Friday, January 13, 2017

Kick ball tournament

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Warning: Contains f/m ballbusting and traces of cum.

Featured in this story: DannyKevPhil and Zach (click for pictures)

The room was filled with excitement. This was a new experience for everybody involved, and it felt pretty great.

A little while ago, a new tenant had moved into the floor below our studio. Anita, a hot 28 year old porn star turned business women, was revolutionizing the f/m ballbusting scene, producing high quality video clips with hot girls and – most importantly – hot guys that had quickly turned into viral sensations.

Today was our first official on-camera collaboration, and we had decided to set up a little girls vs. boys kick ball competition.

On the girls’ side there were Jessica and Gabrielle, two hot young women in their early twenties.

Jessica was a voluptuous blonde with long hair and big, beautiful, surgically-enhanced breasts. She was wearing a laced top that clung to her curvy body, and a black miniskirt that was so mini that it almost qualified as a belt. Her stiletto heels matched the color of her skirt, and I was pretty impressed by her ability to walk around in those without stumbling, and by her talent to make it look effortless and sexy.

Gabrielle’s body was just as awesome as Jessica’s. Her ebony skin contrasted perfectly with her skin-tight white tube dress. Her natural breasts were huge, and her nipples were outlined in the skimpy fabric of her figure-hugging dress. Like Jessica, she was wearing stilettos. Hers were flaming red, an appropriate color because the pointy tips looked positively dangerous…

For our team, I had recruited two of the most vicious ball kickers: Phil and Danny.

Phil was an 18 year old redhead, a shooting star soccer player who had recently transferred from the United Kingdom to an up-and-coming US soccer team. His appearances on our site were rare because he had a lot on his plate – but when I had told him about our plans he had been enthusiastic.

21 year old Danny was one of our veteran models. He was an actor, constantly trying to make money. His most recent movie roles had been a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in “Terror Clown High School” as a victim of the titular terror clowns, the slightly obnoxious second son of the newly-elected president in the surreal comedy-drama “45”, and Naked College Boy #3 in the schlocky teen comedy “Naughty Cheerleaders VII: Naughtier Than Ever”.

Frankly, Danny was more talented as a nutcracker than as an actor, and I was glad we had him on board.

After our four kick ball players had changed into their sports gear (sports bras for the girls, tight jerseys for the boys, tight short shorts for everybody), they started warming up, stretching their limbs and kicking their feet high into the air. The boys had put on sneakers while the girls had decided to keep their high heels on. They probably figured that it might be a good choice for this kind of tournament…

It felt like watching two sports teams gearing up for a major competition.

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I noticed that the “players” were getting into competition mood.

“We’re gonna kick your fucking asses”, Danny said cheerfully, stretching his legs.

“Oh yeah?” Gabrielle laughed, sprinting on the spot, her big breasts threatening to fall out of her sports bra.

“Oh yeah!” Danny replied, alternately raising his knees to his chest. “I have been kicking balls since I was fourteen. Piece of cake.”

Jessica smiled, putting her long blond hair into a ponytail. “I have two older brothers. Trust me, I have been kicking balls for as long as I can remember.”

Phil chuckled, jumping up and down. “How many nieces and nephews do you have?”

“Four nieces, one nephew”, Jessica replied, pinning her ponytail into a bun. “Why?”

Phil grinned. “Well, apparently you didn’t kick hard enough…”

The four players burst out laughing.

I looked at Anita who had a huge smile on her face.

“Your girls are eager”, I said.

“Yeah, they are”, Anita said. “But your boys are, too.”

We laughed.

Anita smiled at me. “By the way, where are the balls?”

As if on cue, the door burst open, and Kev and Zach entered the studio.

Spotting Jessica and Gabrielle, Kev stopped and let out a wolf-whistle. “Hey, girls!” he grinned, adjusting his crotch. He was 20 years old, a hot young man with an attractive face and an athletic body. He was wearing sweat pants and a loose tank top. A college baseball cap was sitting on top of his short brown hair.

He turned to his companion. “Fuck, they’re hot!” he chuckled, not bothering to lower his voice.

Zach grinned. There was a distinct stirring inside his sweat pants.

I chuckled.

