Thursday, September 11, 2008

Auditions: Second batch of candidates

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Placing the ad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Note: Girl present. And she engages in sleazy heterosexual behaviour, too… 

Featured in this story: LoganXander and Alex (click for pictures)

Yesterday, we had met the first batch of candidates who had answered to our ad and wanted to join our team of models. Originally, there had been eight guys, but we had to let one guy go because of his insufficient equipment.

Now, six new guys were standing in the middle of the studio.

I looked at my watch. “Okay, we’re just waiting for two more guys.”

The boys nodded. They were all in their twenties, two blonds, two black haired guys, one short redhead and a boy with curly brown hair.

I grabbed the list with the guys’ names, their photos and their resumes. “Why don’t we start with you while we are waiting for Alexander and Stan?” I said.

The guys nodded again.

I turned to the redhead. He was quite small, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. His red hair was cut short and he had a friendly smile on his attractive face.

“You’re Cillian?” I asked, matching his face to the photo on my list.

Cillian nodded.

“You’re Irish, right?”

“Well, I was born in Ireland, but I’ve been living here for quite some time now”, he said with a thick Irish accent.

“Great”, I said. “You’re 23 years old?”

Cillian nodded.

“Good. Next up it’s…” I looked at my list. “Omar?”

A black haired Middle-Eastern-type guy nodded.

“I’m 24 years old and I’d like to work for you as a model”, he said, smiling.

“Yeah, thanks”, I said. “Good to have you here, Omar.”

I turned to the blond boy who was standing next to Omar. He didn’t look like he was older tan 18, a muscular, All-American boy.

Logan?” I said.

Logan nodded. “Pleased to meet you.”

I grinned. “Likewise. How old are you, Logan? It says here that you are 18. That correct?”

Logan nodded. “I turned 18 yesterday.”

“Oh, happy birthday”, I smiled.

Logan grinned.

“You are still in highschool?”

“Yep, senior”, Logan said.

“And you’re in your highschool’s wrestling team?”

Logan nodded.

“Great”, I smiled.

“Alex”, my cameraman Chad interrupted me. “I think the group’s complete, now.”

I turned around and saw two guys coming through the open door.

Okay”, I said. “Close the door now, Chad, okay?”

Chad nodded and walked past the two arriving guys.

One of them had brown hair, the other one was blond. The blond guy was considerably taller than the brown haired one, and he looked absolutely dashing.

I smiled. “Hi”, I said. “I’m Alex. We’re just in the middle of introducing everybody. Why don’t you join the other guys over there?”

The two guys nodded.

Okay”, the brown haired one said.

“Where were we?” I mumbled and looked at the list.

Logan grinned. “Highschool, 18, wrestling team.”

I smiled. “Yes, thanks, Logan.”

Next to Logan, a young, black haired guy was standing. He was very tanned, with unkept hair and tatty clothes. His shirt and his jeans had tears in them that showed parts of his muscular abs and his thighs.

“I’m Milosh”, he said.

I nodded. “23 years old?”

Milosh nodded.

“Is that your usual look for modelling?” I smiled.

Milosh stared at me.

I blushed. “Oh--- I--- I meant--- That’s a costume, right?”

Milosh laughed. “No, it isn’t.”

My head felt like it was going to explode.

“I’m living on the street”, Milosh grinned.

“I’m sorry”, I said.

Milosh shook his head and smiled. “Don’t be, it’s okay. I’m a gypsy.”

I nodded. “Okay, nice.”

Milosh chuckled. “It is, really.”

I nodded and looked at the list.

“I’m Jordan”, a blond guy grinned. “That’s quite a diverse bunch of guys here.” He laughed. “Maybe we could do a Village People revival tour.”

I raised my eyebrows and smiled. “With you as the policeman?”

Jordan laughed. “Why not? I figure myself more as one of Charly’s angels, though.”

I chuckled. “Alright. Jordan. You’re 24, right?”

