Saturday, September 27, 2008

Soccer balls 2: Phil's punishment

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonPhil, the twins and Zach (click for pictures)

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Take five 
Soccer balls 2
Last week, professional soccer players Jimmy and Phil had competed against each other in a ball kicking competition. The twins, George, Zach, Brandon and Cal had provided the balls, while Jimmy and Phil had done the kicking. It had been a messy affair, at the end of which Jimmy had been the winner. 18 year old Phil, the red haired soccer pro, who had been born in England and was now one of the highest paid soccer players in the US, had lost.

Today, Phil was going to receive his punishment.

The muscular boy was standing in the room, dressed in his soccer outfit. He was wearing green shorts and a green jersey with his name and number on the back, soccer shoes, socks and cleats.
He looked at me and scratched his head. “Jimmy is back in England?”

I nodded. “He had to take a flight home.”

Phil grimaced. “He should have taken me with him…”

I chuckled.

Phil sighed. “Where’s my team?”

I raised my eyebrows.

“George, Cal and Will were on my team last week”, Phil said.

I nodded.

“Where are they?”

I smiled. “There are no teams today.”

Phil stared at me.

“You are going to have to take it on your own”, I continued.

The door opened and Brandon, Zach and Michael entered the room.

“Hi”, Brandon, the 21 year old Asian-American, smirked at Phil. He was wearing blue jeans, and a white t-shirt.

Phil smiled weakly.

Zach walked up to him and patted his shoulder. “Time for payback”, he grinned. The muscular frat boy ran his hand through his short blond hair and looked at Michael. “Do you want to tell him the plan?”

Michael shrugged. “I'm not really interested.”

Phil smiled.

Michael’s brother Will appeared in the door, and Phil’s face lightened up.

“Hey, Will, thanks for coming”, Phil said and smiled. “I can use some backup…”

“Actually”, Michael said slowly, “Will is going to deal out the punishment for me.”

Will grinned. “That's right”, he said and smiled at Phil.

Phil gulped. “But--- you can't do that!”

Michael shrugged and sat down on the couch.

Phil blinked.

“Here’s the plan”, Will said. “The three of us are gonna kick your nuts in.”

Brandon and Zach nodded and grinned.

“Two kicks each. Every time you hit the ground, you take off one of your clothes”, Will explained. “Shoes and socks don’t count. If you’re naked after those six kicks, we’re going to treat you to a little milkshake.”

Brandon and Zach chuckled.

Will grinned. “Oh, and shoes and socks don’t count as clothing, of course.”

Phil went pale. “But… that leaves just four items of clothing…”

Will grinned. “Correct. So you better don’t hit the ground too often… The milk shakes are ready…” He grabbed his crotch and winked at Phil.

Phil bit his lower lip.

“Take off your shoes and your socks, please”, Will said gently.

Phil groaned, but he complied.

“Who wants to go first?” Will looked at Brandon and Zach.

Brandon grinned.

Will chuckled. “Okay. Brandon.”

The muscular swimmer stood in front of Phil and smiled. “Spread your legs, pal.”

Phil blinked and moved his feet apart.

“Further”, Brandon said, watching Phil’s naked feet. “Further. Further. Thanks.”

Phil was in a vulnerable position. His feet were wide apart, and he looked at Brandon, grimacing in anticipation.

Brandon chuckled and looked at Phil’s crotch.

“Time to play football”, he grinned.

Then he brought his leg back and sent it smashing into Phil’s groin. The instep of his sneaker-clad foot connected with the prominent bulge in Phil’s flimsy shorts and flattened it.

Phil let out a miserable groan and doubled over, clutching his crotch and grimacing in pain.

Brandon watched him closely, waiting for him to collapse on the ground.

When Phil didn’t, Brandon looked disappointed. “Your turn”, he said to Zach.

The blond frat boy nodded and walked up to Phil. He adjusted the big bulge in his jeans and looked at Phil who was clutching his crotch, groaning in pain.

“Come on”, Zach said.

Phil moaned and straightened. He put his hands behind his back and looked down at his foot, trying not to wince or double over before Zach’s foot had hit the target.