Zach probably wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Frankly, I couldn’t blame him.

The 20 year old was blessed with a humungous dick and a huge pair of balls. I imagined it was hard finding a pair of underwear that could accommodate his massive equipment. Now, it seemed, Zach had given up. The unmistakable outline of the fat, bulbous head of his meaty dick was visible in his sweat pants.

Zach was a great guy. Blond and blue-eyed, a horse-hung stud with muscles in all the right places.

“Yup, they are”, Zach grinned, casually squeezing the fat shaft of his dick through his sweat pants.

I turned Anita and grinned. “The balls are here.”

She laughed. “You chose the biggest ones, huh?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I thought we should give our players something to work with.”

She smiled. “Good thinking.” She glanced at Kev and Zach who were discussing the girls’ assets – much to the annoyance of Jessica and Gabrielle. “Do they know it, yet?”

I grinned. “Nope. They think they’re here to compete.”

Anita’s smile widened. “Can I tell them?”

“Sure”, I said.

She winked at me and walked over to Zach and Kev.

“So you are the balls”, she said in a stern tone that I hadn’t heard from her before. “You are late.” She looked at her watch. “Take your clothes off.”

Kev and Zach looked at each other.

There was an arrogant smirk on Kev’s face when he turned to Anita. “That’s a misunderstanding, babe. We’re here to kick balls, not to provide them.” He struck a pose that was equal parts impressive and ridiculous. “We’re the hunks not the wimps in this.” He grinned at Zach and winked.

Anita was unimpressed. “Take your clothes off”, she repeated, rolling her eyes. “I’m sure you’ll be wimps in no time.”

Kev shook his head, smiling. “No, you don’t get it.” He put his arm around Zach’s shoulder. “We’re the men.”

Anita raised her eyebrows. “So?”

Kev spotted me, and a sigh of relief crossed his face. “Alex, tell her.”

I walked over, smiling. “Hey Kev, hey Zach. Nice to see you.”

The guys looked at me expectantly.

“Tell her”, Kev said with a grin, ogling Anita’s hot body.

“Tell her what?” I asked.

“What we’re here for”, Kev said.

“You’re going to get your balls kicked”, I said matter-of-factly. “Anita’s in charge. She’ll tell you what to do.” I turned away, barely able to hide my amusement at the look on the guys’ faces.

“Take your clothes off”, I heard Anita say. “Or I’ll do it myself.”

“Okay, okay”, Kev said.

A minute later, Zach and Kev were stark naked, and Anita was inspecting their junk.

She was weighing Zach’s nuts in her hand. “Three days?” she said, squeezing them gently.

“Four”, Zach mumbled, blushing.

I smiled. A four day load from Zach was going to be pretty spectacular.

“Nice”, Anita said before turning to Kev. She jerked his dick a couple of times. “You’re smaller than him.”

Kev chuckled. “Big deal, that guy’s dick is a monster.”

Anita looked at him. “Don’t get coy with me, Pencil Dick!”

“Hey!” Kev protested. “That’s not fair, I---“

Anita grabbed Kev’s nuts and squeezed hard.

Kev let out a guttural grunt. “Sorry, ma’am.”

Anita ignored him, rolling his testicles between her fingers. “Can’t be more than a day’s worth of cum in there. What did you do? Jerk off yesterday?”

Kev’s head turned crimson.

“Amateur”, Anita sighed. “Alright, let’s start.”

She turned away from Kev and Zach. As soon as the boys couldn’t see her face anymore, her face broke into a wide smile and she winked at me.

I chuckled.

Anita clapped her hands and yelled, “Come here, guys. Make yourselves familiar with the balls.”

Gabrielle, Jessica, Danny and Phil walked over, surrounding Kev and Zach who were visibly embarrassed, shifting uncomfortably as their manhood was inspected by the four players.

“Who gets the big ones?” Gabrielle asked, giving Zach’s huge left testicles a firm squeeze with her manicured hand.

“Why, we do, of course!” Jessica chimed in, grabbing Zach’s left testicle and digging her fingers into the tender flesh. “I bet we’ll crack them in no time.”

“That’s not fair!” Danny protested, yanking at Jessica’s hand which caused her to pull Zach’s nut away from his body.

