Monday, January 9, 2017

Romantic risks: Countdown to cum (written by Daniel)

This fantastic story was written by our reader Daniel who also created the wonderful title card. It features one of my favorite chararacters from this blog: Simon. I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's steaming hot story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Simon (click for pictures)

Daniel has created a new character for this story: Simon's boyfriend Gareth whose looks are inspired by model Kevin Thompson. Here's a photo that Daniel kindly sent me.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. 

“You look beautiful like this.”

Simon looked down at the handsome man bound to the bed under him, a gentle smile gracing his features. He was naked bar the glasses barely resting on his nose, his slender figure completely unprotected. He pushed his horn-rimmed spectacles up, maintaining the geek motif he had become known for even though he was completely stripped down.

For a few months, he had been dating the man below him, Gareth. He was relatively muscular, his stomach and chest toned expertly by a carefully constructed daily work-out. His hair was naturally a fiery orange, angular cheeks and pale skin adding to his fragile handsomeness.

However, Simon wasn’t complimenting him simply on his looks.

“All tied up.” Simon gently ran a sharp nail down the side of his boyfriend’s stomach. “You look like a perfect piece of art right now.”

Gareth was unable to move or speak. A large, black ball-gag was resting in his mouth, leather straps securing it tightly in place. The rope began at his shoulders, artistic crosses trailing down his arms and leaving them completely still; no matter how much he struggled against them he couldn’t move. His legs had received a similar treatment, however started at the knees so Simon had full access to the desired target.

The only clothes he was permitted to wear were his tight boxer-briefs. They were a light grey color that hugged the impressive mound and made no effort to hide the above average equipment they contained. They had always driven Simon crazy.

“I could do anything to you right now, you know.” Simon slowly crawled up his boyfriend’s body, maintaining lusty eye contact. “I could tear those things off you and suck that big cock all night long. Suck down as much of that hot cum as I want.”

Gareth nodded quickly, moaning loudly through the gag at the movement of Simon’s knee that was rubbing against his dick.

“Or maybe I could have my fun with you, put you through hell and then suck you until those little balls of yours are dry.”

A groan slid out from under the gag, a pain darting up from Gareth’s vulnerable balls that went straight to his stomach. His dick twitched in his boxers, looking down in time to see Simon draw his knee back again and slam it even harder into the large mound. His eyes widened, a scream being buffered by the gag as he thrashed slightly against the perfectly tied roped keeping him to the four-post bed.

Simon brought his lips down to Gareth’s neck, gently sucking on it to calm his boyfriend down. His hands roamed down the other man’s perfectly toned abs, resting on his chest.

“And, let’s be honest, we both know which one I’m going to pick.”

Lips going to Gareth’s earlobe, Simon slowly began to trail his hands down the other man’s body. His nails scraped across his pronounced abs, slipping beneath the waistband and tripped pubes before grasping the large member. He gave a small stroke, before pulling away and grinning down at the other man.

“But, I’ve been far too nice lately. Giving you the same punishment so often.” He retraced his hand, earning a groan of misery through the gag and a slight eye-roll. “So, I found a game we could play.”

Gareth glared as his boyfriend climbed off him completely. Even with the possibility of his sensitive nuts being attacked, he loved the feeling of his boyfriend being so close to him. Now all he could do was strain his head to see the naked man at their shared dresser. Even with the awful view, the sight of Simon’s ass was great.

“This little thing might just be the death of your balls.” Simon held up a small dice, smiling. “I’ll roll it and whatever number we get, you’ll get twice as many punches to the nuts. And then we’ll do it with kicks, then for squeezes and maybe I’ll get out that baseball bat you love and try to, what’s the phrase, ‘Knock a ball out of the park’. Of course, I’ll put any professional to shame and get two balls at once.”

Although ashamed of it, Gareth bucked his hips into the air. Simon was hot when he was on top. Very fucking hot.

“But I’ll be nice. If you can last each round without asking for me to stop, I’ll let you get one free shot on my balls.” Simon walked back to the bed, purposefully giving Gareth a great view of his hairless crotch as he placed the dice down.

Gareth growled into the gag, if the rope wasn’t so tight he would have headbutted the balls dangling beside his head as an act of retaliation. But, sadly, he couldn’t.

“Now for my little game to work, I’ll have to take off the gag. Are you going to be a good boy and scream for me?” Simon’s smile widened at the hesitant nod, reaching behind and unbuckling the leather strap and removing the gag. “Hm, how’s it feel to be wearing the gag for once?”

