Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The coach disciplines the water polo team

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonCalKevthe twins and Zach (click for pictures)

“Ready to go?” I asked my cameraman Chad.

He nodded.

I walked over to the boys to give them some final instructions.

Kev was standing in the middle of the locker room.

“You are really angry at your team”, I said and smiled.

“I know”, Kev grinned. “They are a bunch of losers and I’m full of frustration.”

“Right”, I smiled.

“I got it”, Kev said.

The 20 year old jock was shirtless and barefoot, wearing sweat pants and a baseball cap.

He had a muscular chest and perfect six pack abs.

We were filming the first episode of our “Role play” series, and Kev was the coach of the waterpolo team. He was a bit young for the role, but he made up for it with a determined attitude. I was pretty sure he was going to shake his team up…

22 year old Cal was standing next to the other guys who had been cast as the water polo team. The attractive black swimmer – like all the other guys – was wearing nothing but some skimpy white bathing slips. His meaty balls and his fat cock were clearly outlined in the flimsy fabric.

His Asian-American buddy Brandon fondled his package and looked at me. “Where did you get those?” he said and pointed at the white fabric.

I shrugged. “At some shop. I figured they were just right…”

Brandon grimaced. “Yeah, see through quality…”

I chuckled.

Michael and Will, the twins, seemed to be quite comfortable with their clothing. Being professional gymnasts, they were used to showing off their bodies. They had muscular arms and legs, defined chests and abs.

Will playfully grabbed his brother’s junk and squeezed. “Be careful, Mikey, or your trunks are gonna burst…”

“Stop it”, Michael hissed and pulled Will’s hand away from his package.

Will grinned.

George cleared his throat. The 23 year old actor with the curly blond hair looked at me and said, “Maybe they are too small?”

All of us looked at his crotch.

He had quite a package, a fat, snakelike cock and two oversized testicles.

In fact, all of the guys were very well endowed. Cal’s package was as big as George’s, and the twins were close behind with two matching sets of big nuts and impressive cocks. Brandon was a bit smaller, but nevertheless he was well above average size.

The biggest one of the bunch was Zach. The 20 year old frat guy exceeded all the other guys. I looked around.

“Zach?” I shouted.

“I'm here”, the blond stud said, walking through the door that led to the showers. He was fumbling with his trunks, trying to stuff his extralarge nuts and his thick schlong into it.

We all burst out laughing.

One of his nuts was hanging out the side of the slip and the tip of his dick was peeking over the waistband.

“That’s not funny”, Zach replied, grinning. “I’m too big for this thing.”

“I’m sorry”, I grinned. “I should have bought bigger ones…”

“Nah”, Zach said. “It’s okay.” Carefully, he let go of his package. It seemed to be safely contained inside the white swimming trunks, but it was only a matter of time until either his cock or one of those large nuts would slip out again. “It’s okay”, he repeated, smiling proudly at all the attention his equipment was getting.

I shrugged. “Alright. Hit the showers, guys.”

The boys stared at me.

I raised my eyebrows. “We want those bathing trunks to be nice and wet, don’t we?”

Brandon grimaced.

“Come on”, I said, clapping my hands. “We’re gonna start right now.”

The boys disappeared into the showers.

“Alex”, Kev turned to me. “Doesn’t a waterpolo team consist of seven players? Not to mention the substitutes?”

I thought about that. “Well, the goalies a good one. It’s the field players that you are going to punish. Alright?”

Kev nodded slowly. “I see.”

I rolled my eyes.

The guys were coming back from the showers, their hair and their muscular bodies wet and glistening with water.

The white swimming slips clung to their packages, highlighting every curve. One could even tell whose dick was cut and whose wasn’t…

“Action!” I shouted.

Kev looked at me.

I nodded.

“Come on, guys, gather around”, Kev shouted and stood on a chair.

The guys were laughing and playfully pushing each other around.

“Guys!” Kev shouted.

The laughter died down and the boys looked at Kev.

“You suck!” Kev shouted. “You suck! Each and every one of you! This season has been shit! You haven’t won a single match in the last two months! Who do you think you are? Esther Williams and the merry men? This is waterpolo, not synchronized swimming!”

I grinned. Kev was very convincing.