“Hey!” Zach shrieked. “Careful, I---“

“Shut up!” Danny and Jessica shouted in unison, fighting over Zach’s precious testicles.

Zach let out a high-pitched squeal as his nut was yanked and twisted. Jessica’s fingernails were clawing into his fat meatball, making him grimace in agony.

“It’s not fair”, Danny grunted, slapping Jessica’s hand and eliciting simultaneous screams from both her and Zach. “One kick with her high heels and those suckers will pop just like that!” He grabbed Jessica’s hand and tried prying it off Zach’s manhood.

“Let go of my nut!” Jessica hissed.

They were shoving each other, struggling to get the upper hand.

“It’s not your nut!” Danny yelled. “It’s our nut!”

“It’s my nut!” Zach squealed. “It’s my fucking nut!”

Suddenly, Jessica brought his leg up between Danny’s legs, driving her stiletto heel right into the soft bulge in Danny’s shorts.

There was a moment of silence.

Then Danny let out a soft moan. His hands moved from Zach’s junk to his own and he doubled over in pain.

“I think that’s settled”, Jessica smiled brightly, straightening her bra.

Phil cleared his throat. “Well, Danny has a point. That nut is---“

He was interrupted by a swift yet elegant fist to the balls from Gabrielle who smiled innocently as Phil let out a guttural grunt, his eyes bulging, his jaw dropping.

“That’s settled”, Gabrielle chirped, coyly rubbing her knuckles on the front of her shorts.

Kev chuckled, watching Zach, Danny and Phil doubled over, clutching their crotches. “Wimps”, he grinned. “Fucking wim---“

A well-placed mule-kick from Phil stopped him mid-sentence. Phil’s sneaker-clad foot connected perfectly with Kev’s bare balls, ramming them into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Kev’s eyes crossed instantly and he let out a long, wheezing moan.

I couldn’t help but chuckle – but I made sure to cover my groin just to be on the safe side. It looked like testicles were falling like ninepins today…

“Listen”, Anita said, ignoring the moans and groans of the boys. “Don’t worry. You can kick any balls you like. Nobody’s going to be disadvantaged, okay?” She glanced at Zach and Kev and grinned. “Well, almost nobody…”

Gabrielle and Jessica giggled, and even Phil and Danny managed to let out a weak laugh despite the pain that was radiating from their nuts.

Anita pointed at the wall. “We’re going to set up the balls over there. Then you’ll kick the cum out of them. You’ll be awarded points for each load. The first load is one point, the second load is three points, the third load is five points. If you manage to kick a fourth load out of them, you’ll get ten points.”

The players clapped their hands and cheered.

Kev and Zach looked appropriately miserable.

“What’s in it for the winning team?” Phil grinned, stretching his legs. The handsome soccer star looked eager to start.

“A nice, hard fuck”, Anita smiled. “If the boys win, they’ll get to fuck the girls’ asses.”

“Fuck yeah!” Danny and Phil high-fived, their dicks tenting their shorts.

“And if the girls win”, Anita continued, “they’ll get to fuck the boys’ asses.”

“Whoohoo!” Gabrielle and Jessica cheered, jumping up and down with excitement, their big breasts bouncing inside their bras.

Danny and Phil stared at Anita.

“We’ve got some pretty nice strap-ons”, Anita smiled. “And the girls love to use them.”

Phil grimaced. “We better win this thing”, he mumbled. “My hole is nice and tight, and I want to keep it that way…”

Danny nodded.

Jessica put her hand on Danny’s shoulder and smiled. “I can’t wait to bang your cute little butt”, she whispered into Danny’s ear.

Danny was pretty good at hiding his insecurity. He grabbed Jessica’s ass and grinned, “Well, I think it’s your butt that’s going to get fucked.” Chuckling, he squeezed her ass cheek, making her slap his hand away.

“You’re a butt fuck virgin, right?” Gabrielle said cheerfully, eyeing Phil.

Phil blushed.

Gabrielle giggled. “Don’t worry, I’ll go gentle.”

“As gentle as you can with an XXL dildo”, Jessica quipped.

In the meantime. Anita had led Zach and Kev to the far end of the studio, making them spread their arms and legs before cuffing their ankles and their wrists to the wall.