“My jaw hurts.” Gareth frowned, sending his boyfriend a cocky small smile. “You said it wouldn’t feel like it was there. I suppose that you’re just so used to having a gag you don’t notice it anymore”

“Or maybe I’ve been pounded in the mouth by so many big dicks that a small gag doesn’t leave an impact. That’s why I can you suck for so long without it hurting, I suppose.”

Gareth’s smirk fell off his face for two reasons. One: the subtle teasing against the size of his dick. Two: the hand squeezing his balls in revenge for the comment about Simon and his gags. He suspected the unrelenting pain in his balls, that also elected a high pitch squeal, was the real reason for losing his smirk.

“Now, are you going to keep annoying me and make me triple the dice rolls instead of doubling them?” Simon grinned, squeezing harder.

“No, doubles fine!” His voice was higher than before.

“Good boy.” He let go of the large bulge, patting it twice with enough force to force a sickly groan. The game hadn’t even started and his balls were already sensitive.

As Gareth willed his balls to recover, Simon picked the small dice up again and carefully rolled it across the bedside table. Fully prepared to roll the dice again if the number was too low, it wasn’t as if Gareth could stop him, he waited for the plastic cube to stop. A smile formed again on his face as he saw four little dots on the presented side.

“Eight punches. It’s a shame that it’s not twelve, but I’ve got a suspicious feeling that at least one of the rounds you’ll be getting will be.”

“Oh, for fuck’s sake.” The redhead looked down at his balls, which were still radiating pain from their last little punishments. And now he was going to get eight damn punched to them as well. This was going to be hell.

Simon chuckled and climbed back onto the bed, kneeling in between Gareth’s spread legs with a grin. He pushed his glasses up his nose again, raising a teasing eyebrow at the pained and anxious face that was looking back at him. Gareth really was such a perfect guy to torture; his face was so expressive.

His balled-up fist slammed down into the visible balls trapped in the boxers, a dull thud filling the room at the contact.

“Ugh- SHIT. Fuck me!”

The pain was hell. Even if Simon wasn’t the most muscular man, the crafty geek could easily cause a lot of damage. And holy crap did Gareth’s balls hurt. It felt like damn house had fallen against them. And Simon was nowhere near done!

“I really should do something about that awful language of yours.” Simon sent two equally strong punches in quick succession, grunting with the effort.

 “A-Ah. Oh my god. Oh my fucking god!”

Gareth tried to thrash against the tight roped, wanting nothing more than to double over and nurse his aching balls. If the first punch was like a house, those last two were both as bad as fucking sky-scrapers.

Sweat had begun to form on Gareth’s chest and face, panting deeply at the pain that was filling his body. His balls hurt so goddamn much.

“I said to stop swearing, Gareth.”

Simon slid up the other man’s body, teasing him with feather light touches across his chest and stomach. He smiled wider when Gareth bucked his hips and his balls fell back against the mattress. The pain in his eyes said that they hadn’t landed gently. His lips hovered inches away from Gareth’s, so close to kissing him.

But then Simon’s left fist aggressively punched Gareth’s vulnerable and bulging balls.

“This is a punishment. Not a way for you to get kissed~”

Gareth’s eyes were closed as Simon retracted from the bed, a long and high pitched sound coming from the pain in his balls. The laughing fell on deaf ears as Gareth silently prayed for something, anything, to make the hell like pain stop taking over his body.

But it seemed only the devil was looking over him, as his cock twitched into a semi and his balls lost the small amount of protection they had.

Simon saw this as an offer. He gave a strong uppercut into the inviting balls, refusing to retract his fist as he watched and relished in Gareth’s reaction. The smirk on his face would put any sadist to shame; and he’d met a lot of them so knew this wasn’t exactly an exaggeration.

Gareth’s eyes had rolled back into his head, water forming in the corner of his eyes. A small sob came through his lips. Buildings were no longer a good enough comparison, he felt as though the whole damn world was pushing down on his balls. Simon hadn’t gone all out like this before, and it was obvious he had more planned.

“I-I think they’re broke. I-I-I actually think my balls don’t work anymore.”

“Don’t overreact, I know that your nuts can take a lot more.” Simon laughed. “But if you’d like maybe we can see just how much they can take.”

“Heh. Erm, maybe not today.” He laughed weekly. “If you really want, I might let you try on your birthday.”

