Friday, September 19, 2008


Featured in this story: Chad 
and Alex (click for pictures)

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I was sitting at my desk, trying to concentrate on a letter I had received. I had read it at least three times, but it didn’t make sense. The reason for that wasn’t incoherent writing, spelling errors or my lack of understanding the English language, but the throbbing pain in my testicles.

I grimaced and shifted my position on the chair, only to be reminded quite painfully that my cameraman Chad had done a great job hurting my reproductive organs.

Yesterday, he had repeatedly kicked and punched my naked balls. He had humiliated me in front of three businessmen who had expressed their interest in working with us. After they had seen Chad humiliate me and hurt my nuts, they had changed their plans and left.

I massaged my aching gonads. It had been a hellish night. I hadn’t been able to sleep, because the pain had kept me awake. This morning, I had decided to wear loose-fitting trousers and no underwear to allow my nuts to swing freely. I was wearing a t-shirt and sneakers.

Chad was fumbling with the camera.

Chad”, I said. “About yesterday.”

Chad lifted his head and ginned at me. “Yeah?”

“That was just wrong”, I said. “Those guys could have been our chance to turn this website into a cash cow.”

Chad shrugged. “I think we’re doing fine.”

I groaned and rubbed my throbbing nuts.

“Maybe you should see a doctor?” Chad said, glancing at me crotch and smirking. “I happen to know a pretty good one. Sammy the ball doctor.” He laughed and ran his hand over his chest. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and boots.

I sighed. “Chad---

“I don’t think those guys would have invested in our website anyway”, Chad said. He walked into the kitchen. “I’m gonna smoke a cigarette.”

Chad!” I shouted. “We have to talk about this! You can’t do things like that!”

He didn’t answer.

I stood and sneaked to the kitchen.

Chad was inside, standing at the cupboard. He had the coffee pot in his hand and was searching for a cup, apparently.

I tip-toed into the kitchen.

Chad didn’t notice me. He was standing with his feet slightly apart.

Perfect opportunity, I thought.

I brought my leg back and sent it crashing into Chad’s junk from behind.

Chad yelped and stumbled forward. His head slammed into the cupboard, causing the cups and glasses inside to clank against each other.

But he didn’t show the usual reaction. I had kicked his nuts pretty bad, but he just turned around, grinned, and placed the pot on the table.

I stared at him.

Chad smiled and knocked at his crotch with his knuckles. A hollow sound. He was wearing a cup!

“Sorry”, Chad grinned. “I guess it’s not your day…” With that, he aimed a powerful kick at my already hurting balls. His boot collided with my tender nuggets, hitting both of them with admirable precision, and ramming them into my pelvis.

I felt like he had rammed them into my throat.

I gagged and grabbed my balls. The renewed pain numbed my brain. My ears were ringing and my head was spinning. I screamed in agony.

Chad chuckled. He grabbed his crotch with both of his hands and grinned. “I don’t know about yours, but my jewels are nice and safe…”

I groaned and struggled not to collapse on the ground. My knees were touching and my hands were comforting my aching balls. And my brain couldn’t decide whether to focus on the incredible agony that was washing through my body, or the anger and rage at Chad for one-upping me. Eventually, my brain opted for the agony.

I whimpered in pain as another wave of pain washed through my body.

Chad was watching me with amusement.

“Fuck”, I croaked.

Chad chuckled.

“You fucking bastard”, I cried and lunged at him, blind with fury. I couldn’t go for his nuts, of course, so I went for the next best thing, his nipples.

Trying to ignore the pain in my plums, I reached for Chad’s nipples, attempting to get a good grip on them and tweak and twist them through the thin fabric of Chad’s shirt. But somehow I couldn’t get hold of them.

Chad just laughed and lifted his knee, smashing it into my poor, hapless nuts.

I cried out in pain and tried to retreat.

But Chad grabbed my wrists with his strong hands and drove another vicious knee into my crotch, making my vision blur and my throat tighten.

“You’re pretty predictable, Alex”, Chad said and powered another hard knee into my nuts.

My body went limp and I whimpered in pain.

His knee found my nuts again, connecting perfectly with my tenderized testicles, driving them into my crotch and making me feel like I was about to puke.

Chad let go of my wrists, allowing me to collapse on the ground.

I curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, cradling my injured genitals and muttering obscenities.

Chad grinned. He lifted his t-shirt, exposing his naked chest.

I immediately saw the reason why my nip attack hadn’t worked. The bastard had taped his nipples.

Chad grinned and patted my ass. “Better luck next time, Alex…”

I whimpered.

Chad poured himself a cup of coffee and walked out of the kitchen. “Take your time, Alex, but we have a shitload of work to do…”


Anonymous said...

Wow Alex - Chad sure has you hurting! Hope you can recover. Those knees must have busted you bad! How are those scrambled eggs feeling now?

Alex said...

Well, "scrambled eggs" is certainly an acurate expression. They hurt for quite a while...

Carter said...

Sorry for skipping around, but I love cups, they're pretty hot, so I couldn't resist.
Man, he got you good.
Great story as usual.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! Yeah, I got a thing for cups, too. :-))

Carter said...

It's kind of too bad that cups and ballbusting often don't mix very well. Though every so often you do get a really good baseball nutshot where not even a cup is gonna protect the poor guy's family jewels.
My favorite was when college player Austin Kingsolver got it in the beans.

Alex said...

I know what you mean. In my opinion, cups are hot because they allude to ballbusting even when there's no direct, acute threat to the testicles. A guy wearing a cup is smoking hot, and the best way to ballbust him is when he has just taken it off...