Their legs spread wide apart, their heavy ballbags dangling vulnerably between their thighs, the two handsome studs didn’t looked quite as comfortable as Phil, Danny, Gabrielle and Jessica who stood before them, eyeing their naked bodies.

A coin toss determined that the girls were first.

“One more thing before we start”, Anita smiled and stood between Zach and Kev. She grabbed their meaty dicks and started jerking them.

The muscular guys didn’t looked like they particularly enjoyed their handjobs, but Anita was a pro, and they were hard in no time.

“That should do”, Anita said when the boys’ dicks had reached the intended degree of hardness. Without looking at them, she walked away, leaving them rock-hard and moaning, their dicks dripping with precum. “You’ve got ten minutes.”

Of course, Jessica went for the big prize. She positioned herself in front of Zach, winking at him before bringing her leg back and kicking his nuts with all the force she could muster. The pointy tip of her high heels connected spot-on with Zach’s left testicle, squishing it flat and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

“Good one!” Gabrielle clapped and cheered as Jessica sashayed back, high-fiving her team-mate.

Danny looked at Phil, a determined expression on his face. “For our butts”, he said.

“For our butts”, Phil replied, nodding.

Danny stood in front of Zach, his eyes on the target. In inhaled deeply and brought his foot up between Zach’s muscular thighs, smashing his meaty balls into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Zach clenched his eyes shut and his mouth opened to let out a loud, guttural roar, making him sound like a wounded bear.

Kev winced in sympathy as he watched his buddy get nailed in the nuts, knowing he would be next.

Gabrielle looked at him, an apologetic smile on her face.

Kev’s eyes wandered down to Gabrielle’s big breasts and his dick twitched.

Gabrielle’s facial expression changed rapidly, and she kicked Kev’s balls as hard as he could, making him howl in agony.

“For our butts”, Phil said and stood in front of Kev.

Kev’s face was contorted in pain, his eyes clenched shut. Maybe it was for the better that he didn’t see the handsome soccer player take aim.

He certainly felt it a split-second later, though, when Phil’s foot crashed into his manhood, all but annihilating Kev’s testicles.

A loud slap echoed through the room when Phil’s foot connected with Kev’s nutsack, squishing his tender nuggets into his body and eliciting a long, high-pitched wail.

Phil’s picture-perfect kick, a ringing testimony to Phil’s outstanding soccer skills, was met with the appropriate reaction: rapturous cheers from his team mate Danny, polite applause from his opponents Gabrielle and Jessica, and a shrill soprano wail from poor Kev whose eyes crossed instantly when his manhood exploded with pain.

“That was awesome”, Danny chuckled, high-fiving his team mate.

“Yeah”, Gabrielle smiled. “Pretty impressive. We’ll have to step up our game or you’ll kick the loads out of their nuts all on your own…”

Phil shrugged his shoulders. “It’s what I do for a living”, he smiled.

Danny put his hand on Phil’s shoulder. “And it’ll keep our holes nice and tight”, he grinned.

To Kev’s dismay, his poor nuts were targeted again right away in the next round. This time, it was Jessica’s and Danny’s turn to kick Kev’s balls out of the park while Gabrielle’s and Phil’s targets were dangling between Zach’s muscular thighs.

Jessica eyed her target.

The damage from Phil’s masterful kick was obvious. Within just a couple of seconds, Kev’s balls had swollen and taken on an angry red color.

Jessica smiled. “Good job softening them up for me, Phil”, she said cheerfully. “Let’s see if I can finish the job…”

Kev was grunting and groaning, his face contorted in pain. His throbbing balls were swinging below his rock-hard cock.

Jessica took a couple of steps back. Then, with a running start, she kicked Kev’s balls with all the force she could muster. Her foot connected perfectly with Kev’s ballbag, ramming the tender nuggets into his body.

Kev’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream as Jessica was rewarded with the first point of the night.

In an explosive orgasm, a huge spurt of cum shot out of Kev’s dick, hitting Jessica right in the chest, soaking her skimpy sports bra as she raised her hand in victory.

Danny and Phil watched the girls perform a little victory dance while getting showered in Kev’s cum.