George, Cal, Brandon and the twins looked at the their feet.

Zach didn’t seem to get that he was supposed to be embarrassed. “Good speech, coach, but---“

“Zach!” Kev said sharply. “I’m not finished, yet.”

Zach grinned.

“Could some wipe that stupid smile off his face, please?” Kev said with a bored voice.

“Sure, coach”, Will said and kicked Zach’s wet package with a resounding smack. His bare foot slammed into Zach’s oversized gonads and drove them into his crotch. The force of the impact caused the head of his dick to pop out of his swimming trunks.

Zach’s eyes bulged and he groaned.

The rest of the guys chuckled.

“Can I go on now, Zach?” Kev said.

“Fuck”, Zach groaned hoarsely and doubled over.

“What?” Kev said sharply.

Will took a step towards Zach.

“I mean, sure, coach”, Zach whispered.

“Thanks”, Kev said. “I think we all know that there are three guys that are responsible for this. And I’m gonna punish them for that.”

The boys stared at Kev, who seemed to be enjoying his role very much.

“Who do you think deserves the punishment?” Kev said slowly.

“Zach”, Will said quickly.

His brother Michael looked at him and raised his eyebrows.

“And Michael”, Will added, grinning.

“Yeah”, George said. “Zach and Michael.”

Cal and Brandon nodded.

“And Cal”, Brandon added.

The black swimmer shot his buddy an angry glance. “No, I’m---“

“Shut up!” Kev shouted. “Zach, Michael and Cal. That’s exactly what I was thinking.”

“But coach”, Michael started. “I---“

“Shut! Up!” Kev shouted.

Michael bit his lower lip.

“Will, Brandon and George”, Kev said sharply. “You are going to help me punish those losers. And maybe I’m going to spare you…”

The three lucky guys grinned and nodded.

Zach was able to stand upright again. His hands were nursing his package. He didn’t bother to stuff his dick back in, though, apparently because he knew that it would pop out again, anyway.

Cal had a desperate expression on his face. “But I thought---“

“You’re the first one”, Kev said and pointed at him.

Cal gulped.

“And those of you who help me can count on my generosity”, he added. “Spread his legs.”
The guys rushed towards Cal, Zach and Michael being the first ones to hold his legs and spread them apart.

Cal struggled. “But---“

Kev got down from the chair and stood in front of Cal. He looked at Cal’s crotch and brought his leg back.

Then, with all the force he could muster, he slammed his bare foot into Cal’s package, knocking the wind out of the poor swimmer.

Cal whimpered as his nuts were flattened against his pelvis.

“You can’t be a good water polo player if you are not able to take a little bit of pain”, Kev said. “Let go.”

Michael and Zach let go and Cal immediately grabbed his package and doubled over.

Kev pointed at Michael.

Immediately, Will, Zach and Brandon grabbed him.

George was standing on the side, looking sceptical.

Kev balled his fist and looked Michael in the eyes.

Michael bit his lower lip.

“Crack his nuts, coach”, his twin brother grinned, holding on to Michael’s waist. “He’s a loser.”
Keeping his eyes on Michael, Kev threw a quick, surprising uppercut into Will’s balls, following up with another on and another one in rapid succession.

Will stared at him, utterly surprised, for a split-second before the pain hit him. He gagged and collapsed on the ground.

“Oooohhh”, George grimaced in sympathy.
“Thanks, coach”, Michael grinned. “He’s a---“

Kev interrupted him by treating him to the same procedure, punching his vulnerable balls three times with hard uppercuts that landed right on target, driving Michael’s tender testicles into his body.

Michael let out a miserable moan.

Brandon and Zach held on to him, but they couldn’t hold him.

“George”, Kev hissed. “Help them.”

George hesitated.


The curly haired actor nodded and helped Zach and Brandon holding the screaming Michael who was struggling and writhing in pain.

Kev took a step back and nodded. Then he kicked Michael’s nuts, causing the young gymnast to stop screaming and moan in pain.

“Thanks”, Kev said.

Brandon, Zach and George let go.

Kev looked at them.

Zach grinned sheepishly. “That was a good one, coach.”

Kev raised his eyebrows. “You think so, Zach?”

