Monday, January 16, 2017

Romantic risks: Painful payment (written by Daniel)

This fantastic story was written by our reader Daniel who also created the wonderful title card. It's a sequel to last week's story Countdown to cum. I hope you'll enjoy Daniel's awesome story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Danny and Simon (click for pictures)

Daniel has created a new character for this story: Simon's boyfriend Gareth whose looks are inspired by model Kevin Thompson. Here's a photo that Daniel kindly sent me.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

“Two weeks?”

“Two whole weeks.”

“Two weeks? Really? You two haven’t had sex for two weeks?”

Simon nodded, arms crossed as he looked at the actor. Danny was only dressed in a pair of tight black boxers and a bow tie, his impressively muscular and toned physique shown off to excellency. He was smiling gently, running a hand through his reddish blonde hair as he flexed his bicep playfully, grinning when he noticed Simon’s eyes glance at it.

“I lived here for a week and you had sex at least fifty times. You went at it like bunnies, literally!” Danny chuckled.

“Yes, the bunny ears were unusual, I admit. Sorry you had to walk in on that." Simon smiled sheepishly, adjusting his glasses.

“Hey, it’s your sofa, you do what you want on it.”

Simon was still fully clothed, dressed in some creaseless khakis, perfectly fitting sweater and smart dress shoes. His horn-rimmed glasses rested on his nose, dark blonde hair in a perfect preppy side parting. He looked like the cliché geek he most certainly wasn’t; not unless a new trope of geeks was an endless number of kinks and unmatched thirst for cum.

“So, what’s stopping the sex? Did you piss him off or something?” Danny grinned.

“No, at least I don’t think so, he got a job." Simon sighed gently. "You’re an actor, does being a runner always make you so tired you don’t want to have sex or does Gareth just not have as much stamina as I thought.”

“Runner as in the assistant kinda runner?” Danny hummed at Simon's nod. “Yeah, sorry. I dated a runner once, it didn’t end great. But that wasn't the job! Apparently staring in loads of videos online that could be classed as gay porn isn’t what every girl is looking for in a guy. Who knew?”

Simon laughed a little, frowning as he looked over Danny’s muscular body. Something didn’t seem quite right. He picked up a small paintbrush and pot of body glitter, stroking it against Danny’s perfectly formed left pec that was somehow less glittery than the rest of his body. After he put the burh down he could see Danny’s raised eyebrow.

“Sorry, your nipple wasn’t nearly reflective enough.” Simon chuckled with a blush.

"Cant have that  can we?" Danny laughed. "D’you really think this’ll work? Gareth doesn’t seem like the jealous type.”

“What makes you say that?”

“You told me that you have your porn on TV while the two of you are having sex.”

“Well yes, good point." Simon readjusted his glasses. "But I’m not trying to appeal to his jealous side, that would be manipulative. I’m trying to appeal to the sadistic stud who told me that he had a dream about double teaming a guy and busting his balls. I intend to do this until we get to the point where he’s really horny so I can drag him to the bedroom.”

“And that’s not manipulative?” Danny raised an eyebrow.

“Look, I just want to be pounded by my boyfriend, it’s hardly unreasonable." The bespectacled man smirked. "If you disagree, of course, we can take your mind of it by practicing.”

“Nah, I think I’m good.” Danny winced slightly.

Simon flashed Danny an ‘innocent’ smile, glancing at the clock with a grin. Gareth would be home any minute. So, if everything went how Simon intended it to, his hopefully sexually frustrated boyfriend would be screwing into him like a horny dick-drill within the hour.

The waiting was short-lived, the sound of keys entering and fumbling around the apartment’s door alerting both men to Gareth’s presence. Simon jumped to his feet, Danny following with less enthusiasm. It was hard to be excited when you knew your balls were soon going to be taking a trip to hell.

“You know what the excuse is, don’t you?” Simon looked to Danny, somewhat deviously.

“Yes, you only told me it five minutes ago.”

Simon smiled as a somewhat dishevelled Gareth walked to the door. He was wearing a tight fitting white shirt that teased his muscular chest and stomach, black trousers that hugged his ass to perfection and a simple black tie that hung loosely around his neck. His fiery ginger hair was a small mess, probably due to Gareth running his hands through it during the day.