Jordan grinned and nodded. “I’m a stand-up comedian.”

The look on my face must have been pretty sceptical, because Jordan said hastily, “I am. And I’m pretty successful. I can show you part of my act. But you’ll have to come to my show to see all of it.” He grinned.

I smiled. “Maybe later.”

Now, there were three people left.

“You’re Tom, right?” I turned to the guy with the curly brown hair.

He nodded. He had brown eyes and a cute smile.

“20 years old”, I read from the list. “And an artist.” I looked at him.

Tom blushed. “I’m a sculptor. But I do paintings, too.”

“Nice”, I said.

Standing next to him was the smaller one of the two guys who had been a bit late. He had short brown hair.

“Stan”, he said. “And that’s my buddy Clay.”

I looked at him at his handsome companion.

“You’re not on my list, Clay”, I said.

“I know”, the blond guy said. “I just came along with Stan. I thought, maybe you need another one?”

I looked at Clay. He was tall and attractive, with a handsome face and a muscular body. The big bulge in his jeans indicated that he was quite well endowed, too. I cleared my throat and shrugged. “Why not. It seems like Alexander isn’t coming.”

Clay smiled. “Thank you.”

Okay”, I stood and faced the group of eight guys. “Before we go on, I should tell you that we’re an adult website.” I looked at the guys, none of them looked surprised. “And we have a certain standard. Our models must meet certain requirements. Yesterday, we had to let someone go. He lied about his cock size. In fact, his dick was too small for us.”

The guys looked uncomfortable.

“So, please, take off your clothes, so that we can see that you told us the truth about your cocks”, I said.

I turned to Chad. “Why don’t you take a couple of pictures?”

Chad grinned and nodded.

A couple of minutes later, all the guys were naked.

None of them had lied about their cock size, they all had pretty impressive instruments.

Clay, the good looking surprise guest, had the longest dick of the bunch, a fat, thick member that was rock hard as soon as he pulled it out if his boxer briefs.

He was looking at the other boys’ crotches and seemed to be pretty satisfied that he had the biggest cock.

Omar’s body was covered with black hair, while all the other guys’ bodies were more or less smooth and hairless.

Milosh’s chest was hairy, too, but the rest of his body was smooth. The gypsy boy’s cock was rivalling Clay’s for the top position. He stroked his dick, grinning at me.

I cleared my throat. “Okay. Now, there’s another thing. Who has experience with body contact fighting?”

Milosh and Logan raised their hands.

“Okay, Logan, the wrestling team, right?” I said.

Logan nodded. He had a thick cock with a nice set of big, low-hanging balls dangling below.

Milosh?” I said.

“I know some boxing moves”, Milosh grinned.

I nodded. “Good. The thing is, we are a ballbusting website. That means that you’ll have to have a tough set of testicles – and the will to break your opponent’t balls…”

“No problem”, Milosh grinned.

Logan nodded. His cock was twitching. “Same here.”

The other guy’s looked mildly uncomfortable, but none of them protested.

I nodded. “Now---“

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Chad, could you get the door?” I said.

Chad nodded and got up.

“Now, I hope that’s okay for you, because…”

I noticed that the guys were no longer listening to me. They were looking past me. They were looking awkward and covering their nude crotches.

Milosh and Clay were the only guys not to hold their hands in front of their genitals. Their cocks were fully hard and they grinned happily.

Chad cleared his throat. “Alex?”

I turned around.

Behind Chad, there were three people.

A young man was standing in the middle. His hair was blond with highlights. He was wearing white trousers, white shoes and a white jacket over a purple shirt. Despite the obvious lack of sunlight here in the studio, he was wearing sunglasses.

He was holding hands with a girl in her early twenties. She had platinum blond hair in a Marilyn-Monroe-wannabe haircut and she was wearing a skintight, white dress that made her large breasts look huge. The dress was so short, it threatened to expose her pubic area. She had long legs and was wearing white high heels. Her purple lipstick matched the color of the first guy’s shirt.