Zach took his time, lifting his foot and gently nudging Phil’s package that was hanging loose inside his shorts.

Phil winced.

“Wait for it”, Zach grinned.

Then he took a step back, and with a running start, he kicked Phil’s nuts hard. His toes sank into Phil’s soft package, and the soccer pro whimpered and instantly fell to his knees, wailing in pain.

Zach grinned with satisfaction and exchanged high-fives with Will and Brandon.

Will chuckled. “Phil”, he said gently. “I guess you’ll have to lose that jersey of yours…”

Phil whimpered, clutching his crotch. It took him pretty long to get rid of his jersey. Underneath, he was wearing a tight, white undershirt.

Phil’s well-defined abs and his muscular chest were outlined in the white fabric. He slowly got up and put his hands behind his back. He was starting to sweat and he looked at Will with fear in his eyes.

Will grinned. “Good. Now, for the undershirt…” He brought his leg back and kicked Phil’s nuts hard. His foot slammed into Phil’s groin with a resounding thud, lifting the poor soccer player off his feet. His body hit the floor and he gagged and retched.

“Yay!” Brandon and Zach cheered.

“Good one”, Brandon said, nodding slowly and watching Phil writhe on the ground. “My turn again.”

Phil coughed.

“That undershirt”, Brandon said and pointed at Phil’s chest.

Phil whimpered.

“Hey, Phil”, Brandon said impatiently. “Take off that undershirt!”

Phil looked at him with tears in his eyes. He slowly got to his feet and peeled of the white shirt, revealing his smooth, muscular chest and abs.

Will whistled.

Michael, Brandon and Zach chuckled.

Phil looked miserable.

“Hands behind your back”, Brandon commanded.

Phil’s eyes twitched and his mouth opened.

“No”, Brandon said sharply. “Hands behind your back.”

Phil let out a little sob and nodded.

As soon as he had put his hands away from his crotch, Brandon kicked his precious jewels.

Phil’s eyes bulged and he let out a long, miserable, hoarse moan, and he struggled to keep standing. His upper body moves forward and his hands found his aching marbles and clutched them tentatively.

“Come on, come on, come on”, Brandon mumbled, waiting for Phil to collapse.

But Phil didn’t do him the favor. He had his eyes closed. Sweat was running down his nose. But he stayed standing.

“Fuck”, Brandon mumbled and waved at Zach.

Zach grinned. “Spread ‘em wide, Phil!”

Phil bit his lower lip and did as he was told. He put his hands behind his back and looked at Zach, his eyes pleading for mercy.

Zach grinned. Then he brought his leg back, waited for a short moment, and slammed it into Phil’s crotch, making the poor boy scream from the top of his lungs.

Zach laughed.

Phil stumbled back, lost his balance, and landed on his ass. “Fuck! My bollocks!” he screamed, causing Zach to laugh even harder.

Will smiled and looked at Phil who was rolling around on the ground, clutching his nuts and shouting obscenities.

“I guess you’ll have to take off your shorts”, he smiled.

Phil wailed in pain.

“Help him”, he said to Zach and Brandon.

The two boys nodded and walked up to Phil. They grabbed his shorts and brutally yanked them off the boy’s body, exposing his tight, white briefs. Phil’s testicles were clearly visible inside them, and Will smiled.

“Now I’m gonna make you lose those briefs as well”, Will grinned.

Phil groaned. He looked at the blond gymnast, his eyes red, and his face wet with sweat. “Please”, he whispered. “I---“

Will shook his head and motioned for Phil to stand up.

It took an eternity for Phil to stand up straight.

Will grinned at him. “Ready to lose your briefs?”

Phil grimaced.

“Okay”, Will chuckled and powered his sneaker-clad foot into Phil’s vulnerable package. The sight of Phil’s ripe, young balls getting smashed made even Brandon and Zach cringe in sympathy.

Phil’s eyes bulged and his cheeks puffed. A sick, retching sound escaped his lips and he blinked a couple of times. Then he sank to his knees, clutching his gonads, his mouth wide open in a silent scream.

Will turned around and made a victory pose. He bowed to an imaginary audience and nodded, smiling. “Thank you, all of you”, he grinned. “I couldn’t have done it without you…”

Brandon and Zach began cheering wildly.