“Evening Si." Gareth sounded tired as he spoke. "I thought we could have pizza- Oh. Hello Danny.”

Taken aback by the nearly naked and oddly shiny man standing beside his boyfriend, Gareth placed his keys in the little bowl beside the door and removed his bag from his shoulder. He ran a hand over his eye to make sure it wasn’t some form of tired hallucination, but the handsome actor was still there. Still in his boxers. Still shiny.

Before he could voice his confusion, Simon had rushed to him and engulfed him in a large kiss. Gareth was happy to return the kiss, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s slender waist. Even though he enjoyed the kiss, he couldn’t help look at the other man from the corner of his eye.

“Pizza sounds great. I think we’ve got a coupon or something for that one down the street?” Simon smiled as he pulled away.

“I don’t really like that one- Why is there a naked actor in our living room.”

“He’s not naked. Well, not yet.” Simon grinned and pecked Gareth’s nose at the cute frowning face he got. “Remember when he stayed for a week and said that he ‘owed us one.’ Well, I thought since your job seems stressful you might need some stress relief. And two stress balls are better than ones, especially when those stress balls are connected to a man who’ll scream and ask us to stop. So, I called in that favour. And don’t think too much into the bow tie, I just got bored and had one around.”

“Okay. That actually quite sweet. Weird as hell, but sweet.” Gareth smiled.

“Weird but sweet is my speciality.” Simon matched the smile, leaning up to his boyfriends lips.

After another kiss, which was far too loud for Danny’s liking, Gareth turned back to his stress relief and looked him up and down. The body glitter looked good on his muscular abs.

“He’s hotter in person, the camera doesn’t do him justice." Gareth hummed before looking at Simon. "But I bet you’d look better in body glitter..”

With a swift movement, Gareth slid his hand underneath Simon’s sweater and pulled it over his head, running his hands over the slim stomach and chest as he did so. He smiled at the look of arousal that was already on his boyfriend’s face.

That look soon turned to pain as Gareth forced his fist into Simon’s bulging khakis with speed.

“That was for inviting your porn star friend to the apartment and making him stand around in his boxers.”

The redhead punched Simons balls again, adding more force this time.

“That was for covering him with glitter without involving me.”

He punched Simons balls on last time, a nasty uppercut with a surprising amount of strength.

“And that one was because I’m bored.”

Simon let out a dry cough, leaning his bare chest against Gareth as his hands went to cup his damaged balls. He didn’t pay attention to Gareth wrapping his arms around his waist again, though was comforted by the kiss on the forehead he got.

Gareth laughed as he felt Simon’s hands sneak up his own torso, undoing every button that he found along the way. Soon enough his shirt and tie had been thrown to the floor by his horny boyfriend, well sculpted and toned chest vulnerable to the cold air of their living room. He laughed again when Simon’s hands roamed over his pale skin.

“I know why you’re doing this.” Gareth whispered into Simon’s ear, hands slipping under the back of his khakis. “And I’m going to punish the hell out of you when we’re done. Or, to be more accurate, punish the cum out of you.”

“Looking forwards to it.” Simons voice was slightly strained.

Danny watched the exchange with a small amount of nervousness, tapping his foot. By the looks of their intimacy, his job of making Gareth horny had been completed already. However, his dreams of getting their sex life back on track without putting his balls on the line was short-lived, the two men pulling apart and giving him a downright evil smile.

“Well you look like you’ll be busy, I can get a taxi home.” Danny shuffled slightly.

The evil smiles remained.

“While you were here, Danny, you racked up quite the debt.” Simon crossed his arms over his slim torso. “And just because you don’t have the money to pay, doesn’t mean we can’t find an appropriate substitute.”

“Really, the taxi place is right downstairs. I don’t even need my clothes. Hell, might get a free ride like this.” Danny gulped.

“But if you go now you’ll owe us something.” Gareth chuckled. “And I’ve owed him something, he’s a dick about it. Never stops nagging. Just get it over with.”