On the other side, the guy with the sunglasses was holding hand with a blond boy who looked like he was the girl’s clone. His hair had the same colour as the girls, and he was wearing a white tank top and short shorts.

Obviously, neither of the two on either side was wearing underwear. The girl’s nipples stood out through the fabric of her white dress. There were no signs of underwear lines, neither on her dress, nor on the guy’s shorts.

Most of the naked guys who were standing in line were obviously very uncomfortable with a girl in the room.

I looked at the guy with the sunglasses and raised my eyebrows.

“It’s okay”, he said. He pointed at the girl. “That’s Shania. She’s my girlfriend.”

Shania shrugged.

I raised my eyebrows. “Well, that doesn’t---“

“And that”, the sunglassed boy pointed at the blond guy. “is Shorty.” He grinned. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“You must be Alexander. May I call you Alex?” I said.

The sunglassed boy grimaced. “Call me Xander. I don’t like ‘Alex’. Everybody is called ‘Alex’.”

I smiled. “Well, I guess you don’t know that my name’s Alexander, too. I’m Alex.”

Xander eyed me and smirked. “Yeah.”

I sighed. “Alright. Could you tell your girlfriend and your boyfriend to wait outside?”

Shania and Shorty looked at Xander.

Xander shook his head and slapped their asses. “Go have some fun.”

The two blond clones smiled and nodded. They walked over to the line of naked guys, who shifted uncomfortably.

I raised my eyebrows. “No, actually I---“

“Can I talk to your boss?” Xander interrupted me.

“I---“ I looked at him. “Pardon?”

Xander sighed and repeated in a bored voice. “Your boss.”

“I’m the boss”, I said.

Xander looked around the studio and laughed. “No, seriously. I want to talk to your boss.” He pointed at Chad. “Are you the boss?”

I inhaled deeply. “I am.”

Xander looked at me with a pained expression. “Alright.” He sighed again. “Can I talk to you in private?”

I shrugged. “We can go into the kitchen.”

“The kitchen”, Xander repeated. His tone of voice told me that this wasn’t what he had in mind.

I walked to the kitchen and Xander followed me.

I closed the door behind him and we sat down at the table.

“So?” I said.

He reached into the pocket of his trousers and showed me some dollar bills. He put them on the table and pushed them towards me.

I looked at the money. Then I looked at him.

“2000 bucks”, Xander said.

I waited.

Xander smiled.

“Yes?” I said.

“They are yours.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“Send those guys home. I’m your new model”, Xander said.

I smiled and shook my head. “Sorry, there are 16 candidates for the job. I’m not gonna give it to you for money.”

Xander shrugged. He reached into his pocket and put another couple of bills on the table. “2500.”

I shook my head.

Xander sighed. “3000?”

I shook my head.

Xander stared at me.

“Why do you want this job so bad?” I asked him.

Xander shrugged. “It’s a bet with a friend of mine.”

“What’s at stake?”

“None of your business”, Xander said, staring to the side. He hadn’t taken off his sunglasses.

I shrugged and stood.

“Wait”, Xander said.

I sat down again.

“If I become your new model, I get his Ferrari. If I don’t, he gets mine”, Xander said matter-of-factly.

I shrugged. “You better get the job, then…”

I stood and opened the door.

“5000. My last offer”, Xander said.

I shook my head.

Xander sighed and followed me.

We walked into the studio, where a bizarre sight greeted us.

Shania was kneeling in front of Milosh, sucking on his fat cock.

The gypsy boy had his eyes closed and was moaning in pleasure.

Next to her, Shorty was in the same position, deep-throating Clay’s oversized dick.

Milosh and Clay were moaning with pleasure while the other guys were watching them stroking their cocks.