“I’ll hold you to that. But right now, we have more pressing matters.

The three remaining punches were delivered quickly, powerfully and without mercy. After each punch a grunt or sob came from Gareth’s mouth, all of them music to Simon’s ears. The sounds of pain mixed with the heavy panting were practically poetry.

Gareth was trying to catch his breath, balls hurting more than he ever thought was possible. His dick was as hard as it could get, the teasing smirk not helping the matter. His chest glistened with sweat, muscular body seeming pathetic and weak. He looked up at his boyfriend with a begging expression, wanting even a small amount of time to recover.

“Didn’t ask for you to stop, did I.” Gareth laughed gently through a pant. “You gonna untie me so I can get my revenge.”

“No.” Simon smiled and patted the redhead’s cheek gently. “You’ll get your punch later, I don’t want to let the pain swell down now do I? And besides, those knots look awfully nice. I wouldn’t want to ruin that.”

“You’re a dick.” Gareth growled, resting his head against the pillow. He desperately tried to distract himself from the pure pain in his nuts, however it was too strong to be put back in his mind.

Simon ignored the insult, although it was tempting to get in another punch as a way of punishing his boyfriend for being so very rude. However, the kicking round was coming up next. Although it wasn’t easy to see, some of the positions Simon had found himself in had given him two strong legs. The kicks would make the punches seem like a little warm up.

The single dot on the dice made him sigh, he lifted it to roll again before Gareth noticed. His plan was thwarted by the unamused expression on the other man’s face, who had clearly seen the result. Shame, his feet could do some damage.

“Two kicks then, I suppose that I’ll have to make them worth it.”

Gareth’s eyes widened at the clear confidence in his boyfriend’s face. He’d yet to experience what those slender legs could do, but after admiring them on countless occasions he knew they had some subtle muscles. Even now he found his eyes trailing up and down Simon’s naked figure, partly out of pure adoration for how good it looked and partly out of fear for what was about to happen.

Simon stood on the mattress, placing one foot on the redhead’s stomach. He looked down with control and dominance.

“Holy crap.” Gareth whispered, cock jolting.

“I told you to stop cussing, Gareth.”

His cheeks puffed out in pain as Gareth’s balls were practically attacked by Simon’s foot, swollen nuts slamming straight into his body and only adding to the horrid pain.

The tears began to well in his eyes again, a loud mix of sobbing and groaning the only sound coming through the room. the pain was unbearable, Gareth had no idea how Simon managed to cause so much pain with one simple kick.

“Jesus fucking Christ! How did you- Shit!”

Simon grinned at the cussing, looking down to the large mound in the boxers. They were being stretched, a tent forming and the tightness that had previously shown off his large balls no gone. A frown formed on Simon’s face, he quite liked the sight of Gareth’s boxers acting like a second skin for his low hanging nuts but that wasn’t what he saw.

Using his sharp nail, he created a small tear in the thin grey fabric and ripped the boxers in half.

Gareth’s balls were swollen badly, red and buried after the treatment that Simon had so kindly given them. Despite this, his large cock was standing proud and begging for attention. Attention that Simon was happy to give it, although maybe not in the way he had hoped.

“You surprise me, I didn’t think your cock could be so hard after what I’ve been doing to it.”

Laughing tauntingly, Simon flicked the head of the sensitive member and making Gareth moan at the small amount of contact. He could see Gareth’s balls retract slightly, the flash of pain making him smirk.

“You’re close to cumming aren’t you?”
“Guess I am.” Gareth panted, raising his hips to see if his dick could reach Simon’s foot that was hovering above it. Simon saw this and raised his foot out of reach, smiling tauntingly. “When you let me out I will… I haven’t decided what I’ll do yet but you won’t like it.”

“I suppose I’ll just have to make the most of the time I’ve got you tied up then.” Simon laughed at the look of regret he got from Gareth. “And for that threat I won’t let you cum nicely, I’ll have to kick and squeeze it all out of you. I planned to do that anyway, but now you’ve given me an excuse you can’t be mad. So, thank you.”

Before Gareth could reply, Simon’s foot slammed into his unprotected balls without restraint and with great speed.

It hit him like a bullet. His eyes widened as his naked balls slammed down on the mattress after the kick, adding to the intense, fire like pain in his tender testicles. They retracted further, the feeling of orgasm rising gently. He was so close to cumming, and yet it seemed so far away.

With Simon in control, it most likely would take so much longer than he would like.