Zach nodded and grinned. His dick was starting to get hard, causing more and more of his meat to lurk out of his wet, white bathing slip.

“I’ll show you a good one”, Kev mumbled and threw a kick at Zach’s gonads. His naked toes connected with Zach’s oversized meatballs, connecting perfectly and making Zach’s eyes bulge again.

He let out a long, miserable whimper and sank to his knees.

“That a good one, Zach?” Kev said.

Zach whined.

“Huh? That a good one?” Kev repeated.

“Yes, coach”, Zach whispered and doubled over, his forehead resting on the floor.

Kev looked at the two boys who were the last ones standing.

Brandon and George shifted uncomfortably.

Quickly, Kev’s hands shot out and grabbed the two packages that were in front of them, catching a good hold of both sets of ample nuts.

Brandon and George gasped in unison.

Kev squeezed hard, kneading all four of those massive testicles in his hands and gritting his teeth, trying to inflict as much pain as possible.

Brandon and George grimaced in pain, their eyes open wide, and their mouths clenched shut.

“This is far from over”, Kev said slowly, grinding the four gonads in his big hands. “Believe me, this is far from over…”

With a quick yank and a twist, he brought both boys to their tip-toes.

George and Brandon yelped.

“You know what?” Kev said, crushing their tender nuts in his hands. “All of you are responsible for our losing streak! All! Of! You!”

With the last three words, he twisted George’s and Brandon’s packages cruelly, causing them both to scream from the top of their lungs.

Releasing his grip, he watched the two boys stumble and fall to the ground.

Kev shook his head.

He looked around the locker room.

The room was filled with the moans and the whimpers of the six guys in a disharmonic choir of miserable groans.

“Who wants to be assistant coach?” Kev said.

Most of the guys were to busy nursing their nuts to pay attention to Kev.

Kev walked over to Michael and patted his shoulder. “You angry at your brother?” he asked.

The blond boy grimaced in pain as he rubbed his sore balls. He nodded quickly.

“Great”, Kev said in a low voice. “You’re my assistant, now. Do what I say and your nuts will be spared.”

Michael shrugged. “Okay.”

Kev walked over to a locker and opened it. Producing some ropes, he said matter-of-factly, “Let’s tie them up.”

A few minutes later, the Will, Brandon, Cal, George and Zach were tied at their wrists and at their ankles. 
They protested and struggled, but Kev and Michael easily overpowered them one by one.

When they were finished, they tied the guys’ hands to the clothing hooks at the wall of the locker room so that their hands were over their heads and they had no way of freeing themselves.

Kev nodded. “Guys”, he said and walked back and forth in front of the line of half-naked, muscular bodies. “You---“

“This is going to far”, George groaned. “That’s not what---“

“Michael”, Kev said sharply and pointed at George.

Michael nodded and walked up to the curly haired actor.

George stared at him with fear in his eyes. His body, and especially his juicy fruitbasket, was completely exposed, his large plums resting vulnerably in the flimsy fabric of the wet, white bathing slips.

Michael grabbed George’s nipples with his thumbs and forefingers, and twisted them in opposite directions.

George screamed.

“Guys”, Kev shouted. “I know this might be painful for some of you …”

Michael twisted George’s nipples in the other direction, causing him to shriek in pain.

“… but as you coach it is my duty to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth …”

Michael lifted his knee and drove it into George’s crotch, catching both of his eggs dead-on and smashing them into his body. George gasped.

“… about your strengths, and – most important of all – about your---“ Kev stopped and pointed at George.

Michael took his cue and kicked George’s nuts hard. The toes of his naked foot collided with the curly boy’s precious testicles, crunching them into his pelvis and making George let out a blood-curdling scream. The sound of the impact, a wet, sick thud, echoed in the locker room.

Kev waited until George’s scream had died down to a miserable whimper. Then he continued his sentence, “---weaknesses.”

George was writhing against his restraints, his feet on the ground, his hands tied to the clothing hook, whimpering in pain.

The four other guys looked at him, grimacing in sympathy.

Their cocks were in various states of arousal.

Zach’s humongous cock had almost freed itself entirely from the thin fabric of his white bathing slip. It was pointing to the ceiling, hard as a rock, its fat head glistening with precum.