Danny squirmed a little, shuffling back slightly as Simon took a step forward. He was tempted to put his hands over his balls in protection, but guessed it wouldn’t help him. More likely it would make whatever they had planned worse.

“The way I see things, Danny,” Simon smiled cynically. “When staying here you took advantage of our hospitality in three ways. You slept here, ate our food and used our electricity. So, I think it’s fair to find a substitute relating to each. So, for the food, we can punish you with rolling pins and cooking mallets; for sleeping here, we can test out some toys used only in the bedroom on you; and for the electricity I’ve got a lovely device that you’ll wear throughout your punishment. It’ll keep you nice and stimulated.”

“Do I know this device, Si?” Gareth hummed as he thought through the sex toys he knew about.

“Not yet, you’re not ready.” Simon grinned and patted Gareth’s bare shoulder. “Now I’ll go and get what we need, be right back.”

Gareth was shameless in checking out Simon’s ass and back as his boyfriend went into their bedroom, an action that didn’t go unnoticed to Danny. When he turned back to the sparkly stud he was met with a raised eyebrow and a small chuckle.

“Why haven’t you been having sex with him, you’re clearly not tired?”

“I just wanted to see how long it would take for him to snap. My job was just an excuse.” Gareth smiled. “He’s lasted longer than I thought, was tempted to spike his coffee with Viagra.”

“I thought Simon was the evil one.” Danny muttered.

“We’re both evil." Gareth practically had a glint in his eye. "That's why we work so well.”

Simon returned to their living room, a small plastic box with some of his sex toys inside of it. He had simply picked up the ball-busting box, knowing that the majority of them wouldn’t be used. Partly because of how long it would take, partly because he had purchased most of them to use on Gareth only.

The first thing he picked up was a small, golden ring. At a glance, it looked like a normal, if slightly gaudy, cock ring. However, stopping men from cumming wasn’t its only purpose. The small remote Simon also was holding turned on and off the electric shock capabilities. Nothing close to cause permanent damage, but with enough power send a man to his knees if the user so wished.

“Aw shit.” Danny sighed.

Simon grinned and walked to Danny, plunging his hand into the actor’s boxer. He casually fondled the large dick inside them, making sure he was nice and hard before sliding the cold, metal ring down his member.

“Now, brace yourself. This might shock you.”

Proud of his pun, Simon retracted his hand and put it to the third setting of six. He waited a few seconds, grinning in anticipation for the electric torture to begin. And, within the minute, the effects had started.

Danny was already sweating, his balls being blasted with short, uneven bursts of electricity. It didn’t have the blunt force of a punch, but even after a few seconds the pain was getting unbearable. And he had no idea how long he was going to be forced to wear the thing. It felt like thousands of small swords going straight into his precious stones.

“Feeling comfortable?” Gareth laughed

“I’m on a fucking cloud.” Danny spoke through gritted teeth.

“Well that wasn’t the intention, but we can change that.” The redhead laughed.

Gareth picked up the small, steel mallet with tiny spikes on it. He gently patted it against his hand, walking towards Danny with the same sadistic smirk that Simon was wearing. As he walked forward, he maintained eye contact with his sweating target, spinning his mallet in his hands.

“I wanted to be a chef at one point, you know." Gareth threw the mallet in the air, catching it. "So I’m well trained in tenderising meat.”

He mercilessly slammed the metal mallet into Danny’s bulging boxers, the other man going cross eyed with the pain.

Danny leant on a nearby shelf, the pain from the vicious use of the mallet made so much worse by the constant flow of pure electricity going into his nuts. He was breathing heavily, strong chest rising and falling fast as he willed the pain in his balls to go.

“Not to mention my skills in mashing spuds.”

Gareth sent three quick hits with to Danny’s balls with the cool metal mallet, the last one ending with him spinning the appliance in his hand and catching Danny’s right nut with the handle. His grin told Danny that that it was done on purpose.

“Fuck.” Danny croaked.

The actor’s balls were on fire with pain, the mallet slamming into them causing a dull, cruel ball of pain to form in his stomach. The feeling was unbearable, and the ring zapping his impressive junk only dragging out how horrid it felt.