Chad walked over to us and chuckled. “The minute you disappeared in the kitchen, they went for it… They fought over who’d get the biggest cock. He won. But I guess she’s pretty happy now, too…”

I looked at Xander. I expected him to be angry, but he smiled and watched his friends service those strangers’ cocks while he was fondling his own crotch inside his trousers. His eyes were fixed on Shorty, who had Clay’s fat, long cock all the way inside his throat.

“No gag reflex”, Xander said.

“Impressive”, I replied, watching the cute, skinny boy suck on Clay’s member.

“Small dick”, Xander smiled, squeezing his package. “That’s why I call him ‘Shorty’. His real name is… Oh, I don’t know. I call him Shorty…”

The room was filled with the slurping noise of Shania and Shorty sucking on the two fat cocks.

“But he has a great hole”, Xander said after a while. He thought for a minute. “Would you like to fuck him?”

I stared at him.

“You know, I give you 5000 bucks and Shorty’s ass. What about that?”

I shook my head. “Sorry…”

Xander sighed.

Suddenly, Milosh whispered: “I’m gonna cum.”

Shania moaned.

Milosh’s eyes glistened with exstasy as he shot his cum into the blond girl’s mouth while she was sucking on the throbbing head. He didn’t spill a drop. It all went down Shania’s throat.

A couple of seconds later, Clay started shooting, too.

“Cum on his face”, Xander said.

Clay moaned and pulled his fat cock out of Shorty’s mouth with a wet slurping sound. Jets of hot, white cum were flying out of the tip of his dick, coating Shorty’s cute face, his mouth and his nose, his closed eyes and his hair.

“Fuck”, Clay moaned when he was finished. He looked at Shorty’s face and chuckled. “Fuck…”

“Shania”, Xander said.

The blond girl was wiping her lips with her fingertips and looked at Xander.

“Clean your brother’s face”, Xander grinned.

Shania smiled and nodded. She leaned over to Shorty and lapped up the sticky semen that was covering his face.

Both of them moaned in ecstasy as guys surrounding them jerked their cocks and watched them with lust in their eyes.

“Come here, sluts”, Xander barked when Shania had licked all the cum off of her brother’s face. “Both of you!”

The two blond siblings got up and stood in front of Xander, grinning sheepishly.

Xander grabbed Shania’s head with his left hand and pulled her closer to him. Their mouths met and they shared a long, deep kiss.

Xander’s right hand ran across Shorty’s chest and his belly down to his crotch. Without breaking the kiss, Xander grabbed Shorty’s nuts and squeezed hard.

Shorty yelped.

Chuckling, Xander continued squeezing Shorty’s balls while passionately kissing Shania.

“Shorty”, Xander said, his lips touching Shania’s.

Shorty whimpered.

“Would you like some dessert?” Xander twisted Shorty’s nuts viciously.

The blond boy moaned.

“Hmm? Dessert?” Xander grinned while kissing Shania. “I have some prime meat for you…” He squeezed Shorty’s bulge hard.

A loud moan escaped Shorty’s lips while he grimaced in pain.

“Alright”, Xander said and pulled Shania’s head away from his. “Shania, get the handcuffs.” He let go of Shorty’s nuts and grinned.

Shorty grimaced and massaged his aching balls.

Bend over”, Xander smiled.

Shorty blinked.

Bend over”, Xander repeated and opened the fly of his trousers.

Shorty looked around.

The naked men around him were stoking their cocks, grinning in anticipation.

Sighing, Shorty bent over.

His sister returned with the handcuffs.

Xander pointed at Shorty’s feet.

Shania giggled and put the handcuffs around her brother’s feet, fasting his left ankle to his left wrist and his right ankle to his right wrist.

Shorty’s head was right in front of Xander’s crotch.

Xander grinned down at him. “Shania”, he said, looking deep into Shorty’s eyes. “Tell your brother to spread his legs!”

Shania giggled. “Sure, Xander”, she said. Her voice sounded as if she had inhaled a gallon of helium. “Spread your legs… Shorty…” She giggled.

