Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy feet (Pat meets Logan and Ben)

Special thanks to Pat for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves getting beaten up by hot guys!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben and Logan (click for pictures)

“This is going to be so much fun”, Ben chuckled. The muscular 20 year old adjusted his crotch. He was wearing blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt and brown dress shoes. “We’re going to make that sucker very happy…” He ran his hand through his black hair and laughed.

Logan grinned. “You bet.” He was dressed similar to Ben, with blue jeans, a white t-shirt and black dress shoes. He was two years younger than Ben, a handsome 18 year old with short blond hair.

They were driving in Logan’s car. Two big, heavy bags were sitting in the back seat.

Logan pulled into a parking lot and they got out of the car, taking the bags with them.

A couple of weeks ago, Logan had met a guy at a party who had taken a curious interest in his feet. Logan had initially been amused by the guy’s fascination, and, as the party went on, he had allowed him to sniff his shoes. When the guy called him a couple of days later to hire him for a trampling session, Logan had gladly accepted. All he had to do was walk all over the guy, jump on him, kick his nuts and let him lick his shoes. It was easy money.

This was the second session the guy had booked, and Logan had decided to have a little fun with him.

Now Logan and Ben were standing in front of the house, and Logan rang the doorbell.

A tall, muscular guy opened the door.

“Hi, Pat”, Logan grinned. “I brought a friend, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all”, Pat smiled, giving Ben the once-over.

“Nice to meet you”, Ben said with a wide grin.

Pat was 21 years old, a handsome young man with brown hair and a great body. He looked at Logan.

“Don’t worry about the money”, Logan said with a smile. “You’ll get two for the price of one…”

“Awesome”, Pat chuckled. “Come on in.” He was shirtless, wearing loose fitting lounge pants.

Ben and Logan entered Pat’s apartment.

When Pat got something to drink, Logan leaned over to Ben and whispered, “Look at his crotch. He’s already hard. I bet he can’t wait to get trampled by us…”

Ben chuckled.

Pat returned, carrying two glasses. An impressive erection was tenting his pants.

Logan winked at Ben.

Ben laughed.

As Pat stood in front of him, offering him a glass, Ben brought his leg back and kicked Pat in the nuts. There was a loud smack, indicating that Pat was freeballing inside his lounge pants, followed by a long groan as Pat doubled over.

Ben and Logan took the glasses from him, allowing him to grab his crotch, grimacing and moaning pain.

“You’re eager to start, huh?” Pat said in a hoarse voice, rubbing his genitals.

“No time to lose”, Logan grinned. “We’ve just got an hour to break your fucking body.”

Pat nodded, grunting in pain. “I like your shoes…”

Ben and Logan laughed.

“Take your clothes off”, Logan said. “Show my friend what we’re dealing with.”

Pat complied, taking off his pants and revealing a nice, hard cock and a pair of low-hanging balls. He had a great body with muscles in all the right places. The bruises from the last trampling session with Logan had completely healed.

“Down”, Logan said with a wide smile.

Pat’s dick twitched in anticipation and he jerked it a couple of times.

“Get down, fucker!” Ben barked.

Pat grinned and lay down on the floor. His boner was pointing straight at the ceiling, the tip glistening with precum. The prospect of experiencing not one but two guys walking all over his body, stepping onto his face, his arms, his stomach and his chest, crushing his dick and balls under their soles, was tremendously exciting and intimidating at the same time. He had had trampling sessions before – but never with two guys.

“What are you waiting for”, Pat grinned, looking up at Logan and Ben, his eyes beaming.

Ben looked at Logan, raising his eyebrows. “Who’s calling the shots around here?”

Logan shrugged. “We are”, he said before casually kicking Pat in the side with the tip of his foot.

Pat let out a low grunt.

“We are calling the shots”, Logan repeated, setting his foot on Pat’s chest, slowly shifting his weight, making it harder and harder for Pat to breathe. Logan looked down at him, a huge grin on his face.

