were a couple of splotches on his clothes but that was it.

Logan, on the other hand, was dripping with cum. It looked like he had taken a jizz shower. His dick was dripping and he was standing in a puddle of his own jizz.

His balls were beet red and swollen. I wasn’t sure but it seemed like there was a large thumbprint on Logan’s left nut.

“Thank you”, Logan groaned, blinking through the cum that was covering his eyes. “Thank you so much! Thank you.”

Eddie chuckled and wiped his hand on his pants. “You’re welcome.”

“Now fuck me”, Logan moaned. “Fuck me hard!”

Eddie brought his leg back and snap-kicked Logan’s drained balls, eliciting a shrill squeal as Logan sank to the floor.

“Get down on your knees”, Eddie smiled. “And spread your cheeks. Show me your hole, bitch.”

Logan let out a whimper and did as he was told, spreading his butt cheeks and exposing his tight hole.

“Knock me up”, Logan croaked. “Fuck me and fill me with your seed!”

Eddie glanced at me and winked. He smacked Logan’s ass cheek hard, leaving a red handprint on his skin.

Logan let out a moan.

Eddie opened the fly of his pants and pulled out his dick.

He didn’t pull down his pants, didn’t strip naked. He just pulled out his dick.

It was long and thick, a meaty piece of cock, rock-hard and ready for action.

“Come on, fuck me!” Logan begged. “Fuck me hard!”

Eddie spat into his hand and spread his spit on his meaty dick. He lined up the fat head with Logan’s hole.

“What are you waiting for?” Logan cried. “Ram it in!”

“Watch your tongue, bitch”, Eddie chuckled and grabbed Logan’s hips before thrusting his rod balls-deep into Logan, making him let out a high-pitched shriek.

He started pounding Logan hard and fast, his hips smacking against Logan’s ass, sending shock waves through his ass cheeks.

“Oh god, oh god!” Logan whimpered as his hole was stretched by Eddie’s fat cock.

Eddie grabbed Logan by the hair and pulled his head back, making him moan and groan as he drove his dick in and out of Logan’s hole.

Eddie fucked Logan in all kinds of positions. After doing him doggy style he made him ride his dick while sitting on the couch. Then he made Logan lie on his back, propping his ass up into the air for Eddie to use his dick as a piledriver.

Logan’s body was glistening with sweat, his face contorted in pain. “Fuck yeah!” he yelled. “Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!”

Eddie slapped Logan’s face hard, making him grunt.

Then he grabbed Logan’s swollen, bruised nuts, using them as a handle as he sunk his dick balls-deep into him.

“Fill me up!” Logan panted. “Fill me with your seed! Knock me up!”

Eddie brought his head back and closed his eyes as he flooded Logan’s insides with his sperm. His balls were contracting, pumping spurt after spurt of cream into Logan, his dick buried to the root in his ass.

“God, yeah!” Logan groaned. “I can feel it. I can feel your seed inside me!”

Eddie reached down and grabbed Logan’s, choking him as he emptied his balls inside him.

“God”, Logan croaked. “Fuck yeah!”

When Eddie had dumped his entire load inside Logan, he pulled out his dick. It was slick and glistening, a beautiful piece of manmeat.

Logan stared at his, his sore eyes hungry, his mouth hanging open, drool running down his chin.

“Let me clean it up for you”, Logan whispered, hoarsely, getting on his knees in front of Eddie.

“Stay!” Eddie said sharply, raising his finger.

Logan looked up at him, sitting on his feet, his hands on the ground, like an obedient dog. I half-expected him to let out a growl or a bark.

“Stay”, Eddie repeated calmly, smiling down at Logan.

“Let me clean it up for you, please!” Logan moaned, shifting uncomfortably.

“Stay”, Eddie repeated once again.

Logan looked up at him with puppy dog eyes.

Eddie smiled down at him, savoring the moment.

Logan was panting, salivating, his eyes darting from Eddie’s handsome face to Eddie’s glistening cock and back again.

“Alright”, Eddie said with a smile. “Clean it up, now.”

Logan let out a funny sound that was half joy and half lust before wrapping his lips around Eddie’s shiny cock, noisily sucking on it, trying to get the full length into his mouth and almost succeeding.