Cal’s large dick was half-hard, pointing to the side, and one of his hefty nuggets had popped out at the leg opening of his slip.

Will’s proud member was struggling with the waistband of his slip, straining the fabric to its limit and creating a veritable tent. It looked as though the flimsy fabric was about to burst any minute.

Brandon’s big cock was peeking out through the leg-opening of his slip, pointing at the floor, semi-hard. His ample eggs were compressed tightly by the bathing slip.

George’s junk looked like a tornado had run through it. Michael’s kicks had caused the fabric to roll up in some places, and his slip did nothing to conceal his ample equipment. His extralarge cock and his oversized testicles were hanging out of it, on full display, while the poor boy was writhing and moaning in pain.

“All it comes down to is trust”, Kev said and walked up to Zach. He grabbed his rockhard dick and let it slap against his stomach.

Zach groaned.

With a hard backhand-slap to his large nuts, Kev passed Zach and stood in front of Cal.

Zach whimpered in pain.

“Trust”, Kev repeated and nailed Cal’s exposed ball with a precise knuckle-punch.

Cal shrieked.

“Trust”, Kev said, standing in front of Will, now. Balling his fist, he sent it down like a hammer, hitting Will’s hard cock that was held in place by the fabric of his slip.

Will screamed.

Kev nodded and walked up to Brandon. He sighed. “Trust.” He sent his foot flying into Brandon’s crotch, catching his balls and the head of his dick, causing the handsome Asian-American to groan miserably.

The five guys were squirming and struggling against the ropes, their abs, their pecs and the muscles in their legs and arms flexing and their skin glistening with sweat.

Kev walked over to Michael who was standing at the side, watching the other guys writhe in agony. He put his arm around his naked shoulders and smiled. “Do you trust Michael?” he asked the other guys.

“Fuck you”, Will spat, grimacing in pain.

“Yeah!” Zach groaned. “Fuck you!”

“Well”, Kev said slowly. “I guess you don’t, huh?” He paused. “And you are right. He betrayed you by teaming up with me.” He looked at Michael who stared back at him. “He shouldn’t have done that. It’s bad for the team…”

Michael gulped. “But you---“

Kev raised his eyebrows and tightened his grip on Michael’s shoulders. “Yes?”

“You told me to help you…”

“No”, Kev shook his head slowly. “I asked you if you wanted to help me. And you said yes instead of standing by your team-mates…”

Michael cleared his throat. “But---“

“No”, Kev said. “No ‘but’. It’s a fact.” He quickly grabbed Michael’s hands and reached for the ropes that were lying on the ground.

Michael struggled against the muscular jock. “You bastard!” he screamed.

Kev drove his knee into Michael’s gut, knocking the wind out of him.

Michael coughed and doubled over.

It only took a few seconds for Kev to tie Michael’s hands.

Michael groaned in pain.

Kev reached between his thighs from behind and grabbed hold of his tender nuggets.

Michael gasped.

Squeezing hard, Kev led Michael to the clothing hooks by his balls.

“Fuck you!” Michael cried when Kev twisted his nuts and tied his hands to the last available clothing hook, next to Zach.

Then he let go of Michael’s balls and tied his ankles together.

Kev took a step back and admired his work.

Six guys, naked except for the flimsy fabric of the white bathing slips, their muscles flexing and their faces contorted in pain.

“Alright”, Kev said and rubbed his hand. “I guess it’s time for a bit of catharsis…”

He walked up to the boys and pulled down their bathing slips one by one, letting them hang around their ankles, and causing their hard cocks and hefty balls dangle freely between their thighs.

Taking his time, Kev walked up and down in front of the line of naked guys, watching them writhe in pain.
Stopping in front of Michael, Kev focussed on Michael’s ample equipment. His cock was as hard as the other guys’, and his balls hung low in their sac, vulnerably dangling below his massive erection. A thin line of precum was oozing out of the head of his dick, running down to the ground.

Kev cracked his knuckles and placed his hands on Michael’s shoulders. Then he drove his knee into Michael’s tender balls, crunching them into his pelvis.

Michael screamed in pain.

Again, Kev brought his knee up, colliding with Michael’s testicles and causing his dick to flap up and against his stomach.