“Bring it on”, Pat grunted hoarsely.

Logan and Ben chuckled.

“He thinks he’s so fucking strong”, Logan grinned. “Let’s show him how weak he is.” He stomped down on Pat’s chest, making him groan in pain. Then he brought his foot up to Pat’s face and made him kiss the sole of his dress shoe.

Ben watched him, grinning from ear to ear. “What a loser”, he chuckled.

“Wanna try?” Logan smiled at Ben, pushing down onto Pat’s face with his foot and twisting the ball of his foot on Pat’s nose and mouth.

Pat let out a soft groan.

“Hell yeah”, Ben chuckled. “Can I kick him in the ribs?”

“You can kick him anywhere you want”, Logan chuckled. “He loves it.”

Ben brought his foot back and kicked Pat’s ribs hard.

Ben and Logan looked at each other and laughed as Pat let out a grunt through his gritted teeth.

Ben’s eyes wandered to Pat’s rock-hard erection. With a derisive laugh, he kicked Pat’s cock, making little drops of precum fly all over the place. He lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Pat’s nuts, crushing them under his sole and making Pat howl in agony.

“Nice”, Logan grinned. Without any warning, he jumped onto Pat’s stomach, eliciting a miserable grunt, before rubbing his foot over Pat’s face.

In the meantime, Ben opened one of the bags and produced a pair of cleats.

“Oh, great idea!” Logan grinned and jumped off of Pat.

There were red marks on Pat’s abs from Logan’s dress shoes.

Pat was grimacing in pain, yet incredibly turned on by the situation. His dick was leaking precum like a faucet as he watched Ben and Logan change into the cleats.

The handsome boys walked around a couple of steps to get a feel for their new footwear.

“Oh, these are gonna hurt”, Ben chuckled.

Pat licked his lips and swallowed hard.

“Wanna lick them?” Logan grinned.

“Yes, please”, Pat said hoarsely.

Logan pretended to kick Pat in the face, making him wince and clench his eyes shut, bracing for the impact that didn’t happen.

Instead, Ben stomped down on Pat’s crotch, making him scream in surprise and pain. The cleats crushed his testicles flat, and Ben twisted his foot as if he was putting out a cigarette, grinding Pat’s precious nuts under his spiked sole.

Logan stood on his abs, laughing down at him, before taking a step forward and standing on Pat’s chest.

Ben looked at the marks that Logan’s cleats had left on Pat’s abs. “That looks fun”, he grinned and took Logan’s place, stepping onto Pat’s stomach.

Pat was holding his breath, his face a mask of pain, trying to cope with the weight of the two muscular hunks.

Ben and Logan were laughing and mocking him as they shifted they weight, twisting their heels on Pat’s abs and on his pecs, making sure not to neglect Pat’s sensitive nipples.

“Look at him trying to breathe”, Logan chuckled.

“So pathetic”, Ben chimed in.

“Awww, his face is all red”, Logan laughed.

“Are those tears in his eyes?” Ben roared with laughter. He turned on his heels, digging them into Pat’s abs, and rammed his foot between Pat’s thighs, slamming his heel into Pat’s precious gonads, making him gasp and cough in pain.

Suddenly, Logan jumped up.

Pat’s eyes widened in fear.

Instead of landing on Pat’s chest again, which would probably have resulted in a couple of cracked ribs, Logan landed with his feet on either side of Pat, sneering down at him as he winced and clenched his eyes shut.

Ben kicked Pat’s nuts again, driving his heel into his meaty spuds, before kicking the head of Pat’s hard cock, making him wail in agony.

Logan lifted his foot and brought it down on Pat’s face, squashing it under his sole.

When they became bored, Ben and Logan changed into their dress shoes again and continued walking all over Pat’s body.

By now, his body was covered in light bruises, and his balls were swollen and red, but his dick was still rock-hard.

“Fucking pervert”, Ben chuckled, grinding Pat’s meaty cock under his heel and eliciting a high-pitched wail from Pat.