Eddie helped him, generously smacking the back of Logan’s head, causing the entire length of his fat cock to disappear inside Logan’s warm mouth.

A retching, choking sound escaped from Logan’s mouth as Eddie’s dick tickled his tonsils, but he didn’t back of. Instead, he started bobbing back and forth, fucking his own face with Eddie’s big dick.

“Good boy”, Eddie said, casually smacking Logan’s face a couple of times.

Finally, he grabbed Logan by the hair and pulled his head off his dick. “That’s enough.”

His dick was dripping with Logan’s spit, and a tiny thread of saliva connected the tip of Eddie’s cock with Logan’s lower lip.

Logan let out a grunt. Then he broke free from Eddie’s grasp and snapped at Eddie’s dick with his mouth.

“Stop it!” Eddie said sharply, smacking Logan in the face.

It was a hard slap that send Logan back, making him howl in pain.

“If you don’t behave I’m going to leave”, Eddie said calmly. “I’m going to leave and you won’t get to cum again.”

Logan looked up, hurt and confused. “No, please don’t!” he said quickly. “Please don’t!”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders. “If you behave you’ll get to cum again.”

“Okay, okay”, Logan mumbled, looking around frantically. “I’ll--- Alright, please don’t leave. I’ll--- I’ll behave. I promise.“ His eyes fell on the puddle of his own cum in the middle of the room. “See? I made a mess over there.” On all fours, crawled over to the puddle of cream and started lapping it up with his tongue. “See? I’m cleaning it up. I’m a good boy!” He wiggled his ass as he slurped up his cooled down jizz. His legs were spread apart, his swollen, bruised balls dangling invitingly below his sore, red ass hole.

Eddie walked over, deliberately slowly.

Logan wiggled his ass again, making his nutsack swing from side to side.

He didn’t say a word. It was obvious what he wanted.

And Eddie made him wait for it.

He stuffed his softening cock back into his pants, taking his sweet time.

Logan spread his legs wider and arched his back downwards, wiggling his bubble butt, making his nuts completely available to Eddie, waiting for him to kick his balls in while he was slurping up his own seed, running his tongue over the floor and gulping down his precious juice.

The sound of Eddie’s zipper closing made Logan shiver and he let out a soft moan. His dick was rock hard again, bouncing against his abs.

Finally, Eddie showed mercy and gave Logan what he craved.

He brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Logan let out an ear-piercing scream as his precious nuts were ramming into his pelvis. The kick lifted his lower body off the ground, making him stumble forward and dive, face-first, into the puddle of jizz.

“Yes!” Logan croaked, quickly getting up on all fours again. “Kick it out of me!”

Eddie chuckled and kicked his nuts again.

Logan howled in agony, clenching his eyes shut, his legs trembling as he tried desperately to keep the spread apart.

“Make me cum!” Logan screamed, throwing his head back, his dick throbbing and twitching.

Again and again, Eddie kicked Logan’s nuts, smiling gently as he drove his foot up between Logan’s thighs, squishing his nuts flat against his body.

Logan was grunting and groaning, his tongue lapping up his spunk while his nuts were bashed mercilessly by Eddie’s powerful kicks.

When Logan was finished mopping the floor with his tongue, having slurped up every little drop of spunk, his face contorted in pain, his hair dripping with sweat and cum, Eddie placed his foot on Logan’s ass, pushing him to the ground.

Logan’s hard dick and his poor, swollen nuts were spread between his thighs.

Eddie looked down at him, smiling gently, and kicked his legs wider apart.

Logan let out a grunt.

His nuts were swollen and bloated. His gaping ass hole was leaking cum. His face was a mask of pain.

Eddie took a step forward, placing his right foot on Logan’s right nut. Then he shifted his weight and stepped onto Logan’s left nut with his left foot.

Logan screamed from the top of his lungs as Eddie’s full weight was pressing down on his balls.

“Holy shit!” he shrieked, pounding the floor with his hands. “Holy fuck!”

“Watch your tongue”, Eddie chided him gently, twisting his feet and shifting his weight, grinding Logan’s precious nuts into the floor.

Logan’s balls were flattened like pancakes and he let out a high-pitched squeal. His body convulsed and his dick spat out a huge batch of cream.