“I’d say that the worst is over,” Simon smiled, sitting on the bed beside Gareth. “But I don’t want to lie to you. And I love that look of anticipation.”

Picking up the plastic dice again, he took as long as he could to shake it before he finally threw it across the bedside table. While he did this his free hand slowly ran over Gareth’s toned abs and muscular legs, getting close to his throbbing member but never touching it.

The redhead was going through something worse than hell. The teasing of Simon’s hands getting close to his dick but never touching it was bad enough, but the pain in his sperm filled nuggets added pain to the mix of teasing. He didn’t know whether to buck his hips for more or to cry and beg for mercy. He settled for a high pitch and needy whine.

“You really are close, aren’t you?” Simon spoke as if this wasn’t’ obvious. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Is my hand making it worse for you? Oh, I had no idea.”

Simon slowly stopped his hand from torturing Gareth, although he did so by scarping his nails across his stomach and balls. He grinned when he heard a groan of what may be either pain or pleasure come from the dry lips of his boyfriend.

“Now, that was long enough for you to feel better, didn’t it?” He chuckled. “And I don’t think that’s really fair. So, instead of doubling the number the dice gives you, I’ll multiply it by five and that’s how many seconds I’ll squeeze your balls for.”

“Seriously! I didn’t even do anything that time.”

“You get very whiny when you’re in bondage and your balls hurt. It’s cute.” Simon finally looked down at the dice he had rolled, grinning when he saw a five. “Twenty-five seconds, that sounds good.”

“Oh god.”

“Don’t be scared, I’m a professional. You’ll be in very good hands. Literally.”

Simon positioned himself between Gareth’s legs so he got a spectacular view of his bruised balls, throbbing cock, sweat-covered torso and red face. The sight of him in such a vulnerable position with rope covered his arms and legs was just too good of a sight. Maybe, if the lighting was good, Simon might be looking at the new screensaver for his phone.

“I doubt you’ll last until the end, but try your best. I haven’t squeezed the cum out of you yet, and I want to enjoy it.” Gareth looked down at his cock, wondering how long he could last.
“Oh, and you’ll be counting down. Think of it as a kind of countdown to cum.” Gareth smiled friendlily. “And don’t count too quickly, because we both know that I won’t be very happy if you do. Start counting~”

Before Gareth could take the time to process what was happening, Simons slender fingers were wrapped around both his balls and squeezing them as hard as they could. Behind his glasses, Simon already had a look of determination on his face, glaring down at the two subjects of his torture with furrowed eyebrows.

“Fuck. Fuck- Shit.” Gareth groaned. “T-twenty-Five. Twenty-four. Twenty-three. Ah. Jesus when did you get so strong? Twenty-Two. Twenty-o-one!”

Gareth could see both of Simon’s biceps flexing. They might not be the most impressive, but they still had a small amount of tone to them and they were certainly putting Gareth through an excruciating amount of pain.

“Twenty. N-Nineteen. Crap, my balls. Please stop. Eight-eighteen. Seventeen. Six-SHIT-teen.”

Gareth felt a familiar feeling form in his balls, not one of pain. It was the feeling of an oncoming orgasm, the small shuddering in his arms telling him that it was going to be a rather explosive one. Despite this, the pain was far too overwhelming for him to focus on.

“Fifteen. Fourteen. Thirteen. Tw-twelve. Eleveeeen.”

Speaking through gritted teeth, Gareth felt more and more sweat form over his body. He was nearly on fire with the pain, head thrashing left to right with the indescribable feeling of pressure and squeezing from Simon’s treatment.

“Ten. Nine. Eight. Sseven. Six- Oh my god. Really!”

Simon had switched tactics from simple squeezing to dinging his fingers into the swollen man meat without so much a second thought. He grinded his teeth with concentration, occasionally twisting the balls and pulling them further away from his body to only add to the pain. He used all his strength to add to the pressure, beads of sweat forming on his forehead with the effort.

“Five. Fooour. Three T-two.”

The orgasmic sensation was stronger now, having mixed with the pain. His arms were shaking with both pain and anticipation for what he hoped was pleasure. His cock was twitching manically, waiting for release.


Spurt after spurt of hot, white cum was slung from the shaking member, splattering over his glistening chest. A loud, animalistic roar came from Gareth as the orgasm overtook him, uneven and manic panting following. This had been the most painful orgasm of his life; however, he was loving the spectacular feeling.