Logan jumped onto Pat’s abs, knocking the wind out of his lungs. A second later, Ben followed Logan’s lead and jumped onto Pat’s crotch, crushing both of his testicles and his dick under his shoes.

Pat screamed from the top of his lungs.

“This is starting to hurt, huh?” Ben chuckled.

“Maybe two guys is a little too much for you?” Logan grinned.

Pat was grunting and groaning, panting and moaning. “I’m okay”, he whispered in a strained voice.

Ben and Logan burst out laughing.

Logan brought his foot up and stomped down on Pat’s face, making him cry out in agony.

“Oh, I almost forgot”, Logan chuckled, jumping off of Pat and rummaging around in the bag. “I got a little surprise…” He produced a pair of glittery red high heels.

“Holy fuck!” Ben laughed.

“Holy fuck”, Pat whispered. His bruised cock twitched.

Logan chuckled and put on the high heels before prancing around Pat, trying hard not to lose his balance.

“Come on, girl, try the catwalk”, Ben grinned and took Logan’s hand, helping him step onto Pat’s body. The sharp, pointy heels left deep red marks on Pat’s abs and chest as Logan made tiny steps, making sure to shift his weight to the back of the shoes, causing the heels to dig deep into Pat’s tender flesh.

Ben and Logan laughed at Pat’s miserable screams of pain, and Logan jumped up and down, causing Pat to squeal in pain.

Finally, Logan walked over Pat’s dick and balls to get down, making him cry out in agony.

Winking at Pat, Logan kicked his legs apart before bringing his foot back and sending it crashing into Pat’s nutsack. The pointy tip of the shoe connected with Pat’s fat right nut, squishing the tender nugget into his body.

Again and again, Logan kicked Pat’s balls with his high heels, leaning onto Ben for support while crushing Pat’s nuts as if he was trying to turn them into peanut butter.

Logan took a step back to admire his work.

There were footsteps all over Pat’s body: big and plain ones from the dress shoes, patterned ones from the cleats, and little dots from the high heels. Some of them were rosy red, others were darker, verging on purple, matching the color of Pat’s bruised, swollen ballsack. Sore spots were covering the shaft of Pat’s hard dripping dick.

“I think it’s time we finish you off”, Logan smiled. “Dress shoes or cleats?”

Pat looked up at him, his face a mask of pain. “Both”, he whispered, his dick twitching with excitement.

Logan raised his eyebrows.

“I wanna sniff your dress shoes while you’re kicking the cum out of my balls with the cleats”, Pat continued.

Logan looked at Ben and they both started laughing.

“You’re unbelievable”, Logan chuckled.

Logan and Ben changed into their cleats again.

Logan grabbed his dress shoes and threw them at Pat, hitting him in the face.

Grunting in pain, Pat reached for the shoes but Ben stepped onto his hand.

There was a loud crack and Pat squealed from the top of his lungs.

“Oops”, Ben grinned sheepishly. He stepped to the side, allowing Pat to grab his hand.

“Something broken?” Logan asked casually.

“My finger”, Pat whispered, his face contorted in pain. “I think I need a break---“

“Don’t be a pussy”, Ben shrugged. “Shit happens.” He kicked Pat’s side, making him howl in agony. He sat down behind Pat’s face, taking Pat’s head into his lap and holding his upper body down with his feet. He grabbed one of the dress shoes and pressed them against Pat’s nose and mouth. “You wanted to sniff them, so sniff them.”

Logan was standing between Pat’s spread legs and winked at Ben before launching a mean, hard kick into Pat’s bruised, swollen nuts. His cleat-clad foot connected perfectly with Pat’s fat danglers, hitting them both dead-on and eliciting a muffled shriek.

Ben held Pat’s head between his thighs, pressing the shoe against Pat’s mouth and nose, making him inhale the odor of Logan’s feet as he grunted and groaned and screamed in pain.