His hands went straight to his balls, doubling over entirely in the hope to protect them from any more torment. His back was facing upwards, thick muscles covered in a small layer of sweat that melded with the body glitter he had applied over him. The light bounced off his impressively strong body, submissive and pain filled position emphasized by it.

Simon was smirking proudly, dick hard in his trousers. It was spectacular to see his boyfriend in full dominance, and taking down a man larger than both of them with such ease.

Gareth caught the look as his boyfriend openly checked out his chest, deciding his boyfriend may just appreciate a little flex of the bicep. Simon smirked at this, picking up the wooden rolling pin and walking to Danny. As he did so, his left hand teasingly dragged over Gareth’s lower stomach and crotch. He grinned at the unimpressed, clearly aroused reaction.

“Sorry I don’t have any cooking puns.” The geeky blonde grinned. "But I don't think that's what you're worried about, is it?"

Simon smiled and slammed the wooden pole straight into Danny’s balls, a dull thud followed by a high-pitched squeal filling the room. The squeak of pain continued as Danny slumped down onto the floor in a small lump. His breathing become more erratic, nuts radiating with the pain.

“And now you might stain the carpet with your sweat, adding to your debt." Simon tutted. "But don’t worry, this should make up for it.”

With a quick movement, Simon pulled the tight boxers off Danny and threw them to the side. His impressive, erect member was pointing the ceiling, stimulated by the electric ring that stopped his cock from erupting. His junk was begging for attention, but all it got was Simon’s hand wrapping around his reddened balls and squeezing.

“Aw, Fuck fuck fuck. Jesus.”

Danny was close to tears with the pain he was in, he was sure that Simon had purposefully grabbed the ring as well and was forcing it against his sensitive nuts. And he knew for a fact that he had turned up the power of the ring, since now the near burning sensation on his bloated balls was worse than before.

“Why didn’t you rip his boxers like you do with me?” Gareth smiled, placing the mallet back in the box.

“That’s a little trick I like to use only on you, sweetheart.” Simon smiled, pecking Gareth’s lips. He nodded to the hand squeezing Danny’s nuts. “Want to join in?”

“Sure.” Gareth placed his hand over Simons, squeezing with more strength.

“OH fuck. C’mon. Can’t I have a break or something?” Danny panted, trying to pry the hands of his poor balls. It didn’t work.

“No, you can’t.” Simon smiled, adding more pressure.

“So only I get all my boxers ripped? Is that some kind of evil plan to make me spend all my money on new underwear and eventually make me poor?” Gareth laughed, digging his fingernails into the available right nut he was tormenting.

“Actually, its part of my plan to get you stop wearing underwear. But if you were to lose all your money, I would happily be your sugar daddy.”

Gareth used his other hand to slowly tip Simons chin up, practically making out with each other as they crushed Danny’s balls, who had given up trying to stop them and was just giving into the intense pain they were under. He hoped they would have stopped squeezing so hard as they kissed, but apparently, that just made them use more muscle to put his body through hell.

They pulled apart, lust filling their eyes. Simon was incredibly willing to leave Danny on the floor and drag Gareth into their bedroom so he could be fucked so hard he couldn’t walk the next day, which had happened once, but Gareth just winked and turned back to Danny.

“You stayed for eight nights correct?" Gareth smiled cynically. "Since you’ve got two balls, I hope, four toys are an appropriate amount for your payment. Two each.”

The redhead removed his hand from Danny’s balls, now bruised and swollen from the cruel squeezing, and began to look at the box. He couldn’t see Simon’s pout at the lack of skin contact with his boyfriend, but knew that it was there. He was intending to see how long he could tease his horny slut of a boyfriend before the other man was driven off the edge.

“I like this one." Gareth studied the toy. "A little old fashioned but the damage is still good.”

Gareth held up a simple leather riding crop with a small metal stud at the top. More than once had he woken up covered in red marks and the occasional bruise after Simon had used this cruel toy on him the night before. The slapping sound always made his cock jolt and now he could know if the same sound came when it hit a nice pair of bloated, low hanging nuts.

Danny groaned when he saw what it was, silently praying that his balls would make it out of this alive.

