Sunday, September 14, 2008

One on one: Kev vs. Nate

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
Note: This story contains extensive foot domination.

Featured in this story: Kev (click for pictures)

“I’m a little bit surprised”, Nate said, taking a sip of coffee. The tall, 26 year old guy looked at me and chuckled. “I guess I didn’t expect you to want me back.”

I shrugged. “It’s not my decision, Nate.”

He nodded. The handsome guy with the auburn hair and the sparkling green eyes was dressed casually, wearing jeans, a dark green t-shirt and sneakers. The crotch of his jeans was bulged considerably.

“You aren’t exactly popular with our members, Nate”, I continued, smiling apologetically. “When we asked them to vote for their favourite models, you came in last place with 1% of the votes. I think there was just one member who cast a vote for you. Otherwise you might have ended up with zero percent. They don’t like you.”

We were sitting on the couch in the studio.

Nate smiled weakly. “Thanks”, he said sarcastically. He grabbed his crotch and looked at me. “Is it because of…” He gave his package a light squeeze. “… those?”

I shrugged. “I guess.”

Nate let go of his groin and took another sip from his cup.

I looked at his crotch. There wasn’t anything unusual visible now. But I had seen Nate naked for a couple of times. He had a rare condition called triorchidism. In plain language: He had three nuts inside his ballsac. They were three fully functional testicles, all of them well-formed and quite large. And Nate was quite proud of them.

He was a very good-looking guy, but his extraordinary equipment seemed to be a bit of a turn-off for some people.

“Where is he?” Nate asked.

I looked at my watch.

We were waiting for Kev, our 20 year old jock. My cameraman Chad had already set up the camera. He was in the kitchen, taking a cigarette break.

“I don’t know, he’s gonna be here any minute”, I said.

Twenty minutes later, Kev arrived.

He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and he was sweating heavily. The t-shirt was wet under Kev’s armpits, at the head opening and on the back. He was wearing running shoes and white socks.

“Hi”, he said, panting heavily. “I almost forgot that we had an appointment… Phew… I’m traing for a marathon and--- Phew…. Wait. Let me catch my breath.”

I stared at him.

His brown hair was dripping wet. It looked like he had run for more than an hour. His muscular body and his attractive face were hot and glistening with sweat.

“Are you sure, you wanna do it today?” I asked.

Kev was bent over, his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. “Sure”, he said, looking up. He grinned and exhaled deeply. “You’re Nate?”

Nate nodded.

“Have we met?” Kev asked, panting.

“I don’t think so”, Nate smiled, standing in front of Kev.

“You’re the three-nutter, huh?” Kev said and looked at Nate’s crotch.

Without a warning, his hand shot up and nailed Nate in the balls with a karate chop from below.

Nate blinked. Then the pain hit him. He groaned and grabbed his crotch.

Chad”, I grinned. “I guess you can start filming now…”

Kev chuckled, still breathing heavily. He straightened and stretched his arms. “God”, he said, grimacing with exhaustion. “My feet are killing me…”

Nate was doubled over, his hands cupping his package.

Kev grinned. “That’s perfect. With three nuts in that package, you don’t even have to aim properly. You just hit the sac, and you’ll get one of those suckers dead-on… Right, Nate?”

Nate groaned. “Yeah, I guess, you’re right…”

Kev sat down on the couch.

Nat was standing doubled over in front of him.

Groaning with exhaustion, Kev reached for his feet and pulled of his left shoe. His white sock was soaked with sweat.

I hadn’t noticed before, but he had pretty large feet, probably the largest of all our models.

He moved his toes and threw the shoe across the room. It landed near the desk.

Then Kev pulled off his right shoe and tentatively held it to his nose. He grimaced when the smell hit his nose. “Ughhh”, Kev groaned and quickly held the shoe at arm’s length. “Disgusting…” He chuckled and weighed the shoe in his hand. “Nate?”

Nate looked up, grimacing in pain.

“Catch!” Kev grinned and threw the shoe at Nate.

Instinctively, Nate caught the shoe.

At the same time, Kev brought his socked right foot into Nate’s crotch. His toes dug into the soft package and smashed his three testicles into his crotch.

Nate yelped. He folded at the knees and sank to the ground, holding on to the shoe with both of his hands.

Kev quickly followed up with another kick to Nate’s balls.

Nate groaned and bent over, letting go of the shoe and cupping his nuts.

Kev was sitting on the couch, watching Nate succumb to his kicks, grinning with satisfaction. He stretched his leg and nudged Nate’s shoulder, making him fall to side.

Nate moaned.

“This is fun”, Kev grinned. “Strip!”

Nate stared at him, grimacing in pain. “What?”

“Strip!” Kev repeated, smiling.

“I thought this was going to be a fair fight”, Nate groaned.

Kev shrugged. “I’m just offering you a chance to keep a tiny bit of your dignity by stripping yourself. Otherwise I’ll do it. And I’ll make sure to bust your balls in the process…” He looked at Nate. “I’m a bit tired, so, please, do us all a favour and strip.”

Nate hesitated.

“I’d like to see those three nuts of yours, too”, Kev grinned. “You’re a bit of a celebrity around here. I’ve heard so much about you…”

Nate bit his lower lip. “Alright.”

He stood and quickly took off his t-shirt and his sneakers. Then he opened the fly of his jeans and took them of, too, revealing his tightly packed boxer briefs.

He was standing in front of Kev, now, grimacing in pain and massaging his nuggets.

Kev looked at his crotch. “Well?” he said.

Nate stared at him. “What?”

“Off with those briefs”, Kev grinned and grabbed the waistband of Nate’s boxer briefs.

“Wait”, Nate said, but Kev ignored him, pulling down the briefs and exposing Nate’s ample equipment.

Nate looked down at his crotch.

His cock was semi-hard, and his overfilled sac was dangling below. He looked at Kev.

Kev grinned and grabbed Nate’s plums.

Nate winced.

“You’re a freak”, Kev smiled and squeezed hard.

Nate whimpered.

Kev kneaded the three testicles in his hand.

“Fuck”, Nate groaned and grabbed Kev’s wrists.

Kev looked up at him and raised his eyebrows. “Stop that.”

“What?” Nate whimpered.

“Let go off my hands”, Kev said calmly.

“I--- Oww!” Nate screamed as Kev continued to knead and twist his precious gonads. He tried to pull Kev’s hands away.

“This won’t work”, Kev sighed and let go of Nate’s nuts.

Nate whimpered.

Before he could grab his balls, though, Kev lifted his foot and brought it into Nate’s vulnerable nuggets in a nutcrunching kick.

Nate’s eyes bulged and he let out a hoarse moan. He grabbed his balls and collapsed on the floor.

Kev turned to me and said, “Do you have any ropes around here?”

I stared at him. “In the kitchen, I guess…”

Kev nodded and walked to the kitchen on his socked feet, leaving Nate behind him, who was curled up in a little ball, whimpering in pain and cupping his aching gonads.

A moment later, Kev returned, smiling, with two ropes in his hands.

He walked over to Nate and brutally turned him around so that he was lying on his stomach. He sat down on Nate’s ass, making Nate groan in pain as his cock and balls were squashed between his body and the hard wooden floor.

Kev tied his hands behind his back, and tied his feet as well, leaving Nate no way to protect himself. Then he turned Nate around again.

The three-nutted guy was lying on his back now, right in front of the couch. His hands and feet were tied, and he looked at Kev with fear in his eyes.

Kev grinned and sat down on the couch. “You know what?”

Nate looked at him.

“I’m a bit hot”, Kev smiled and took off his t-shirt, revealing his muscular chest and abs that were glistening with sweat. He winked at Nate and rubbed the shirt under his arm pits. Then he threw it away.

He leaned back on the couch and dangled one of his over Nate’s face.

Nate grimaced with disgust when he smelled Kev’s foot right in front of his nose.

“I guess I need a little massage for my feet”, Kev said, wiggling his toes inside the wet, white sock.

Nate stared at Kev’s socked foot, then at Kev’s face.

“Come on, don’t be shy”, Kev grinned and nudged Nate’s lips with his foot. “Help me get those socks off my feet…”

Nate kept his mouth clenched shut.

Kev sighed. “You know, I’d really appreciate your help…”

He placed his other foot on Nate’s naked genitals. He poked at his balls and looked at his face.

Nate grimaced.

Kev sighed again and nudged Nate’s semi-hard cock so that it was facing up, exposing his nuts. He lifted his foot and, with another sight, sent his heel crashing down into Nate’s balls. His heel collided with Nate’s testicles, smashing them hard.

Nate screamed in pain.

“Come on”, Kev grinned. “Help me.”

“No”, Nate whimpered in pain. He was unable to move, so he complied and opened his mouth. Biting down on the end of Kev’s sock, he moved his head, trying to pull Kev’s sock off his foot.

The sock was quite sweaty, though, and it took Nate several tries to pull them off.

Then he spat the sock out and it landed right next to his face.

Kev chuckled and rubbed the sole of his foot on Nate’s mouth.

“Like the taste”, he grinned.

Nate grimaced. “Not exactly, no.”

Kev shrugged and reached for his other foot. He pulled his sock off and threw it away.

Both of his large feet were naked now, one resting on Nate’s face, the other one manipulating Nate’s testicles.

Kev sighed. “That’s better…”

He played with Nate’s balls for a little while, lifting one nut at a time with his big toe and poking at his cock that was rock hard now.

“You know those massage things?” Kev grinned. “Those wooden foot roller things?”

Nate stared at him. “Could you please let me go?”

Kev chuckled and placed both of his feet on Nate’s nuts. He began moving his feet back and forth on the three large orbs inside Nate’s sac, adding pressure now and then, and making sure his soles were getting a proper massage.

Nate whimpered.

Kev leaned back and closed his eyes as he continued rubbing his feet on Nate’s nuts.

“That’s what I call a foot rub”, he mumbled.

He continued to run his feet over Nate’s balls, his eyes closed.

Nate was looking miserable. He was grimacing in pain, although this probably was heaven in comparison to a solid kick to his trio. Nate didn’t seem to think so, and after a couple of minutes, he started to protest.

“Kev”, he said.

“Huh?” Kev said, deeply relaxed.

“Kev!” Nate shouted.

Kev opened his eyes and looked at Nate. “What?”

“Let me go!”

Kev raised his eyebrows.

“Let me go!” Nate repeated.

Kev chuckled and looked at his feet that were resting on Nate’s nuts. “No way. This is feeling to fucking good…”

Nate groaned.

Suddenly, Kev grinned. “Look at that”, he said and pointed at Nate’s crotch.

Nate tried to lift his head and look down.

His cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling.

“Fuck”, Nate whimpered.

“You like it, huh?” Kev grinned.

“No!” Nate whined. “Let me go!”

“Let’s see”, Kev grinned and put his left foot on Nate’s dick, pushing it down against his body.

Nate groaned.

Kev chuckled and stomped on Nate’s three nuts with his right foot.

“Fuck”, Nate coughed.

Kev laughed and added more pressure to his left foot, crushing the head of Nate’s cock. His big left foot squished Nate’s dick while his right foot did the same to his balls.

Nate screamed from the top of his lungs.

Kev grinned and brought his heel down into Nate’s nuts a couple of times while crushing the head of Nate’s rock hard cock at the same time.

Nate writhed and struggled, but he was unable to free himself.

Kev chuckled. “I bet your cock and those three nuts of yours are smelling of my feet, now.”

“Fuck you!” Nate whimpered in pain.

“Funny thought”, Kev said, while rubbing one foot on Nate’s dick and crushing his nuts under the other one. “Your cock smelling like my feet.” He chuckled and crushed the head of Nate’s cock under his foot. “And your nuts, too.” He lifted his ass off the couch and added more pressure to both of his feet, crushing Nate’s dick and his nuts hard, making Nate groan in pain. “All three of them, smelling of my feet…”

“Fuck you!” Nate whispered. He was starting to pant.

Kev grinned and looked at Nate’s crotch.

Precum was oozing out of the tip of Nate’s cock.

Kev shook his head and laughed. “You like it!”

Nate shook his head in pain and humiliation. “No, I don’t!”

Kev grinned and rubbed Nate’s hard cock with his foot. “Yes, you like it…”

Nate was breathing heavily. “No!”

“You like your cock to smell of my feet”, Kev grinned and squeezed one of Nate’s nuts between his toes while stroking his cock with his foot.

“No”, Nate panted.

Suddenly, his cock erupted with a healthy load of hot, white cum. The creamy jizz came shooting out of his cock, one jet landing on his chin, another one on his abs. The rest of his creamy spunk coated Kev’s feet, covering his insteps and his toes with a slick coat of slimy jizz.

Kev laughed. “Wow, first a massage, now foot lotion. You know how to make a man’s feet feel good…”

Nate whimpered.

“Do you have the time to give my feet a little soothing finishing?” Kev grinned and held his feet up to Nate’s face, moving slowly and carefully to make sure not to let a drop of cum go to waste.

Nate whimpered. His eyes were filled with tears and his body was covered in cum.

“Come on, Nate”, Kev said.

Looking disgusted, Nate opened his mouth and began sucking on Kev’s toes, getting a good taste of his spunk and smelling Kev’s feet at the same time.

Kev sighed. He grinned with satisfaction.

When Nate was finished, Kev chuckled and patted Nate’s naked balls, making him wince and groan.

“Thanks, Nate”, Kev said and rolled him onto his stomach to untie him.

Nate whimpered and massaged his ankles and his wrists.

Kev got up and adjusted his crotch. His naked chest was still glistening with sweat, and his hair was wet, but he was looking considerably more relaxed.

“You know, I’m going to take part in that marathon next month”, Kev grinned. “There are a lot of guys who’d appreciate your special massage… I guess I can count on you?”

“No way”, Nate groaned.

“I knew you’d say yes”, Kev grinned. “Thank you!”


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Anonymous said...

I forgot to comment!

I loved it! Foot stuff isn't your forte, and perhaps describing the look of his foot on Nate's most private parts, as well as some toes-on-dick action would've made it better - but still, absolutely orgasmic!

Thank you, Alex, for indulging my relatively odd fetish! Best. Writer. Ever!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I had a lot of fun writing it... :-))