Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Auditions - round 1: Milosh vs. Clay

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Placing the ad

“Hi“, Milosh grinned and entered the room. “Waiting for me?”

I looked at my watch and sighed. “Well, we wanted to start half an hour ago.”

Today was the first day of a little ballbusting tournament we had arranged. The winner of the tournament would become the new model for our website.

Clay, a very handsome guy who looked like he could be the coverboy for “Men’s Health” magazine, was sitting on the couch, looking tired.

Milosh shrugged and grinned. “I don’t own a watch. It’s no use.”

He was wearing blue jeans and exactly the same grubby t-shirt that he had worn the day he came to the first meeting. His black hair was unkempt, and both his jeans and his t-shirt looked like they should have been replaced a couple of weeks ago. The t-shirt was torn at several spots and I tried not to stare at Milosh’s muscular abs that were visible through the tears.

Milosh had told me that he was a gypsy living on the street. He didn’t seem to be uncomfortable with that. In fact, it seemed like he was more than happy just the way he was.

The contrast between him and handsome clay couldn’t have been clearer.

Clay looked at Milosh, smiling and studying his opponent’s clothing.

Milosh grinned. “I remember you.”

Clay smiled noncommittal.

“You fed the boy your cock while I stuffed the girl’s mouth”, Milosh said, winking at Clay.

Clay shrugged. “Maybe.”

I remembered the scene very vividly.

Xander, another candidate, had brought his girlfriend and her brother to the first meeting, both of them in their early twenties. While Xander – who was a pretty unbearable asshole, by the way – and me had talked in the kitchen, his entourage had decided to have some fun with the other candidates’ cocks. When we came back into the kitchen, we were treated to the sight of Milosh and Clay standing side by side, each of them face-fucking one of the siblings.

Milosh laughed. Then he turned serious. “You like guys?”

Clay smiled and shrugged again. “Maybe.”

Milosh grinned and held up his thumb. “Playing both sides, huh? Why not…” He ran his hand through his hair, scratched his neck and looked at me. “Wanna start?”

I smiled. “Sure.”

Clay walked over to us.

“The rules are pretty simple”, I explained. “You fight against each other---”

Milosh chuckled. “Anything goes?”

I nodded.

“Okay”, Milosh grinned and cracked his knuckles. “Naked?”

I hesitated.

“Let’s fight naked”, Milosh said and nudged Clay’s side. “I’ve seen your cock, you’ve seen mine. Nothing to hide, right?”

Clay blinked.

Milosh took off his shirt, revealing his tanned, muscular, slightly hairy chest. He flexed his muscles and posed in front of Clay.

Clay shifted uncomfortably.

Milosh had told me that he was quite experienced in boxing. Either someone had told him that psychology was an important factor in a fight, or he was a natural.

I cleared my throat. “The loser is out of the running. The winner will fight again. This is the first round of our auditions. There are 16 guys. In the second round, there will be 8. Third round, 4. Then, in the final, the two last candidates will face each other and the winner will be the new model for our website”, I said.

Clay smiled and looked at Milosh. Clay was a bit taller than Milosh.

Milosh smiled, too. The 23 year old boy was muscular and had a broad back, but all in all he was rather wiry.

I turned to my cameraman Chad.

Chad grunted.

“I guess that means we can start”, I said.

Chad rolled his eyes.

Milosh took off his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. His big cock was semi-hard and his low-hanging nuts dangled freely below.

Clay looked at Milosh’s cock and smiled. Then he opened the buttons of his white shirt and threw it onto the couch. His chest was smooth and muscular. Unbuttoning his fly, he watched Milosh and grinned when he noticed that Milosh was watching his crotch. Clay took off his trousers and, with a proud grin, slipped down his boxer briefs, revealing his long, limp cock.

Milosh nodded slowly and smiled. “You have a bigger cock”, he said.

“I do”, Clay said and let his impressive meat rest on the back of his hand. He winked at Milosh and smiled. “And since this is an erotic website, I guess my chances are better, too…”

Milosh shrugged. “Maybe. But since this is a ballbusting website…” He didn’t finish the sentence. Instead, he grabbed Clay’s meaty member and twisted it around with his right hand.

Clay yelped in surprise and pain.

With the agility of a boxer, Milosh got down on one knee and launched a vicious uppercut into Clay’s dangling ballsac. His knuckles connected perfectly with Clay’s ripe plums and crunched them hard.

Clay screamed from the top of his lungs. With anger and hurt pride in his eyes, he grabbed Milosh’s hair and pulled.

Milosh grunted and head-butted Clay in the gut.

Clay coughed and doubled over, holding his gut and his nuts. His eyes narrowed and he took a couple of steps backwards.

Milosh ran his hand through his hair and got up. Slowly, he walked towards Clay. “You fight like a girl”, Milosh said in a low voice.

Clay backed away until he bumped into the wall.

“A guy who has such a big cock fights like a girl”, Milosh chuckled, walking up to Clay until his nose almost Clay’s chin. “That’s funny, don’t you agree?”

Clay cleared his throat. “I’m---“

Milosh interrupted him by kneeing him in the nuts and punching him in the face at the same time.

Clay let out a loud scream.