Shocking Danny and Simon with the speed, Gareth swiped the riding crop down fast and right into Danny’s bare balls. Indeed, a satisfyingly loud and brutal sounding crack echoed around the room, followed by a small cough. The room was still for a short moment.

“I think I’ll stay at Zach’s next time.” Danny spoke in a squeak.

“Why, Gareth’s cooking isn’t that bad is it?” Simon grinned, laughing as he avoided a riding crop aimed at his lower back. “I was joking, the sight of your hot meat makes me drool every time.”

Gareth ignored the comment, batting away Simons hand as it tried to run across his toned stomach again. He looked back down to Danny, who was looking up at him with a small pleading expression. Gareth returned a pleasant smile, lifting the riding crop into the air before bringing it down straight into Danny’s low hanging sac with speed and strength.


Danny’s eyes went wide, jaw slacking open as he looked down to his balls, looking back at Gareth soon after. The pain was unbearable, the small metal stud at the end of the evil crop left a cruel stinging sensation in his aching and red balls.

A long, gut filled sound of anguish left the man’s mouth. His body shone with the thin veil of sweat and body-glitter that covered his powerful frame. He was curled up on the floor in a ball, small sobs slipping through his lips at the end of the pitiful moan. He looked pathetic, the muscles that he had built up seeming to be a waist and just for show.

“That’s it, right? Simons turn now?” Danny nearly begged.


“Now it is.” Gareth smiled as he placed the riding crop down.

Danny let out a nonsensical sound of pain, so many octaves above his normal voice that any soprano singer would be put to shame.

Simon looked at Gareth, erection pressing up against the khakis in an impressive tent. He had an excellent view of his boyfriends back, the rippling muscles caused by the mornings spent in their small gym evident. He looked like a red headed Greek god, but had a much bigger dick than their statues.

The actor brought his hands to his crotch again, intent on not moving them. He was all for helping his colleague have sex again, and putting his balls on the line wasn’t abnormal. But Gareth and Simon were vicious when they wanted to be, he’d only expected to take a couple punches and maybe a squeeze for a few seconds. But damn could these boys cause some damage; he was tempted to set them both on his brother the next time he took his ‘teasing’ too far.

He went to say something, to say he really couldn’t take any more, but Simon beat him to it.

“Okay, that’s it.” Simon grabbed Gareth’s waistband and spun him around, hand sneaking into his work trousers and grabbing his balls. “I have had two weeks without my boyfriend’s cock. So this is what’s going to happen You will take me into our bedroom and you’re going to fuck me so damn hard that if I were ‘normal’ I wouldn’t be able to look anyone in the buildings eye because I was moaning so loud.”

Hands squeezing his boyfriend’s balls, Simon began to drag Gareth towards their bedroom. Danny watched this, hands cupping his nuts with a shocked expression.

“Our apartments soundproofed.” Gareth chuckled, trying and failing to ignore the pain in his balls.

“I’m sure we can manage a way around that." Simon grinned. "I know you're good enough.”

Gareth grinned, nibbling at Simon’s ear as he opened it. Out of the corner of his eye he could see their friend still on the floor, watching them with a somewhat dropped jaw. Gareth suspected that Simon had momentarily forgotten Danny was there as well, which was understandable.

“They’ll be an ice pack in the freezer. Take some money from my wallet for a taxi, if you want.” The redhead laughed.

Danny watched as the bedroom door slammed shut, leaving him alone in the living room, nearly naked with his balls bruised and bloated. Well, at least he knew how they got away with all the moaning and screaming night after night. Shame they didn’t just do the bedroom, their loud and boisterous sex hadn’t been nice as to listen as he tried to sleep on their sofa.

After the door had slammed shut, Simon gave a final squeeze to Gareth’s balls before pulling his hand away. He looked at the smaller man with a smirk.

“So, you’ve known how horny I’ve been for the last two weeks?” Simon crossed his arms.

“You didn’t try to hide it very well.” Gareth laughed.

“Well then. You’ll have to make it up to me tonight. Otherwise, when you wake up, I’ll be making the next two weeks as horrid for you as the last two have been for me.”