Logan delivered kick after nut-crunching kick to Pat’s bruised and battered genitalia, occasionally aiming for his inner thighs or his knees to mix things up before turning his attention to Pat’s plums again.

Pat’s dick was twitching violently. Precum was oozing out of its tips, coating the sore, bruised piece of meat in a sticky layer of Pat’s own juice.

“Harder! Harder!” Ben laughed, pressing the shoe into Pat’s face. “Kick the fucking cum out of his fucking nuts!”

Logan’s foot crashed into Pat’s nuts with a resounding thud.

Pat voice cracked as he screamed into the shoe.

His dick erupted with a huge spurt of cum, like a geyser shooting milky white cream. The first spurt almost hit the ceiling before raining down onto Pat’s bruised body.

As the second jet of cum shot out of Pat’s sore cock, Logan’s foot slammed into his busy babymakers, making Pat yodel in agony.

Pat’s red, swollen nuts pumped and pumped, and his dick sputtered spurt after creamy spurt of jizz up into the air while Logan was slamming his foot into the tender organs with all the force he could muster.

Ben was laughing his ass off, taking the shoe off of Pat’s face, revealing his sweaty, pain-contorted face. He smacked Pat’s face with the palm of his hand, making him howl in pain as Logan continued abusing his precious genitalia while the spurts of cum were turning into a lazy dribble.

Ben got up and raised his right arm.

Logan high-fived him, and the two handsome guys looked down at Pat, grinning from ear to ear.

Pat’s body was a mess. He was sweaty and red, covered in bruises from head to toe. His balls were bloated and swollen, the sack black and blue, the dick sore and bruised. His legs and his arms were covered in contusions, as were his stomach and his chest.

“See those footprints?” Ben chuckled.

“My doormat looks better than him”, Logan mused.

Pat’s handsome face was contorted in pain, Ben’s hand had left a mark on his right cheek. His broken finger was swollen and red.

He let out a groan.

Logan winked at Ben.

Suddenly, Logan jumped onto Pat’s chest as Ben delivered a hard kick to Pat’s tender, sore testicles.

Pat screamed from the top of his lungs. “Get off! Please! Please, I can’t take it anymore!”

Standing on Pat’s chest, Logan looked down on him, a huge grin on his face. “I hope you enjoyed it”, he smiled before stomping down on Pat’s face.

It took a little while until Pat was able to get up.

Logan and Ben waited patiently until he had found his wallet.

He handed Logan a couple of bills. His right eye was swelling rapidly.

“Better put some ice on that”, Ben grinned. “Better yet, have an ice bath…”

Pat groaned.

Logan counted the money and looked at Pat, raising his eyebrows. “That’s too much. I told you, two for the price of one.”

Pat looked from Logan to Ben and back to Logan again, smiling weakly. “Take it”, he croaked. “It was awesome.”

Logan chuckled and handed Ben his half.

“Pleasure doing business with you”, Ben grinned, grabbing Pat’s hand in a firm handshake.

Pat let out an ear-piercing squeal as his broken finger sent waves of pain through his body.

“See you next time”, Logan grinned. “Maybe I’ll bring another friend…”


Sammy said...

Interesting! It's a different change from the usual "wrestling, bust and fuck" routine we normally see. You did a wonderful job Alex. It's easy to forget that you also cater to peoples fetishes/kinks along with their interest in ballbusting. I'm not the biggest fan of trampling, but I do love feet. Will there be any other stories like this? or of this nature? PS: Thank you for all you do for us :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Sammy! What I love most about this series of stories is that I get a chance to explore all kinds of things that probably wouldn't feature in my regular stories... As for your question: Right now I don't have another trampling story planned but I'm sure there'll me more sooner or later. :-))

Unknown said...

Great story! I have a think for cleats (especially when they're used on a guys balls). Love hearing about how he got worked over by two hot studs.

Maybe they'll wear some steel toe army boots when they come back for a follow up session ;-).

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, John! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!