Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Once and for all

Featured in this story: 
Chad and Alex (click for pictures)

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Yesterday, my cameraman Chad and I had agreed to face off in a fight to end our ongoing office vendetta.

If I lost, I’d have to raise Chad’s salary.

If he lost, he’d star in another episode of our series “Sammy the ball doctor”.

Since I couldn’t afford to pay Chad more money, I was pretty determined to win. And, of course, I wanted to see him get his nuts bashed by our nice and relentless Sammy…

Anyway, I arrived at the studio at ten o’clock.

I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and sneakers. When I saw that I was the first one to arrive, I walked to the kitchen and made some coffee.

A couple of minutes later, Chad arrived. He sat down at the table and lit a cigarette.

“Everything alright?” I asked.

Chad grunted.

I knew he was not a morning person, so I poured him a cup of coffee and sat down and smiled at him.

His clothing was pretty similar to mine: jeans, t-shirt, sneakers.

Obviously, he had had the same thought I had: denim is the fabric that offers the most protection.

“In the mood for a fight?” I grinned and took a sip from my cup.

Chad shrugged. “If you are.”

“Sure”, I said.

Chad shrugged again. “Alright.”

After we had emptied our cups, we walked into the studio.

Chad took off his t-shirt.

I followed his lead and threw my t-shirt onto the couch.

His pecs and abs were very impressive, and he flexed his muscles, staring at me. Apparently he tried to intimidate me.

It worked.

He was just two inches taller than me, but he was in a much better shape. I knew I had to give everything I had to win this one.

“Are you wearing a cup?” I said, eyeing Chad’s bulge suspiciously.

Chad glared at me. “Of course I’m not! We agreed on that, didn’t we?”

I nodded. “Show me.”

“You show me first”, Chad replied.

I shrugged and grabbed my crotch, lightly squeezing the package in my jeans. “See?” I said and lifted my junk with my hand.

Chad nodded. He grabbed hold of his own crotch. “That’s my right nut”, he said with a bored voice, holding a small part of his package between his thumb and forefinger. “And that’s my left one”, he continued, grabbing his left testicles in a similar way with his other hand.

I nodded. “Alright.”

“So”, Chad said. He let go of his package and ran his hand over his naked chest. “What are we---“

I interrupted him by planting a hard kick into his junk. The tip of my sneaker sank into the soft mound of meat with a dull thud.

Chad gasped.

I wasn’t sure if I had gotten both balls, so I quickly tried again, kicking Chad’s nuts once more.

This time, my instep slammed into Chad’s groin.

Judging from the bizarre sound that came from Chad’s throat, the second kick was a tad bit better than the first one.

Before I could follow up with another kick, Chad grabbed his crotch and doubled over. He was groaning miserably and looked at me with an accusatory expression on his face.

I smiled.

Chad gave an angry grunt and lunged at me. He tackled me, and we both landed on the floor, with Chad on top of me.

I moaned.

Then Chad’s knee slammed into my crotch.

I screamed in pain.

Chad groaned and powered his knee into my testicles once again, connecting perfectly with both of my nuts. They were flattened between his kneecap and my pelvis, and I shrieked in agony.

I reached for his chest and dug my fingernails into his pecs.

“Fuck!” Chad screamed.

My hands found his nipples and I grabbed and twisted them immediately. I knew that Chad was pretty whimsical when his nipples were in peril, so I pinched them and kneaded them between my fingers with all the force I could muster.

Chad screamed from the top of his lungs. “You--- Fuck! You---“

I gritted my teeth and ground Chad’s nipples between my fingers as if I was trying to turn them into nipple puree.

Chad kneed my nuts again, causing me to loosen my grip on his nips. As far as puree was concerned – my testicles didn’t feel like they were too far from being mashed, too… Waves of pain washed through my body while I was trying to concentrate on squeezing Chad’s nipples.

Both of us were screaming from the top of our lungs.

Finally, Chad backed off and sat down on his ass, rubbing his chest and grimacing in pain.
I grabbed my crotch and eyed him.

Suddenly, Chad grabbed my feet and pulled my sneakers off, revealing my white socks. I struggled, but 
Chad managed to yank them off and throw them away.

I kicked my legs at him, and, luckily, caught him right in the nuts with my sock-clad left foot.

“Oh fuck”, Chad groaned and clutched his crotch.

I was panting heavily. That was a lucky shot. I had to do something or Chad would win this fight.

Suddenly, Chad grabbed the waistband of my jeans. He grabbed it, ripped my fly open and yanked my jeans down, pulling my boxer briefs down, as well, and exposing my naked manhood.

My cock was about average size, a bit larger, maybe. My nuts weren’t extraordinarily big, but they weren’t tiny, either. They were hanging low in their sac – and they were pretty vulnerable, right now…

“No!” I cried and covered my junk.

My jeans and my briefs were hanging around my knees, preventing me from standing up. I had to switch from defense to offense.

Chad clenched his fist, preparing to pulverise my nuts.

With all the force I could muster, I rammed my heels into his crotch.

Chad’s eyes bulged and he let out a long, wheezing moan.

I watched him.

His fist was suspended in mid-air.

I slammed my heels into his junk again.

Chad let out a gurgling whimper and rolled to his side.

