Sunday, June 8, 2008


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Cool intentions
Ryan goes down
Special Guest Star: Ryan Phillippe
Featured in this story: the twins (click for pictures)

The twins arrived early.

“You can’t wait to meet Ryan Phillippe, huh?” I grinned.

A few days ago Ryan had starred in a Special Guest Star episode for our website. He had left a DVD here that he was coming to collect today. I had told the twins about it because I knew they were a bit mad at me for not asking them to co-star with Ryan before, and they were both avid fans of Mr Ex-Witherspoon.

Will smiled and pointed at his brother Michael. “He’s been pestering me all day…”

Michael rolled his eyes and shrugged.

Both of them had dressed for the occasion. Their blond hair looked very recently cut, and deliberately tousled. I could only imagine how many different boxes, cans and jars of hair care products had gone into making it look so casual.

They looked stunning, wearing blue jeans that matched their eye color, and classy shirts that accentuated their muscular upper bodies. The bulges in their crotches were huge, and I would have supposed that they had made use of artificial enhancements – vulgo: rolled-up socks – if I hadn’t known that they were indeed more than abundantly endowed…

“It’s no big deal”, Michael lied. “I just want to get his autograph…”

“You like him?” I grinned.

“Like? He adores him!” Will chimed in. “He has seen every movie, even ‘54’, ‘I know what you did last summer’, and the train wreck called ‘Crash’…”

“’Crash’ is a good movie”, Michael muttered.

“Yeah, and RuPaul is a real woman”, Will laughed. “Whatever you s---“

Suddenly, Michael lunged at his brother, ramming his shoulder into his chest and knocking him over. Will landed on the floor, lying on his back and still laughing, when Michael jumped down on him. Within seconds, the two cute twins were in the middle of a brotherly wrestling match, trying to get each other in a hold, grappling each other and punching each others’ bodies.

The door opened.

“Guys”, I said.

Michael yelped when Will grabbed hold of his jeans-clad crotch.

I sighed.

Will laughed and squeezed hard, making Michael even more furious. He screamed in pain and fury and brought his knee up between Will’s legs.

That stopped Will’s laughter.

“Guys”, I said again.

Will retightened his grip of Michael’s jewels, squeezing his brother’s precious nuggets hard and kneading them between his fingers.

Michael yowled in pain. He worked his fingers down Will’s body to get hold on Will’s package.


The twins ignored me, panting and rolling around on the floor in a frenzied dogfight.

“Seems like they don’t hear you”, Ryan Phillippe said, standing right in front of the two brothers.
He was wearing tight-fitting jeans and a simple t-shirt with a fashionable jacket.

Will and Michael let go of each other.

Will was lying on his back, his brother straddling him. Both of them looked at the 33 year old acting star in silence. Their faces were beet red and sweat was running down their foreheads.

They didn’t move.

Finally, Michael managed to say, “Mr Phillippe…”

“Ryan”, the actor grinned.

Michael “Sorry, Mr Phillippe, I’m---“

He was interrupted by a solid knee into his groin courtesy of his brother Will.

Michael coughed and grabbed his tender nuts.

Will chuckled and lifted his knee once more, ramming it into Michael’s crotch again, and – judging from Michael’s scream of agony – making perfect contact with Michael’s ample gonads that bulged inside his jeans.

Michael yowled and rolled to the side, curling up in a little ball and moaning in pain.

Ryan raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “Have I interrupted something?”

Will quickly got up and straightened his clothes. The top button of his jeans was open, making his bulging crotch look even more obscene. A hint of neatly trimmed pubic hair indicated that he didn’t wear any underwear. A few buttons of his shirt had been ripped off, and gave us a good view of his toned, muscled chest .

Will cleared his throat and ran his hand through his hair.

“Hi, Mr Phillippe”, he smiled, his face still red and sweaty.


“Yeah, sure, Ryan”, Will said. “I’m Will. And this …” He pointed at his brother who was writhing on the ground, cupping his crotch. “… is my brother Michael.”

“Nice to meet you, Will”, Ryan chuckled. “Michael.”

“Get up, Mikey”, Will turned to his brother.

Michael groaned and straightened. The pain that was radiating from his throbbing testicles was clearly visible on his face. He stood, doubled over slightly, and shook Ryan’s hand.

Ryan grinned. “Everything okay?”

“Yeah”, Michael groaned.

I walked over to the desk and grabbed the DVD that Ryan had come to collect.

“Here it is”, I said.

“Thanks”, Ryan said and put the DVD into a pocket inside his jacket. He turned to go.

“Wait”, Michael said quickly. He grimaced and rushed to the bag he had brought. He produced a camera and asked shyly, “perhaps we could take a photo?”

Ryan shrugged. “Sure.”

Michael handed me the camera. “Would you…?”

I nodded.

The twins stood on either side of Ryan and smiled.

I took a picture. Snap.

“Maybe we could take another one”, Will said. “Something a bit more… raunchy…?”

Ryan chuckled. “What are you thinking of?”

“Get our nuts out”, Will grinned. He opened the fly of his jeans and reached inside. When he was finished, his large, naked balls were hanging out of his jeans. He closed the top button again, making sure his dick stayed inside.

Ryan chuckled. “Okay”, he shrugged and opened the zipper of his jeans.

Michael giggled with excitement and did the same.

A few moments later, three naked sacs with six oversized testicles stared at me.

I raised my eyebrows.

Ryan chuckled again. “Come on, take a picture”, he said.

I held the camera in front of my face.

Suddenly, Ryan backslapped the twins’ nuts simultaneously.


The twins moaned and grimaced. Ryan smiled.


The twins grabbed their balls and doubled over. Ryan chuckled.


Will moaned and balled his fist. With a wicked grin, he threw a mean uppercut into Ryan’s naked sac.


Now all of them were doubled over, holding their naked possessions.


Michael and Ryan moaned in agony.

Will groaned and grinned and took a step behind Ryan.

With a resounding thud, Will brought his foot up hard into Ryan’s crotch from behind. His sneaker-clad toes dug into the soft ballflesh. Ryan let out a pitiful moan.


Ryan sank to the floor and cupped his aching crotch.

Will shrugged and looked at his brother, who was standing doubled over and moaning in pain, his hands covering his naked balls.

With admirable precision, Will managed to nail his twin brother’s balls with the toe of his foot, smashing the two orbs into Michael’s hands and making the poor guy fold up and fall to the floor.


Will grinned and came over to me.

“Thanks”, he said and took the camera.

“You’re welcome”, I grinned and crunched his nuts with a perfectly-aimed kick. The instep of my foot slammed into his slightly reddened ballsac, driving his nuts into his body and making Will collapse on the ground.

The three blonds on the ground moaned in pain.

A few minutes later they had recovered a bit.

They grimaced in pain when they left together.

Michael smiled dreamily, presumably not because of the pain in his testicles, but because Ryan had signed his autograph on his butt cheeks.

“I’d like to see the pictures”, I smiled.

“Sure”, Will said, rubbing his sore crotch.

I looked at Ryan’s groin.

“You don’t want to leave like this, do you?”

“What?” He looked down at his crotch. His naked balls were still hanging out of his fly. He groaned. “No…” He stuffed his nuts into his pants and zipped his jeans.

I grinned.

He adjusted his crotch and grimaced.

“See you”, I smiled.

Ryan winced. “Not too soon, though, my balls will need some time to recover…”

I chuckled.