Monday, September 29, 2008

Auditions - round 1: Len vs. Francis

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Placing the ad

I watched Len as he was sitting on the couch. He was a quiet guy with blond hair and a cute face. But something about him irritated me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

The 20 year old blond had arrived twenty minutes early and I had offered him a cup of coffee.
Len had declined.

He hadn’t wanted tea or a soft drink, either, and when I had asked him whether he would like a beer, he had stared at me as if I had offered him a line of cocaine and a prostitute.

Now, we were sitting opposite each other, waiting for Francis, Len’s opponent, to arrive. Len and Francis were going to fight against each other in the first round of our selection process to find a new model for our website. At the end, there would be only one guy left.

I cleared my throat. “Looks like it’s going to rain”, I said, trying desperately to find a topic Len was willing to discuss.

Before, I had tried everything I could think of, TV, movies, music, politics, the economy.

“I guess the farmers could use some rain”, I added, smiling weakly.

The lanky boy shrugged.

I looked at my watch and sighed.

A minute of silence passed.

Suddenly, the door opened.

I winced.

Len didn’t move at all.

I looked at the door and saw Dean, Nestor and Logan smile at me. I had told all the candidates that they could come and watch some of the fights if they wanted to.

“Thank God”, I mumbled and stood. “Hey guys!” I said, maybe a bit too enthusiastic. I must have sounded as if I had just won a lottery. “Nice to see you!”

“Hi, Alex”, Dean said. He was an attractive 24 year old with black hair.

Logan was a blond high school senior who had just turned 18, an All-American boy with an easygoing attitude and some experience in high school wrestling. He smiled and nodded at me.

The third guy, Nestor, was 23 years old Latino. He had shoulder-length black hair and a ponytail. He had an innocent face, but a small scar on his forehead and a larger one on his left cheek indicated that he had been involved in some bad street fighting.

Behind Nestor, Francis appeared in the door. He was 21 years old, blond and attractive, wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt.

“Make yourselves comfortable”, I said and pointed to the couch and the chairs.

“Great, thanks”, Logan said.

The three guys sat down.

Francis raised his eyebrows and smiled at me. “Hi, Alex”, he said. “Am I late?”

I looked at my watch once more. “No”, I sighed, “You are five minutes early. Have you met Len?”

Len walked towards us and shook Francis’ hand.

Francis smiled. “Francis. Pleasure to meet you, Len.”

Len nodded.

Francis blinked and looked at me.

I shrugged.

“And Nestor, Dean and Logan have come to watch the fight”, I said.

Francis looked at the guys and smiled.

I turned around and saw Chad standing behind the camera. “Ready?”

Chad nodded.

“Good”, I said and turned around again. “I guess we can start right---“

“I thought I’d take my clothes off right away”, Francis said cheerfully, standing stark naked next to Len who looked remarkably unimpressed.

Logan and Dean chuckled.

“Nothing wrong with that”, I said slowly, trying not to stare at Francis’ crotch where a massive erection was staring back at me. Below Francis’ meaty member, two hefty balls were hanging peacefully in his hairless sac.

I cleared my throat.

Len glanced down at Francis’ cock but didn’t give a visible reaction.

Francis grinned and slapped his large cock so that it swung up and down with a slow, heavy motion.

“You like being naked, huh?” Len said suddenly.

He had a low, pleasant voice.

I didn’t understand why he chose to be so taciturn.

Francis looked at Len. Then he laughed. “Well, yeah, I guess you can say that”, he grinned. He ran his finger over his long, hard cock, petting it affectionately. “Some friends of mine say that I’m in love with my wiener. It’s quite big, don’t you think?” Francis smiled at Len, waiting for him to praise the admittedly very impressive club that he called his dick.

But Len didn’t.

Francis looked at me, irritated.

“It’s one of the biggest I’ve ever seen”, I said quickly.

Francis grinned. “And you have seen plenty, haven’t you?”

Nestor, Logan and Dean were talking to each other.

I decided to change the subject. “Len, could you take off your clothes, too?”

Len gave a quick nod and started undressing.

He had a pale, lanky body. His chest was hairless and smooth, just like the rest of his body. His cock was big, but no landmark like Francis’. His large testicles were held tight by his shaven sac. His feet were quite large for a guy of his height.

Len looked at Francis, then at me.

I smiled. “Okay. No rules.”

Francis nodded. “So going for the balls is legal?”

I grinned. “It’s strongly encouraged.”

“Yeah”, Dean chuckled.

Francis grinned. “Okay.”

“The loser is out of the running. The winner has made it to the next round”, I explained.

“Okay”, Francis repeated. He watched Len. Then he came towards me and whispered into my ear, “This is going to be easy.”

I was distracted by the fact that Francis’ monster cock was brushing my thigh, so I didn’t react until Francis was standing in front of Len.

The lanky blond looked at Francis.

Francis grinned.

Then, out of nowhere, he powered his bare foot into Len’s ballsack. Len’s nuts were crushed against his pelvis with a resounding slap.

Logan laughed.

Dean cringed in sympathy.

“Ouch”, Nestor grinned.

Francis grinned, too, confident of victory. He looked at Len, waiting for the boy to go down.

But Len just stared at him. A slight, almost invisible twitching of his eyebrow was the only reaction to Francis’ powerful kick.

Francis’ mouth was hanging open. He let out a disbelieving laugh.

Len just shrugged.

“Yeah!” Logan chuckled and started clapping.

Dean and Nestor joined in.

Francis’ eyes narrowed.

Len looked bored. “Wanna try again?” he said matter-of-factly.

Francis blinked. Then he brought his leg back and sent his foot flying into Len’s balls again. His instep crashed into Len’s meaty balls and flattened them into his pelvis.

Len shrugged again.

“Yeah, show him!” Logan shouted, laughing.

Francis stared at him. “What the---“ He looked at me. “What is this? Hidden camera.” He turned to Len again. “Do you have balls of steel? Or no balls at all?”

Len shrugged again.

Francis shook his head and took a few steps back. With a running start, he kicked Len’s testicles, hitting both of them dead-on, but – once again – Len took it without batting an eye.

Logan, Dean and Nestor cheered and clapped, obviously quite impressed by the lanky boy.
Francis shook his head.

“I guess that tactic isn’t working”, Logan shouted at him. “Do you have anything else?”

Francis stared at Len. “This isn’t---“

Len interrupted him, “My turn now, right?”, and reached for Francis’ pendulous ballsac.
Francis stared at him in disbelief.

Len wrapped his right hand around Francis’ ballsac and squeezed hard.

Francis inhaled sharply and stood on his tip-toes.

“Yeah, you go, boy”, Dean shouted, grinning.

Grabbing Francis’ left nut with his left hand and his right nut with his right hand, Len started squishing both of his opponent’s large testicles between his fingers.

Francis let out a yelp.

Len was concentrating on the two meaty nuggets in his hand. He twisted Francis’ orbs in opposite directions, making Francis scream from the top of his lungs.

“Ooooohhh”, Dean grimaced in sympathy.

Nestor and Logan were grinning.

Francis was breaking out in a sweat. He was breathing heavily. Then he tried to launch a counter-attack. He grabbed Len’s nuts and squeezed hard.

Len’s eyebrows twitched for a short moment, but he didn’t lose his grip on Francis’ nuts.

Francis screamed in anger, frustration and pain.

Suddenly, Len let go of Francis’ nuts.

Francis let out a sigh of relief.

But Len wrapped his arms around Francis’ body, wedging both of their cocks in between them, and lifted his knee right into Francis’ balls. Thwack.

Francis coughed.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Francis’ hair was wet with sweat and he struggled against Len, but he couldn’t get a good grip on the lanky boy’s naked body.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

“Fuck”, Francis groaned.

Logan, Nestor and Dean started cheering for Len, clapping their hands and shouting.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Francis’ eyes lost focus.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

“Go, Len!” Logan shouted, laughing.

Thwack. Thwack.

Francis’ body went limp.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

“Stop”, Francis whimpered.

Len took a step back.

Francis’ proud erection had deflated to a long, limp sausage that hung in front of his bruised balls. He doubled over in agony.

Len stared at him.

“You give up?” Dean shouted.

Nestor and Logan chuckled.

Francis massaged his aching balls, grimacing in pain. “That guy is a robot”, Francis mumbled. He balled his fist and punched Len in the abs, taking him by surprise.