I moved away from him and pulled my briefs and my jeans back up. Massaging my nuts, I sat there, watching Chad writhe on the ground, cradling his testicles and whimpering in pain. My heel kick had obviously did the trick.

I smiled despite the pain that was radiating from my sore nuts.

“Chad?” I said.

He didn’t react.

“Chad?” I repeated, louder this time. “Do you give up?”

Chad grunted.

I got up and limped towards my cameraman, making sure to keep my distance from him.


He looked like he was in no position to argue.

“Alright, I guess I won”, I said slowly. “So you’re going to see ‘Sammy the ball doctor’ again, right?”

Chad whimpered and cradled his gonads.


He had his eyes closed.

I sighed and took another step towards him.

Suddenly, with an angry scream, he grabbed my ankles, trying to make me fall to the ground. I quickly jumped away and Chad stared at me with fury in his eyes. “No. Way.”

We faced each other for a couple of seconds, each one waiting for the other to make the first move.

Both of us were in pain, although my nuts had slightly recovered, so I figured I had a good chance of defeating him.

I decided to take a chance and jumped right onto him, landing on his back with my elbow.

“Fuck you, Alex!” Chad groaned.

I ignored him and rolled him around so that he was lying on his back. I opened the buttons of his jeans and reached inside, grabbing a good hold of his nuts with my right hand.

“Fuck you!” Chad screamed and grabbed my wrist.

He pulled on them, but that didn’t do him much good, since it meant that I was yanking at his balls…

He whimpered in pain and I squeezed his precious orbs in my hand.

“Give up”, I hissed through my clenched teeth, grinding Chad’s meatballs with my fingers.

I held his testicles in a vice-like grip, increasing the pressure until my fingers hurt.

“No”, he groaned.

I twisted my hand around and ground his delicate globes with all the force I could muster.

“No”, he repeated, screaming at the top of his lungs.

I was breathing heavily, putting every ounce of my strength into my hands and crushing his nuts mercilessly.

Finally, he whispered. “Yes. Yesyesyesyes…”

“I win?”

“Yes”, he coughed.

“Once and for all?”


“And you’ll do another episode of ‘Sammy the ball doctor’?”

Chad groaned.

I increased the pressure on his balls.

“Yes!” he screamed.


Chad whimpered in pain.

“When?” I repeated, brutally twisting his testicles in my hand.

“Next month”, Chad croaked.

“Nope”, I said and squeezed hard, concentrating on Chad’s left nut.

“Next week, next week”, Chad whined.

I thought for a moment. “Alright, next week”, I said with a final, hard squeeze.

Then I let go.

Chad curled up in a ball and grabbed his sore plums.

I stood and watched him roll back and forth, his hands buried inside his jeans, cradling his aching nuggets.

Massaging my own testicles, I grimaced in sympathy. But it was worth it. I had won.

Chad lay on the ground, cupping his manhood, for over an hour.

He didn’t speak to me for another four hours.

In the afternoon we sat in the kitchen, drinking coffee. Neither of us said a word.

I looked at Chad.

He was smoking a cigarette.

“Friends?” I said softly and extended my hand.

Chad ignored me.

“Hey, it was your idea”, I reminded him.

Chad looked at me and smiled weakly. He shook my hand.

“It wasn’t such a great one, was it?” he said.

I shrugged. “I don’t think that you ever had a good idea…”

Chad stared at me. Then he laughed.

I grinned.


Anonymous said...

an awsome end for an awsome mini-series...

Anonymous said...

oh, and i have an idea for a future segment, I was thinking sort of a "on the job" thing where we visit various models occupations (I mean, they must have other jobs besides modeling for the sit, right?), like Tristan can be a rookie cop or something, wich would explain why he had handcuffs at the camp, and we could even visit logan at his school [or even part time job], where he and his buddies bust (of corse busting would be happeing at each job site) just a thought, it sounds cool to me, but if you don't want to do it, I don't mind...

Anonymous said...

Way to go Alex! Loved the way you almost ripped Chad's nips off. And all you got were the knees to your junk. Glad you won but sorry I won't be geting the job. can't wait to see what Sammy does to give Chad maximum pain.

Alex said...

Thanks fo your feedback!

@ anonymous (2):
That "On the job" idea is great! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, and we can meet David in his skin-tight leotard backstage at a dance rehearsal. And, of course, Danny still searching for his first Oscar.
What about the twins...are they still part-time strippers?

Anonymous said...

ya, love on the job, and if you do david, it would be awsome if his fellow dancers got revenge. And maybe we can see Phil and his soccer team, and maybe something with Cal, I seem to remember him having to attend a meeting when he was casted....

(P.S: I have an idea for the roleplaying, high school bullies beating up a nerd and busting his balls, the bullies should be Logan and Kev [although i hope there not actual bullies, just in the role playing thing], and the ners should be Simon and Brandon)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
I guess the twins are still working as part-time strippers - and I'm sure they'd be thrilled if we came by their workplace... :-))

@ anonymous (2):
I'm not sure about Phil and the soccer team. It might be too similar to Phil's episode in "Summer in the city".
Regarding your role-play idea: There is a plot suggestion involving bullies. If Logan is gonna be our new model, I'll make sure to include him in the story...

Carter said...

Great ending

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter!