Thursday, September 18, 2008


Featured in this story: Chad and Alex (click for pictures)

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Bad hair day
On cue

I should have seen it coming.

My cameraman Chad had been nice and friendly since I had cracked his nuts with a pool cue. I knew he was angry at me for ruining yet another date for him, but he didn’t show it. We worked together and talked about this and that, and I thought that maybe he had forgotten about the incident. Or maybe he had forgiven me. Of course he had not.

Today was a particularly busy day and tonight I was going to meet some people who considered investing in our little website. I had no time to go home, so I decided to take a shower at the studio and head to the meeting right away.

“What do you expect from that meeting anyway?” Chad said and looked at me.

“I don’t know”, I said, unbuttoning my shirt and putting it onto the couch. “Maybe they want to advertise on our website and we’ll get rich.” I grinned and took off my jeans.

Chad shook his head slowly. He was wearing jeans, a beige t-shirt, and boots. “You really think so?”

I stared at him while taking off my socks and trying to keep my balance. “I don’t know…”

“I think it’s a waste of time”, Chad said.

Chad”, I said, starting to get annoyed. “I’ll tell you about the meeting tomorrow. But I won’t know what’s going to happen if I don’t meet them!”

Chad shrugged.

I was standing in the middle of the room, wearing nothing but my skimpy white briefs. “I’m gonna take a shower.” I looked at my watch and took it off. “The meeting’s in twenty minutes. I gotta hurry.”

Chad nodded and turned to the computer.

I walked into the bathroom and took a quick shower.

After I had towelled myself off, I reached for my briefs. I had put them on the floor. They weren’t there.

“Chad?” I shouted.

No answer.



I wrapped the white towel around my waist and opened the door to the studio.


I looked around. The studio was empty.

“Fuck”, I grunted.

The place where I had put my jeans, my shirt, my socks and my shoes was empty, too.


I was alone in the studio, naked except for the towel.

“Chad!” I shouted again. “Quit playing games! I have to hurry!”

Suddenly, the kitchen door opened. Chad was smoking a cigarette, grinning at me. He leaned against the doorframe. “Did you say something?”

I rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen. I saw my clothes lie on the kitchen table. I tried to get past Chad but he was blocking the way.

I took a step back and put my hands on my hips. “Chad?” I said impatiently. “Could you give me my clothes back? Please?”

Chad grinned.

Suddenly he grabbed the towel and pulled it away, exposing my naked genitals.

I sighed. Chad had seen me naked before, so I didn’t see the need to pretend to be prudish and cover myself up. Instead, I tried to maintain my dignity and a certain level of authority by frowning at him and keeping my hands on my hips.

Chad looked at my crotch and chuckled.

I raised my eyebrows. “We’re not in kindergarten, are we?”

Chad laughed. “Well, your junk sure reminds me of that…”

I shook my head slowly and sighed. Granted, my balls were no grapefruits, but they weren’t raisins, either. And my cock had a slightly above average length. There was no reason for me to be embarrassed. At all.

Suddenly I realized that this position left my nuts extremely vulnerable. I turned my head to see if someone was standing behind me, waiting to kick my nuts. A couple of months ago, Chad had hired someone to do the dirty work for him, so this thought didn’t seem to be too unreasonable.

Today, though, Chad’s technique was a lot simpler.

When my head turned back to Chad again, I was met with a triumphant grin and a well-placed boot in the balls. The tip of his shoe caught both of my tender testicles, driving my right nut into my pelvis and wedging my left one against my thigh.

My cock flapped up against my abs and I instantly doubled over.

“Chad”, I croaked in a toneless voice as I grabbed my aching nuggets in my hands and sank to my knees. I doubled over, letting my forehead rest on the ground, my naked ass sticking out.

Chad chuckled. When I looked up, he wasn’t standing in front of me anymore.

Right at that moment, he gave me a little hint concerning his whereabouts, when his boot-clad foot came crashing into my poor balls from behind, slamming my hands into my precious nuggets and making me cry out from the top of my lungs.

I didn’t know what was worse: the dull, pulsating pain that radiated from my plums, or the sharp, screaming pain that came from my fingers. For a moment, I thought he had broken one or two of my fingers.

“Chad!” I wailed. “Please!”

But Chad didn’t stop. He kicked my agonized groin once again, bringing his boot into my crotch from behind, and catching my fingers and my nuts dead-on.

I shrieked and let go of my balls to get my hands out of the way.

Chad didn’t think twice about that chance. I guess he saw my two dangling fruits swinging more or less happily between my legs inside their reddened sac of skin, and decided they were ripe for a picking… Anyway, his boot found my agonized balls once again, slamming the two naked eggs and making me jump forward and fall flat on the floor.

I whimpered in pain as I rolled on the ground and nursed my battered nuts. “Chad”, I sobbed. “I have to go to the meeting...”

“I’ve changed your plans”, Chad grinned and pointed at the kitchen door.

Three men in their thirties were standing in the doorframe. They were wearing business suits and glasses. They could have been triplets, with black hair, handsome features and serious expressions on their faces, carrying briefcases.

“I thought they’d like to see what we are doing on our website”, Chad said cheerfully.

I was lying on the floor, sobbing in pain, my nuts feeling like they had been run over by a truck.

One of the three guys cleared his throat. “I don’t get it. What is it that you do?”

Chad grinned and grabbed one of my ankles, yanking it up.

I was clutching my nuts.

“Let go”, Chad said. “The gentlemen wants another demonstration.”

“Oh”, the guy said quickly. “I don’t think that’s nece---“

“It is”, Chad grinned. Then he turned to me again. “Let. Go.”

I groaned and reluctantly let go of my nuts.

The three businessmen stared at my junk.

I never felt this humiliated in my whole life.

“Our models have bigger balls”, Chad said with an apologetic smile. Then he punched my naked testicles. His knuckles dug into the soft flesh of my poor, aching gonads and crunched them into my pelvis.

I shrieked in pain.

The businessmen winced at the loud noise and grimaced.

I sobbed and curled up in a ball, yanking my foot out of Chad’s grip.

Chad chuckled.

My ears were ringing. Chad and the businessmen talked to each other. I didn’t concentrate on what they were saying. I just heard a couple of words. Tasteless. Embarrassing. Disgusting.

I whimpered and closed my eyes, trying to make the pain go away.

I heard the businessmen leave.

“Chad”, I whimpered weakly. “What did they say?”

“Sorry”, Chad replied. “They didn’t like you.” He walked to the kitchen. “Do you mind if I close the door?” He chuckled. “I can’t concentrate when you are crying like a baby…”

I groaned.


Anonymous said...

Wow Alex Chad got you good! Way hot showing the suits how to bust. What color pubes you got? Any chest hair?

Alex said...

Yeah, he really got me good. My pubes are blond, a bit darker than the hair on my head... And for chest hair: There are a couple, but my chest is pretty smooth...

Carter said...

Wow, that was pretty harsh of him.
Anyway hopefully in the future you can find a way to make some cash. Maybe you can advertise some of those shirts the skater boy wears.
If I understand correctly there seemed to be more than one company. Maybe one wants to hire you to advertise so they can get a leg up on the competition.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! By now I'm pretty happy with the way the site is developing... ;-)