I was reminded of the champagne shower you regularly see at the winner’s podium of Formula 1 races.

Under normal circumstances, Kev probably would have enjoyed seeing two busty girls jump around and hug each other, their clothes soaking, their hair getting wet. Unfortunately, Kev didn’t seem to be paying attention. He was preoccupied with the unbearable pain in his throbbing nuts that were busy pumping spurt after spurt of cum into the air.

It was a very generous load, considering that Kev hadn’t saved up for the occasion. I could only speculate that Phil’s impressive kick had laid the groundwork for Jessica’s success, and in a soccer tournament he would have been credited with an assist. There were no assists in our kick ball tournament, though, so Jessica reaped the rewards for Phil’s extraordinary nut-wrecking skills.

“It’s 1 point for the girls, zero for the boys”, Anita announced.

“Don’t worry”, Phil told Danny. “The girls are in the lead – but we’ve only just started. The big prizes come in the end…”

Danny grimaced. “I’m just worrying about our asses, you know. The thought of---“

“Don’t think about your ass”, Phil interrupted him, grabbing Danny’s shoulders. “Just go and kick those fucking balls as hard as you can. You won’t get another load from Kev in this round – but you can set those suckers up for the next round. They are all sore and tender now. Give them all you got!”

The pep talk worked wonders.

Kev’s orgasm had barely subsided when Danny stepped in front of him, a determined expression on his face.

He brought his leg back and sent a nut-shattering kick between Kev’s thighs, squashing his drained, spent balls flat and eliciting a gurgling grunt.

“Good job, Danny!” Phil yelled. “Good job!”

Danny smiled.

“Now it’s time for Fat Balls”, Gabrielle smiled and turned to Zach. “Spill your load for mommy…” She winked at him.

Zach looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

After having witnessed the devastating effect of Jessica’s high heels, his blue eyes were fixed on Gabrielle’s pointy stilettos.

“Give me a nice, big load”, Gabrielle said softly. The warm inflection in her voice stood in stark contrast to the coldblooded, merciless kick that followed.

Zach screamed from the top of his lungs as Gabrielle’s foot connected with his nuts, and his face contorted in pain. His muscles tensed and he brought his head back, screaming at the ceiling.

His dick twitched and throbbed, but Gabrielle’s kick hadn’t pulled the trigger.

Gabrielle looked at Zach and clicked her tongue. “No load for mommy, huh? You’ve been a bad, bad boy!” She turned on her heels and made way for Phil.

The soccer player stood in front of Zach and looked at the target. “That load is mine”, he mumbled before bringing his leg back and kicking Zach’s balls as if he was trying to score a penalty kick in the World Cup.

Zach’s nuts were crushed expertly by Phil’s phenomenal kick, and his efforts didn’t go unrewarded.

“Gooooooal!” Danny and Phil roared in unison, drowning out Zach’s anguished wail as his dick erupted with a thick, creamy spurt of cum.

Now it was their turn to celebrate, and their victory dance was in no way inferior to the girls’. They jumped up and down, laughing and cheering, raising their hands into the air as Zach’s dick erupted like a geyser. Spurt after creamy spurt of spunk rained down on them, coating them in a sticky layer of jizz.

When Zach’s balls were drained, Phil and Danny looked at Jessica and Gabrielle.

They burst out laughing at the sight.

All of them were covered in cum, and for a moment, their rivalry was forgotten.

“It’s a tie”, Anita announced. “And now you can choose any ball you like. Remember, the second load brings three points.”

Kev and Zach were given no time to rest.

“Strike while the iron is hot”, Jessica said before aiming a devastating kick between Zach’s legs that made him roar in pain.

Zach was the center of attention for the next couple of kicks, receiving good, hard shots to his rapidly swelling balls from Danny, Gabrielle, Phil and then Jessica again in short order.

By now, his balls were almost ridiculously swollen, and his dick was rock-hard again.

Kev was suspiciously silent. Maybe he thought that they would forget about him if he didn’t make too much noise.

For now, his strategy was working.

Danny chose Zach again. “You’re ripe, buddy”, he mumbled. Balling his fists and clenching his teeth, he ran towards Zach and kicked his nuts as hard as he could.