Shorty gulped and complied.

Jordan, standing behind the blond boy, burst out laughing. “Look at that”, he chuckled and pointed at Shorty’s ass.

The blond boy’s naked nuts were bulging out of his short shorts, divided by the crotch seam of his shorts.

The rest of the guys laughed.

Xander had freed his cock. It was fat and thick and rock hard, pointing at Shorty.

“Shania, tell your brother to open his mouth”, Xander grinned.

Shania giggled again. “Open your mouth. Shorty”, she said, sounding like Mickey Mouse’s evil sister.

Shorty looked miserable. Tentatively, he opened his mouth.

Xander didn’t wait. He stuffed his massive erection into the blond boy’s mouth, filling it to capacity and ramming it all the way inside.

Shorty tried to protest, but his mouth was filled with Xander’s fat cock, his chin touching Xander’s balls.

“Yeah”, Xander moaned.

He pulled his cock out till Shorty’s lips were engulfing its head. Then he rammed it in again and began face-fucking the poor guy at a steady pace.

Shorty whimpered as Xander’s cock tickled his tonsils.

Xander was holding on to his hair, pushing Shorty’s head to meet his mighty thrusts.

“Guys”, Xander moaned suddenly and reached into his pocket with his free hand, pulling out a couple of bills. “20 bucks for everyone who kicks’s Shorty’s nuts.”

Shorty’s eyes widened as the naked guys cheered.

“Sure”, Stan said and stood behind Shorty. He brought his leg back and kicked Shorty’s nuts hard. His naked foot collided with the two precious orbs, slamming them into his cock and visibly flattening them.

Shorty gave a muffled scream, but he had no way of protecting himself, since his hands were cuffed to his ankles.

Shania giggled.

“Oh yeah”, Xander moaned and handed Stan a bill.

“Thanks”, Stan grinned and made way for Clay.

One after the other, the guys kicked Shorty’s poor balls, making the blond boy whimper and scream while he was sucking on Xander’s fat member.

“Watch your teeth”, Xander barked and slapped the back of Shorty’s head when a particularly vicious kick had found his agonized testicles.

Shania was standing at the side, giggling.

“Shania!” Xander said.

She grinned at him and the two shared another deep kiss while Shorty was servicing Xander’s cock.

When Logan was standing behind Shorty, preparing to kick his nuts, Xander held up his hand.

The 18 year old high school senior waited.

Xander was breathing heavily, fucking Shorty’s face with hard thrusts. His eyes were closed.

“Now”, he moaned.

Logan nodded and brought his leg back.

“Now”, Xander repeated and thrust his dick all the way into Shorty’s mouth.

Logan’s bare foot flew into Shorty’s crotch with a deafening slap.

Shorty’s body bucked and he screamed while his mouth was filled with Xander’s cock.

Xander moaned and held on to Shorty’s head. His balls contracted as he filled the blond boy with his cum.

“Here”, Xander said hoarsely and handed Logan a 50 dollar bill while the final waves of his orgasm washed through his body.

Shorty was groaning in pain.

Finally, Xander pulled his cock out, letting Shorty gasp for air and scream in pain.

Xander chuckled and pushed him to the floor where he curled up in a ball.

“The handcuffs”, Xander said, closing his fly.

Shania nodded and unlo

cked the handcuffs around Shorty’s wrists and ankles.

Her brother groaned and cupped his aching balls.

“Phew”, Xander grinned, wiping his forehead with his arm. “That was hot…”

He took Shania’s hand and the two of them walked to the door.

I knelt next to Shorty. “Everything alright?”

He groaned.

“Listen”, I said in a low voice. “That was pretty mean. If there’s anything I can do to---“

“No, thank you”, Shorty glared at me.

I raised my eyebrows. “I just thought that---“

“No, thank you!”

I smiled. “Well, you know, just in case---“

Shorty’s fist slammed into my nuts, hitting both of my delicate testicals dead-on and making my eyes lose focus.