Will’s brother Michael was sitting on the couch, grinning and shaking his head.

Will walked over to Phil and ripped off his briefs.

Now, the poor redhead was stark naked, his hands clutching his battered balls and his body glistening with sweat.

Will looked at Brandon and Zach.

The two boys walked up to him and stood in a circle, surrounding Phil.

Will unbuttoned his jeans, and Brandon and Zach followed his example.

They reached into their briefs and presented their fat, hard cocks.

Zach had the biggest one, an awe-inspiring dong, thick and hard, with a big, mushroom-shaped head that was bright red and glistening with precum.

Zach licked his finger and rubbed in on the tip of his dick, grinning proudly.

Will’s cock wasn’t as big as Zach’s, but it was quite a large one, too. His ripe, plump nuts were hanging low in their sac, dangling below his rock hard cock.

Brandon looked at Zach’s and Will’s members and smiled. His cock was the smallest of those three, but it was impressive, nonetheless.

The three guys were stroking their cocks, watching Phil’s pain-contorted face.

The soccer player had his lips clenched shut and stared at the three monsters with his eyes open wide.

After a couple of minutes, Zach moaned, “Open your mouth!”

Phil shook his head, his eyes filled with disgust and fear.

“Time for your milkshake”, Will murmured.

Phil shook his head again.

Brandon smirked at him. He looked down at Phil’s crotch and smiled. Then he lifted his foot and stomped down hard on Phil’s nuts. He squashed Phil’s tender babymakers into the ground, making Phil scream in pain and open his mouth.

“Yeah”, Zach moaned. He grabbed Phil’s nose with his hand, forcing Phil to breathe with his mouth and holding his head in place.

Brandon dug his heel into Phil’s meaty gonads, making Phil wail in pain.

Simultaneously, all three cocks started erupting with juicy, white cum, aiming for Phil’s mouth. A rainfall of thick, creamy spurts landed inside his mouth, filling the poor guy’s mouth to the brim.

Phil gagged.

Zach, Brandon and Will were moaning in pleasure while their dicks continued to send jets of their salty lava into Phil’s wide open mouth. Soon it was filled to capacity, virtually flooded, and thick streams of semen started to run down the side of Phil’s face.

“Swallow!” Zach barked.

Brandon twisted his foot.

Phil screamed and gurgled, gulping down the massive load of cum until his mouth was empty.
Spent and exhausted, Zach, Brandon and Will looked at him, stroking their softening dicks.

Phil whimpered.

Brandon took a step back, allowing Phil’s nuts to return to their usual shape.

Will grinned and shook his head. He stuffed his cock into his jeans again.

The other two guys did the same.

They watched Phil curl up on the floor, clutching his nuts, beaten and humiliated, whimpering and sobbing.

“What do you think? Was it worth it?” Will grinned, turning to Brandon and Zach.

Zach was breathing heavily, beaming with post-orgasmic bliss. “What do you mean?”

“Getting our nuts kicked last week”, Will shrugged.

“Sure”, Brandon said quickly, grinning.

Zach nodded.

Will laughed. “I guess Phil doesn’t think so…”

Phil was sobbing in pain, trying to spit out the remains of cum that hadn’t made it into his stomach.

Zach shrugged.

“Will”, Michael said, looking at his watch.

Will turned around and looked at his brother.

“We gotta go”, Michael said and walked to the door.

Will followed him. “Bye, Alex. Bye, Phil.”

Brandon and Zach left soon after, leaving Phil lying on the ground.

I knelt down next to him. “You lost, huh?”

Phil looked at me, tears in his eyes. His face was smeared with cum. “I lost”, he whispered.


Anonymous said...

that was amazing, the "milkshake" was a bit much, but the rest was HOT!

Alex said...

I know, sometimes I get a bit carried away... :-)))

Anonymous said...

Why does Brandon have a small dick? :(

Alex said...

Brandon's dick isn't small! It's smaller than Zach's and Will's, yes, but those are monster cocks. Brandon's dick is bigger than yours or mine - well, mine, definitely... :-))