The sound of the impact made me shudder, and Zach’s ear-piercing scream went right through me.

His voice went up a notch when his balls unloaded their precious cargo for the second time, bringing on a repeat performance of Danny’s and Phil’s victory dance in a – less forceful but still very impressive – shower of jizz.

“The boys take the lead”, Anita said cheerfully. “4 points for the boys, 1 point for the girls.”

The girls looked at each other.

“He’s done for the moment”, Gabrielle said with a glance at Zach who was groaning and moaning in pain, his dick dripping with the remnants of his precious stud sauce. She turned to Kev. “Let’s see if he has another load in him…”

Kev gulped as Gabrielle stood in front of him. Her kick was hard and right on target, and it made Kev scream in agony.

One by one, the four players kicked Kev in the nuts but it took a dozen kicks to make Kev give up his load.

Again, Danny was the lucky striker. His sneaker-clad foot connected hard with Kev’s swollen, bruised balls, making him squeal like a pig in a slaughterhouse while jet after jet of cum sputtered out of his throbbing cock.

Danny and Phil celebrated their expanding the lead with another wild victory dance, falling to their knees and shaking their hips, ripping off their shirts while Kev’s hot cum splattered against their chests.

The girls stood on the sidelines, watching the boys with growing discomfort.

“7 points for the boys, 1 point for the girls”, Anita announced. “But we’re not done yet. Everything’s possible. Remember: the third load gets you 5 points.”

It only took five kicks for Zach to give up his third load.

Gabrielle’s high-heels set the two fat, swollen nuggets up; Phil’s soccer player kick whipped up the cream inside them; Jessica’s elegant snap kick crushed his nuts for a delicious topping; Danny’s hard, brutal punt dashed the contents of his sack into a red, hot mess; and, finally, Gabrielle opened the floodgates with a very well-executed kick that made Phil nod at her in appreciation.

Zach’s first load had been spectacular. His second load had been very impressive. There was no denying that the third one paled in comparison.

Zach was screaming and squealing, his handsome face contorted in pain, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth wide open. But all that fuss couldn’t mask the fact that his powerful geyser of spunk had turned into an almost pitiful streamlet of watery jizz.

That didn’t put a damper on Gabrielle’s and Jessica’s celebration, though. The girls jumped around, laughing and cheering and clapping their hands.

“7 points for the boys, 6 points for the girls”, Anita said. “Things are heating up again.”

Danny chuckled. He pointed at Zach’s bloated and bruised ballsack and mused, “I think heat isn’t the problem. He needs some ice…”

Everybody burst out laughing.

“Only three more minutes”, Anita said. “Can you get a third load out of poor Kev or an improbable fourth load out of Zach?”

“Time out!” Phil yelled.

Anita looked at her watch. “One minute.”

Phil turned to Danny. “We don’t need to kick another load out of anybody. We’re in the lead. As long as the girls don’t score another load we’re safe.”

Danny grimaced. “Do you really think we should run down the clock?”

Phil shrugged. “In soccer, we do it all the time. The fans don’t like it – but a win is a win, right?”

Danny nodded slowly. “I dunno.” He scratched his butt. “I kinda like my hole as tight as it is…”

Phil chuckled. “Don’t worry, nothing is going up your ass today. Trust me. Hold back on the kicks. The girls won’t make it on their own. Not in three minutes.”

In the meantime, the girls had forged out their own game plan.

“What about a little change of the rules for the final inning?” Gabrielle suggested.

“What do you have in mind?” Phil asked.

“Let’s choose one pair of balls and stick to it till the end”, Gabrielle said with a smile.

Phil opened his mouth.

“And before you say anything”, Gabrielle continued quickly, “we’ll take Zach and you can have Kev.”

Phil closed his mouth again. He looked at Danny.

Danny looked back at him.

“Zach is done”, Phil said in a low voice. “They’ll never get a fourth load out of his nuts.”

Danny scratched his head. “I don’t know.”

“Trust me”, Phil said.

Danny nodded. “Okay.” He smiled. “For our butts.”

“For our butts”, Phil grinned.

He turned to Gabrielle. “Alright, let’s do it.” He smacked her ass playfully. “Can’t wait to fuck your butt, baby.”