Len stumbled back and groaned. Then he focussed on Francis again, rubbing his abs.

“Oh”, Logan grinned. “I guess you have made him angry…”

Francis was busy nursing his battered balls. He turned to the three guys on the couch and yelled, “What do you want me to do?”

Logan chuckled, “Lose.”

Nestor and Dean laughed.

Francis turned to Len again.

The blond boy hadn’t moved.

Francis let out a low growl and lunged at him.

Moving quickly, Len stepped to the side, causing Francis to hit the wall and fall to the floor.

Logan and Dean burst out laughing.

Nestor shook his head and chuckled.

Francis groaned and held his head.

Len slowly walked towards him. He spread Francis’ legs apart with his hands and looked down at Francis’ big balls.

Francis let out a miserable groan.

Len placed his bare foot on Francis’ crotch and shifted his weight, adding pressure and squishing Francis’ jewels underneath the sole of his foot.

Francis’ eyes bulged.

Len shrugged and pulled Francis’ feet towards him, crushing Francis’ trapped nuts. He twisted his foot, causing Francis to let out a blood-curdling scream.

Logan and Dean thought that that was hilarious. They clapped and cheered, while Nestor grinned and shook his head.

“Yeah! Squish his balls!” Logan shouted.

“Turn those nuts into peanut butter!” Dean chimed in.

“Chunky peanut butter!” Logan added, laughing.

Len ignored them and continued grinding Francis’ testicles with his large foot.

Francis whimpered in pain, struggling and trying to get out of Len’s grip.

But Len held on to his feet. It was amazing how much power seemed to be in that lanky boy.

Francis’ face was red and he screamed from the top of his lungs.

After another minute of merciless grinding, Len lifted his foot for a short moment and brought it back down into Francis’ crotch, hammering the heel of his foot into Francis’ precious nuts.

Francis coughed and groaned.

Another heel strike caught Francis’ nuts dead-on.

“One!” Logan shouted.

Len sent down his heel once more.

Dean looked at Logan and grinned. “Two!” the two guys yelled.

Again, Len’s heel crushed Francis’ nuts.

“Three!” This time, even Nestor had chimed in.

Len didn’t seem to hear the three boys edging him on.

Francis was groaning in pain as the next blow connected with his balls.


Francis looked up at Len, his eyes pleading for mercy. “I---“

Len’s heel smashed into Francis’ nuggets, interrupting him in a very painful way.


“I give”, Francis whimpered.

Len let go of Francis’ ankles and turned around.

Francis curled up in a little ball, moaning and groaning, nursing his battered balls with his hands and probably worrying if his long, thick cock would ever be the same again.

Len put on his clothes and looked at me.

“Bye”, he said before turning on his heels and leaving the studio.

I watched him, baffled.

Then I turned to Dean, Nestor and Logan who grinned at me.

Logan pointed at Francis who was whimpering in pain. “He’s out, huh?”

I nodded.

“That little guy has tough nuts”, Nestor said matter-of-factly.

Logan chuckled. “I wouldn’t want to be his next opponent…”

Nestor shrugged. “Everyone has their weakness.”

Logan stood and shook my hand. “Thanks”, he said. “I gotta go. Training.”

“Wrestling?” Dean asked.

Logan nodded and grinned. “Maybe I can use some of Len’s moves…”


Anonymous said...

Len is awsome, but I think he should be a bit more emotionless and silent (if possible), and communicates virtually entirley with shrugs. I wish he had a bigger cock tho, he should.

and I can't wwait to see Logan eithier

Alex said...

From a writer's perspective, it's very hard (at least for me, maybe it has something to do with not being a native speaker...) to write an engaging story with a central character who doesn't talk and just shrugs.

I'll try in the next story with Len, though...

Thanks for your feedback!

Anonymous said...

Len is entertaining for a couple of stories but I really hope he is eliminated soon. I prefer the more "human" characters. There are many more interesting guys in the list : Xander, Milosz for example. Great series, I look forward to the next fights.

Anonymous said...

Loved the story, cant wait for the next elimenation round. :) Im rooting for Logan.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you like Xander, Milosh and Logan. I do, too... :-)

Anonymous said...

I have literally no words to describe what I just read. Maybe you guys think I have a weak stomach, but this is almost skin crawling! :$