“Crack his nuts”, Will said, watching his brother grimace in pain.

“Yeah!” George chimed in.

“Bust his balls and make him cum!” Brandon shouted.

“Make him cum!” Zach said.

“Show him!” Cal mumbled.

Michael was screaming in pain when Kev drove his knee into his precious gonads again and again. On the fifth knee-lift, Michael’s cock twitched violently.

“Yay!” Will screamed, smirking as his brother’s cock erupted with thick spurts of hot cum.

Kev quickly took a step back and turned to Zach, while Michael screamed in pain as his cock shot jet after jet of creamy white jizz onto the ground.

Kev ignored him and started working on Zach’s nuts. He punched the frat guy’s oversized testicles with powerful uppercuts.

Zach shrieked as his juicy babymakers were pummelled relentlessly by Kev.

Michael’s screams of pain seemed to turn Zach on, and it didn’t take more than ten hard hits to his balls for Zach to cum. His nuts swung wildly with every punch, filling the locker room with the sound of hard, bony knuckles crashing into soft, tender ballmeat, while his cock erupted with an explosion of his salty juice that flew through the air and splashed to the ground.

As soon as Zach’s cock let go of his fountain of jizz, Kev turned to Cal, who was next in line.

“No”, Cal whimpered as Kev brought his leg back and sent his foot crashing into the black swimmer’s juicy nuggets.

“I’m sorry”, Kev said while he powered kick after agonizing kick into Cal’s tender babymakers.

While the last waves of his powerful orgasm washed through Zach’s body, Cal screamed from the top of his lungs.

Kev’s bare foot slammed into Cal’s poor eggs, driving them into his groin and flattening them cruelly.

Cal’s enormous dick was pointing the ceiling while Kev’s foot wreaked havoc on his tender gonads.

Finally, after more than twenty hard kicks, Cal’s balls surrendered and his cock shot a hefty dose of his spunk up against Cal’s chin.

Will, Brandon and George had watched their companions’ misery, grimacing in sympathy, and knowing perfectly well what was in store for them.

Next up was Will, and Kev didn’t lose any time. He grabbed the blond gymnasts full, ripe testicles in his large hands and squeezed them hard.

Will whimpered.

“I’m not gonna give”, he hissed.

“You don’t have to”, Kev replied matter-of-factly, yanking Will’s nuts down and making him scream from the top of his lungs. “I’m gonna squeeze the juice right out of your plums.” Holding each testicle in one of his hands, he twisted them in opposite directions, making Will’s eyes bulge and the veins on his neck stand out.

His body was glistening with sweat as he tried to hold back the juice that was boiling inside his large nuggets.

Kev clenched his teeth and dug his fingernails into the soft flesh of Will’s tender balls.

“Nooooo!” Will screamed. His cock twitched violently.

“Come on!” Kev grunted and ground Will’s meatballs between his fingers.

“No!” Will cried.

With a miserable scream of defeat and humiliation, Will looked down at his cock as gallons of spunk spurted out of it.

“Good boy”, Kev said and punched Will’s busy balls.

Will let out an agonized howl, and Kev turned to Brandon.

The Asian-American swimmer bit his lips. “Fuck”, he whispered. “Kev, please---“

Kev shook his head. “It’s ‘coach’, Brandon.”

Brandon’s eyes filled with tears. “Coach, please---“

“Nothing you can do”, Kev said and threw a powerful punch at Brandon’s erect dick, slamming the tip of it into Brandon’s abs.

Brandon screamed.

Turning his attention to Brandon’s hefty balls, Kev grabbed them and held them in place with his palm. He slammed his fist into the tender nuggets.

Brandon’s cock was rock hard and glistening with sweat and precum. “Don’t”, he whispered.

Kev ignored him and punched his nuts again and again.

Brandon threw his head back and whimpered in pain as his nuts were viciously pummelled and flattened into his pelvis.

“God”, Kev mumbled, “my knuckles are starting to hurt.”

Brandon screamed from the top of lungs.

“I’ll count to three or I’ll rip them off”, Kev said. “One!” He punched Brandon’s nuts hard.

Brandon’s eyes bulged and he coughed.


His dick twitched uncontrollably.