Gabrielle laughed. “Yeah, we’ll see…”

“Time-out is over”, Anita said. “Keep your eyes on the balls. Three minutes left. Go!”

The boys stood in front of Kev and smiled.

Kev was a mess. His dick was shriveled and his balls were swollen and bruised. His face was a mask of pain.

Danny chuckled. “Don’t worry, buddy, it’s over.”

“We’re running down the clock”, Phil grinned.

“Thank god”, Kev croaked. “I don’t think I can take another kick.” His pain-contorted face broke into a relieved smile. “Thanks, guys. Another kick would make them pop…”

Alternately, Phil and Danny threw pretend-kicks at Kev’s nuts. It looked like they were just tickling his balls instead of kicking them.

Kev gritted his teeth, wincing and squirming even though this was nothing in comparison to what his battered balls had endured before.

In a stark contrast, the girls were working their asses off to kick another load out of Zach.

Things didn’t look good for them.

Zach’s huge, meaty dick was only semi-hard, and his balls looked horrible. Ridiculously swollen and severely bruised, they looked like they had been trampled by a rugby team or two.

But Gabrielle and Jessica worked out a very effective routine.

They stood next to each other, their arms locked for support, kicking Zach’s nuts in a fast, steady rhythm.

Their kicks were hard and precise.

Gabrielle focused on Zach’s left nut while Jessica aimed her pointy stilettos at Zach’s right nut.

Judging from Zach’s pain-contorted face and his anguished screams, it was a very effective technique.

Phil and Danny were unperturbed by the girls’ vigorous efforts. They continued running down the clock with half-hearted kicks and playful nudges to Kev’s balls

“Don’t bother with him”, Phil grinned, lightly bumping Kev’s nuts with the tip of his sneaker. “You’ll never get another load out of his nuts…”

“Yeah, he’s done”, Danny chimed in. “His sperm factory is out of business for at least a week.”

“Yup”, Phil chuckled. “No creamy treats left.”

The boys laughed.

“Two minutes!” Anita announced.

Gabrielle and Jessica ignored the boys’ taunts and jokes, and their efforts bore fruit: Zach’s semi-hardon had turned into a three-quarter-hardon, fattening and growing while its proud owner was screaming and squealing and shrieking in agony.

It didn’t take long until Zach was rock-hard again.

“Fuck, look at him”, Danny mumbled nervously. “They’re fucking doing it.”

“No way”, Phil snorted. “No way he’ll shoot another load.”

“Fucking look at his cock!” Danny whispered.

Indeed, Zach’s dick was throbbing and twitching with every kick.

“Don’t let up”, Jessica hissed, breathing heavily. “We’re gonna make it!”

“Yes!” Gabrielle laughed, smashing Zach’s swollen left nut as hard as she could.

“One minute!” Anita announced.

Now, Phil and Danny started panicking.

“Oh, fuck”, Danny whispered, his face pale. “Oh, fuck!”

“Change of tactics!” Phil yelled frantically. “Go for it! Go for it!”

“What?!” Kev’s eyes widened. “No! Plea---“

Phil’s foot crashed into his crotch like a freight train, squishing Kev’s babymakers flat and making him scream from the top of his lungs.

All of a sudden, the game was wide open again.

Kev and Zach were wailing and screaming in a disharmonic swan song for their respective sex lives as their poor babymakers were under attack by piercing high heels and relentless sneakers.

“Thirty seconds!” Anita announced.

“Come on, baby!” Jessica yelled, smashing her foot into Zach’s nuts. “Shoot that fucking load!”

“Come on!” Gabrielle chimed in, following up her team mates kick with an equally devastating blow to Zach’s manhood.

Danny and Phil were frantically bashing poor Kev’s balls, desperately trying to coax another load out of his spent, sore testicles.

“Ten seconds!” Anita yelled.

“Cum for us!” Gabrielle yelled, kicking Zach’s left nut with all the force he could muster.

“Give up that load, motherfucker!” Phil roared, crunching Kev’s nuts flat against his body.

It was a photo finish.

Zach’s miserly load trickled out of his dick a split-second before Anita blew the whistle. Kev’s equally pathetic load dribbled out a moment later.

