Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hired help

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Chad on the warpath

Junk food
Coffee break
Heavy shower

A few days ago I had busted my cameraman Chad’s nuts in the shower. Among other things, I had towel-snapped his jewels and all but ruined his night. He had planned to go on a date that night and I was pretty sure that after my well-planned actions he had felt the need to adjust his plans to the new testicular situation…

But I wasn’t done, yet. Somehow, this whole thing had gone out of control and I was very keen on busting Chad’s nuts again before he would be able to get revenge.

I had talked to my old friend Jon on the phone and told him about the ongoing feud between Chad and me. Jon ran a courier service and I hoped he could help me…

I was sitting at my desk now, grinning, and thinking back to the conversation with Jon.

“Battle of the balls, huh”, Jon had chuckled. “We had one here at our headquarters a few weeks ago. It left a couple of us quite bruised… I think I know just the guy to help you…”

Chad was in the kitchen, smoking a cigarette and drinking a cup of coffee. He was wearing a colourful t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. He had natural good looks that managed to trump his poor choice of summer clothing. His ample endowment – an advantageous feature that proved to be quite popular with the girls – was clearly outlined in the flimsy fabric and I was pretty sure that he was going commando.

The doorbell rang.

I looked at the kitchen.

Chad looked at me, the cigarette in his hand.

I pretended to be busy.

The doorbell rang again.

“Alex?” Chad shouted.

I pretended not to hear him.


The doorbell rang again.

I heard Chad swear and grinned.

He shot me an angry look and went for the door.

I watched him, curious what would happen next.

Chad opened the door. “Yes”, he barked.

I couldn’t hear what the other person was saying.

“Come in”, Chad said.

The visitor was someone from a courier service. He was a young man, around twenty years old, with freckles and a baseball cap on his blond hair. His t-shirt said “HISPEED MS” He was carrying a small package.

I grinned.

Chad closed the door and the two of them walked to the couch.

I watched them.

The doorbell rang.

Chad and the freckled guy were talking. Chad signed his name on a sheet of paper and started to unwrap the package.

My eyes fixed on the couple and waiting for the freckled guy to go for Chad’s gonads, I walked to the door and opened it.

“Hi”, I said absentmindedly, trying not to miss the point when the freckled boy smashed Chad’s plums.

“You Chad?” a lanky boy said.

I looked at him and blinked.

“I have a message for you”, the boy continued, grinning.

I opened my mouth to protest, but the boy’s foot shot forward and nailed my nuts dead-on.

I coughed.

“With best wishes from Alex”, the boy grinned, and kicked my nuts once more.

He was wearing sneakers, and he seemed to have perfect aim. The instep of his shoe connected with the bulge in my jeans, crunching both of my nuts into my pelvis, and sending waves of pain through my body.

I groaned and doubled over. “No”, I whispered and grabbed my balls. I looked at the boy. He was tall and lanky, had short black hair and green eyes. He was roughly the same age as the freckled boy, and he was wearing similar clothing. The writing on his t-shirt said “J’S BIKE COURIER SERVICE”.

I groaned again. “This is---“

The boy shrugged and drove another kick into my agonized testicles. His toes smashed my hands that were cupping my groin, driving them into my balls and adding a sharp pain in my fingers to the throbbing pain in my nuggets.

I shrieked and let go of my balls for a brief moment.

That time was enough, however, for the lanky messenger to kick my nuts once more.

I shrieked in pain, when his shoe connected with my nuts, flattening them like pancakes and sending fresh waves of agony through my body.

I grabbed my nads again and groaned miserably. I noticed Chad and the freckled boy standing next to me.

“What’s this about?” Chad asked, frowning.

The lanky boy grinned. “Message for Chad from Alex…”

The freckled boy laughed.

Chad raised his eyesbrows. “Oh. Well, thanks. Perhaps you could repeat the message again, so that ‘Chad’ understands it properly.”

The lanky boy chuckled. “You’re the boss.”

“No”, I croaked. “He’s---“

“Let’s help him”, Chad interrupted me and grabbed my left arm.

The freckled guy grinned and grabbed my right arm, pulling my hand away from my groin.

The lanky messenger smiled and nodded.

We were standing in the stairway, my moans echoing through the building.

With a resounding thud, the messenger’s shoe connected with my unprotected crotch again.

I yelped.

In rapid succession, the lanky boy kicked my nuts three more times.

I screamed in pain and struggled against the vice-like grips on my arms.

“Hey, why don’t you open his fly?” the freckled boy suggested grinning. “Deliver the message more directly…”

The lanky boy chuckled and grabbed the waistband of my jeans.

I groaned in pain. “Stop!”

He unbuttoned my jeans and reached inside my boxer briefs, pulling out my nuts and my limp dick and letting them hang out of my fly.

He looked at my vulnerable equipment and grinned with satisfaction.

“No”, I croaked. “Please, I---“

The lanky boy balled his fist and threw a mean uppercut into my unprotected, naked plums.

I coughed.

Chad and the two boys laughed, and the lanky messenger repeated the move, smashing my aching nuggets with his fist.

My vision blurred and I started to see stars.

“I think he got the message”, I heard Chad say.

“Great”, the messenger replied cheerfully and drove one last, hard kick into my precious balls.

I coughed and gagged.

Chad and the freckled boy let go of me.

“Okay”, the lanky messenger said. “That’s it.”

I collapsed on the ground.


I heard him walk down the stairs.

“That was weird”, I heard the freckled boy say. “Anyway, if there are problems with the new lens, just call us.”

“Alright, thanks”, Chad replied.

More footsteps down the stairs.

My nuts were killing me. I thought I was about to die. The pain was unbearable and I cradled my abused, naked balls in my hand.

“Come on”, Chad said and helped me up. He brought me into the studio, closed the door, and helped me sit down on the couch.

Then he left me alone and disappeared in the kitchen.

Half an hour later, when I was able to walk again, I joined him.

He was smoking a cigarette.

“The plan backfired, huh?” Chad grinned, blowing rings with the cigarette smoke.

I nodded, nursing my aching nuts.

Chad laughed. “It’s hard to get good help these days…”

I groaned.


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Anonymous said...

Oops, guees you'll leave it between you and Chad from now on. lol

Carter said...

I think maybe you kind of deserved that a little. Still hilarious chapter, I loved it.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed that little story!