Even with the pain, Simon gave him an amazing orgasm.

Simon was now looking down at his boyfriend, panting too with a smile on his face. All that juicy sperm was there for him to devour. And on the most beautiful plate no less. Gareth had even been so kind to add some extra flavour with his sweat.

“You really are so beautiful like this.”

Simon crawled over Gareth’s body again, this time bringing his tongue with him as he lapped up the large amount of cum he had been gifted. He looked up as he licked the other man’s abs and pecs, savoring the taste.

He made a note that Gareth’s seed tasted even better after the meat had been tenderised. Perhaps he could see what the wooden mallet in the kitchen could do. But not today, he still had the bat left.

The redhead was relishing the sight of Simon licking his cum off of his body, his chest raising and falling from both the orgasm and the pain that remained in his balls. Even after the orgasm, his testicles were still ringing from the rough and relentless treatment that he had received from his boyfriend.

“God, you taste good.”

Simon grinned when, after removing all the cum and a good amount of sweat from Gareth’s chest, he saw that his large cock was still hard and begging for attention.

He brought his lips to the long member, planting a small kiss to the head before slowly bringing his head down. It didn’t take him long to fit the entire dick in his mouth, lips grazing the sharply trimmed pubes at the bottom. He gently cupped Gareth’s balls, making sure not to add any pain to them as he felt around. Defiantly another load’s worth.

Bobbing his head, Simon used his tongue to lick up and down the shaft, pressing it against the tip when he could. The hot mouth was driving Gareth mad, causing him to buck his hips and shake. He didn’t expect to feel so close to orgasm so soon.

Quicker than either had expected, Gareth began to shoot his sperm directly into Simon’s mouth.

It was weaker this time, but the salty cum hitting the back of his throat still caused Simon to pull back in shock. Because of this, Gareth’s cum painted Simons face, even covering his glasses. He brought up a hand, covering it with cum and slowly licking it off. Through his sperm covered glasses he could see his boyfriend was wide eyed, face a mask of pleasure and exhaustion.

Simon opened his mouth to make a comment, but Gareth beat him too it.

“You’re the one who looks like a picture now, Si. Have to agree, a man’s at his best when covered in spunk.”

Simon, for a reason he didn’t really know, laughed loudly at that. Perhaps it was the fatigue from the punching, kicking and squeezing, but whatever it was, it caused him to collapse onto his boyfriend’s chest with a happy laugh.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been on top like this. Being typecast and all. You forget how tiring it can be.” Simon leant up and began to kiss Gareth’s jaw. “Shall we call it a night. You give me a-“

“Don’t try and get out of this.”
“What do you mean?”

“I’m not going to forget that, right now, I’ve got a punch and a kick to the nuts aiming straight between your legs. And I intend to use them. If I have to take a few hits form a bat to get them then I’m sure I can cope.”

“I had hoped you’d forgotten about them.” Simon chuckled, adjusting his glasses. “Are you really going to let me hit you with a baseball bat so you can get me back?”

“You know what they say, ‘Revenge is a dish best served after your balls have been attacked by your boyfriend with one of your prized possessions.’ I may be paraphrasing.” Both men laughed gently, Simon lifting himself off Gareth by leaning on his chest.

“Last chance to get out of it.”

“Have you forgotten this was what I wanted, Si? You ask a porn star with a ball-busting fetish and a mean streak to let his sadist run wild on you. You should know what to expect.” Gareth grinned. “Now, let’s see you put those professionals to shame and get two home runs with one swing.”

Simon grinned, aggressively kneeing Gareth in the balls as he climbed off him.

“Arrogance is not attractive, Gareth.”

“Noted.” The redhead wheezed.

“Good boy.”

Simon walked to their inbuilt wardrobe, not taking long to locate the large, black metal baseball bat; he had more than once commented it looked slightly like a giant dildo. Gareth was rather fond of the thing, despite not being all that interested in sports. It was autographed by a baseball player whose name Simon didn’t know who. Apparently, he was Gareth’s first crush. Simon couldn’t see what was so special about the man, he probably couldn’t suck nearly as much cock as him.

“I don’t think a ‘Home Run’ is an appropriate phrase. Home Limp, perhaps. Home Stagger? How about Home crawling across the floor squealing and grasping your black and blue baseballs.”

“Nice alliteration. So, uh, how many? Hits, I mean.”

“Two hundred and seventy six.”