“Fuck!” Phil grunted in frustration and kicked Kev’s busy balls hard with rage.

Kev let out a gurgling scream, his eyes rolling back into his head as his painfully induced orgasm was rudely interrupted by Phil’s unsportsmanlike display of anger.

Zach was panting and moaning, his face a mask of pain.

“The final tally: 16 points for the girls, 7 points for the boys!” Anita announced, prompting jubilant cheers from Gabrielle and Jessica.

“Fuck!” Phil groaned.

Danny sighed. “It’s over, Phil. It’s over.” He grimaced. “Our butts are history.”

Phil let out a frustrated grunt, glancing at Kev. “If that motherfucker had given up his load a second earlier---“

“It wouldn’t have mattered”, Danny said. “It was his third load. We would have had 12 points. We would have lost anyway.” He turned to Zach. “It’s that motherfucker’s bottomless balls we can thank for our loss.” He let out a bitter laugh. “Four loads. Who the fuck has four loads in their nuts?”

Gabrielle and Jessica smiled at the boys.

“16 points”, Jessica said slowly. “Wow. That’s gotta be a new kick ball record!”

“I think it’s time to celebrate”, Gabrielle added cheerfully. “What do you think: Maybe we can christen that 16 inch dildo to mark the occasion.”

Danny and Phil stared at them.

“Come on, let’s go!” Gabrielle said. “Let’s go to our studio. I can’t wait to fuck their cute little butts!”

Danny and Phil looked at each other.

“What are you waiting for?” Jessica smiled and took Phil’s hand while Gabrielle took Danny’s. “Your asses aren’t going to fuck themselves!”

They dragged the boys out of the room.

Anita followed them.

Two hours later, Phil and Danny returned. They looked exhausted and spent. And they were walking a little funny.

Zach and Kev were sitting on the couch, ice-packs resting on their crotches.

“Wanna sit down for a moment?” I smiled.

 “No!” came the immediate reply from Danny and Phil in unison.

Zach and Kev chuckled.

“So they fucked your asses good and hard?” Kev asked without a trace of compassion.

Phil and Danny gulped.

“How was it?” I said softly.

Danny cleared his throat. His voice was hoarse and croaky. “It was…” He inhaled deeply.

“Horrible”, Danny said.

“Hot”, Phil said at the same time before quickly correcting himself. “Horrible. Right. Absolutely. Absolutely horrible.”

Zach’s and Kev’s nuts were bruised and battered, ridiculously swollen and definitely useless for the foreseeable future – but the thought of Danny and Phil getting banged by two hot girls with strap-ons brought a little smile to their faces.

“They had all kinds of dildos”, Danny said, shuddering. “And they took turns slamming our asses.”

“It was horrible”, Phil mumbled.

“Well, you shot three loads”, Danny said dryly.

Phil blushed.

“One of them all over my ass”, Danny added.

“They made me”, Phil protested. “There was nothing I could do.”

Danny blinked. “Well, they didn’t make you shove it into my hole, did they?”

“No”, Phil mumbled feebly. “That was my idea… You hole was gaping open and I thought you might want a little lube and---”

“My own cum was doing just fine, thank you very much”, Danny interrupted him. “It was never intended to go into my own ass by the way…”

Phil chuckled. “But you can’t deny that you looked pretty hot with my cum running out of your---“

Danny shut him up with a well-placed backhand slap to the nuts that made Phil double over and groan in pain.

“Anita told me that their girls wouldn’t say no to a rematch”, I said with a smile. “What do you think?”

“No!” Zach barked.

“No way!” Kev chimed in.

“No fucking way!” Danny shook his head firmly.

I turned to Phil.

He bit his lower lip and shifted uncomfortably, rubbing his ass. “Maybe not this week…”

We burst out laughing.


Carter said...

Poor Kev
Hate to think what Anita would say about my little weeny
Great story, half expected the girls to cheat by kicking Danny and Phil, after all Anita did say they could kick any balls

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Carter! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

You are right, the girls turning on Danny and Phil would have been a nice twist. I didn't think of that.

I'm pretty sure Anita would be very disappointed with your tiny equpment. What would she say? "Get out!" probably... ;-)