Simon retracted his hands from Gareth’s biceps, unbuttoning his trousers and letting them drop down to the floor. His slender legs were revealed, a sight Gareth loved, but his eyes were drawn to something else. Simon wasn’t wearing his normal boxers or even briefs, but something much better.

A black, practically transparent jock strap.

He slowly crawled onto their king-sized bed, making sure that Gareth had a good view of his ass. He shook his hips as he crawled closer to the headboard, slowly turning his head to look over his shoulder. Gareth had already removed his trousers and was working on his boxers.

“You’re taking your time. I’m getting lonely over here.” Simon smiled, licking his lips as his boyfriend’s plump dick and big balls were revealed.

“Want me to gag you with these?” Gareth held his boxers up with a challenging smirk.

“More than anything, but then I can’t moan and I’ll have to put you through hell for two weeks.”

Gareth tossed his boxers to the floor, climbing onto the bed and atop his boyfriend. Their bodies were pressed together, the redhead kissing up and down Simon’s jaw as his left hand ran across his chest. His lips slowly met Simon’s, slow and tender kissing forming between the two, quickly becoming more heated.

He flipped them both over, Simon resting against his chest as they kissed. Gareth’s hand went directly to Simon’s ass, groping it hungrily. He made sure not to get too close to his hole, though.

“Stop teasing me, dammit.” Simon snapped.

“Closer to swearing there, Si.” Gareth whispered huskily into his ear. “You’re acting like it was easy for me. First two weeks of my new job and I hid in the bathroom for my lunch break to whack off.”

“Were you a blushing mess when you came out?”

“Yes.” Gareth laughed.

“Good.” Simon muttered back.

Gareth, again, flipped them over. He carefully pinned down Simon as his hand trailed down the other man’s slim body, finding the skimpy jock strap was being pulled at by his needy dick. He laughed loudly when, even with a small movement from the jock strap rubbing the tip of his cock, Simon let out a small moan of pleasure.

With a wink, Gareth trailed his finders around Simon’s crotch and down his long, hairless legs. He slid his hands up and down his upper thighs teasingly, before sneaking them to his ass. He carefully found Simon’s hole and slid two fingers in, gauging his reaction.

“Do you really expect that to have any impact?” The blonde seemed unimpressed.

“No, but I was curious as to how grateful you’d be for that little bit of contact. And since you were so rude, that’s all you’re getting.” Gareth retracted his fingers with a grin.

“Okay, listen here ginger. If I don’t get that thing pounding my ass tonight, then for the next year I’ll hit you in the nuts with a hammer every time you say a word with a vowel in it. And your dick will be in chastity. And I’ll put those pictures of you covered in cum wearing nothing but a kilt on your Facebook page and change your password before you can stop me.”

Gareth laughed loudly, lifting Simon’s spectacular legs and placing them over his shoulders with a smile. He knew how much Simon loved this position, and saw this as a special enough occasion to use it.

“I would have fucked you without the blackmail." Gareth teasingly ran a hand down Simon's stomach. "Do you really think I’d stop after we got this far?”

“Yes, you would.”

“I probably would, yes. But I’m as horny as you. Probably.” Gareth ran his fingers over Simon’s thin legs one last time, jerking his cock gently with his free hand as he looked Simon up and down.

This was Simon as his best. Wearing his sluttiest underwear, possibly, with his legs spread and perfect ass open. He was panting gently, a blush covering his face however he didn’t shy away from Gareth’s predatory gaze. In fact, he relished in the sight of his boyfriend looking at him as if he were a prize he had won. The slow jerking of Gareth’s cock made Simon shudder, knowing what spectacular damage it could do to his ass.

Without warning, Gareth slammed his dick hard into Simons hole, balls slapping against his ass. He stayed motionless, a moan slipping through his lips at the implausible tightness of his boyfriend’s ass.

“Hurry up!” Simon whined.

“So demanding.”

Gareth slowly began to rock his hips back and forward, pulling no more than half out before slamming deep into Simon’s needy hole. His hands were wrapped tight around Simon’s ankles as an act of self-control, knowing that if he couldn’t control himself then he would already be spreading his seed into his boyfriend’s ass.

“Go faster!”