“It’s possible.” Gareth gave Simon a deadpan look. “Fine, one moment.”

Simon placed the bat against the bed, picking up the dice and throwing it across the bedside table. He took a glance at Gareth, who was looking at the bedside table just in case Simon wanted to cheat. What kind of man did he think he was? Simon would never cheat, he would simply misread the number of dots on the dice in a way he could cause the man the most pain. There was nothing wrong with that.

“Three, so six hits. I’d rather it be twelve, I must admit. But still, hitting your balls into orbit six times isn’t anything to sneeze at.”

Picking up the bat and slamming it aggressively into Gareth’s balls in one smooth movement, Simon relished in the high-pitched squeal of pain coming from his boyfriend.

By this point, Gareth’s nuts were swollen and filling his pale, leathery sac. After the multiple orgasms his dick was only managing to remain a semi erection. His entire body was now covered in sweat, his usually well-kept orange hair a mess spread across the pillow.

Simon had been in the same position so often, it was spectacular to see another man brought down by him.

“Five left. Let’s see if I can churn up enough cum in those broken balls for a midnight snack, shall we.”

He jumped up onto the bed, all signs of tiredness leaving. He looked down on his boyfriend, scraping the cool metal head of the bat down the stud’s hot and panting body, smirking at the shudders it caused.

After getting into the position of a golfer with the bat now resting against his shoulder, Simon blew a small kiss to Gareth before swinging the bat with as much force as he could muster.


Gareth’s eyes bulged out, his balls being hit with strengths and pulling away from his body only to slam back against the mattress. A loud groan filled the room, although Gareth managed a weak smirk.

“That would only hit them half was across the field, at a guess. I suppose you were right to be typecast as more submissive.”

“Oh, stop trying to rile me up, you annoying little ass. Because it’s working, and that’s really not a good thing for you.”

Simon got into the same position as before, this time grasping the bat tighter. His eyes narrowed, making sure to identify the two bulging targets so he could cause the most amount of damage. If he did it right, he might be able to hit a fresh load of sperm out with brute force.


Both targets were hit perfectly, this time slamming straight into Gareth’s body. His cock began to leak a pitifully small amount of cum, the single droplet managing to snake down his member before getting caught in the sharp pubes.

Simon tutted, having wanted a lot more cum than he got. The two hadn’t had sex this week, he should much more in his balls. Unless…

“Have you touched yourself recently, Gareth?”

“Yes, I have.” He grinned at Simons glare. “I’m a recent college graduate who found a video of his boyfriend being fucked by one of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen. I could either get jealous or enjoy it I think I chose the better option.”

“Fair enough.”


Gareth let out an odd noise. It started off as a deep, gut centered groan of pain. Half way through it turned into a high-pitched squeal, before going back down in pitch and settling in an unusual mix of both.

His balls felt like they were being attacked by a million hammers all at once. They were in more pain than he thought the human body could stand and it was tremendous. He and Simon switched positions often, but it had been years since he had fully submitted to someone and allowed them to take full control.

“You know that smile annoys me.” Simon put his hands on his waist.

“Well the fact you haven’t hit a home run when you’ve got the two best balls in the world as your playthings fucking pisses me off, so we’re even.”

“I told you. STOP!”




“AHHH! Fuck. Fuck fuck shit fuuuuuck!”

“I’m sorry, I don’t speak uneducated stud language, care to translate?” All Simon got was a high-pitched squeal of pain that he would make fun of Gareth for later. “Well, answer this. Was that the home run you wanted?”

“Bit more than that. Might have gone a few miles away from the shitting park.” Gareth’s teeth were clenched but in a weak smile. “You should coach a kid’s team?”

“I don’t think I’d pass the internet background check, but it’d be fun to see the person’s reaction. I did a skit for little league once, had a threesome with the coaches of the rival teams I beat.”

“You’ll have to show it to me one day.”

“Perhaps, now let’s untie you. And then a punch, kick, hit with the bat and bed?”

“You know the way into my heart, don’t you?”

Simon smiled, planting a kiss on Gareth’s lips and he found the small piece of rope that could be pulled upon to release his left arm. He did the same with his right and both legs, hands immediately rubbing up and down his arms to release the stiffness that would have formed.

He found himself flipped dover without warning, Gareth leaning above him for only a few seconds before hungrily kissing him. Simon struggled to catch up, when he finally managed to Gareth decided to pull away.

“That was some clever rope work. Why didn’t you use some of the cuffs we have?”