“Yes!” Logan wailed. “Oh god yes!”

Then his body went limp as he mercifully passed out.

Eddie stayed in place until Logan’s nuts were completely empty, wiggling his toes and twisting the balls of his feet on poor Logan’s wrecked babymakers.

Spurt after spurt of creamy jizz sputtered out of Logan’s dick, creating a fresh puddle of jizz between his thighs.

After more than a dozen healthy spurts, the flood subsided, and a steady trickle of cream oozed out of Logan’s balls.

Eddie stepped off Logan’s nuts and smiled at me.

“Wow”, I said. “I mean--- Wow!”

Eddie smiled and grabbed his jacket. “See you around”, he said, heading for the door.

“Wait”, I said quickly, pointing at Logan’s passed-out body. “What do I do with him.”

Eddie shrugged his shoulders. “I bet he’d love a bag of ice”, he said with a wink.

I chuckled. “Yeah.”

Eddie smiled at me. “He’ll ask about me. Tell him I’m gone. He’ll never see me again.”

I blinked. “But---“

“He’s gonna be alright”, Eddie smiled as he turned to go. “They always are.”

The door closed behind him.

Logan let out a soft groan.

I turned my head.

“Shit”, Logan whispered, slowly getting up on all fours. “I made a mess again.” He turned around and looked at the puddle of jizz. Without another word, he stuck out his tongue and started lapping up his cream.

I scratched my head. “Logan?”

Logan let out a grunt as he slurped up his jizz.

“Logan?” I repeated.

Logan looked up at me.

I smiled at him and opened my mouth. I wanted to tell him that Eddie wouldn’t be back. That everything was going to be alright. That he didn’t have to obey him anymore. That he didn’t have to obey anybody.

Somehow, the words didn’t come out of my mouth.

Logan was staring at me, his eyes wide open.

“Good boy”, I said.

Logan smiled and turned his attention to the puddle of jizz again.

I chuckled. “Good boy.”


Anonymous said...

I'm so confused. I mean, I *want* to like this story, but I just don't understand what the hell is going on (besides the obvious things) and why Logan is behaving like that. Did he develop some kind of crush on Eddie and totally forgot Ashley? Does he have a "phase" for being obedient? What has Eddie done to make him his bitch? How did this come to be, and if Eddie likes all of that (as it seems), why would he never return? What does he even mean by "They always are [alright]."? Or is Logan just acting? Did I miss some kind of explanation or subtle hint?

I don't know... till the very end, I expected an explanation of some sorts. Don't get me wrong, the story was nicely written and the whole scenario is totally fine aswell, but it just seems like such an unusual behavior for Logan that I expected some kind of answer or explanation for what's happening :D

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I understand your frustration - but I'm just as puzzled as you are. It's obvious that Eddie had cast some kind of spell over Logan. I have no idea how he did it. Apparently, Logan wasn't the first guy he turned into his bitch, and he probably won't be the last...

Guys like Eddie have a way to make people do what they want. And apparently, leaving them after they have hit rock bottom is part of his game. Maybe he gets off on the fact that he left Logan when he had broken him, when Ligan was the most vulnerable. But all of this is just guesswork. Who knows what happened and how he did it...

The most important thing is that Logan is alright. He got over it. I tried to ask him about Eddie - but he quickly changed the subject. It looks like he is very embarrassed about the whole thing, and I don't think I'll raise the topic again...

What role Ashley played is a good question. Maybe she knew about it. Maybe she encouraged it (you know how kinky she can be). Maybe she was as shocked as we are. I guess we'll never know...

As I said: Logan is back to normal, and I think he wants us to forget about the whole thing. I'm not sure if I can get that image of him lapping up his jizz like a dog out of my head, though... :-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex! Loved reading my little escapade. Tell Logan he is missed ;) - Eddie

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Eddie! I really enjoyed your guest appearance! :-))

Toothpick said...

I kind of hope Zach and the others find out and tease him a little

Alex said...

I don't think thy will ever find out - unless they find the photos in my desk. Some of them are pretty hilarious... :-))

Anonymous said...

Kudos for exploring unique ideas and other non-vanilla types of ballbusting. I've said it before and said it again - creativity goes a long way in erotica.

Alex said...

Thank you very much! :-))