“I wonder if I can make you say fuck if I tease you long enough.” Gareth ignored the needy tone of his boyfriend.

“It’s in your balls best interest to not test that out.” A small growl came with the blondes words.

Gareth didn’t reply, picking up the pace of his thrusting. His balls slowly slammed against Simon’s ass with every thrust, his member nearly leaving the bespectacled man’s ass before forcing its way through the tight hole again.

Simon wrapped his arms around Gareth’s neck, pulling himself up with a shocking amount of flexibility so their lips could be brought together again. Their kiss was fast, manic and hungry, Simon breaking it so a moan from the fast fucking could escape. He panted as Gareth began to bite at his ear lobe, chest rising and falling evenly as he fell back against his mattress. His hair was spread out, glasses crooked on his nose.

“You look worn out.” Gareth smirked.

“You look like you could be fucking me harder.”

Gareth smirked before moving his hands down to Simon’s hips, grabbing a sturdy hold of them before thrusting in and out of Simon with as much speed and power as he could manage. He moved his lips to Simon’s legs, intent on leaving marks across them.

Simon moaned loudly, unable to stop them flooding out. He had perfected fake moans years ago, but the torrent of vocal pleasure was natural and Gareth knew it.

“Think the neighbours can hear you yet, slut?” Gareth breathed huskily into Simon's ear.

“Not even close.” Simon challenged.

“Well then.”

Gareth changed their position slightly, laying Simon back on the bed. The smaller man wrapped his legs around Gareth’s body, pulling them closer together as the rough treatment of his ass continued. The redhead purposefully slid his strong body over Simon’s, knowing how much the other man loved the feeling.

Without warning, Simons cock erupted and his skimpy jock strap was filled with cum, a small amount getting onto Gareth’s perfectly toned abs.

“A-AH. YES!” Simon screamed in pleasure.

His boyfriends’ orgasm only spurred him on, Gareth’s thrusting getting faster. The clenching of his boyfriend’s ass added to the friction, the need for orgasm flooding his body. He thrusted faster, the need rising and rising.

“FUUUUCK!” Gareth roared.

Jet after jet of hot sperm shot from his cock, filling his hole. Smalls amount of his cum was leaking from Simon’s stretched ass, Gareth collapsing down onto his chest. He took a few moments to catch his breath, feeling Simon’s hand slip into his hair. It was an odd after sex habit of Simons to play with his hair.

“You didn’t last long, did you?” At Simon's words, Gareth laughed.

“Oh, we’re not done. That was just a starter, Ma petite amoureux.” The redhead added a wink.

“Why did you call me your little lover in French…”

“I thought you liked to role play, Simon. You can be the naughty French maid, I’ll be the horny businessman who finds you slacking off.”

“Sounds fun.” Simon leaned down and shared a horny kiss with Gareth, groaning when he pulled away.

“Good, I’ll get your uniform.” Gareth climbed off the bed, earning a needy whine.

“Uniform? What uniform.” Simon had a feeling he knew what it was, it filled him with masochistic embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, you’ve got the legs to pull off a skirt. Even if they’re covered in hickeys~"

"You're an ass." Simon muttered.

"I've got an ass, sweetheart, there's a difference." Gareth laughed.

"You may have one, but I've seen a lot better."

"So were you checking it out as a point of reference for later, then?"

"Oh just shut up and fuck me!"


Anonymous said...

Fantastic story! Simon and Gareth are a great team. Poor Danny though. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm glad that you likes it :-)

And true, Simon and Gareth can be a great, slightly evil, pair. Certainly not a couple you'd want to annoy.

I'm sure Danny's fine, as long as he remembered to take the ring off his cock. Otherwise, he might get quite a shock later on. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I kind of hope Danny gets revenge on Simon and Gareth. Team up with his evil brother and bust the hell out of their nuts.

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting idea. I'd certainly love to explore how Gareth and David get along. I can see them being rather... hostile towards each other.

As for Danny and David teaming up, I'm not sure if that's something they'd do. To be honest, I'm not all that sure about how they act with each other (apart from David's love for humiliating his brother). But maybe they can make an exception for mutual embarrassment. Who knows. :-)