I groaned.

Shorty grimaced and massaged his nuts.

I rolled to the side.

“Shorty?” Xander shouted.

The blond boy got up and limped to Xander and Shania.

“Let’s go”, Xander said.

The three walked to the door, Xander holding Shania’s hand, Shorty walking a few steps behind them.

“You know what I’d like to do tonight?” Xander said, kissing Shania’s cheek.

Shania giggled. “What?”

“Fuck him with your dildo”, Xander whispered.

Shania giggled again. “Only if you fuck me at the same time…”

Xander chuckled. “Deal.” He opened the door.

Shorty followed them, limping and clutching his crotch.

“You know”, Xander said, “why don’t we stop at the shop and buy an even bigger---“

The door closed behind them.

I was lying on my side, nursing my balls and looking up at nine faces that smirked at me.

“That pussyboy smashed your nuts?” Jordan grinned. “They must be pretty weak.”

I groaned. “Alright, guys, let’s call it a day. I’m gonna email you as soon as we have the dates for your fights…”

The guys nodded, put their clothes back on, and left.


Anonymous said...

Wow there are some great characters in these auditions. It will be painful to see them go when the auditions are over. Maybe some can re-appear as guests when the show is over.
Great story again, thanks.

Alex said...

Thank you! I know, it will be difficult to determine a winner. I haven't decided yet who will be the one to defeat all of his opponents...

Anonymous said...

Have you started on the fights yet? Need any help with the plots?
It would be cool if a couple of the guys have pathetic weak nuts and get mocked by the others (like Terry). Maybe one of the tough-looking, hard-talking guys can really be a wimp when his nuts are hurt...and a quiet shy guy could be really tough.
I really hope the other guys are watching the fights. I like the idea of a vocal audience.
Should be a great series!

Alex said...

I haven't started writing the fight stories, yet, and if you have any ideas concerning the plot or the pairings of the guys, I'll be happy to use them!
I'm definitely gonna use your vocal audience idea. I'm not sure whether all the candidates will be there for every match, but some of them are sure gonna watch... :-)
I guess Len (the emotionless guy from the first group) will be quiet but tough. And I'm sure I'm gonna find a hard-talking guy who'll be a wimp... :-)

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth here are my thoughts : appeal. Too irish.
Omar...interesting. maybe he has a special power like hands that crack nuts
Logan...great. Hard talking but weak balls ? Maybe wins 1st fight then gets destroyed !
Milosz...awesome. Tougher than Nestor? A winner. appeal (and will be tiring for you as a writer !) appeal. Art and ballbusting??? appeal
Clay...nice build, needs character.
Xander...awesome. Makes David seem really nice !
Nestor...Awesome. Nice tattoo. A winner in 1st fight.
Francis...great, like a skinny Zach? Likes to humiliate.
Max...interesting, needs character.
Dean...Great. A winner
Len...Great. Quiet, weak body, balls of steel appeal
So 6 characters I really like. Hope they survive the 1st round.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear more from Cillian, and Len is awsome too, but I think I like logan the best. (it's hard to choose0

Anonymous said...

Defintly Logan, I want him to go all the way!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I say Logan.

Anonymous said...

I think Len would be awsome to win.

Anonymous said...

It seems there are a few hard, seasoned fighters in the lineup. Len will need to have some special trick to beat them. It would be cool to see a really tough fighter (maybe Nestor) in agony at the feet of this small, thin guy.

Alex said...

Thank you for all your feedback! I'll include your ideas and suggestions in the stories. As I said, I'm not sure who'll be the winner in the end. I think I'll probably ask you to determine it in a poll when the field has come down to a handful of candidates...

Anonymous said...

Yes a poll is a great idea. As mentionned before, I know there is only one winner but it would be good to consider a few of the others as special guests. Many good characters here.

Alex said...

I think we'll find a way to let the most interesting characters come back even though they might not have won every fight... :-)