Milosh grinned and backed away.

Clay sank to his knees, grimacing in pain, whimpering, rubbing his chin and his agonized nuggets.

“You’re a pretty boy”, Milosh said casually, looking at his hand and shaking it as if he had hurt himself. “Really pretty.” He smiled at Clay.

Clay lifted his head. “Uh, thanks?” he whispered.

Milosh laughed. “Oh, come on”, he said and held out his hand. “It’s just a game, right?”

Clay looked at Milosh’s hand, hesitating. Then he grabbed it and Milosh pulled him up.

“See?” Milosh grinned, patting Clay’s shoulder. “Just a game.”

Clay looked like he was about to cry.

“It’s just for the camera”, Milosh grinned.

“Well”, Clay said slowly, rubbing his sore testicles. “You sure hurt my nuts.”

Milosh laughed. “I did?” He turned around, pointing at the camera. “It’s just for---“

Clay interrupted him by bringing his naked foot up into his nuts from behind, smashing Milosh’s tender babymakers hard and driving them into his pelvis.

Milosh coughed and doubled over.

“Just a game, huh?” Clay screamed, ramming his elbow into Milosh’s back.

Milosh grunted.

“I’m a model. Do you know what that means? You probably don’t, you fucking---“

Out of nowhere, Milosh’s heel snapped up into Clay’s crotch, making the attractive blond cry out.

“What did you want to say?” Milosh grunted.

Clay whimpered.

Milosh grabbed Clay’s right foot and pulled, sending Clay stumbling to the ground. He landed on his ass and screamed in pain.

Milosh shook his head slowly and sat down on Clay’s abs, facing his feet, both knees on Clay’s arms.

The poor, handsome boy struggled, but Milosh was stronger.

“What did you want to say?” Milosh repeated, getting a tight grip on Clay’s cock with his right hand and on his plump nuts with his left.

“Fuck you!” Clay spat.

“What did you want to say?” Milosh said with a smile. He waited a short moment, then he viciously twisted Clay cock.

Clay screamed from the top of his lungs.

Milosh ignored him and twisted Clay’s nuts in the opposite direction, causing Clay to scream even louder.

“Stop!” Clay cried.

“Tell me”, Milosh said, smiling and digging his dirty fingernails into Clay’s tender nutmeat, all the while twisting his precious jewels. “What did you want to say?”

“Stop, please!”

Milosh chuckled and let go of Clay’s nuts.

Clay’s cock was hardening inside Milosh’s firm grip, and he quickly twisted his hand, renewing the pain that Clay was feeling.

Tears were running down Clay’s face. “Stop, please”, he wailed.

Milosh balled his fist and looked down at Clay’s nuts.

Sensing that Milosh was up to something, but unable to see what he was doing, Clay struggled and writhed underneath him.

Milosh shook his head. Then he landed a picture-perfect punch into Clay’s sore babymakers.

“Noooo!” Clay cried.

His handsome face was a mask of pain, tears were streaming down his cheeks, his nose was running and his chin was looking badly bruised.

Another punch rammed Clay’s tender nuts into his thigh.

Clay was crying like a baby. “Stop, please”, he whimpered. “Please!”

“What did you want to say?” Milosh repeated calmly. “I’m gonna stop as soon as you say it.”

Clay mumbled something.

“I didn’t hear you”, Milosh sighed and punched Clay’s poor nuts once more.

“Lowlife”, Clay screamed. “You fucking lowlife!”

Milosh laughed. Throwing one last, almost playful punch into Clay’s balls, he got up and let Clay curl up in a ball.

Clay whimpered and cried, sobbing in pain and nursing his tender balls.

Milosh sat down next to him and grinned. “You know what? Why didn’t you say so right away? I’ve been called a lot worse…” He shook his head and grinned, slapping Clay’s naked ass with a resounding smack. “You know, you’re a goodlooking guy.”

Clay whimpered.

“I’m just not sure if fighting is your strong point”, Milosh grinned and slapped Clay’s ass again, leaving a red mark on Clay’s perfect skin.

Milosh got up and walked to the couch.

He smiled at me and put his jeans and his t-shirt back on. “I guess I won.”

I looked at Clay who was reduced to a sobbing mess.

“I guess so, too”, I said slowly.

“Great”, Milosh grinned. “See you next time!”

I nodded and shook his hand.

Before Milosh left, he walked over to Clay and patted his naked back. “See you”, he said.

Clay whimpered.

Half an hour later, Clay was putting his clothes back on, looking hurt and humiliated. His chin was bright red and he grimaced as he stuffed his equipment into his boxer briefs.

“I’m sorry”, I said and held out my hand.

“Yeah, sure”, Clay said sharply and walked out the room.


Anonymous said...

Great. I'm glad Milosh won...some of your models are one-dimensional (this is not a criticism!), so I like the fact that he has a more complex character. He seems to be hard as nails but wasn't really tested this time. I hope those gypsy nuts get a real bashing next time and we'll find out if he's got what it takes to be champion.
Good luck Milosh !

Anonymous said...

ya, Milosh is awsome...

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (1):
Yeah, I know that some characters are one-dimensional. I'm glad that you like Milosh! I do, too... :-))