With a ear-splitting howl, Brandon’s eyes rolled back into his head and an impressive fountain of hot, white jizz came flying out of his cock.

Kev nodded in satisfaction and turned to the last guy, George.

The curly haired actor was shivering with fear.

Kev looked to the side.

The rest of the guys were groaning, their softening dicks hanging over their spent balls, with puddles of spunk in front of them.

Kev chuckled. “Let’s see”, he said. “Who’s the best shooter?” He looked at George expectantly.

George stared at the ground. “I--- I don’t know.”

“Look at the jizz, George”, Kev said.

“Will”, George whispered.

Kev looked at the wet spots on the ground that were a couple of feet in front of the blond gymnast’s body and nodded. “Do you think you can top that?” Kev turned to George again.

George gulped. “What do you---“

“Do you think you can shoot farther than Will?” Kev said, sounding bored.

“I--- That’s--- I don’t know”, George stammered. “Well, only if you don’t hurt my nuts.”

Kev clicked his tongue. “That’s not an option, George.”

“Ke--- Coach, I don’t know if---“

“Listen, George”, Kev said, grinning viciously. “You better shoot that load as far as you can. And if you don’t shoot farther than Will, you’re off the team.”

George gulped. “But I don’t---“

“Shut up and concentrate on the finish line”, Kev said and grabbed George’s thick, fat cock, aiming straight to the front.

George’s juicy balls hung low in their sac, and Kev brought up his knee and slammed them into George’s crotch.

“Fuck!” George coughed as his balls were flattened between his crotch and Kev’s bony kneecap.

Kev slowly stroked George’s dick while he brought his knee up into George’s defenseless nuts once again.

George screamed.

“Come on”, Kev said.

His knee crashed into George’s vulnerable testicles with agonizing force, slamming the two tender nuggets into his pelvis.

George screamed in agony.

Picking up speed, Kev started to drive his knee into George’s testicles again and again, stroking his cock at the same time.

George was panting and screaming, coughing and moaning, and finally, with a sick, gurgling scream, his cock erupted with strong, thick jets of cum that splashed onto the ground.

The first jet landed a couple of inches behind Will’s frontrunner puddle, but the second one brought George over the finish line.

Kev let go of George’s spasming cock and slapped his contracting balls hard, while cum continued to spurt out of the tip of George’s dick.

“What a mess”, he said, watching the masses of sticky white cum that coated the floor.

He stood in front of the guys, careful not to step into the puddles of cum.

“Guys”, he shouted, causing the six boys to lift their heads and look at him.

They were looking miserable, spent and exhausted.

“I hope you have learned your lesson!” Kev shouted. “We’ll have to win the next ten matches or we’ll have to do this again. Understood?”


“Yes, coach”, Will said weakly.

The others chimed in.

“Yes, coach.”


“Okay, coach.”

“We’ll try, coach.”

“Yes, coach.”

Kev grinned. “Good. That’s it for now.”

He walked up to George and untied his arms.

George collapsed on the ground.

“George, help your team mates, will you?” Kev said and turned to go.

“Yes, coach”, George whispered.

“And make sure to clean up that mess on the floor!”

George nodded.

Kev walked out the door and slammed it behind him.

“Cut!” I shouted. “Thank you! We’ll just do a few more close-ups of your bodies, then we’ll call it a day.”

The guys groaned.

I smiled. “You were fantastic.”


Anonymous said...

Hot! Hot! Hot! Between twisting nips & busting balls I shot twice. Hey Alex - do you and/or Chad bone while filming?

Alex said...

I'm glad you liked the story!

As to "boning": I had to look the word up.

If you are asking whether we are fucking while filming (in which case I don't understand the "and/or"...): No, we don't, since Chad unfortunately is a proven heterosexual...

If you think of getting a hardon: Well, sometimes it gets a little hot and I can't control my self... And I've seen Chad's trousers tent, so I guess sometimes he likes what he sees, too...

Anonymous said...

Getting a hard on is what I meant Alex. Thanks. Would be hot to see you and Chad get hard!

Alex said...

I'll see what I can do... ;-))

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Alex said...

Thanks! :-))

Anonymous said...

This was awesome. Great scene, great story, the whole thing was just great ���� ��

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))