Monday, September 22, 2008

Pressing issues

Featured in this story: Chad and Alex (click for pictures)

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A couple of days ago, I had tried to get back at my cameraman Chad for busting my balls in front of three businessmen. He had humiliated me, and I attacked him. Unfortunately, Chad had worn a protective cup, and he had managed to turn the tables on me, again.

By now, the pain had worn off, but I was still angry at him.

He acted as if nothing had happened: Occasionally, he would smirk at me when I absentmindedly massaged my testicles under the table, but he seemed to think that the matter was closed.

It wasn’t, of course.

Today, it was time for my revenge.

It was quite a hot day and Chad was wearing short sweat pants and flip-flops. At around noon, he decided to have a go at the weight-bench to press some weights. The weight bench in our studio hadn’t been used for a couple of months.

Chad took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest and his defined abs. He was 30 years old, and very good looking. A lady’s man if there ever was one.

He laid down at the weight bench.

I watched him closely, pretending to read something.

After he had worked out for a couple of minutes, I decided it was time for me to do what was necessary…

I had to move quickly so that he didn’t have time to react.

He was groaning, working the barbell.

I inhaled slowly.

Then I started. I walked over to him, grabbed one of the 5 lb dumbbells, and slammed it into Chad’s crotch.

It sank into the soft mound in Chad’s crotch. His lying position caused his loose-fitting pants to highlight his package. The dumbbell flattened his considerable bulge, crunching his nuts and his cock as well.

Chad yelped in surprise. He was struggling not to let the barbell fall down and crush his neck.

“Fuck!” he groaned through his clenched teeth. “Alex! Don’t---“

I clicked my tongue. “I guess you better concentrate on that barbell, Chad. Those things are dangerous…”

I lifted the dumbbell again and looked at Chad. His chest was glistening with sweat and his face was beet red.

“Fuck”, he said, breathing heavily and trying to balance the barbell to put it back into the holder.

I grinned and held the dumbbell a couple of feet above his crotch.

“No”, Chad croaked, lowering the barbell quickly.

At the moment the barbell was resting in the holder, and Chad’s hands were free, I let the dumbbell fall into Chad’s crotch.

Chad screamed in pain as the heavy weight slammed into his groin, crunching his nuts with a solid thud.

Chad groaned and reached for his crotch. “Fuck”, he whimpered. His hands found the dumbbell and rolled it off his groin. Then his fingers reached inside his sweat pants to cradle his delicate jewels.

I watched him and grinned. “Sorry”, I smiled.

“Fuck you”, Chad replied, panting heavily.

I raised my eyebrows and lifted my leg. Then I placed my sneaker-clad foot on Chad’s groin and applied pressure.

Chad groaned.

I stomped down on Chad’s crotch, slowly but relentlessly crunching his hands and his balls inside his grey sweat pants.

I leaned in and twisted the ball of my foot like I was stomping out a cigarette.

Chad whimpered.

When I put my foot back on the ground, Chad curled up on the bench, massaging his aching gonads and moaning in pain.

I turned around and walked to the desk.

A couple of minutes later, Chad stood next to me, grimacing in pain, shirtless, and sweating profusely. “Alex?”

I grinned, but I didn’t look at him. Instead I continued typing and looked at the computer screen. “Yeah, Chad?”

“This is starting to get ugly”, Chad said, rubbing his aching nuts.

I nodded, hitting the keys on the computer keyboard. “That’s right.”

“So, I thought, maybe we could make a deal”, Chad said slowly.

“I don’t know”, I sighed. “We had a deal, remember?”

Chad was biting his lower lip, his hands fondling his package.

“You decided to break it”, I continued. “So I don’t know if I want another deal.”

Chad was silent.

I continued typing.

“Maybe we should have a fight?” Chad suggested.

I raised my eyebrows and turned to him. “Huh?”

“A fight”, Chad repeated. “Mano a mano. Me against you.”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. Why should we?”

Chad shrugged. “It was just an idea.” He turned to go.

“Actually”, I said slowly. “Maybe it’s not a bad idea at all…”

Chad looked at me and raised his eyebrows.

“You know”, I smiled. “We have gotten a lot of emails by people wanting you to have another appointment with Sammy the ball doctor…”

Chad grimaced and shook his head. “No way.”

I shrugged. “We’re gonna have a fight. And if I win, you’ll meet the ‘doctor’ for another therapy session.” I held out my hand.

Chad thought about that. “If I win you’ll raise my salary.”

I withdrew my hand. “Chad, that’s not---“

Chad shrugged. “If I win you’ll raise my salary.”

I hesitated. Then I held out my hand again. “Okay.”

Chad shook my hand. “Okay.”

“Tomorrow?” I suggested, holding on to Chad’s hand.

Chad grimaced. “Alright”, he said reluctantly.

I smiled. “Great. Don’t bring your cup…”

“Don’t worry”, Chad grinned. “I’ll win fair and square…”

I nodded. “Good.”

I brought my foot up and kicked his aching plums hard. The instep of my sneaker collided with the prominent bulge in his sweat pants.

“You got them both”, Chad whimpered hoarsely.

I chuckled and turned to the computer screen again, while Chad was slowly sinking to his knees, clutching his crotch and groaning miserably.

I couldn’t afford paying Chad more money. I had to win tomorrow’s fight by all means.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex - if you lose can I have Chad's jo? Please! I won't ever bust your ballls - lol

Anonymous said...

Woops - Meant Chad's job! LOL

Alex said...

I sure hope I don't lose against Chad... But if I do, you'll get a job offer... ;-)