“I’ve been learning a new kind of bondage, Kinbaku. It’s some fancy ropework I’ve been wanting to use but never had a reason to. Always good to have a bit of practice, even if I never get to use it.”

“I should speak to your managers, they’re not using you to your full potential if they only see you as a receiver.” Gareth smiled, kissing Simon hungrily again. “But right now, Si, I’ve got your balls in a vice. And that’s more literal than it usually is.”

Simon nervously licked his lips in anticipation, not noticing the sudden flexing of Gareth’s muscles as he moved his arms with a large amount of speed into a nasty punch

“Ohhhh goodness.” Simon’s voice was a high pitched whine.

Simon moved his hands to nurse his balls, only to have Gareth grab them and move them above his head.

“I didn’t get to, neither do you. Now, are you going to be a good boy and scream for me?” He grinned as he used the words Simon had earlier. “Keep your hands away from your balls, because it’s kicking time.”

Gareth was careful when he stood up, not wanting to make a wrong move and slam his still painful and incredibly sensitive balls against his legs. He steadied himself on the mattress as Simon presented his low hanging and hairless balls by spreading his legs wide. He grinned at the obedience of the other man.


A loud scream left Simons lips as Gareth kicked his balls as hard as he possible could, Gareth also groaning as his balls did, indeed, hit his leg.

“Wow. I took all the punishment that you had to offer and I didn’t once scream. But all it takes for you to scream like a pig is a single punch and kick. That’s good to know. Maybe I’ll see an eruption of cum with my little strike.”

He watched as Simon curled up into a ball under him, ignoring his order to not grab his balls. Gareth decided to let this go, Simon had a job the day before and he had more than likely taken hits to the nuts from men stronger than either of them.

“Come on. Nearly over. Spread your legs and in five minutes we’ll both be asleep.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Simon slowly shifted into a more open position, leaning against the leather headboard and giving Gareth a nod to say his presented balls were ready.


Gareth used as much muscle he could in the final hit with the cold metal bat, relishing in the high pitch scream that the other man was projecting. Looking down, something caught his eye. Simons cock was twitching and shaking.

He immediately dropped down to the bed again, lips wide as he deepthroated the bespectacled man’s cock with ease. He sucked and licked at the dick, swallowing his cum with the same gusto and enjoyment that Simon had done with him. Gareth was perhaps the only man who could rival Simon for his thirst for cum.

After he had drained all the cum the orgasm offered, he lifted himself off Simons cock and smiled gently. He pushed the ropes, bat and gag that remained on the mattress onto the floor, reaching for the cold covers that they had placed at the foot of the bed.

It took a few seconds for them to be under the covers, Simon leaning against Gareth’s sweaty chest with his toned arms wrapped around his own slender figure. The sheets were covered with sweat and, most likely, sperm, but neither really cared. They were both tired and trying to catch their breath, though they had enough energy left to kiss every time their eyes happened to meet. Which, it seemed, happened often.

“How long did we manage to last? Gareth grinned, pulling Simon closer.

“Erm.” Simon reached for his phone which had a stopwatch on it. “Since we started… One hour and nineteen minutes. Rounded up.”

“Damn, our best was twenty minutes. Beat that into the ground, didn’t we?” Gareth laughed.

“We did. So, was that all you expected it to be.” Simon grinned, removing his glasses and placing them on the bedside table with the dice.

“Best birthday yet. Love you, Si.”

“I love you too, ginger.”

“Cheap shot with the nickname.”

“You love it.”

“I suppose, my kinky little geek.”


Toothpick/Carter said...

Great story. Reminds me of my game with Logan, glad I got the easier version.
I wonder if Daniel ever read that story and what he thought of it.

And Daniel, if you're reading this, good jobn

Anonymous said...

Hi Carter.

Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. :-)

And I probably have read that story, but it's escaped my mind slightly. But still, it'll give me something to read later ;-)


Anonymous said...

So hot! Great work, Daniel!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you enjoyed it :-)


Anonymous said...

How nice to see Simon get his own story. He is my favourite & I am happy to see him in a relationship with a great guy like Gareth. Can we expect more? (Please say yes!)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm really glad this you like the story and Gareth. Simon's my favourite too, so I thought he might like someone to love.

And yes, there will be more. And some more of the characters might get involved as well. I believe the next one will be uploaded on Monday as well, unless Alex needed to change the schedule. So I hope you look forward to it. :-)